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Tue 28th Aug 2012

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MarvelMon22 commented on Fresh Pokémon X And Y Details Emerge: New Pok...:

what if with streetpass and stuff you gain the ability to trade with people (while setting boundaries) ? for example, say I want a female fletchling. we can set some conditions, and when we streetpass someone with that pokemon available for trade, we'll get it!



MarvelMon22 commented on These Disney Infinity Accessories Will Drain Y...:

meh... never been very interested in this anyway. not much of a disney video game fan. now, if nintendo made a super smash bros-style game with this sort of schematic, it would sell like hotcakes! and hopefully not cost as much...



MarvelMon22 commented on Review: Pokémon Black and White 2 (DS):

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS!!!!!!!! finally! i have been waiting for so long... i've trained my pokemon, filled the pokedex to the brim, gotten a pre-order, and now i am 2 days away! WOOOWOWOHOOOO!
ahem... sorry. but you can tell i can't wait, right? XD