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Female, 26, Japan

Mon 2nd Jul 2012

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gamerchick_22 commented on Carps & Dragons:

Worst mistake I ever made as far as 3DS game purchases. Highly wishing that I could get a refund, even at it's lowered price.



gamerchick_22 commented on Review: NightSky (3DS eShop):

Bought it the day it was released \(^ ^)/...have Pokemon Black 2, haven't touched it since...have Rhythm Thief...also haven't touched it since. This game's got me hooked and mesmerized to the point that i'm now on my third run lol a bit overkill but i'm really into this type of game!!!



gamerchick_22 commented on Talking Point: What Do You Think of 3DS XL?:

still on the fence, i'm on the small side as far as my hands, so I guess it just depends on whether I can handle the slight additional weight and placement changes of the stylus and such. so far my aqua blue 3DS is still in loving condition. and with the news that they're fading out this particular color and therefore raising it's value, i'm gonna hold onto mine for as long as I can ^_^



gamerchick_22 commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

I'll stick to my regular 3DS if you don't mind. the XL's colors and overall look is kinda ugly, it doesn't do anything that the regular 3DS doesn't, and I have no problem with how small the regular 3DS is. Now, unless they come up with some truly new stuff to put on the XL, i'll just stick to my baby lol although, i WILL be getting some of the new games that are coming out ^_^