Earlier this week it was revealed that Ocarina of Time was joining Hyrule Warriors with Sheik, Darunia and Princess Ruto, along with stages and other elements to fit in with the game. As has been the case with previous Hyrule Warriors reveals, an initial magazine exclusive has rapidly made way for a deluge of official screenshots; these will no doubt be followed by playable videos in the coming days.

You can see the latest official screens below — they're primarily Ocarina of Time-themed, with characters and stages, with some also showing other reveals from the past couple of weeks; in addition we've selected a screen of a Skulltula, which will be found throughout stages and, when enough are found, will prompt special enemies and illustration unlocks.

Do you like the look of these screens? Where's your Hyrule Warriors hype level on a scale of 1-10? Let us know.

[via gamecity.ne.jp]