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Weirdness: Shiny Pokémon Finder Takes No-Hands Approach

Posted by Tim Latshaw

This will probably void your warranty, though

There is a certain breed of Pokémon player out there who would do just about anything to capture the rare, “shiny” variety of each creature. Their fascination with shinies borders on a raccoon-like intensity — yet unlike most raccoons, many of these humans have access to technology.

YouTube user dekuNukem has run with that advantage, constructing a machine that will conduct the dirty work of repeatedly engaging Pokémon until a shiny one appears.

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It’s really quite ingenious. The device presses the necessary order of buttons to fish for a Pokémon and enter into an encounter. It then uses a light sensor to determine the length of time the bottom screen of the 3DS remains dark before the battle begins. Since a shiny encounter features its own animation, it takes slightly longer to load it. If the machine detects this less than 1 second of extra blackout time, it signals its human overlord that a shiny has been found. If not, it simply engages the buttons to run away and begin the process anew.

The source code for the device can be found in the “About” section of the video’s YouTube page. Would you be willing to go this far to find an easier way to catch rare Pokémon, or do you prefer to find them with good old-fashioned thumb grease? Let us know below.


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Prof_Clayton said:

Wow, that's actually pretty ingenious.
I'd do that, except it would probably be easier to just find the shinies I want.



Wonder_Ideal said:

That's cool, except you can only get shiny sea and river Pokemon. Devices like this might account for the sheer amount of shiny Qwilfish I have seen on the GTS.
I do have a shiny Corsola, though.



Yamitora1 said:

I have a sure fire way to find one, go into tall grass with no pokeballs on hand and a full pc everytime TT_TT



Falchion said:

I looked at the code, and if u have the right equipment and knowledge it seems pretty easy. Only about 100 lines of code



Falchion said:

@LichiRichi ya as a high schooler i have written a program with at least 2000 lines... But idk if i would waste anytime with trying to catch shinys, especially with all the hackers limiting ur achievements...



C-Olimar said:

So it is normally faster than 81 tries, and the area he is fishing in always results in a fish...
Gonna catch me a shiny or two



Rezalack said:

I've played all the way through black 2 and 20 hours into Y and I've yet to see a shiney.. I don't think. Honestly, I don't think I'd know one if I saw one.. I'm not exactly Pokemon savvy, not since Red or Blue anyway, lol.



Gioku said:

Neat! ...could probably build this out of LEGOs if I wanted to (LEGO robotics, anyone? )



3Daniel said:

Ive never encountered a shiny and ive played every gen with a combined 1000+ hours of playtime. I hav a masterball in X that I will save till the faithful encounter.



Marioman64 said:

why did he open the 3ds and mess with the wires, can't you build a robot to manually push the buttons to do the same thing?



NESguy94 said:

I found my first and only shiny (except gyrados) after almost 800 hours of gameplay. I played at least one game per gen starting all the way back with my copy of Red on the Gameboy and a Stanler in Soulsilver was my first.



Olmectron said:

If GameFreak hadn't change the use of Sweet Scent outside of battle, it could be done as well with other than sea Pokémon, just by changing a little bit of the code.



sinalefa said:

The only shinies I have are from events, like the Dialga, Palkia and Giratina that were distributed like a month ago.

In Black and White I usually grind by waiting for an Audino to show up in the rustling grass, so I guess that makes it harder to find a Shiny as I will have less encounters overall.



Klinny said:

@Marioman64 Constructing a robot to manually push buttons is significantly more difficult. The robot arms would need to be incredibly precise, as the Y and A buttons are very close together, and also incredibly fast, as to push the A button in time to catch the fish, (the force of which is likely to damage the buttons). Also, as it is manually pushing buttons, you would have to ensure that both the 3DS and the robot remain perfectly still, which is very difficult. It would also be more expensive, as you would need more parts, (and servos wear down after time, so would need to be tuned, maintained, and eventually replaced) and require significantly more coding.

Altering the controller is much easier and allows for perfect, precise, immediate controls.

Anyways, I think this is a very clever idea on the whole. I personally wouldn't use it myself, however, as it requires physically altering the system. (And chain fishing is not remarkably difficult.) Also, I used to RNG for Shinies in previous games, and find that the easier it is to find a Shiny, the less exciting it is to have it. (Though, of course, realistically speaking, you may never find one otherwise.)

In X and Y, though, I've found 3 Shinies so far. Two from fishing and one Ditto using Pokeradar, so even without cheating, it's much more accessible in this generation.



GalacticMario28 said:

As someone who plans to do a lot of consecutive fishing for shinies, I think this device is pretty awesome. I'm not sure I'd want it hooked up to my 3DS, though; it could have consequences down the road.



Haxonberik said:

I've seen and caught 2 shinies out of events. One was a wingull in Sapphire, the other was a Frillish in White. I have played about 150 hours in every pokemon game since Sapphire. (I have no idea how long I played Blue or Gold since I was too young to care)



Gaminguy010 said:

My first shiny was the Red Gyrados. My first wild encounter with a shiny was only just recently in Pokémon X. I found and caught a Shiny Gible! btw is it odd that a Shiny Gible took more time and balls then freaking Mewtwo? I remember Mewtwo from Leafgreen and it took so many time and balls that Mewtwo would faint from using Struggle!



Hunter-D said:

I like to keep all my possessions in tip-top condition. I normally wouldn't even bother with this kind of stuff, but since it will practically ruin my 3DS...




Raylax said:

In my 15 years of playing Pokémon a lot, I have never once encountered a shiny through random wild battles or breeding. The only shiny I've ever encountered (not including Red Gyarados) was through Poké Radar chaining in Pearl.

But that was an Absol, which is really cool, so I suppose that balances things out a bit :3



tabris95 said:

The only shiny ive ever seen was in Pearl. It was a Gravler and it used self destruct ;_;



RainbowGazelle said:

I found my first shiny in Black. It was a deerling. Then, in Black 2, I found another shiny deerling, but failed to capture it this time. I wasn't too blown away though. Now, in Y, I've caught a shiny Pumpkaboo. I seem to a knack for shiny grass types.

@Spuratis If, when you first encounter the pokemon, it sparkles, like the corsola in the video, you know it's shiny.



readypembroke said:

Number of shinys I have seen: ZERO and I have beaten all of the gym leaders and now have to beat the elite four.



GuSolarFlare said:

that guy is a genius! and that goes to show Arduino can really do ANYTHING! good thing my uncle got one for me(but I don't have Pokémon X/Y and won't open my 3DS much less solder anything into it)

when I get Pokémon Y I'll go for a more "classic" approach when doing this: electric motors to press the buttons(this way I won't have to mess with my 3DS directly)



DonnaxNL said:

How to access that quick menu with bike and rods?

@Gioku Yes Lego Mindstorms has also a light sensor, if I had the set, I would make one my own.



DarkCoolEdge said:

I don't get the shiny craze. If you find one, fine; if you don't, who cares? It doesn't matter.

The need to diferentiate ourselves with this stupid things boggles me. The fact of feeling superior because you have a cool shiny is just plain pathetic and sad, and a warning. S/he who needs this has to do something with his/her life.



SneakyStyle said:

<~ Proud owner of a Shiny Tyrantrum. ^^

I got super lucky while hatching eggs, but I think pulling the 3ds apart is a bit to far lol. I'll stick to normal play. xP



Pokefanmum82 said:

Only found two shinies in my life, a shiny staravia in the Pokemon mansion garden in platinum and a shiny steelix on victory road in the same game.



DarkNinja9 said:

lol wow this is crazy stuff but i rather see one in a grass area then using a fishing rod

but eh i have some shinies in my other games so its all good



Arcamenel said:

Chain fishing for shinies is already ridiculously easy, don't really see the point in making a separate device for it other than pure laziness.

They've also made finding shinies ridiculously easy this generation. Since the game was released here I've gotten 14.



LtAldoRaine said:

I still haven't tried that chain thing,but last Sunday,I was on the Friend Safari and I found a Shiny Electrode. I almost had a heart attack thinking it would kill itself,but I managed to catch it.

Some time later,same day,I was speed EVing my Greninja,and on a Zubat horde,there was a shiny one. I mean,seriously? Two shines on the same day,without using those chain thingies. It's probably compesating for those two Shiny Abras that I found on Emerald and Soulsilver. Both fled.



9999CoinPorygon said:

I don't want to throw around numbers but there are like 300% more shinies in this game. The Friend Safari has hidden ability pokemon and way more shinies with everyone @ level 30 and only up to three pokemon of the same type, this is like a dream to grind for shinies. Chain fishing is pretty easy too. Just take your time and have a steady hand and you can be catching these special little guys left and right.



Plucky said:

It's potentially possible to make something similar to this without having to rip open the 3DS, though it might be slightly less accurate in comparison and more physical.

I was thinking of a series of motors with small prods that presses the screen and the Y button. Have a small indented surface so the 3ds doesn't wind up being pushed away by the prods or whatever, affix the motors above the touch screen and Y. perhaps record sound effects from an existing shiny battle and try to approximate how it would sound by seeing which sound channels get used. Use that as the trigger for it to automatically stops.

Take the tone of transitions to act as a fail safe, maybe some sort of webcam or light sensor of some kind?

I really wonder how this could be applied to Hordes, though the load times might potentially be different due to the various swarm orders that could be encountered, which might lead to several false-positives by the light sensor. also unsure if the Shiny noise gets played whilst the cries of the swarm are playing, or if it's before or after that..



tommykittycat said:

I've found three shinies total. One was a rhyhorn in soul silver in the victory road and the other two were in X. For the first, I fish chained a shiny relicanth after about 140 chains and for the second, I found shiny pinsir in a friend safari.



MarvelMon22 said:

I'd rather hunt for them on my own. he/she may be missing out on a rare Pokémon just to catch a shiny of a less-rare Pokémon like basculin or some other crappy Pokémon.



MarvelMon22 said:

sort of on topic, my first shiny was a female Venipede right on route 16 in Unova. it took a looooooong time, but eventually I caught it with a timer ball.



luckybreak said:

I got a shiny during a horde battle. It was a gulpin! Better than nothing. I wonder if horde battles increase your chances?

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