Bayonetta 2 Smile

Sales for Bayonetta 2 have dropped disappointingly quickly in the UK, so much so that the game is no longer within the top 40.

Despite Nintendo's best advertising efforts, Platinum Games' exceptional game has failed to sustain any presence in the UK market. It remains number two in Wii U games alone, but has not had not been able to maintain its position against its competition on all formats.

Interestingly Mario Kart 8 is still within battling away at number 35, a drop of five places compared to last week, but Bayonetta 2 has been hit stupendously hard after being within the top ten last week. Perhaps a waning interest in the game is not the sole reason for this unfortunate fall from grace, as it has been reported that many gamers have not been able to get their hands on a copy due to low stock in many retailers. The game cannot perform in the charts if there aren't enough copies to sell.

Tomodachi Life Marriage. 0 Cinema 640. 0

Tomodachi Life has shown continued success, managing to claw its way back up into 22nd place, seven places higher than last week, and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS remains a strong contender at number 17 and remaining top dog of the 3DS library.

Do you think we'll see an increase in Bayonetta 2 sales when more stock has arrived, or has the game's hype run its course? Lets u know in the comments section below!