Masahiro Sakurai has always been clear that there'd be some form of connectivity between Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, and transferring customised fighters between the two versions is the logical feature to be included. Since the 3DS version's user interface appeared with a Wii U button, however, fans have dreamed of more.

While cross-platform multiplayer is a pipe dream in some respects, it will be possible to play the Wii U version with a 3DS. As spotted by various players with the Japanese version and now fully confirmed in a screengrab of the Western edition by GameSpot, it'll be possible to connect the 3DS to the Wii U game and use the portable as a controller. The process appears to require the game running on both systems, with the Wii U having a matching 3DS menu to complete the connection.

While we doubt this'll be the first port of call for many players, it does add a welcome extra option for local multiplayer. If you're short on Pro Controllers, GameCube pads (with the adapter, of course) or preferred options then this will allow buddies with the 3DS version to jump into some battles on a Wii U with a thoroughly decent control scheme.

Do you think you'll put this feature to use? Let us know.