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Rumour: Wii 2 to Cost $350, Support 3DTVs, Out in October

Posted by James Newton

Rumours continue to gain Stream

Nintendo Stream, Project Café, Wii 2: whatever you want to call Nintendo's next home console, you might be calling it "expensive" if the latest suggestion from rumour epicentre IGN is to be believed.

Claiming the system will run a custom-built AMD graphics chip that outperforms PlayStation 3, IGN points to a retail price of between $350 and $400 for the console, which would make it far more expensive than any other console currently on the market.

Why such a high price? Obviously the powerful graphics technology and screen-toting controller contribute to the cost, with IGN also claiming the system will have the potential to support stereoscopic 3DTV sets, though it does say this may not be an integral part of the machine.

And the all-important release date? Possibly as early as mid-October 2011, with IGN hedging its bets by stating Nintendo may want to stockpile more consoles for an early 2012 release.

We'll continue to dig in the hope of one day, eventually, getting to the bottom of these rumours.


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RyuZebian said:

$350? Sure. That would mean that Nintendo didn't skimp on the hardware this time around! I'm always willing to pay a premium, if it means a better console! But since the PS2, that console has had to be a Nintendo console, so the 360 was out of the question! I'm willing to pay this price if, and only if this one actually supports DVD movies! >: 3 Blu-ray support would also be a big plus.



Link79 said:

It'll be fun buying replacement controllers for this thing whenever one breaks down. I can see them having an 80 dollar or more price tag.
I really hope alot of this stuff turns out to be a bunch of malarchy.
A more powerful console is fine but do we really want screens on the controllers? Please let this madness end so we can stop worrying and start getting excited.



Version2_0 said:

Really don't think it'll be out this year what with the 3DS just being a new hardware release and developers probably not having enough time with the kit to produce many games for launch.



Terra said:

The rumour mill really is hitting overdrive lately. Well, time to stat saving up again by the look of things.



Sneaker13 said:

Of course they are all rumors but I highly doubt it will be release beginning October or early 2012. The 3DS is just out. I really doubt that Nintendo is showing a new console at the E3. Really, really doubt it.



Yasume said:

I agree with Sneaker13. It is way too early for a new Nintendo console. They might show something at the E3 but there's no way that it will be released 7 months after the 3DS. When the Wii (revolution) was announced it took a year and a half until the actual release and I expect the same with the Wii 2. I call Q3 2012.



Burny said:

Release at the end of this year sounds really unlikely with the 3DS recent release. They can still have one good holiday season by reducing the Wii's price and releasing Skyward Sword. Unless their aim is to get every multiplatform developer on the successor as soon as possible and maybe even have some of the big third party holiday games from the start. That would of course depend on how far they are with this new machine, they might not be able to release it this year, even if they wanted to.

The rest sounds likely though. 350-400$ price wouldn't be surprising if the hardware is a bit more advanced.



Ristar42 said:

Dreamcast 2 controller? Thats some flash VMU right there but will it make a nice "beeeep!" sound when you power on the console...



PALgamer said:

Eight rumour news, six currently at the front page. I wonder if NL could have packed them all together in one and update it whenever a new one appears.
But that would be a bad idea, since you would start seeing contradictions.



Bassman_Q said:

Not surprised with that price. Wasn't the PS3 around $500 when it was first released?

Anyway I'm more surprised to hear that it would be the most expensive console on the market. Isn't the PS3 and/or the 360 around the $300 price range currently?



marc_max said:

The motion controller revolution that Wii created seems to disappear. Nintendo said they changed the way of playing and now they are forgetting about what made Wii different.



iphys said:

Maybe the 3DTV support is just a necessity for people that want to watch 3D Blu-rays on it (I'm hoping this thing had better be Blu-ray — I've held off on buying a PS3 or Blu-ray player for this long). It would be cool if some of the games had optional 3D, but I assume it's still going to be a while before 3D TVs become mainstream.



Moco_Loco said:

It's part of Nintendo's master plan to take over the videogame world by adding a third and fourth pillar. DS and Wii represent the first two pillars for consumers who don't want to spend too much, coexisting with the 3DS and the Nintendo Stream/Project Cafe/Whatever It Ends Up Being Called in Real Life.

Just a thought, but with the higher prices I'm wondering if they're considering this as a new strategy. If you're primarily a videogame company, why not have a range of products to choose from at different price ranges?



Highwinter said:

Doesn't sound overly expensive, especially if it really is more powerful than the PS3/360 and has that fancy touchscreen controller. But at that price, I'd really have to wait until there a few good games I really wanted, unlike the Wii, it couldn't really be an impulse buy.

A release this year wouldn't surprise me either.. There has to be some reason they keep delaying Zelda, huh? It's Twilight Princess all over again.



NintyMan said:

I've seen these speculated prices and specs yesterday on GameSpot and while the idea of it being more powerful than the PS3 is awesome, that would explain why they would think it'd be $350. That seems to be a little too steep to me. If the rumor mill is going to keep streaming all the way to E3, this will be a long wait. Also, the classic controller pro with the little screen of New Super Mario Bros. Wii on it is funny!



Kevin said:

Two new Nintendo systems out in one year? Don't think so. Prob next year.



Burning_Spear said:

No way. They know they'd never get $600 to $650 in one year for two new consoles. They want to ride the 3DS wave for a while. When that starts to level off, they'll have a nice window for the next home console.



fishman100 said:

October 2011? I'm surprised and skeptical at the same time.

When we hit E3 we'll find out, though

And IGN's concept looks sick!



Edwrd said:

In Malaysia there is no official Nintendo presence, we get the Singaporean distributor, Its where I got mine, its the "official version", I paid around US480 for my Wii 3 years after it was released, its US region but its really ROM flashed UAE version with Arabian on the box.

But most people here buy modded Korean or Japanese consoles (around US$250-$350) and pirate the games, can't get online though, AFAIK it'll brick. Are there any reason Nintendo will have a presence here, do they know there is a market here even? They are selling a lot of hardware here.

Yeah so the Wii2's price is going to be pretty funny over here, it'll be worth a lot of my favourite Durians



jaffa said:

@24 if the price is true then it'll probably be

1000 here in Malaysia O_o

but that's just my guess though



Highwinter said:

A lot of people are saying it can't happen because of the 3DS.. I don't really understand that. A new console isn't the same as a new handheld and we saw the Gamecube release the same year as the GBA.



triforceofcourage said:

Well, I don't believe this.
The whole screen on the controler is starting to scare me though. It doesn't seem to offer enough possiblities to outwiegh the price. I hope these are all just random rumors. Shiggy seemed pretty uptight about it, which implies that nothing true has come out yet. Oh well, whatever they plan to do I'm sure it will blow all of our minds. (In a good way)



Spoony_Tech said:

Stay with here. Maybe just maybe the 3ds can be the controller they're talking about. Also maybe just maybe we will be able to play our 3ds games on the new system on our new 3d TVs. I really don't think the screens if true are going to be that advanced. 80-100 dollars for a controller is out of the question. All the rest seems likely though so fingers are crossed for at least next year CHRISTmas time.



moosa said:

The funny thing is, IGN is soo sure that these rumors they're reporting are actually truth. If Nintendo actually comes out with this thing, I doubt it would even be a home console. Maybe something you'd find in a hotel or an arcade setting of some sort... I don't know. None of this makes much sense. You can expect Nintendo to do the unexpected, but not anything unreasonable or wasteful. Unless Nintendo developed some magical new technology that lets them slap screens and such on things for a couple dollars a piece, I can't see this showing up in the home console market.



Kyloctopus said:

They said the 3ds is worth 300-400 dollars so the stream is probably worth 500-600 dollars. Considering Sony and Microoft just released their newest major add ons (move and kinect) the only thing the stream has to worry about is the NGP



blackknight77 said:

I don't think it will happen this year. Just make sure Skyward Sword comes out for the Wii and not the new system. I'm Ok if it comes out for both just don't cancel the Wii version.



Arcanum said:

How would this whole controller thing work with the whole motion gaming thing?



FonistofCruxis said:

I highly doubt that it will support 3DTVs or be out this year. It will probably be out late 2012 at the earliest, looking at how long the wii took to come out after its announcement. I also agree with sneaker13. I wouldn't be surprised if its not shown at e3 because of the recent release of the 3ds as well as what Miyamoto said regarding the wii successor recently.



default12345 said:

I am hoping for a late 2012/early 2013 release.

I am not hoping for a screen in the controller.



Sir_Deadly said:

hmm, alot of people say it too early for an october release. Well idk bout u guys but I think it is possible. I mean look at the history, every 5 years a new console. And its was actually in november when ever they would release it. If not october then i bet early 2012. Although they did jus come out with the 3DS, u got people like me who wont buy handhelds because for me the screen is too small. They might have some great games but I just dnt like the small screen at all. I dnt see the point of having the screen on the controller. Wouldnt that defeat the purpose of having handhelds?



DJ_Triforce said:

This price doesn't bother me. Hell, I'd pay $1,000 for a chance at a high definition Zelda game.



The_Fox said:

The price is believable, as is the ability to support 3D TV. I highly doubt it will be out in October of this year. Next year is much more likely.



Burning_Spear said:

Assassin 87 said: "I dnt see the point of having the screen on the controller. Wouldnt that defeat the purpose of having handhelds?"

As someone who needs reading glasses, I'd be pretty annoyed having to switch between the controller's screen and the TV screen. I need bifocals now?



Sir_Deadly said:

Burning Spear are u asking me a question, or u making a point because I am a little confused?



SazMelthic said:

How's that even that possible for a Wii classic controlling having a high quality screen, that would cost a lot more and It's nothing more then a exaggerating rumor. Or could be true I'm not sure.. :/



Burning_Spear said:

Just making a point. For those of us who need reading glasses, it may be inconvenient to keep switching back and forth between the TV and the controller's screen. If any of this is even true.



misterquin said:

Nintendo has historically made a profit on their consoles. Every one of them. Why the hell would they include a huge touchscreen (which in itself is an unnecessary addition) when all that would do is significantly increase the price while adding little to the overall gaming experience. Some of these rumors seem plausible, but the 6.2 inch screen bit is outrageous.

On the other side, 3DTV support would be legit



Ryno said:

I want the directional pad above the analog stick like my current Classic Controller Pro and DualShock 3 please!



Sir_Deadly said:

Ahh ok Burning Spear, i am a little slow and sometimes ya gotta break it down for me. But yea i agree, that is really inconvieniant. And if this is true, i hope they make ones without a screen.



MasterGraveheart said:

Well, I'm buying it regardless. $350 woudln't be too bad and $400 woudln't be TERRIBLE. Considering the 3DS is $250... it sounds like a fit.

I still wanna hear confirmation of Wii backwards compatability, DVD/Blu-Ray support, the resolution of online issues, and the ability to transfer downloaded purchases from the Wii to he "Stream." Then I'll be getting REALLY excited if the majority of the reported is true. As for 3DTVs... support is nice, but I probably woudln't be able to immediately take advantage of that.

Oh yes... I'm also waiting on some games to come out. Grand Theft Auto V is nice. So, how about some more of these lauded multiplatform gmaes we missed out on/are missing out on? Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat, Bayonetta, Batman: Arkham City/Asylum, Mass Effect 1/2, Duke Nukem Forever, Dantae's Inferno, Darksiders, Resident Evil 5, Dead Space 1/2, Bioshock 1/2, Super Meat Boy, Pac-Man vs. Championship Edition, Red Dead Redemption, Portal 1/2, and the rest. I'm not saying forget making new games, which would be a terrible idea, I'm just saying doing some catch up woudln't be a bad thing entirely. Heck, if the power of this thing is true, maybe it can take a page out of the GameCube's playbook and do some collections.

...Beyond Good & Evil 2 for launch title, please!!!

@Everyone regarding the controller: You guys DO know that it's only an IGN concept of what the controller is supposedly gonna look like, right? Of course it's ugly photoshop. Personally, I wish they'd have photoshoped it with a GameCube controller, but...



komicturtle said:

If this new console comes out this year, I'm doubting it will GREATLY impact 3DS. It'd be similar to the Gameboy Advance and Gamecube releasing in the same year. 2001. Now it's 2011.

Weird. But I'd say they'd stockpile more units for sure.



hamispink said:

I think this would be almost reasonable if it releases with 2 controllers bundled and new controllers can stay between 60-80 dollars. The implications for screens in the controller could be great for multiplayer games, but the cost of it if they only include 1 controller will completely turn me away. . .at least for a few years



rjejr said:

Something COULD be coming out in Oct. 2011 b/c the Wii just dropped to $169 in the US. I'ld think a Wii "upgrade" at $199 - HDMI (doens't even need HD, I just want to be able to hook it up to my HDMI input dominated tv), 4gig SD card in the box, eShop 3DS software, optical out - and the "Stream" "Cafe" whatever 2012. I agree with those who think 3DS and new console in same year seems a bit much.



Horoka said:

Ugly photoshop on the controller.. personally I hope it will be some kind of motion involved, or something mindblowing. 'Cause this ain't mindblowing, for me.



Tasuki said:

The controller pic looks like a photoshopped CCpro. All these rumors and such dont mean a thing to me I will wait till the big N releases the info.



Dodger said:

Every rumor that comes out makes me want it less if they are true. I don't want a system with PS3 graphics. Part of the charm of Nintendo (in my opinion) is that they can make amazing games with weaker systems then Microsoft and Sony. I don't mind them upgrading to HD but I don't want them to be the most powerful system. I don't want a port of every xbox/ps3 game. I don't want them to completely stop doing motion controls. I don't want to pay $350 (I have collage and a car to pay for along with stuff for a wedding, eventually) and I don't want it to make coffee either.

That being said, I have a feeling a lot of these are false.

It would be nice to have a system more powerful then sony after all of their comments. That's the only thing I can think of.



DrDaisy said:

Well, if you want more power, it's gonna cost more. But for $350+, Nintendo had better make it worth it. I'm not too keen on buying a system that can't compare with the successors to PS3 and XBox 360, especially for more than $300.



Noire said:

I'd love for it to come out in October. Less I have to wait the better I feel about everything. Price isn't a problem either, especially if it's set to outperform my PS3. I payed a similar price for that console so.... bring it on.

...Providing any of this is truth, that is. D:



Acidfoxdyi831 said:

they may put it at $300 instead of $350-400 like the did with the 3ds ppl thought that it was gonna b about that much and it wasnt



Scribbler said:

Somehow, I'm having flashbacks from "Project Revolution" when the new Nintendo system was first shown at E3, but not demonstrated. There were lots of ridiculous photoshops and mock-ups, and a lot of people, even IGN, were trying to pass them off as real. I remember when the controller was finally announced and the system finally got its name, the results were so far off from the speculation, it wasn't even funny.

I think Nintendo IS working on something, but I wouldn't put my money on this being it.

Oh, and Dodger, THANK YOU! That's what I've been saying, too, but I think that we're in the minority on this one.



SwerdMurd said:

definitely not going anywhere near it at lauch. waiting a good 2 years before i adopt it this time



gabrielwoj said:

I still think that the TV will show the game etc, but on the screen, will show some stuff for each game, like lives, time, coins (for Mario game)...
Rupies, life, etc (for a Zelda game).
Life of each character of the Star Fox (Star fox Game)
Velocity, map and items (Mario Kart)

And going on



FluttershyGuy said:

I went and did some research. And I'm going to have to contradict myself in an earlier post today, where I mocked the concept of an October release (dang it ).

Checked the release dates for each generation of console and handheld (and the Black Sheep, AKA Virtual Boy), and there is an instance where there was little time between the release of a next generation handheld and next generation console. That was the Game Boy Advance and GameCube. In 2001, GameCube was released less than 6 months after GBA in Japan, and there was just over a 5 month gap in North America (although you poor European/PAL folks had to wait almost a year, sorry).

More recent history suggests a longer wait, though, as there was a two year gap between DS and Wii in Japan and North America.

Experience tells me we're in for a much longer wait than October, but there is that one case supporting a possible October release.

Here's the release dates for all new generations of consoles and handhelds (and bah bah Black Sheep) in Japan (JP), North America (NA) and Europe (sometimes called EU, sometimes PAL at Wikipedia). Included Nintendo Stream with question marks for dramatic effect, being the frustrated actor I am.

Nintendo Entertainment System. JP: 7/15/83, NA: 10/18/85, EU: 9/1/86
Game Boy. JP: 4/21/89, NA: 7/31/89, EU: 9/28/90
Super NES. JP: 11/21/90, NA: 8/23/91, EU: 4/11/92
Virtual Boy. JP: 7/21/95, NA: 8/14/95
Nintendo 64. JP: 6/23/96, NA: 9/29/96, EU: 3/1/97
Game Boy Color. JP: 10/21/98, NA: 11/19/98, PAL: 11/23/98
Game Boy Advance. JP: 3/21/01, NA: 6/11/01, PAL: 6/22/01
GameCube. JP: 9/14/01, NA: 11/18/01, EU: 5/3/02
Nintendo DS. JP: 12/2/04, NA: 11/21/04, EU: 3/11/05
Nintendo Wii. JP: 12/2/06, NA: 11/19/06, EU: 12/8/06
Nintendo 3DS. JP: 2/26/11, NA: 3/27/11, EU: 3/25/11
Nintendo Stream. JP: ??????, NA: ??????, EU: ??????



zeeroid said:

I see $350-400 as a solid price. Sure it's expensive, but at least we know they're delivering the goods. You know how Nintendo is with their ideology of profiting on every unit sold. If they gave us a more familiar price then we'd pretty much be getting barely much more power than the Wii has now. This is a good thing. Start saving now!



ogo79 said:

if Nintendo has plans to revamp the virtual console...theres so many games out there to add, most folks dont know about games like Double Dragon 2 for the TurboGrafx-16 and others, id get it, i have a feeling were going to get a surprise with the ol VC, all kinda surprises, maybe even wii 2 cd games like trilogys and such. youd think Nintendo would save the VC games people are still looking for and add them to the new system, Mother/Earthbound, Mr. Gimmick and the likes. im all ears



Henmii said:

Between 350 and 400 Dollar? It better be a lot more powerful then xbox360 or PS3, Because I probably don't buy this new console if it's only just as powerful as xbox360 or PS3. After all, the succesors to the xbox360 and PS3 are almost around the corner. I don't want a console that's even more outdated then our current wii!!



Nathan said:

I hope the Stream (or whatever..) comes out this year. Who cares if it's released the same year as the 3DS? Both will continue to sell well alongside each other. And oh yeah, Nintendo.. get rid of the damn gimmicky controller screen.. And let the Wii have the damned Skyward Sword, and give us 'Streamers' a kick-ass graphical powerhouse, 360 and PS3 walloping, new Zelda! Oh yeah...



mastersworddude said:

Alright, now I am starting to get skeptical about these rumors. I mean usually Nintendo's hardware are a more affordable option to the other consoles, so 350$ I think is bit of a stretch for casual gamers to hand over, and I highly doubt it would be out in October since I have a feeling Nintendo will be pusing the 3DS and Skyward Sword this Christmas (Or whatever else is announced at E3. Hopefully Pikmin 3.)



Capt_N said:

Continuing to save up money for all these things. That's a lot of saving. I still am unsure about these rumors.



Wolfenstein83 said:

That price range seems out of style with what Nintendo usually does.
Also, and I keep saying this, I don't want/need a screen on my controller, thanks!
I will play a handheld system for that sort of experience.
I am sure Nintendo will innovate in some other way than what these rumors would have us believe.
Also, released in October, so soon?
I would think next year or the year after that would be more likely.
Then again, the price of the Wii is expected to drop soon, but why bother if the new system can play Wii games too?
And I agree with others on here, IGN isn't exactly the most reliable source of info.



JimLad said:

I wonder if these supposed screens in the controllers will be 3D like the 3DS...



i8cookie said:

i doubt that will be the new controller. Why would they move back to the traditional controller design after the wii-mote's success.
It's also out of style with the rest of nintendo's current hardware. Plus if you wanted a controller with a screen attached, plug your 3ds into it like they did with GBA and the gamecube.



PSICOffee said:

I already know this one isn't true because it contradicts the philosophy of Gunpei Yokoi, who found creative uses with the original gameboy by using old outdated technology. Nintendo still follows this philosophy. They know consumers are cheap so the new console won't cost more than 250 like the Wii launch, they won't sell at a loss, "be patient" is what Miyamoto said of Kid Icarus years ago and look how long that took so it's definately not out in 5 months from now, thus leaving the technology to match not surpass the PS3.



erv said:

Charge all you want. Tell me in advance so I can save up. I'm buying anyways.



Sir_Deadly said:

Gee people, Nintendo (like anybody else) can change their mind bout stuff like thier style, pricing, release date, controllers, anything that has to do with their products. I mean come on, we are talkin bout nintendo. Who r we to say they will or wont? We will all have to wait and see when they announce it.



jimmoon said:

pretty sure there wont be a screen on the controller. why? because the system isnt portable!



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

:3 Waiting for an official announcement. But a screen on controllers would be a new idea I'd never expect. So I'll just wait and see.



kingClash said:

An early release would be perfect, then the two new consoles could work together perfectly! Just like the PSP and the PS3. I would buy one immediately!



ToastyYogurt said:

Huh? 3DTV Support? That doesn't match up with what Nintendo has said. They said that they want 3D gaming to be glasses free. Nonetheless, I hope these rumors prove true, except for the price.



Treetop said:

Well these rumors are getting out of hand anyway they should make the controllers the same just with a screen e.g. Streamote, Stream classic ect.



Lotice-Paladin said:

I doubt it'll be that expensive...

If they want to profit day 1, it'll be less then that...their audience don't exactly want to shell out that much to play the next console if they are happy with their Wiis.



Bigrat said:

What else will it be able to do? Will it be like the XBoxKinect? Looking at the controller it think it might be. Also the screens on the controllers... It is unneeded. It might help though for people who don't know the keys well and can look at the controller. I am that way with an XBox controller. And I dont really feel like paying for a 3D TV. Will the controllers be 3D? Also, just bought the 3DS, amazing! I don't think I'll be buying anything else for a while. I definitely won't be able to afford a $400 dollar game console. Too much!



hYdeks said:

Yay, i think people are starting to get carried around with rumours So far only TWO things have been confirmed by nintendo 1/ Yea there showing the new system and 2/ Yay, it has a touch screen seemingly. Wait till's only less than a day away

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