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Mon 8th July, 2013

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MIDP commented on Video: 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Trailer Confirm...:

@Seanmyster6 I know, same with Gunstar Heroes right?
But still, first Gunstar Heroes announced, now this...
Man, I could explode from excitement
Maybe not a big deal to most, but both these games, but espescially Sonic 2, is such a big part of my child hood and has played a big part of what Ive become...sounds pretty deep for a game, but the more I think of it, its probably very true
Also, the 2 player VS is like the most underrated VS multiplayer mode in gaming, one of the most, at least
Played it with my brother and a friend endlessly
Both with teleporters and normal items, its a blast
The dynamic with teleporters is also so much fun because it changes the gameplay completely
Other than that mode, Sonic 3 & Knuckles combined is the far superior game in every way imaginable...except like the mentioned VS mode, of course :)



MIDP commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Retail Games of 2015 ...:

When I saw Dragon Ball, I thought, "sold", but when I saw it was in 2D...
Well, they dont want my money...
Im sure if they made a 3DS 3D Dragon Ball similar to the ones on consoles, every Dragon Ball fan with a 3DS would buy it instantly.
But hey, Im probably wrong, and maybe thats just I who would...
Maybe in the next gen...



MIDP commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

Its a sad day for us all.
I will never forget how good all the Nintendo Directs were with him.
His personality was truly amazing.

Wherever you are now, we miss you Iwata - "Directly to you" <3



MIDP commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Approach to Transfor...:

Ok, wait a 2D to 3D Metroid is "Evolution", while Metroid Prime to Prime Federation Force is "Transformation"?
Sounds like a very subjectively irrational comparison.
I mean, almost nothing in 2D and 3D Metroid is similar when it comes to gameplay.
While Prime and Fed Force is , well first off we don't really know, but judging by footage, it is pretty similar except for the fact that the "mood" and "objectives" are different.
It seems more like a different "mode" of Prime.
And while that could mean that it at the end might also feel completely different, I still think it is pretty illogical to say that 2D to 3D is less different.
In other words, 2D to 3D would then be more of a "transformation" than Prime to Fed Force...



MIDP commented on 3D Gunstar Heroes Brings New Modes And Local C...:

Im so f***ing excited about this game!
Honestly, its like one of my favorite games all time! :)
To be able to have it on the 3DS is a dream come true, Ive waited for so long.
The thing that sucks though is that you need two copies for Co-op...
It feels like so many games on the 3DS does that for the wrong reasons (I think).
Because it feels like they want you to buy two copies obviously, but many times, it feels like if you're actually able to play the game with someone who doesn't have a copy, that leads to the extra copy, and many times a new fan of the franchise in question, which of course in turn, generates more copies.
Some of the first party titles do a good job of this actually, like MK7 and Mario Party, where they let you do Download Play.
That has led some of the people I've showed games to, to become fans of them, buying more games.
And when you look at home consoles, all you need there is an extra controller.
So yeah, it is truly a huge negative on many 3DS games...
But hey, still happy the game is coming! :)



MIDP commented on Tablets Stole The Wii U's Thunder, Laments Shi...:

@Kirk Thad'd be cool
Kind of like 3DS.
...speaking of which, is something that should somehow be incorporated more.
One example is why they half do it with Super Smash, "Here, a mode to use the controller...only in Smash mode, otherwise you have to choose another one"
And then they drop this 1 EUR add on - of when I read, was sure that it enabled you to use it in all modes, I bought it right away, only to find out afterwards that, no, this was only for people with a 3DS, without Smash on it, who wants to use it to play Smash on the Wii U - once again, only in one mode!
Like, are they kidding us, first of all, how often do you run into that scenario even.
I mean, sure, I guess it does happen, but that just makes it even more of a reason to let you be able to use your 3DS as a controller in all modes.
Just in general, it feels like they should have been able to make an app for the 3DS that just lets it be a controller.
Like many other nit picky things, its not the deal breaker of how good the console is, but it is one of many small things that just feel like they shouldn't be that difficult to fix, and if they had this, along with much other things, the console would feel so much better.
And don't get me wrong, I sound negative, but I love my Wii U, it is my favorite console ever behind the New 3DS.
But it just feels, like said before, so many small things could together give an overall better experience if they were fixed, and many of these small things should not be, or have been to difficult to fix.



MIDP commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

@Zach I think so too
The controls seem fun, I dont find the graphics to be that bad at all.
Also, I dont see what the complain about Assault is that everyone seems to have.
That is the only Star Fox game Ive truly enjoyed, times and times better than 64 in my opinion.



MIDP commented on Akihiro Hino on Why Fantasy Life 2 is Not Comi...:

Well, theyre not eliminating the "kids playing on 3DSs" since they also play on smart devices.
Maybe I misunderstood what was written.
Either way, I think this makes good sense.
More people will be able to buy it now, and granted that they can make their title visible among all other good phone titles, then its a great move.
Although I'd love to see the sequel on the 3DS as well obviously.



MIDP commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's DeNA Plans and Ideas...:

Opening up Nintendo Life.
Seeing a bunch of articles about "DeNA".
Opening up 3-4 of them, hoping one of the articles would explain at least in short, more about what this "DeNA" is.
...reading, reading...I am sure its there somewhere, but why should it be so hard to find?
Oh well, Google time...



MIDP commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

Golden Eye (With online support, otherwise no need to)
Donkey Kong 64 (Might be my favorite 64 5 for sure)
Banjoe and Kazooie (Never got to play it, but it looks so much fun.)
Paper Mario (Love this game, started it over like 3 times, got really far, but never had the time to complete it, would be perfect for 3DS)
...Super Mario 64 (even though the DS version was a top 5 DS game for me, that in itself is reason enough to get another version of it.)

1080 Snowboarding would be cool if they just made a completely new game instead.
I just dont think there was enough in that to stay entertained alone for that long.
If they added like a "Story mode thingy" where you could play cups and other things to unlock a lot of upgrades and gear etc. (I know there is already, but not big enough in my opinion)
Also online.
Something similar to Mario Tennis 3DS but with a more grand scale to it.
And yeah, way more stages.
Like I said, might as well make a completely new game of it.

Just what I think.



MIDP commented on Nintendo Delays Financial Results Presentation...:

Nintendo should make "Nintendo Amiboo World".
Make it open world, tons of missions and never ending side quests, leveling system, large variety of worlds in form of worlds from all the games they have made.
Then the Amiboo you have, should play the same style as the game they come from.
For example, lets say you could be in the world of Zelda, Hyrule, but play as Mario. Then you might need certain power ups/ xp/ level or whatever they would want to design as a system, in order to beat certain dungeons/quests etc.

Or, buy a Link or Zelda figurine in order to clear some places quicker if you dont want to grind and get that power up/level etc.

I think that would be really cool to see all the worlds from Nintendo come together and interact with one and other.

Imagine you want to clear a place in the Zelda world where you need lets say a boomerang, and you can actually require a boomerang suit from the Mario world from a hammer bro, or from the Kirby world, etc.

Maybe it could be built so that the Amiboo you have from the start lets you start from a certain world, then clearing stuff there will let you get to the others etc.
There would be endless possibillities.
And they wouldnt have to make all the worlds right away either.
Let us start with Mario, Zelda and Kirby or something.
The a year later give us version 2/expansion pack/DLC whatever with Metroid, Donkey Kong and Star Fox.

I know Im just dreaming away here...but honestly, I would pay to buy every single Amiboo to be able to see how they would all interact in these worlds.
Add some local and online co-op on it would be my biggest wish Nintendo, make it happen, ill give you my money for sure! :)



MIDP commented on Retrospective: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish...:

When the 3DS originally released in 2011 it didn't see the start they were hoping for in terms of sales. Part of that was that they didn't have many big games out at launch.

As a result, Nintendo decided to make a huge price drop, from around $349-$399 down to $169 (prices varied depending on location and bundles etc. but somewhere around there) about 6 months after launch.

Since loyal fans bought it for so much more, that would mean that they could feel that they were punished for being loyal, so in order to make these loyal customers feel that they didn't support the console for nothing, Nintendo decided to let every 3DS bought within that period that would log on into the E-Shop, the possibility to get a bunch of free games.

So they created the "3DS Ambassador Program" which let all these customers get 10 free GBA games and 10 free NES games that Nintendo chose, before they were ever released, and some of them have still not been released in the E-Shop, like all of the GBA games.

I think that is about it.



MIDP commented on Hollow Knight is a Bit Like Shovel Knight, Exc...:


Good point.

I hope the game won't be that gray through out it. I suspect it might be, but it feels like something I would get tired of, also I think it would be confusing for me to tell the difference of where I have been and not, assuming the game has some backtracking.
Who knows, it might work great, its my concern though and the reason I probably won't get it.



MIDP commented on New Nintendo 3DS Shown Off by Monster Hunter S...:

At first I thought they meant there is a "new limited 3DS" as in a regular 3DS XL or standard but with a Monster Hunter Theme.
I expect more confusion in the future.

And to clarify, Im not negative about the new 3DS or its name, even though I believe the name WILL cause confusion, I will get one ASAP when it gets out, and I am super excited about it.

But I can imagine that many people will buy games or consoles without knowing what is what. Hopefully they find a way around that.
But even now if you go to an ElGiganten (Swedish equivalent to Best Buy...thats where Im from) the people working arent a hundred percent sure if a DS game goes to 3DS or vice versa, so just judging from my experience now, it can only get messier.



MIDP commented on Review: Devil World (3DS eShop / NES):

Terrible comment.
The reviewer is simply saying that the rules of the game are confusing and not obvious. And he is totally right to do so.
I downloaded it a couple days ago as a curiosity myself, and sure, I figured out what to do. But that still left me with the question of, "How can I know that there arent any more game mechanics that I dont know of that I should" because of the fact of how weird the rules were.
You cant expect people to figure that out in other words.

When it came to the gameplay I honestly though it was terrible.
Im still going to go back and give it some more time, but honestly, it might be the worst VC game Ive ever downloaded so far.



MIDP commented on Top 20 Wii U Games So Far - Part Two:

First off, they didnt say anything on this list was a bad game.
Secondly, the difficulty doesnt have to do anything with it not being number one, they simply think the other games above are better.



MIDP commented on Mario Party: Island Tour Delayed to Early 2014...:

I totally disagree
Mario Party DS is one of my favorite games, and the one thing Ive been asking for to improve this series is online.

I agree it is way more fun locally, but that doesnt mean playing it online wouldnt be a blast.

It will definitely give it a bigger lasting appeal if done correctly.