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Thu 21st Jul 2011

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kidicarusfan commented on The Thought of a Shooter-Only Future Makes Iwa...:

First person shooters as a genre isn't whats bad.
Look at Metroid Prime and Portal.
Games like those are what made the FPS inventive.
Call of Duty is pathetic. You go out and pay $60 to pretend you're shooting your friends head off and yell "Die you mother f**king noobs!"
And then a year later, you pay another $60 to do the same thing with different guns and maps.

I actually intend to buy some of the WiiU FPS coming out. Alien Freaks looks funny as hell. And as a HUGE fan of Alien (and predator), I'm definantly buying Alien. They made it the perfect mix of survival horror and action.
If Call of Duty comes to the WiiU, count me out. I don't think FPS are a fad. It's a unique genre. But now it's all about making war some kind of joke.
There are countless great FPS: DooM, TF2 (or anything from Valve for that matter), MP1/2/3/Hunters, Wolfenstein, and dare I say.. Minecraft..

Anyone who claims to hate FPS has never played any of those.