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Video: Watch Us Hungrily Unbox The McDonald's Super Mario Happy Meal

Posted by Damien McFerran

It's the unboxing you've all been waiting for

This week sees the launch of a new range of Super Mario Happy Meal toys at McDonald's in the UK, and as you might expect, we were first in line to pick some up this morning.

Below you'll see Tom and Damien pick apart two of these eagerly-awaited cardboard boxes of culinary joy. It's riveting stuff, and we fully expect to receive some kind of award for video journalism in the post any day now.

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User Comments (103)



6ch6ris6 said:

i would rather eat out of a trash-can. actually i sometimes do just that free food yay !



BlackStar9000 said:

My kids would beg me to take them to McDonalds for those Mario Happy Meals, I wouldn't mind one for my collection.



Azooooz said:

I don't know why most people hate McDonald's. From where I live, their food and services are excellent in my opinion.



mralloverit said:

@Alshain01 One of many reasons I quit eating fast food over 7 years ago. As far as the toys go, I'm sure some of them will wind up on ebay soon enough.



xevious said:

hmm...I would perhaps consider buying it if you could get it without the stuff some refer to as "food"



mystman12 said:

Y'know, I feel like McDonald's is bashed a little too much. I hate the chicken nuggets, but the fries are really good, and their burgers and milkshakes aren't half bad either.



Peach64 said:

I'll be calling on my way home... probably won't touch the food, but the toys look neat.



FishieFish said:

I'm going to McDonalds today.
The Mario toys are also in Ireland.
And personally, I do enjoy the food their.



Seren77 said:

Wish these would be released in Australia (why do I say this in every article no matter what its about)



Savino said:

Hope it comes to Brazil.... I would toss away the "food" gladly and keep the toys!



phoenixology said:

Surely in the time it took to transport that Happy Meal to your office then take 5 mins to fully unbox it, all the food was cold.

I got myself one of these on my lunch break and they only had the Mario figure and not mushroom



readyletsgo said:

All y'all complaining about McDonald's food, its take away trash food, we all know this, get off your high horse, no one is forcing you to buy or eat it.

I got my Happy meal yesterday and got the Mushroom, friend picked me one up too, haha its awesome, big enough and I love the sound fx.

I didnt know the Mario figure is out now too? Thought it was changed once a week?



AJWolfTill said:

McDonalds really aren't that bad if you only have them every now and again. It's cheap food but you shouldn't be expecting anything else.



readyletsgo said:

@Peach64 awesome, thanks for that!!! I think I will be getting another Happy Meal tomorrow so! I want them all! And I like their chips so, all good



shazeobock said:

Thanks for the unboxing! Personally, I would have ripped the boxes open (ever so carefully) like a box of cereal with a toy inside. Your restrained enthusiasm was quite enjoyable and entertaining! Most McDonald's I've gone to you can purchase the toys separately without the food. Now, if these Happy Meals would just come to the US... We just had Adventure Time and Peabody and Sherman toys recently. I hope Mario's coming soon!



doydoy said:

I have to admit, I just went to McDonald's for lunch and it was nothing to do with your unboxing!
Yes, I had a Happy Meal and I am happy with my toy!



WaveGhoul said:

Meh, i'd rather just stick with these.

Hmmm...Cooler looking toys and happy meal boxes based on Super Mario Bros 3, Vs todays plastic New Super Stale Bros series. Not a hard decision. Heads on over to eBay.



LoBo said:

Cool , now McDonalds will be full of Nintendo Fans , now that surely can't be a bad thing !



Sionyn said:

i got the mushroom it even has a nintendo tri wing screw in it one thing that was odd no manufacture name on the toy nor nintendo copyright and date. quite nicely made too not bad for £2.50

this week its mario and the super mario mushroom



andrea987 said:

Best unboxing ever! I only hope they'll send you a free cholesterol check-up with the Pulitzer...



nesvc said:

I love McDonalds. Has anybody heard if these are coming to the US?



NintendoROCKET said:

Lucky Europeans! In the USA we're stuck w/Mr. Peabody & Sherman bobble heads. -_- I'm surprised at all the hate McDonald's is getting! I personally love their food(but their cheeseburgers taste a bit odd)!



617Sqn said:

Remember kids, Mc donalds gives millions every year to the IRA, refuses to pay its farmers the going rate for meat, pays some UK staff less than the min wage, serves halal meat (very cruel way of butchery) ...... how bad do you need that toy ?



Pj1 said:

The best unboxing video ever! working for Nintendo Life looks like a great job!
The best McDonalds happy meal toys ever.



kenzo said:

I know one thing that maccas is good at.

They have the best TV ads and food merchandising around.

Perhaps Nintendo could get McDonalds to do its PR campaigns. Would you like Mario with that !

Oh, thats right - Nintendo dont do TV PR campaigns. Doh.

Personally I used to love quarter pounders with cheese and a large serve of fries, but I have not eated 'fast food' for over 10 years. But, squeezed orange juice or a soft serve ice cream cone is excepted



Dark-Link73 said:

I said it before and I'll day it again, euro gamers get better "rewards" than we do here in the US. NoA has the contract with BK (which I hate) and the last time we had any Nintendo kids meal toys was in October 2012 in preparation of the Wii U release.

We're overdue another promo.



sleepinglion said:

Wow, my US McD's sucks for toys.
On the plus side, you can totally just buy the toy here without getting the meal. It's about a dollar.



Hy8ogen said:

@Azooooz Doubled. I love their breakfast and their quality is way above par. At least at where I live. Although I do agree regular consumption of their burgers, fries and nuggets will kill you.



itsgood2slide said:

yuck : (

It's sad to see Nintendo (and Nintendolife) support a company that benefits from encouraging children (and adults) to eat unhealthy, processed foods (that animals have suffered terribly to provide).



617Sqn said:

@Hy8ogen nope, not at all, but I don't agree with a world wide chain giving money to the IRA ( a terrorist group, who have killed thousands of people) I believe in fair trade, halal meat causes undue pain to animals, and it is a basic human right to be paid a wage you can live off! Any one with morals avoids Mc donalds.



HaNks said:

i'm looking for the toad toy when that one is up, don't want any of the 'food' though.



WaveGhoul said:

And I still have mine. Nah, not really. eBay kind of lent a helping hand! I threw my original Water Land happy meal box and SMB3 Mcdonalds toys out years ago sadly. For now, I have the skyland happy meal box above along with Cloud riding Luigi.



unrandomsam said:

@617Sqn The IRA killed a hell of a lot less people than the British and American Armies did just as illegally in Iraq. The supposedly peacekeeping soldiers killed 1/3 as many (And the unionists another 2 thirds).



FriedSquid said:

Nice review guys, very amusing. Hope you like your new toys and hopefully you enjoyed the food even though it was cold!



SCAR said:


Also, everyone complaining about FatDonald's food... You know you all loved it at one time or another.



RR529 said:

Hope these come to the US. Mcdonald's is pretty good every now & again (even though I do like Wendy's better).

I feel like it gets so much hate, just because it's the "cool" thing to do.



itsgood2slide said:

@nesvc That's true, but nonetheless this promotion will encourage both adults and children to spend money on McDonalds products, which is ultimately bad for them (and worse for the animals they eat). I choose not to support the deplorable meat, dairy and egg industries so I only eat foods that contain no animal products. As a gaming enthusiast, I am sad to see Nintendo support them.



SCAR said:

Some people don't have a choice to be vegan or not. I try to stay away from dairy or meat products, too, but sometimes that's all there is.

Most the meals I eat are entirely fruit, veggies, grains, nuts, and water. The kids are being given the Happy Meals by their parents, so they eat it.



SCAR said:

Also, if a vegan product is more expensive, people feel more inclined to buy the cheaper product, despite moral value. I've seen it.



AVahne said:

For a second there, I thought that Yoshi plush had a ninja turtles mask.



itsgood2slide said:

@SCAR392 That's great to hear you are trying to avoid such products. There are many local, national and international groups of vegans that support each other and share ideas on cruelty-free (and affordable) alternatives. for example is a useful website for finding out where you can find vegan restaurants and places with good vegan options. Whereabouts are you from?



SCAR said:

I'm from the U.S. I'm not sure if you've heard of Chipotle Miexican Grill, but I've specifically emailed them about the possibility of offering an alternative to the meat they put in their products. Mostly everything else they serve is vegan, so it would make sense to have a tofu option for their burritos, IMO.

My main point was that not everyone has the ability to actively keep up a vegan life style, or doesn't really have an option. I've also noticed that some of the vegan options aren't exactly delectable or filling, so there are other aspects to the situation.



JosieC84 said:

Mmmmmmmm McDonald's fries. I crave them. Lucky British!! Wish Australia got these Mario happy meal toys.



Gold said:

I love the chicken nuggets, french fries, hamburger (with cheese and ketchup only) and that's about it.



WaveGhoul said:

Mcdonalds as a nostalgiac treat is absolutely amazing imo(Cheeseburgers for the McBurgler win baby ) just eat it in moderation and don't make it a routine diet like a lot of those foolish Mcfatties that dine there morning, noon and night.

what made mcdonalds so magical back in the 80's and early 90's were the actual commercials which were absolutely magical...Thy were presented in Diney-like fashion, to the point of convincing you that mcdonalds was the most magical 'food' place on earth....The fact that they often had Ronald, Grimmis and the Hamburgler show up in the restaurant every now and then made it all the better. There was also something about the indoor and outer interior that gave it that extra spash of awesomeness.

Plus, when you're a kid you can typically eat junk food like there's no tomorrow, but when you get older your body basically says F-U, well....At least when you hit 40! Heck, we're all more aware too of how bad Mcdonalds food actually is these days, so there's of course 'that' that has put a lot of people off, in combination of the nasty dent 'Super Size Me' has made.



WaveGhoul said:

Boy it must be tough meating(hehe) the daily requirements when you're axing out Chicken, Eggs, Salmon Tuna & turkey... When going vegan, Beans(ahem, inflammatory) seem to be the main protein source, as well as Seeds and nuts which are chalk full of Lectins, phytic acid and omega 6's....bummer.

Those should be eaten in moderation. But at least you're not intaking all of those antibiotics and hormones that plague your typical store bought meet...To get around that, you just got to cruise down to your local farmers market.

Also, i hope you're not making soy a daily part of your diet. possibly one of the worst things you can do...That's a bone headed move a lot of vegans seem to make. And a lot of them look malnourished, but that's probably because so many of them are doing it wrong. lol
I prefer a paleo-like diet. By no means am i strict like a lot of those paleo nut jobs....Yeah, i eat 0% sugar free greek yogurt and brown rice(once in a while) where as they don't. i believe in treating yourself in moderation, even if it means heavy processed foods such as mcdonalds, dairy queen ect ect. Besides, these fad diets aren't going to make you invincible, nor will they save you from a jet falling on your head because as we all know that happens on a daily basis. wink* Sometimes, sh** just happens. We get sick, and we just have to trudge through it. All we can do is minimize our exposure to toxins that we consume(ect) on a daily basis, but we can't avoid all of it.

Anyways, be happy and eat Meat, ahem, i mean that non-tasty fake vegan lentil burger you got chilling in your funky fridge. jk!



WaveGhoul said:


Awww, no love for the filet o fish(ok i'll admit, they get sickening after like two), McChicken or big mac?



ReigningSemtex said:

My girlfriend came home with the toadstool happy meal toy today I think it's probably the coolest happy meal toy I've ever had lol



SCAR said:

I'm fine with McDonald's, to an extent. I went there around 2 months ago. I was mainly addressing that everyone commenting on this article is bashing McDonalds food or the people who eat it, when people aren't in the same shoes as others. Kids don't think about what they eat. They just do, and hamburgers have been part of that.

I will take a cup of soy or almond milk over dairy milk, any day. I never liked dairy milk...

Anyway, I'm still fat and I eat more healthy than a lot of people. Eating healthy isn't going to magically make you healthy.



itsgood2slide said:

@SCAR392 Yes, I know of them firstly because of South Park and secondly because they have restaurants here in London. I have not checked out their menu yet, but I agree it would be great to see some tofu there. There's a Mexican-style restaurant chain in Germany called Delores which have some fantastic vegan options which include tofu.



Happy92 said:

Our American Mcdonalds has some of the worst food ever, with plastic preserved buns, liquid rubber coated patties, and about 7 miniscule fries per meal. Lets not forget they dont even use real meat, the place disgusts me.... Some of the toys can be fun but they break after about a week. The food their is more weather resistent than the toys... : (



Senario said:

@itsgood2slide Let people eat what they want to eat. We let you eat what you want. Nintendo puts advertising in macdonalds because it is a popular place. Nobody claims it is healthy for you.



WaveGhoul said:

What doesn't these days. GMO's, Pesticides & Herbicides in fruits & vegetables, hormones & antibiotics in meat, fluoride(controversial, but considered deadly) in our tap water ect ect. Smoke it up johnny, because man doomed us all for the sake of the mighty dollar. zoink!


You know what McDonalds gives me? BAD reflux/GERD. As much as I love McDonalds on a cheat day every now and then, eating it these days makes me feel like i'm about 'this close' to taking a trip to the hospital. Must be the grease and whatever the hell else they put in their meat.



GamerZack87 said:

@xevious I've bought toys from kids' meals by themselves in the past. It couldn't hurt to try asking.

Wait...I totally have that Yoshi Doll!



Ichiban said:

Im awaiting the follow up video: Watch Damo bolt to the toilet 30 minutes later!



JosieC84 said:

McDonalds is fine but people just got to learn not to eat their food excessively. Whenever I see a McDonalds sign , I think "mmmmmmmmm French fries" like Just when I saw this video, I was constantly thinking about the fries. I eat McDonalds at least once a couple of months.



itsgood2slide said:

@Senario Given Nintendo's family-friendly image, this is not a positive move for them, especially when gaming comes under fire for encouraging people to be less active and thus less healthy. The Wii was a positive step in this sense, but endorsements like this are a negative one.

I was not telling people what to eat (if animals have to suffer terribly for your enjoyment that's on your conscience, not mine), I was just pointing out that I am unhappy that a company I have supported over the years (Nintendo) is in turn supporting and encouraging people to support a company I detest (McDonalds).



Starwolf_UK said:

@setezerocinco I think you already had this a year or so back. Or was that the Netherlands. Either way there was a slightly different toy selection including princess peach.



KarateKid1234 said:

I couldn't live a living fridge on what anyone says about me; I will eat this.
If this was YouTube, there would be arrogant people calling me fat. Except I have a high/fast metabolism, so I'm skinny. I also kinda have the case of anorexia nervosa.

...SHOOT. This is in the U.K.? I'm in the U.S.! I might as well get a sandwich bag and put my small mario figure in it. It's really small. As small as my pinkie.



kletro said:

These toys were in Italy in september. I got 2 Luigis and Mario in a pipe.

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