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Fri 23rd Aug 2013

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AngryTaxman commented on Hardware Review: Wireless Super Retro 64 Contr...:

"Thankfully there are still some companies out there which have retro enthusiasts' best interests at heart."

This is so encouraging for the industry. You could get to a state with second hand stores that specialise in certain consoles, at least decades. I would love to see this on British streets, that kind of shop structure so that it became known that this was a 70's-80's fashion shop, this could be a 'portable games' shop. This sort of thing is getting to reflect what us, as online consumers, would demand.

It would be better for us that boutique shops and junk stores, where people have no time or knowledge for an old machine!!



AngryTaxman commented on Sales Data Demonstrates a Slow Wii to Wii U Tr...:

There is something in this that seems real in economic theory that goes beyond filling out, potential realising itself and so on. It is about realistic expectations about people's powers to enjoy themselves more between different console generations.

And it's almost like we are getting more distinct in our demand for new things, like there is greater information in the market at the same time. if we already know that, for us, WiiU is not so much better than Wii, we may be happy to just buy the same old games or turn to bargain gaming. This is encouraging the longer life of one console, it doesn't allow for such megalithic views of the hardware of the console. They may get harder to build monopoly around.

When you also think about all of the small and flash games flooding the arena, and the takup of franchising - even though there is some brand loyalty now, it is almost genre loyalty, and things are looking more or less competitive. I mean, the Wii is perhaps competing with its successor.

This is an interesting state for markets! This and the facts that games can be back-compatible really makes for a fun industry.



AngryTaxman commented on Talking Point: The Uncertain Collectible Futur...:


"We're getting to the point where disc-based media is going to be the biggest bottleneck preventing consoles from running games to their maximum potential. Digital is the future"

Guess this is true, but I don't know what we'll want as gamers when we get older. Will we want something to show and something to fill up space?! There is something lame about a virtual catalogue



AngryTaxman commented on Review: Arc Style: Soccer!! 3D (3DS eShop):

Wow, I like the look of this game.
It takes me back to the MagaDrive except they are not 2D's that get squashed flat. And they help Nintendo's vision for characters to come true in that. And we get to call it "Football3D"?!



AngryTaxman commented on Sonic Lost World:

This is an important title maybe, a new kind of lost world game, when we have all of the others with their help-less characters. Here we have sonic rushing through it all at top speed.



AngryTaxman commented on Mario & Luigi: Dream Team:

This looks like a fun world. I like screenshot #4. This is such a nice graphic for a glow. I think it's good that that's in a 'dream game'



AngryTaxman commented on Fish On 3D:

@Windy Yes! Why didn't I think of this before?! And they should have weather in fishing games. Or make them more like Harvest Moon



AngryTaxman commented on Review: Star Soldier (3DS eShop / NES):

Wow how fun is this to play really? It is like a scrolling dungeon scene, it really harks back to Windows Entertainment Pack games.

There should be a huge wizard at the end as the final boss