Nintendo Stream, Project Café, Wii 2: whatever you want to call Nintendo's next home console, you might be calling it "expensive" if the latest suggestion from rumour epicentre IGN is to be believed.

Claiming the system will run a custom-built AMD graphics chip that outperforms PlayStation 3, IGN points to a retail price of between $350 and $400 for the console, which would make it far more expensive than any other console currently on the market.

Why such a high price? Obviously the powerful graphics technology and screen-toting controller contribute to the cost, with IGN also claiming the system will have the potential to support stereoscopic 3DTV sets, though it does say this may not be an integral part of the machine.

And the all-important release date? Possibly as early as mid-October 2011, with IGN hedging its bets by stating Nintendo may want to stockpile more consoles for an early 2012 release.

We'll continue to dig in the hope of one day, eventually, getting to the bottom of these rumours.