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Sun 28th Sep 2008

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Mr_Saturn commented on Reggie Fils-Aime: Petitions Don't Affect Ninte...:

I sent Nintendo a thank you email when they released Earthbound (and also took the time to request bringing over Mother 3) and they replied to the actual email. Not a generic response, but an actual response. It was short and sweet - nothing special - but I got the feeling that they truly do appreciate their fans and our wishes.



Mr_Saturn commented on Not All Super Smash Bros. Characters Will Make...:

I will be most displeased if I can't hear the crowd vigorously chant "Ness... Ness... Ness... Ness... Ness!" Especially since Earthbound is making its way to the WiiU VC. And so lets keep in Lucas too and work on getting Mother 3 outside of Japan.



Mr_Saturn commented on Cave Story Update Now Available:

"Extra Modes are now locked untill conditions fullfilled." - This part scares me because, frankly, I suck at this game but love playing through the Extra Modes.



Mr_Saturn commented on E3 2010: Kirby's Epic Yarn:

@18, 43, 59: Heck yeah, I read "Epic Yam" and I thought the creative juices were REALLY flowing. Epic Yarn sounds a little lame, but compared to Epic Yam what doesn't sound a little lame?
But think of the possibilities... Maybe Kirby could eat this epic yam and transform into something all-powerful in order to fight some mysterious force. I don't know. I'm not a game developer, all I know is that Epic Yam would be an instant classic.



Mr_Saturn commented on La-Mulana Test Play 4 Video:

I'm not sure I saw the same thing as everybody else! It looked like Indiana Jones meets buying things from the original Zelda. This doesn't really pop out at me like Cave Story did.



Mr_Saturn commented on Review: Cave Story (WiiWare):

The only thing stopping this from being a 10 is the map problem and the music looping "problem" (in quotes because although its noticeable that loop points are missing, I really don't care) - which weren't even mentioned in the review. I'd have given it a 10. It has been a pleasure all the way through.



Mr_Saturn commented on Cave Story:

I can wait one more week, but as soon as break starts I'm going to play this on the PC and ignore the Wii Ware version.



Mr_Saturn commented on Fan-made Mother 3 Guide is All Kinds of Awesome:

you've "heard reports"?? You mean nobody at NintendoLife is a big enough EarthBound fan to have preordered this while the fan translation was in full swing? I think my EarthBound needs may be misrepresented around here



Mr_Saturn commented on EA chuffed with MotionPlus:

Yeah I saw "chuffed" and didn't know whether it was a good or bad thing just from the article title alone

Now, please as punch I've heard before.



Mr_Saturn commented on Opoona:

This game is beyond awesome. Its a shame so few people have heard of it. Easily one of the best games on the Wii. Opoona is charming, engaging and has a lot of quirks that aren't just forced or throw aways. I've heard people compare it to EarthBound because of its relative obscurity and then cult fascination, but truthfully Opoona needs a lot more cult fanaticism before it can be compared to EarthBound



Mr_Saturn commented on Mappy:

Yes! Mappy was one of my favorites growing up.