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Mon 7th Sep 2009

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tassakos commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2013:

Decisions decisions. Castlevania, Fire Emblem and Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney, all seem awesome. My vote went for the latter as it is seems as the most original. Plus, we should uphold the fact that it is coming to the West.



tassakos commented on Rumour: Retro Bringing Back Donkey Kong:

If this happens i'll definately jizz in my pants.. I'm hoping that they stick to Rare's Donkey Kong Country model though.. and forget about all the spin offs of donkey kong as a climber which sucked.



tassakos commented on Galaxy 2 Bonus DVD Detailed, Definitely Won't ...:

Maybe nintendo thought they should add a dvd in the package because they saw that research of how many Wiis are online in the US and thought the small per centage was too frustrating.
Nintendo gives people that are online through Nintendo Channel videos with hints and tips. Anyhow i think it is a lame move, it's all a matter of proper education, learn how to connect your wii online among other things you have to learn



tassakos commented on Miyamoto: Nintendo May Need to Rethink its Onl...:

Nintendo please don't make it a pay service, just copy what Capcom did for online gaming experience on the Wii or keep doing what you do in Mario Kart or maybe add achievements and online leader boards for every game.



tassakos commented on Review: TV Show King 2 (WiiWare):

thank you for this review.. sounds like it is more than worth the 800 points..
i'm a fan of family feud and the price is right games and this sounds even better with all the features.
going to get it when it comes to the EU.



tassakos commented on Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered":

Since when a peripheral(Natal) for a console ever killed an entire based control system for another console?
This is bullcr*p!
Early advertisement of Natal for Pixmania...



tassakos commented on Review: House of the Dead: OVERKILL (Wii):

there are minigames in the game that you can play up to 4 players (using 4 wii-motes) so i guess this game is categorised wrong as a 2 player game (which is the story mode-director's cut).
Great Review, definately one of the best wii games.



tassakos commented on Academy of Champions:

so basically this is like mario strikers? same gameplay?
how do you use the balance board though?
does it have wi-fi connection feature?