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Feature: Be Part Of Our Forthcoming Webshow 'Days Of Our Tomodachi Lives'

Posted by Damien McFerran

Your chance to be a global superstar

With the release of 3DS life-sim Tomodachi Life now just weeks away, we're going to be running a special competition where you — the lovely Nintendo Life readership — will have the chance to be (almost) famous and have your Mii established a key character in an ongoing web series.

For the next six weeks we'll be broadcasting a new episode from the soon-to-be-critically-acclaimed Days of Our Tomodachi Lives, each of which centers around the exploits of the Nintendo Life team within a wild and wacky virtual world. You'll be able to see the staff go about their business and get a feel for the kind of strange situations contained with the game — but that's just the beginning.

Each week, we'll be giving you the chance to enter a competition, and the winner will have their Mii placed in the following week's episode. To be in with a chance of making it into the series debut, all you have to do is compose a witty caption for the following image, which appears to show our very own Martin Watts in a rather bizarre cloning experiment:

We'll carefully examine all of the entries and the one which makes us guffaw the most successfully will be deemed the best. We'll then get in touch to grab your Mii QR code (so make sure you have one ready) and you'll become a fully-fledged member of the hottest virtual soap opera on the web.

The contest is open to everyone, but we do reserve the right to refuse any Miis we think are too damn weird for public consumption and ask you to amend the design to something which at least resembles a human being. No offense, but we've seen some of the Miis out there during our StreetPass travels, and they give us nightmares.

You can get a taster for what the series will entail by watching the trailer below — once you've done that, give us your best caption and keep those fingers firmly crossed.

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User Comments (134)



SheldonRandoms said:


I hope this ins't to0o0o0o0o lo0o0o0ong, but that's only silly old mii talking again :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3



Mr_Rawky said:

The new skins for the T-100's show that even SkyNet are having financial difficulties.



GThing said:

The new Toy Story origins movie wasn't quite to everyone's taste...



Gustoff said:

"Don't be too proud of this technological cloning terror you've constructed...but I must say...Impressive, most Impressive."



edhe said:

Can I leave another caption?

"Harrowing images deep from within the Wonka factory of the manufacturing process of their new confectionery - molten lead coated MegaWatts clone lollipops. Willy Wonka declared clinically insane."



Memeboy3 said:

Nintendo announced a new Series on YouTube:
Watt Wars: The Clone War.
Developed: By Watts



RealPoketendoNL said:

Since you are a clone of Martin Watts, your name will be Martin Wattstwo. And you will be Martin Wattsthree. And you will be Martin Wattsfour!



Memeboy3 said:

''Yes! 'The Legand of Martin: The 4 Watts' is FINALLY confirmed with new Handsome-ness DLC...'' :/



mystman12 said:

Hate to break it to ya, but cloning is illegal. We're gonna have to annihilate three of these clones. Which... Which one is the original?



Mus1cLov3r said:

"The cloning machine seems to be working properly. Now even when Martin is unavailable, he will still be available! Bwahahaha!" -Anthony Dickens



bahooney said:

Eagerly anticipating this year's Wii U releases, Martin Watts cloned himself with a machine that creates one clone per game. Let's hope there aren't any delays!



Nik-Davies said:

I can't decide which is worse. Trying to work out which one is real? Or trying to do work out how they're attached to that pole?



rjejr said:

"Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat."

So every week there will be an episode and a caption contest? I'm probably never going to get this game but I'm really looking forward to all of this.



rjejr said:

2 questions -

will there be spoken dialogue or just that Mario music?

What's TWs avatar doing w/ that Gamepad at the 1:17 mark?



EverythingAmiibo said:

I don't see anything against posting two captions, sorry if I'm wrong:
"And here we have the production of our Flesh-Bone 4 Watt batteries. Even If the product ends up failing, the Sucrose electrolyte can double as an Ice lolly coating."



Linkuini said:

"What's that Mr. Watts? Sixty more!?"

So far, I think Joshers744 has my personal favorite caption.



Bender said:

"FOUR WATTS?! Nobody said anything about FOUR WATTS!"

(Army of Darkness reference for all you young people who are unaware..)



Sherman said:

"Be nice to people", they said. "No one's gonna play Mario Kart 8 with you", they said...




tj3dsXL said:

Caption Entry:
...meanwhile Martin starts another manic-monday morning dreaming about his quadripolar personality disorder !



PrincessEevee9 said:

Introducing the seasons hottest action figure sets! Located conveniently at your local Mega store. Watts not to love. Haven't bought one yet Watts wrong with you?

Even if we don't win this is fun. = w =



Morpheel said:

"Don't worry, we still have some replacements left. Just make sure to dispose of the faulty one properly."


"We only have this model right now. Please understand."



Kolma said:

"Just need to clone 66 more Watts and I can finally power up my 3DS XL to play Tomodatchi Life"



Sakura said:

Hope for "ineligible singletons set on world domination" as Martin Watts method allows propogation of genes without a woman.

Sorry, Martin!



Wifidaniel said:

Clones? What clones? Oh, you mean THOSE guys. No, they're just identical quadruplets. Who happen to be in a cloning machine. For no reason at all.



gleameyesluxray said:

I could show you my favorite obsession --
I've been making a man
With a tight shirt like Peter Pan
And he's good for relieving my tension.
I'm just a sweet transvestite
From Transexual, Transylvania!
(based on "Sweet Transvestite" from Rocky Horror Picture Show)



Prof_Clayton said:

  • Log: Day 4
    Cloning attempt failed.
    Scientists puzzled as to watt went wrong.
  • Martin Watt, Fourever a clone.
  • Today, reports say that the earth's population exceeded 9 Billion. Meanwhile, in Nintendo Life Headquarters...


Obito_Sigma said:

Watts out Sony and Microsoft fan boys, because the army will cover every MART-IN WATTS every thing you buy... and it better be Nintendo!



Lunapplebloom said:

"No one knew that Damien was secretly amassing a MegaWatts clone army after his forced participation in the Wii U Baila Latino incident."



SurferClock said:

Martin's plan to play Four Swords Adventures to completion was finally coming to fruition!



SurferClock said:

(As an aside, that is one GROOVY rendition of the Super Mario 3D World theme you have going on in that trailer! Did you guys actually make that yourselves to keep from Content ID matching, or is that in the game?)



manwithoutfear said:

Hi! Kind of off topic, but could anyone recommend a game to me? I'm going on a trip and want a new 3DS game. Here are some games I have:

  • Super Mario 3D Land
    NSMB 2
    Kid Icarus: Uprising
    Fire Emblem Awakening
    Oot 3D
    Animal Crossing New Leaf


SuperMikey said:

I've just joined this site as of today so I'm excited to actually interact with you guys after watching all of you for a couple months! The news is some of the best I've seen compared to the other sites I've visited, the members here seem lame but I'll deal with it ;P , and there don't seem to be many trolls here so I guess that's how I'll contribute to the community XD (Joking bros and broettes, please unflag me) ANYWAYS!! I've been too lazy to make an account but this competition has given me a little push to do so.

My entry:
"Someone's taking the Year of Luigi a liiittle bit too seriously..."

I hope I can become friends with all of you guys!!



ReshiramZekrom said:

Construction supervisor: Come on, workers! We need to use as little Watts as possible while cloning Martin!

@Marloso Buy Pokémon X or Y. You will get a lot of hours with this game.



mcusc5435 said:

Martin :"Perfect!!! Now I quadruple my chance to beat you two in Mario Kart 8"
Tom and Damien :"Isn't this going a little far Martin?"
Martin : "Absolutely Not!!! Loser has to review Baila Latino while being recorded, haven't you heard?"



mcusc5435 said:

Or if you can submit two:
"Each Watt equates to each time Microsoft has went back on their own words and changed their 'vision' of the Xbox One"



Inkling said:

"Because you can never have enough Martins to hail the VB, can you?"

That's my one



TantXL said:

"Great Watts!"

Have anyone here seen "Back To The Cloning"? One of the best movies evermade!

"You Built A Cloning Machine, Out Of A Torture Device!?"



kendorage said:

(kraftwerks' "electric cafe" playing in background) .....sprockets, german television presents, sprockets


"i liked the game, but without 1080p and 60fps, i give it only 4 watts and half a mcferran"



Inkling said:

2nd one: "Get your Watts about you, the Martinificent clones are coming to praise the Virtual Boy!"

Sorry for the Watt the heck puns (see what I did there?)



SleepyCrossing said:

"Nintendo's new NFC Figurines- featuring your own customized Mii! You can now own a physical copy of this badly-represented version of yourself; complete with the ability to read and write data, grow a 5:00 shadow to represent your lack of time spent outside, or rock a 90's long sleeve shirt in your favorite solid shade from a limited menu!"



SleepyCrossing said:

My above caption entry was all in jest, I love the Mii maker! When does this caption contest end by the way? Thanks



Jadenfire said:

Ugh they should not keep posts up once they have been won ... It's discouraging to enter and then find out it's already been won ... For those who don't read all the comments looks like this contest has been won ....

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