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The Thought of a Shooter-Only Future Makes Iwata Sad

Posted by James Newton

Don't make him cry

Here in the West, lots of people like video games in which you shoot people. This is a fact. The war shooter genre, driven by the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield, has become a huge industry in its own right, raking in countless millions of dollars worldwide every year. Don't tell Satoru Iwata this is the way all games are heading, though: he might start welling up.

It is a reality that some of these [wartime shooting] games sell 10 million units per year in [the West], and this is one valid type of video game genre. I would personally feel sad if all video games became something like that, but on the other hand, I do not think such games should disappear.

Iwata also told shareholders third-party software will be crucial to Wii U's success, outlining his hope that the console will allow various people to enjoy what they like. While the president didn't reveal much, he did say Nintendo has been in talks with "major overseas software publishers who are good at developing such games", many of whom had positive things to say about the Wii U and its potential for the shooter genre.

Of course, we already know SEGA is prototyping Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Ubisoft is bringing Ghost Recon and Killer Freaks From Outer Space to Wii U, but could we see a bespoke Call of Duty come to the console next year?


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Swiket said:

I think it would be sad if there was only one of any video game genre, not just FPSs.



Blaze said:

I agree completely with Iwata, Swiket, & Stine.

Plus - Despite the fact that it would be good for Nintendo to bring in some of the PS3 & XBOX fans, I don't want it to become like them. I want it to have the best of both worlds, a few good shooters, and lots of Classic Nintendo Platformers, RPG's, all the things that the PS3 & XBOX lack.



TKOWL said:

There is no way there will be a shooter-only future, it's only a fad.



Kit said:

I don't like all the violence in first-person shooters either. There's just got to be more to games than simply blasting and killing things.



Megumi said:

I could care less for FPS, only exception being Half-Life...and, I guess Prime Trilogy...kinda....I dunno, lol.



Swiket said:

@KitBliss: That's like me saying I don't like jumping in platformers and "there's got to be more to games than simply jumping on stuff"



SigourneyBeaver said:

I'd love aMirror's Edge sequel on Wii U. If the game was more of an open world, the controller screen could be like a satnav or something.



kdognumba1 said:

I just wanted to throw this out here. It seems Iwata doesn't understand, its not that the shooting genre is big here, its that online multiplayer games are. Look at the success of World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Castle Crashers, N+, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and look at the common factor. Online multiplayer. Get with it man.

People in the west want to play with friends. Not that every game needs multiplayer but you really need to embrace online better. I still remember after Wii launch and all the people that were disappointed that CoD3, Red Steel, Excite Truck, Marvel Ultimate Alliance and plenty other launch games didn't go online while games on the other systems were fully embracing it. Multiplayer especially online is a deal breaker for a lot of people. If you don't offer it while others are you can't expect your stuff to be selling those numbers.



Lan said:

I can't wait until the CoD monster is dead. It's only a matter of time before people realize thhey're paying for the same game every year. It wouldn't be so bad, but Activision doesn't know the right pace to release games. They oversaturated the market with Guitar Hero (which was actually fun) and it's like they wanna do that with any successful franchise.



komicturtle said:

That's the point I've been making- the flood of FPSers. Then again, platformers did flood the NES, amirite?

I guess it's FPSers turn

But yes. One video game genre would really suck. I love my RPGs, Platformers, Fighting (to a degree) but I don't want that being the only :/



pixelman said:

It'd make me sad too, but that won't stop me from pouring an ungodly number of hours into MC2 on my iPad. :3



Hokori said:

as mush as I HATE FPS'S!!!! id say they should stay, just not the only thing.... which sadly is the way it seems.... why 10Million copies in one night.... that is just not right, im not saying 10million isnt reasonable for those games but in one night, most BETTER games dont even sell that in a life time and by life time sadly I mean original/VC life



TheUnknownGame said:

The fact is that so many people are hypnotized by FPS. It's about high time for third party companies to come with orginal ideas and not just using the same idea over and over again.




Reminds me of when Iwata stopped by the house the other day. He laid down on a couch and talked/cried about this situation. He seemed devastated. I took notes on it while I listened. He asked me if I had any FPSs, I said yes. He asked me where, I said on my Mac's hardrive. He got up with tears drifting slowly down his cheek, and picked up my Mac. He yelled out a loud roar and ripped my Mac in half with his bare hands. I recommended a psychiatrist. He recommended I did all my computer-related work on a Wii and Super Mario Galaxy 2. I said I already had it. He then took me to a Gamestop at gunpoint and forced me to buy another copy. I then recommended a psychiatrist yet again. Lets just say it went downhill from there and I now own many more copies of Nintendo games than anyone should ever witness.



Splat said:


The last time I checked "most" Mario,Zelda,Metroid ect games follow basically the same pattern from the one before. It's not like every signal new version of those games is some ground breaking new idea.



Tasuki said:

I have never understood how and why FPS like Call of Duty and such are so popular. I can only play them for a bit and than get bored of them even the multiplayer gets old after awhile. Its just the same thing over and over and over.



Mabbit said:

There's no way that FPS games will become the only kind of games in the future. The video game crash of 1983 was caused by over saturation of average or bad games and the final blow was the fact that E.T. had several million copies left unsold.
I suspect that a similar thing will happen to the FPS genre. Soon enough, there will be too many FPS games that are all too similar to one another and the genre will decline once Halo 6 gets marginal sales.



Sakisa said:

Meh, not that worried about it. I don't care for FPS games, but I ignore them just fine.



SuperSpank said:

COD is only a hype. The only purpose it serves is money. Battlefield and Killzone( And not only because its dutch XD) are a lot better. I don't know a lot about Halo, but from what i've heard also a hype.



bezerker99 said:

Well.......release Xenoblade out West, Mr. Iwata, and give the FPS genre a good one-two punch!



daznsaz said:

i can take or leave cod it doesnt really float my boat had that black ops didnt finish it you cant explore and plan your just pushed along from set scene to set scene bit to much hype with those for me



DarkKirby said:

I don't understand why so many people in the U.S. love their war FPSs SO much. I often here these people say "stories in games are stupid, if I wanted a story I'd read a book or watch a movie, I just want action if I'm playing a game". An opinion it may be, but I can't understand people who not only think good stories are not needed for games, but they're better off without them so they don't get in the way of the "action".

I LOVE games with interesting characters with character development and a great story. My favorite games are almost all ones with good stories because of this.



danschemen said:

that's why i like nintendo they make such a variety with their games and consoles unlike sony and microsoft. but i think wii u needs call of duty and a couple of other shooters to get noticed.



TingLz said:

Well after seeing Microsoft's press conference, this does not surprise me in the least



Link79 said:

I'm not going to bash FPS games. I do get in the mood to play them sometimes.
I miss the days when games were fun without being violent.
Most kids today think Mario is lame.
It's all about the War games now.
That's why so many uninformed parents try to blame real violence on videogames.
They think all of them are about killing and gore.



The_Fox said:

As a side note, I just saw the Bioshock Infinite trailer shown behind closed doors at this years E3 and I can safely say it looks far more interesting and creative than pretty much anything else shown. Just saying.



DrKarl said:

Remember when New Super Mario Brothers Wii came out, and many gnashed their teeth and spit venom over the lack of online play?

I wasn't one of them. Local multiplayer was the ONLY way to go with that title. Why? I can guarantee you that there would be a group of players that would join games just to pick up other players and toss them into the nearest pit. Over and Over.

It's also known as griefing, and Nintendo was wise to side step the entire issue in my opinion.

It sucks that many people don't have enough people to enjoy multiplayer locally, and it also sucks that many Nintendo games would fail in an online setting. So it goes...



JGMR said:

@The_Fox I know what you mean. Bioshock, like Half-Life, are exceptions in the first person genre. Both have a deep and tremendous story and meaning. But i must say that i up hoar games like Modern Warfare that glorify war. I am however in favor of games that confronts the gamer with the madness of warfare, like Metal Gear Solid.



SanderEvers said:

FPS Games I like:
1. Half Life
2. Bioshock
3. Duke Nukem (HELL YEAH!)
4. Metroid Prime.

Too bad the first three will never be on a Nintendo console.



JebbyDeringer said:

There is nothing wrong with any genre of game, it's the bad games that dirty the genre. The Call of Duty series would have been better had they only made COD2 & COD4: Modern Warfare. The problem with all of those games is they are completely unoriginal. The first COD game ripped the plot straight out of popular WW2 movies from a decade ago. Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the Gates and I can't remember the other.

I like first person shooters a lot but they have to be good. Most of them are overrated and complete media wankfests.



JumpmanZ said:

I personally hate FPSs. I have no interest in killing people online screaming into a headset. All of my friends love them. If they force me to play when I'm at their house, I camp. I just camp and jump off cliffs. They're both fun ways to play because they bother my friends enough to switch to Lego: Star Wars.

I do have one sensible friend that plays Pikmin, though. He and I will hopefully be able to play Pikmin 3 online once Wii U comes out. Or at least give us dual U controller support for local multiplayer.



shonenjump86 said:

Not much of a FPS fan. I just can't get into em. Nothing wrong with other people who like FPS though. I think some FPS are overrated.



bonesy91 said:

Fps games are really boring in my opinion... if that is the future of gaming then count me out.... and also I can see Iwata either has no clue or is just ignoring the "Operation Rainfall" campaign those three games we want? Not FPS.... that is all



Link977 said:

CoD is fun but its the same thing over and over, gets boring really fast, and with DLC, if you use ps3, you gotta wait longer than xbox which is a load of crap



Hokori said:

a group of kids at my school didnt even know there was a story mode in COD series



Blaze said:

@Faron, I think LordJumpMad is actually a Microsoft or Sony Gamer but he comes here to say Nintendo are awful. I've saw an awful lot of comments from him in Forums saying FPS are great and that Nintendo fail, they're games are childish. He has also numerously posting things saying Nintendo's Characters are far worse than creations of Microsoft/Sony. I think LordJumpMad is one of those few people who decides to waste their time trying to boast about whatever but it kinda fails because nobody ever listens to people who are such loudmouth idiots. (Queue the comments saying I'm a LoadMouthIdiot...)



yoyogamer said:

It's not FPS I dislike, what I hate are Generic Mindless games that are released yearly. One of the reasons I love Nintendo is that they seem to avoid that trend. (The Mario Party games were made by Hudson, they don't count.)



TheGreenSpiny said:

@SanderEvers: Aside from Duke Nukem I'd hardly call most of those games FPS. I have nothing against the genre but I had the direstion that it's gone in. Everything is about online mutiplayer (which I hate). Single player has become short linear and boring. I hate regenerating health, aiming down sights and checkpoints. What the hell happened to glory days of the N64 shooters?

@JebbyDeringer: Actually CoD ripped it's gameplay from the Medal of Honor series. That's like a bad double dip of crappiness.



Scribbler said:

@KitBliss Sure, there is, like using portable gateways to solve puzzles (Portal), spraying paint on a wall to run up it (TAG: The Power of Paint), becoming a free-runner and traversing a city at blinding speeds on foot (Mirror's Edge), or making exploring personal and atmospheric by shifting it to first person (Metroid Prime). There are plenty of creative things to do with the first person genre, but sadly, these ideas are overlooked because all "hardcores" seen to want is to "pwn n00bs" in online multiplayer fragfests. It's not the oversaturation of first-person titles, but the lack of imagination and innovation.

Masahiro Sakurai once said that when we start measuring processor speed by how many bullets we can draw on screen at once, we have lost our creative edge... ...right before he left HAL Laboratories. The first-person genre isn't all bullets and blood, and I think if anybody can show us that, it'll be a company like Nintendo.



Punny said:

I doubt an FPS-only future will happen. As long as there are fans of the other genres, those said genres will still be alive. Besides, mobile phone games that aren't shooters (such as Angry Birds) are as popular as those FPSs, so a future of only shooters is highly unlikely. Bottom line, Mr. Iwata: It won't happen (at least not worldwide; FPSs are most popular in North America). If the thought about that kind of future makes you sad, don't think about it!



NintyMan said:

I agree with Iwata. FPSs aren't my cup of tea, but I don't bash on them like some FPS fans would Nintendo games. What I do dislike is the mentality of most of its fanbase. Their elitist mentality is sickening and a few of the games they think are so awesome are actually unoriginal after they've been milked for far too long. Many of them are proven hot-heads so they can rarely speak common sense. With Nintendo, I don't have to worry about them using the same concepts with little changes.

This was a good Iwata interview. I thought the part where he talked about possibly spreading Nintendo's market to China and India was interesting. Now think about how much profit Nintendo would make if they did that?



Henmii said:

"The Thought of a Shooter-Only Future Makes Iwata Sad"

It makes me terribly sad too! That's what I like about Nintendo: They make the cheery, family friendly stuff!

Sure I want to play some really awesome shooters from time to time, but not all the time!

"I can't wait until the CoD monster is dead. It's only a matter of time before people realize thhey're paying for the same game every year"

Ever heard of FIFA? Every year, I repeat, EVERY YEAR there is a new version. And people buy it every time!



Tare said:

Just for the record.
Portal is sort of an FPS.
First person, and you have a gun, that shoots portals.

TBH, FPS's (on the good ol faithful PC) are pretty friggin good. Look at Borderlands, or TF2. They both Look, sound, and play well. A PC FPS has to be memorable or else it's quickly out of sight.

I'm sure with the WiiU's interesting ehhh control scheme, some pretty creative will come out in the waning years. But people foolishly waggling their little analog nubs, I'm afraid that's here to stay.

Don't worry though, COD is running out of wars to use XD



WaveBoy said:

The over abundance of Shooters, and the fact that's what a lot of children love these days makes me sad. Don't blame Japan, blame

In comparison, movie to game-wise....
The kids of the 80's and early 90's for the most part grew up with Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Secret of Nimph, and tons of other imaginitive wonderful and creative movies.

Now, many of the kids of today are hitting it up 'Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down, Platoon, Jear Head, Peal Harbour ect ect.

when all said and done, it's Imagination, color, creaitivty, and out of this world wonderful stuff, compared to gritty realistic war themed worlds with tons of gun and violense all set in the real world.....

That 2nd description is everything i dislike about gaming, that portion makes me greatly dislike where the industry is heading, at least in America. Sure some of it's fine, but alot of it is completel over blown, especially in the media and it's the same crap over and OVER again. These mindless repetitive viloent titles nade to take a bit of a back seat, we need something new. It all seems like one great COD fad.



JusticeColde said:

I understand where Iwata is coming from and I'm saddened by the thought as well, There is more to gaming than just FPS (just look at how many FPS games I have)

Kids and grown men just don't seem to get it these days.



C-195 said:

A future like that would sadden me as well, especially since every game would most likely be a COD clone, instead of intelligent, well made, FPS's like Half Life, Team Fortress, even Battlefield.

I really hope Battlefield 3 destroys MW3 this November and knocks COD off it's badly made, immature and repetitive perch, thus ending this COD fad.



The_Fox said:

I'd reply to Waveboy but he'll say the same thing again in a dozen different threads.



timp29 said:

FPS makes little baby Iwata cry

I must admit, back when I played FPS, Return to Castle Wolfenstein is the most fun I have ever had with my pants on. And playing with my pants off.... well that got really cold



Splat said:

I love how Goldeneye always gets a free pass when it comes to the FPS bashing.



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

i dont ever want to see 90% of games on a system be just shooter on a nintendo systems ever no matter what its y i dont really play ps3/360. i love them but i dont need the system to have like 8 or nin different once and nothin else really good gettign released during the year. stay how u are nintendo!



thesignpainter said:

i really think that shooters have run there course. by the end of this gen i think the only notable shooters are gonna be halo and COD.



Odnetnin said:

Well duh. It may be the most popular genre but that doesn't mean there isn't a place for anything else.



NocturnalYoshi said:

In the universe of video games, FPS games have their place. I am not a fan of FPS games, but I respect those who are, and the fact that the genre has its place. But a future of nothing but FPS games is crazy. Just like the FPS genre, all the other genres such as platformers, RPGs and the like, have their fan bases as well, and therefore have a place in that universe that cannot be filled by FPS. If there is no variety, the console will fail. I know that if the future was only FPS, I wouldn't buy future consoles. I'd stick with my 3DS and my Wii. FPS genre should stay, but I agree with Iwata- I feel that there should only be so much FPS games in the future. Keep the variety Nintendo!



WaveBoy said:

Forget First Person 'Shooters', we need more first person Adventures and especially first person 'Survival Horror' which hasn't been done yet.

I'm all for these types of first person titles that utlize Wii pointer controls. It's just the Army/Commando 'mindless' shooting that turns me off. Long as the Wii U is pumped full of variety including shooters, i just don't want to see shooters take up a large margin. We just need a lot of everything balance wise so we can make everybody happy.



Gamer83 said:

I love how people act like because a game is a shooter or has shooting elements that its a bad thing for the industry. A good game is a good game. Besides that, I must've missed the part where Assassin's Creed still sells about 5 million copies each year, I must've missed that the Mario platformers, the Mario Karts, the Zeldas, Elder Scrolls, etc all sell in the millions. So shooters are one of the most popular genres right now, just like fighters were in the 90s, who cares? It's not like games in other genres will cease to exist.



Capt_N said:

The fps genre is not inherently bad. What's bad, Iwata, is when certain already existing genres of video games are in a non-existent state on/in any given console's library by the system's lifespan end. Another thing that's bad, is the over-saturation of any one genre on any given console library, where a majority of those games is said genre are of terrible quality, such as buggy, easy to see no real effort was put forth by the co. that created a game, etc.

@kdognumba1 #13: I fully agree. Nintendo imo, needs to embrace online, as well as make offline just as enjoyable.

Edit: "but on the other hand, I do not think such games should disappear." It was smart of Iwata to say this, as not to seemingly be against the genre, & the players who enjoy that genre.



JimLad said:

While I do own several shooter games and probably will buy more in the future, I know what he's talking about.
Not just FPS but the sheer amount of games that involve guns. Sure, there's never been a shortage of them, but it's just gotten ridiculous in the last generation. Like no one knows how to make any other type of game anymore.
It doesn't help that the few hack and slash games that do come out end up being friggin' awful with boring combat systems and enemies. Only Zelda seems to have got 3D swordplay right.
It's not the first time this has happened though. In the 70s and early 80s there was an oversaturation of space shooters. In the early 90s there was an oversaturation of platformers. The difference between platformers and shooters though is there are a thousand ways to get to the end of a level, but only a handful of ways to shoot someone with a gun.



Sgt_Ludby said:

One thing that really irks me, brought to mind by GuardianAcorn's post, is how complaint is put into the Call of Duty franchise and how it is the same game over and over again. While I do agree that the games are similar, they really are new games. The real culprit of rehashing old games and releasing them as new is EA. I mean come on. Madden. That game is the same every single year. The differences between Modern Warfare 2 and Black Ops are astronomical compared to the differences of Madden 09 and Madden 10.

That being said, I agree with Iwata. Although I enjoy Call of Duty and Uncharted and the likes, I would not enjoy video games if I was restricted to purchasing games only like those.

Just bring on an incredible online experience please!



Mandoble said:

Yep Iwata, much better to have a shovelware only future as you did try with the Wii.



hYdeks said:

I like the odd shooters, but I only like the ones where your like shooting aliens or something and they suck you into a "contra-esque" type of game. Buttom line, I don't think war should ever be put in video game form, so I've never liked games like call of duty, battlefield, and medal of honor. Killing people just isn't fun. This is the reason why I got rid of my 360, nothing but shooters.

I completely agree with iwata, a future nintendo system that feels like a 360 with all the shooters isn't a nintendo system I would EVER buy.



SquirrelNuts said:

@78 I dislike Goldeneye. It get's no free pass here sir! Fake killing people is fake killing people, and that, as I pointed out earlier, is the pits. I even lump GTA games up in that category. Fake killing Zombies, though, is ok. Ghouls, freaks and monsters too.



edhe said:

@The_Fox Yeah, it's just a matter of time. I'm pretty much waiting for the dumb comments to flood in.

On the contrary, four comments in, and we already have one of your comments about how people are so immmature for overly defending Nintendo.

Also, Iwata states the obvious.

Although he seems to discount the casual phone games that are becoming increasingly popular.



Doma said:

No offence, but the thought of a shovelware-only (Wii series etc.) future is MUCH more worrisome, Iwata.



yoyogamer said:


If you think Wii Sports Resort (I would say Wii Music as well) is shovelware, I'm assuming you haven't actually played these games. Imagine Babyz is shovelware. Wii Sports Resort is a masterpiece.



k8sMum said:


well, i've played wii sports resort and i don't like it. to me it is 'meh', not a masterpiece. since you love it, it's wonderful. for those of us who don't care for this sort of game, it isn't.

funny how that works, isn't it...

as for FPS, i have a problem playing any games from the FP point of view; i get headaches and a bit of motion sickness. i can't even watch someone else play them. (but i have the same problem with mario kart). i also find the concept of pretending i'm a soldier just blasting away at everyone who's an 'enemy' boring.

but there is money in FPSs and they usually have immense amounts of $ thrown at them for advertising. so they sell to a certain demographic. nintendo, imho, doesn't like to spend money to make money, ie for advertising.



Advancedcaveman said:

I am so sick of shooters. I played craploads of them from the late 90s to about the mid 2000s, and at this point everything I used to like about them has been bred out. They all have the same exact mechanics and settings at this point with absolutely no variation in gameplay, graphics, or theme.

Every single shooter released is a military themed, gritty realistic CoD or GoW clone that literally plays like an FMV game. Shooters are so linear and driven by context sensitive hand holding at this point that it seems like all the actual gameplay is completely gone. The levels are just hallways cluttered with chest high walls and exploding barrels, with a bunch of showy in engine cutscenes playing in the skybox outside the level. There are quick time events and context sensitive "stand here and press the use button to finish a mission object or traverse over this obstacle" spots.

There is no strategy or dynamism or choice at all anymore. Regenerating health is said to increase the strategy, but all it does is reduce all the strategy in the entire game to one solitary action you repeat over and over again: hide behind a wall while the game pushes the reset button. Theres no persistence or contrast in the way you survive. Ammo isn't even a gameplay element anymore because now games are starting to feature unlimited ammo regenerating crates every 5 feet.

Modern shooters really do just feel like FMV games at this point. You're basically just shooting at objects moving over a static background and performing random button prompts. The only real difference is the ugly full motion video has been replaced with ugly gritty-realistic polygonal graphics.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

Look, I own a pretty decent PC and a Wii and those or the only two platforms play, because I can get my Mass Effect, Left for dead, Half Life, Bioshock and Fallout 3 fixes on my PC and all of my Nintendo Fixes on my Wii. I love Nintendo (alot) and it drives me bonkers to hear my Wii being called a "casual" platform.

I play all of the hardcore experiences on the Wii and there are many to be had as we all know. That being said I think it's a mistake to bash shooters and here's why. To turn around and bash other gamers for any reason is to become what we most despise. Calling a call of duty fanatic a "casual" gamer is being very hypocritical (You don't like it when people call you casual or fanboy?). Maybe COD is a casual game, so what? Why sink to the level of the uninformed gamer? My point? We all look like fanatical fanboys when we bash shooters. And perception can become reality.

And for the record I love FPS's just as much as any genre. (RPG's being my fave). But if us Nintendo fans want to change the perception of Nintendo being "Casual" only, then we should really start to embrace the idea that people love shooters and try to sell the idea that the Wii U will release the definitive version of all the 3rd party hardcore games especially shooters.



The_Fox said:

What? Are we even talking about the same thing here? I made a prediction about people lining up to take childish shots at the FPS genre, and you somehow spun that into me talking about people defending Nintendo. Bizarre.



Hokori said:

Month before FPS launch: oh man COD Mwhatever is going to be awesome
day after launch: I told you its amazing...... you go play your dumb Mary Oh game
3 Months Later: Man you still play COD Mwhatever online? No me either its not that good anymore.
Meanwhile I still play Mario
Thats what I hate in the FPS genre



edhe said:

What I mean is as sure a thing it is that when such a topic like this appears, some people on these forums are prone to defending Nintendo to the hilt, it's equally likely that someone turns up and is quick to denounce such people as immature or childish for expressing those sentiments.

I just find it a bit ironic.



Ben_Rage_V2 said:

I actually wasn't even addressing you, but I can see how it appeared I went off topic a little. My major point was that I think it's a mistake to bash shooters. And that the perception of the uninformed is that we are all a bunch of fan boys. I was hoping to add to the conversation not spin it in another direction lol.



The_Fox said:

Oh, there's nothing ironic about it. I welcome well thought out criticism of games, genres and systems, and never did I say anyone not agreeing with me was childish. I was referring to certain posters whose arguments boil down to "FPS games are teh suxxorz!!!"

No worries.



MeloMan said:

I agree with Iwata, 3rd person should never fully go away, even if FPS gets incorporated into more games or FPSs are left as is.



StarDust4Ever said:

I really don't like first person shooters because every time I've tried to play one, I get killed almost immediately. Truth be told, I've died a lot in Mario games as well, but heck at least Bowser isn't standing in the checkpoint area with a bazooka, waiting to kill me again the second I re-spawn. Not to mention I'd rather be saving damsels in distress any day of the week!



SunnySnivy said:

I really hate FPS games. No, not because they're violent or that the gameplay isn't that great.. it's the perspective. It makes me feel slightly sick... I can't even watch videos on YouTube of any first person perspective games, even Minecraft.



Vinsanity said:

Military shooters blow. I've been sick of 'em for years, and it disgusts me that there's such a large population of gamers out there who are dedicated solely to playing the COD's and Battlefields of the world, and consistently ignore great, memorable, touching, colorful, fun games on all platforms. The kinda idiots who cause games like Enslaved or Mirror's Edge or Beyond Good & Evil or Fragile Dreams to underperform at retail, just so they can throw more money at Activision and EA for godd*mn map packs for their sh*tty FPS'.

I'm with Iwata 100% on this one. There's zero creativity in that space; they're just chasing Call of Duty, and - really - their demographic of idiots. Who will toss their parent's disposable income at whatever's "hot" at the moment. For awhile, it was Halo. Currently it's COD. And soon they'll move onto something else. Those gamers are morons, and it's pretty disgusting that there are whole publishers trying to cater exclusively to them.

Although unlike Iwata, I'd love to see this specific sector of the genre disappear forever. If there more devs trying to make FPS' like Bioshock Infinite or Portal 2-- not copying them, but trying new gameplay mechanics, emotional interactive stories, and jaw-dropping unforgettable worlds --, the industry would be a much better one. And there's be less dumba** gamers out there putting too much of an emphasis on competitive online multiplayer that's too derivative of the competitive online multiplayer they can get from literally dozens of other games.



motang said:

I can relate to him, I myself don't like shooters much. I really don't like the fact that FPS are as big as they are, but that's okay I just don't have to play them.



Mandoble said:

I dont like shooters when they are exclusively focused on killing things and , I dont like platformers when they are exclusively focused on jumping from here to there, I dont like partyshovelcrap in any case.



zyxion said:

i agree i think war games have taken too much of a lead in the industry kids used to want action figures for christmas now they wan b.b guns and paintball guns i want to see more ps3 and 360 titles on nintendo but i dont want nintendo to loose their funside the other two consoles seem more bullish and competition based it all about high scores and bragging rights nintendo has always been really exciting for things like mario kart, party, and smash. they're competitive but really nice and you're not embarrassed to loose there's no “HA get that weak a*ª sªª*# outta here!“ to worry about my nephew got teased because he cant really get the hang of those games ( but hes unstoppable in ssf 4 and mvc3 he runs through mario games like water and is a tetris genius little big planet and fable are some of his favorites i know also but just because he dosent like the war games his friends rarely have time to play with him i think what's needed is balance not a take over



K964 said:

The thing I don't get about COD is how everyone thinks it's better on the 360/PS3. Here's why it's better on the Wii:
1. You save $150 on the system and it comes with Mario kart
2. Another ten dollars is saved just buying the game.
3. On the other systems you have one choice of controller; on the Wii you have 3 choices for your style.
4. On the Xbox (I don't know about the PS3) you have to pay $5 a month to play online; on the Wii it's free.
5. Except for DLC and HD, there isn't anything the Wii is missing compared to other systems.



Henmii said:


Welcome in 2011! It has become the trend: Dark, violent, humour-less. September 11 shocked the world, but it was also a nice excuse for the media to talk people into a depression. The result is that all Media think it is needed to reflect those "dark times" into Movies, games etc. That's why all those gritty shooters are so popular. That's why James Bond has become a humourless, dark affair. That's why some people always want Zelda to become more mature, more dark, while it just destroys the franchise!

Even if there are a lot of things I would change with Nintendo, I am happy they are still around. Because I think without them it would be over with cheery, colourful, family-friendly games. With maybe the exception of a few downloadable titles.



VoltSlash said:

@title: What I immediately thought: "Because a Wii Balance Board and Kinect-like crap-only world is so much better."



Hokori said:

@Volt I think he means he wants zelda, Mario, Metroid, Pokemon, Kirby, DK, Pikmin, and so many more GREAT Titles to succeed



JustanotherGamer said:

Dear Iwata don't be sad. There is not going to be a shooter only future, There are like 25 genres of videogames. First person shooter is just 1 of 25 genres. Iwata must insure that the Wii U launch doesn't bomb. So no bombing the launch games of the Wii U. If that happens then you will really have something to cry about.



kidicarusfan said:

First person shooters as a genre isn't whats bad.
Look at Metroid Prime and Portal.
Games like those are what made the FPS inventive.
Call of Duty is pathetic. You go out and pay $60 to pretend you're shooting your friends head off and yell "Die you mother f**king noobs!"
And then a year later, you pay another $60 to do the same thing with different guns and maps.

I actually intend to buy some of the WiiU FPS coming out. Alien Freaks looks funny as hell. And as a HUGE fan of Alien (and predator), I'm definantly buying Alien. They made it the perfect mix of survival horror and action.
If Call of Duty comes to the WiiU, count me out. I don't think FPS are a fad. It's a unique genre. But now it's all about making war some kind of joke.
There are countless great FPS: DooM, TF2 (or anything from Valve for that matter), MP1/2/3/Hunters, Wolfenstein, and dare I say.. Minecraft..

Anyone who claims to hate FPS has never played any of those.


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