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  • Video Learning How Mario Teaches Us the Basics

    PBS Game/Show continues its series

    Last week we shared the first episode of a neat mini-series from the PBS Game/Show YouTube channel, which aims to break down and explain the secrets to the great design in Super Mario games. Episode 1 looked at 'hidden language', while episode two looks at the manga-inspired structure in these games. Those that...

  • Video PBS Game/Show Aims to Break Down the Design Genius of Super Mario

    Starting with its 'hidden language'

    Most of us instinctively know when we're playing a game with fantastic design - it feels right and works to our instincts to teach us how to play. Unsurprisingly the Super Mario series is often cited as a key example of game design that's simple to understand but with complexity underneath the surface. It's held...

  • Video Check Out This Amazing Blindfolded Completion of Super Mario Bros.

    Three months of practice, cleared in less than 15 minutes

    We've seen some hugely impressive speedruns and game clearance feats in recent times, whether it's beating games with unconventional controllers, clearing multiple games at once or setting record times. Blindfolded runs are also fantastic to watch, and Japanese YouTuber...



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