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1 (Single Player)
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  • EU 25th Oct 2013
  • US 31st Oct 2013


  • Review Beyblade: Evolution (3DS)

    Worth taking for a spin?

    Despite the original anime TV series coming to an end almost a decade ago, it seems that Beyblade is still very much a thing. It’s curious to think that the concept of pitting spinning top toys against one another would prove so exciting for so many in this technologically enhanced day and age, but then the world...

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Beyblade: Evolution Screenshot
Beyblade: Evolution Screenshot
Beyblade: Evolution Screenshot
Beyblade: Evolution Screenshot

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  • News Hands-On: Why Beyblade Evolution Could Be The Best RPG You've Overlooked This Year

    You spin me round

    With the growing interest in games like Skylanders SWAP Force and Disney Infinity, core gamers have learned to look a little harder at cartoony offerings before writing them off. There are plenty of clangers to avoid, but discerning the chaff from the wheat is becoming somewhat harder. Beyblade Evolution on 3DS is coming this year...

  • Preview Beyblade Evolution

    Spinning onto 3DS

    The Beyblade toy craze, where you can battle customisable spinning tops in an arena, has varied in popularity over the years and in different countries. Along with the TV show and toys there has been a range of video-games dating back to the GBA. With a new TV series and range of Beyblade “Shogun Steel” toys hitting the...

About The Game

For the first time on the 3DS, BEYBLADE: Evolution is set to rip up a storm this year with some of the hottest BEYBLADE action ever seen on a video games console.

BEYBLADE: Evolution is an innovative new gaming experience built from the ground up and is sure to deliver excitement at every level for eager fans. Featuring enhanced gameplay mechanics, the game will use a host of the system’s distinctive features including the Street Pass and AR cards for multiplayer battles.

Begin your adventure in the BEYBLADE world and start collecting strong and powerful components by winning tournaments and earning money through mini-games.

The parts you obtain are stored in your very own Beypedia where you can analyse, customize and forge your ultimate BEYBLADE battling tops!

Lock horns in epic battles with characters from the BEYBLADE universe. When you are ready, take the battle to your friends and duke it out via local wireless play!