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Nintendo Download: 31st October (North America)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Wii Fit U, LEGO heroes, Super retro vampire slaying and much more

It's time for the Nintendo Download update, North America, in which we learn what delights will be infesting the Wii U and 3DS eShop platforms this Halloween and beyond. We have a stone-cold classic Super NES title on the Wii U, while one of the most lucrative Wii franchises makes its return in trial form. There are plenty more retail goodies, discounts and new download-only games to consider, too, so let's get right to it.

Wii U Virtual Console

Super Castlevania IV (Konami, $7.99) — Now this is a perfect Halloween game, and some would argue — against some fierce opposition — that it's the peak of the Castlevania franchise. This Super NES title is held in particularly high esteem for good reason, and is sure to tempt some downloads on the spookiest night of the year. You can see what we thought in our Wii Virtual Console Super Castlevania IV review, while our updated review will follow as the Halloween night creeps in...

Wii U Retail Downloads

Wii Fit U (Nintendo, free trial) — Arriving on 1st November, you can download a free 31-day trial of the full Wii Fit U software, giving you early access if you also have Wii Balance Board. This could be a far cheaper option than buying the sets coming to retail, as you just need to buy and sync a Fit Metre (available at retail in various colours from the same date as this download) to extend the trial indefinitely. We'll do some stretches and warm up for a review.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Warner Bros. Interactive, $TBC)

Ben 10 Omniverse 2 (D3 Publisher, $TBC) — Available on 5th November.

Wii U eShop Temporary Discount

BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (Gaijin Games, $9.99 from 1st to 7th November, normally $14.99.

3DS eShop

Angry Bunnies (Cypronia, $8.99) — This is a "challenging physics-based demolition" title, with clear inspiration from the Angry Birds franchise. It promises 150 levels and a variety of different powers, so we'll chew on a carrot and see what's up (Doc?) in our upcoming review.

Arcade Classics 3D (Enjoy Gaming Ltd, $2.99) — We're going to sound the game collection klaxon here, as sometimes titles that make promises such as "6 of the most playable games of all time, puzzles, action, shooters all in one purchase!" can make us wary. Nevertheless we'll head into this with some optimism and bring you a review.

3DS Virtual Console

Milon's Secret Castle (Nintendo, $4.99) — More NES nostalgia arrives on the 3DS, this time in the form of a Hudson Soft title that's being brought to the service by Nintendo. An action adventure, this is perhaps well known for being a fairly cryptic title that, nevertheless, has its share of fans. In our view this isn't an 8-bit experience that's aged well, as we explain in our Milon's Secret Castle review.

3DS Retail Download

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril (WB Games, $39.99) — Also available as a free demo.

Beyblade: Evolution (Rising Star Games, $29.95)

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (NAMCO BANDAI Games, $39.99) — Available from 5th November.

Saban's Power Rangers Megaforce (NAMCO BANDAI Games, $34.95) — Available from 5th November.

Ben 10 Omniverse 2 (D3 Publisher, $TBC) — Available on 5th November.

3DS eShop Demo

AiRace Speed (QubicGames, free) — A chance to try this one for free, a game for which we gave a solid recommendation.

3DS Retail Download Temporary Discount

Shin Megami Tensei IV (Atlus, $39.99 from 4th to 11th November, normally $49.99)

A terrifying range of downloads to consider this Halloween. Let us know what you plan to download in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (327 votes)

Super Castlevania IV (Wii U Virtual Console)


Wii Fit U (Wii U eShop free retail trial)


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Wii U retail download)


Ben 10 Omniverse 2 (Wii U retail download)


BIT.TRIP Presents: Runner 2 Future Legend of Rhythm Alien (Wii U eShop temporary discount)


Angry Bunnies (3DS eShop)


Arcade Classics 3D (3DS eShop)


Milon's Secret Castle (3DS Virtual Console)


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril (3DS retail download)


Beyblade: Evolution (3DS retail download)


Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (3DS retail download)


Saban's Power Rangers Megaforce (3DS retail download)


Ben 10 Omniverse 2 (3DS retail download)


Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS retail discount)


Just the AiRace Speed demo for me


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (93)



Giygas_95 said:

Nothing for me yet again...STILL waiting for SMB3.

Ah, I didn't see that demo. Well I guess that'll be it for me this week.



Tasuki said:

Really? Angry Bunnies? Who would waste the money on that when you can download Angry Birds for free on your phone or PC?

Best game out of that lot is Casltevania IV. I would pick that up but I just got the cartridge of it a few weeks ago for my SNES.



uhhhhhhhh said:

ive been waiting to play castlevania on the gmepad!!!

looking forward to wii fit u as well but i need to get a balance board first



erv said:

Haven't seen the zombiu discount in europe yet, this is supposed to be happening today right?



Mr_Nose said:

Finally, Lego Marvel gets a download. People on Miiverse have been asking for one since the U.S. release.

If you're a Marvel fan, or a Lego fan, do not miss this game. I've become hopelessly addicted to it. As a lover of all things Marvel, this is easily the best Marvel video game I've ever played. I completed the story, and I'm still unlocking characters and vehicles, and enjoying activities in the massive game world.

I can safely say, that this is currently my favorite game of the year.



Zodiak13 said:

@SirGreatNose Good to hear. My son really wants this game, and I am trying to get past my "I won't buy anything Disney has its fingers in" stance. On another note, I am a huge DC fan, I only like Ghost Rider, Moon Knight and Captain America from Marvel. Everyone in the USA have a fun and safe Halloween.



jjmesa16 said:

@MrWalkieTalkie Its great that it comes out before Halloween night so that parents can work off all of the candy that they stole from their kids the next day. I believe the Wii Fit U trial lasts a month so it should be good for the Thanksgiving food too.



Gerbwmu said:

@SirGreatNose - have you played Lego City Undercover and how does it compare? Me and my 4 year old are having a blast with Lego City so I'm thinking maybe this would be a good present



Freelance said:

Nothing for me.

Oh, and sorry. Just because something can be had for free doesn't mean the one you have to pay for is awful. It might be even better than the free thing.



Mr_Nose said:

It's like Lego City with more of everything. Quite a few people on Miiverse are calling it the best Lego game yet.



Sir_JBizzle said:

Too bad I couldn't pick two, as it's Super Castlevania IV and Wii Fit U for me. I just noticed Trine 2 is also on discount (9.99), but it may have already been and I just overlooked it.



tebunker said:

@Gerbwmu yeah I am going to say it is a step above Undercover which was the best lego game until now. The offscreen co-op alone is worth it.

I am hoping with marvel hitting the eshop finally we can start getting dlc access, which we all know are really just on disc unlocks of characters but I do not care, I want Dark Phoenix



Worthy said:

Wii Fit U because I can get the Fit Meter for free on Amazon using my Gift Cards that i've been given... SO I GET THE FULL GAME FOR FREE!!

BTW do I have to sinc the meter with the game during the trial or can I do it after the trial? (ie: if Amazon are late delivering my fit meter and my trial period is up, can I still unlock the full game once the meter arrives?)



Quickman said:

Super Castlevania IV.. a time when Konami and Capcom used to make awesome games!



gaby_gabito said:

Wii Fit U & Super Castlevania! and possibly LEGO Marvel Superheroes if they do finally release it on the Wii U eShop!



Capt_N said:

@Philip_J_Reed: Guess that's the halloween trick on the NLife staff. I guess the treat will have to be Super Castlevania.

@everyone (else): I'll get the demos this week. I've got (probably more than) enough memory on my 3DS sd card. I may peruse the e-Shop, & d/l something, if I see anything I want that I can afford. I don't own a WU yet, but if I ever do, I definitely get physical copies of all my games, that can be purchased at retail.

Anyway, I digress. So, everyone God bless, enjoy your gaming, & stay safe this halloween.



james_squared said:

Getting the Marvel game! My daughter has been asking for it as she loves LEGO and superheroes--she's going to be the Flash tonight so she go super fast and get as much candy as possible. She's a big fan of the LEGO City game as she likes making traffic jams with busses and what not.



Ryno said:

Super Casltevania IV!!!

Keep the VC games games coming Konami!



KnightRider666 said:

Alright, another NES game for the 3DS VC! NA just needs 2 more 3DS NES VC games(River City Ransom & City Connection) to catch up to EU. I'm grabbing Milon's Secret Castle and both demos for the 3DS.

@Everybody: Don't forget to order your 3DS XL charging cradle from Club Nintendo today! They're available right now, get one before they are gone!



Undead_terror said:

Angry bunnies is so expensive! the only thing that looks good is 3d arcade games, but I won't waste my money on it.



Discostew said:

Today would have been a good day for Capcom to put a sale on Ghost 'n Goblins and Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts. Just saying'



Nintendude789 said:

Nothing new for me this week. If I have the Wii U, I'll get Runner 2, but I don't.

Still waiting for Super Mario Bros. 3.



KingMike said:

Power Rangers Megaforce?
I doubt it can be as good as the Megaforce that is in Space.



KingMike said:

I didn't notice, so Milon is indeed the NES version and not the Game Boy?
Good choice, given a choice I guess we don't need the smaller resolution version to give us an extra challenge?



Darknyht said:

Already have the Fit Meter ordered from Amazon. Really glad to not have to keep the disc handy for this one.



FluttershyGuy said:

Super Castlevania IV IS the peak of the franchise!!! No opposition here. You need to go no further than the intro of Dracula returning from the grave, to the tune of creepy music, to know you're in for a treat!

I hope the Halloween attention on it reminds long-time gamers, and shows first-time players how great Castlevania can be, and could be again in the right hands!



Kiyata_Hamasaki said:

I bought Milon's Secret Castle for $37 at Children's Palace on clearance (!!!) back in 1989. I still have it, and my NES is still hooked up to play. That game is awesome. Cute, charming, and even quite frustrating to play, though I still love it. I must have spent some 200+ hours playing that over the last couple decades. Definitely want it on my 3DS



Windy said:

@KnightRider666 They are gone I overslept this morning and at 11am they were sold out I'm sad. Today will be bad for windy no charging cradle and I get to go to my doctor for blood work



jgibson75 said:

I'll be paying my $1 to upgrade my Wii version of Super Castlevania IV to the Wii U version for sure. One of my favorite games of all time. I'm also curious about Milon's Secret Castle. I remember having it and liking it on NES when I was young. But I do also remember having some issues with it. But it has been so long I don't remember much more than that. So I'm interested in how it holds up. Enough to buy it? Probably not. If I don't remember it fondly as a classic, I don't see myself getting it.
I'll try out the demos though. And I'm tempted to get Runner 2 for that price. I love the demo and the first Runner game.



Gold said:

@gojiguy 41.99$ on eShop. Cheap at retail sotres and Amazon

I need a Balance Board and Fit Meter...
Anyone know where to get a cheap Balance Board??



cheleuitte said:

I'll get my Wii Fit U game trial but I will need to order the fit meter and sinc before the 31 day of use, I'm happy with it and waiting for Wii Sport Club!!



KnightRider666 said:

@Windy: They still had them at 1pm Eastern standard time, that's when I ordered both of mine? Are you Mountain or Pacific standard time? They sold out within an hour and a half. I can almost guarantee they will have a 2nd run for people who didn't have the chance to get it. If they don't, I'm sure a lot of people will complain. I'm lucky I woke up at little after 1pm considering I work over nites until 8am. Good luck with your blood work, and keep checking back daily on Club Nintendo to see if and when they become available again.



JaxonH said:

So you're a fan of Lego Marvel Super Heroes... let me ask you something: The game looks good to me, but what turned me off is the "press A" to execute every action imaginable. I watched a substantial bit of gameplay footage and trailers, but I noticed the gameplay did not look challenging whatsoever, and again, almost everything you do in the game is accomplished through one button, or repeatedly mashing that button. Can you confirm or deny my presumptions for me?



JaxonH said:

I think both Konami and Capcom still have alot going for them tbh. I mean, Konami still does Metal Gear Solid (MGS4 was great, and MGS5 is looking even better) and Castlevania (Mirror of Fate was great imo, and from what I hear, the LoS series on PS are decent games).

And Capcom still has the one of the greatest franchises ever, Monster Hunter (MH3U is by far my favorite game of all time, and MH4 looks almost as good, maybe even just as good). They also have Resident Evil which, say what you will, but Revelations was fantastic on 3DS, and I'm anxious to see what they're going to do next.



Arianabtd said:

I was getting tired of my old wii fit, so i'm excited to get my hands on the new one.



CaPPa said:

I'll be picking up Wii Fit U and Super Castlevania IV. I'm tempted by Lego Marvel but I think I'll buy it at retail.

Zombi U is $17 at Target, so if they are selling it new for that price then other stores probably do as well.



Mr_Nose said:

I wouldn't call it challenging either, not that it detracts from the fun at all.

There are quite a few puzzles, some are head scratchers, most are not.

There is way more combat in this game than previous Lego games. Each character has two attacks, and two more if you hold those buttons down, and can jump, fly or shrink. The levels are really fun and represent the marvel universe like no other game before it. Including places not seen in games until now.

Exploring the open world collecting vehicles, characters, quests and activities give an obscene amount of value to the game. Just when you think you've seen everything, something might happen, like a Sentinel drops out of the sky to attack you.

No, your gaming skills won't be pushed to the limit, but if you're a fan of Marvel or Lego, your ship ( or Fantasticar ) has just come in.

The characters alone are worth the price of admission. Heck I was running around with Antman and Wasp... just because. Black Bolt is here for cripes sake! Archangel... the list is huge. Not even mentioning custom heroes.

Challenging, no. Fun, you betcha!



10000mario said:

After Reading the comments I decided to download lego marvel superheroes, slooooooooow progress bar.



SMW said:

Wii Fit U! I'll be searching every store I can for that Fit Meter come tomorrow. I don't care about any trial, I need Wii Fit U!



Cyberbotv2 said:

Wait, so if I don't have a wii fit board, I shouldn't download the game, right? There is no way I can find a board. I just feel like Nintendo is really doing nothing to get the word out or explain anything, and I'm finally starting to get sick of it.



WinterWarm said:

Fantastic month for NA!

I'll be getting both demos for 3DS. And hopefully Origins Blackgate soon.


That pun for Angry Bunnies was pure brilliance!



XCWarrior said:

Wii Fit U and AiRace Demo for me. Better than nothing, though Nintendo isnt making any money off me this week.



ninjapenguin1 said:

Guys, get Lego Marvel. I don't like any of the other Lego games, but my gosh this one is amazing!



gamerchick_22 said:

D*mn eShop, way to let me down on my birthday. Oh well, at least Pokemon X is still keeping me busy ^_^



Quickman said:

@JaxonH I didn't say that they weren't still relevant, they just don't make as many awesome games anymore, compare now to back in the day and there's no comparison really.

The fact that Capcom are in big trouble, kinda tells you all you need to know.



JaxonH said:

@Cohort Gotchya.

I have mixed feelings about Capcom. They were like Nintendo to me growing up, but they continually refuse to bring the good stuff to the region or console they should. And still waiting for a new side scrolling Mega Man... But MH3U redeems them for me. It's bittersweet :/



Quickman said:

@JaxonH Capcom and Konami were two of my favourite companies like EVER. just feels like something's been lost along the way, MH is awesome but you could name multiple awesome Capcom games back then, same with Konami really..

It makes you realise how well Nintendo have done over the years to protect their franchises..



tripunktoj said:

"available at retail in various colours from the same date as this download" I don't think we are getting various colors (at least in America) the only ones Ive seen are all black (standalone), and a white one advertised in the retail game box images.



Mr-X9000 said:

really!? are you kidding me!? milons secret castle for 3DS virtual console!? this would have been the perfect opprotunity to add another castlevania game to the 3DS virtual console, instead we get the worst hudson soft game ever made!. who is the idiot that chose the games for 3ds virtual console anyway?!

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