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Zombie Title How to Survive Confirmed for the Wii U eShop, Without Online Multiplayer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Of course...

Earlier this month we reported on ratings suggesting that zombie title How to Survive — from 505 games — looked set for the Wii U eShop. That was good news for keen zombie-slayers, which is now excellent news with confirmation that the rating was correct; it'll hit the eShop as well as PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Of course, with this being a Wii U multi-platform release a reasonable first reaction is to squint the eyes and ask "what's the catch?" The catch this time around is a familiar one, unfortunately, as the Wii U version will reportedly be lacking online co-op play, making it the only version of the game without the feature; local multiplayer is likely to be included, just like in other versions.

How to Survive is targeting a Fall / Autumn release window, and joins the list of under-featured Wii U iterations, with vary from missing online co-op, offline co-op or indeed any form of online play at all. It's not all apocalyptic, of course, as some games do come to the Wii U with all features intact.

If you want to see what this game is all about, meanwhile, below is some shaky-cam footage from E3 2013; who's up for more zombie killing?

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DePapier said:

... I don't know. It's gonna take some time for developers to make full-fledged games on my platform but thankfully that's not what Nintendo is doing...



Yosher said:

Mmmyeahno. I refuse to buy any game that's stripped down compared to other system's versions if there's no viable reason for it. Would've considered buying this otherwise.



SkywardCrowbar said:

Crap news. I might still get it, though. Looks interesting enough.

Also, "it'll hit the eshop as well as PS3, Xbox 360 and PS3." PS3 is listed twice.



snoox said:

No online multiplayer, no buy. Mostly because I don't wanna support a game & its devs that shortchange the Wii U. That sux.



Whopper744 said:

Me along with everyone else is getting sick of all these stripped down versions for Nintendo system. They almost might as well say forget the Wii U one, or make it cheaper. The online (even though I wouldn't be one of the ones using it) i figure is one of the reasons this game exist in teh first place. So where the heck is the excuse for always leaving Nintendo out. I haven't seen a thing about that. What's considered a past gen system (like 360 or PS3) shouldn't have more funtions than what's called next gen (the Wii U). And this is coming from a lifetime Nintendo fan.



mike_intv said:

Does 505 not know how to make on-line multi-player for the WiiU.
It stripped it out of Sniper Elite v2, but still wanted $60.



AMR said:

Ok here's an honest question, what exactly is "wrong" with the WiiU's online infrastructure thats stopping dev's from putting online in their WiiU games? Is there something I'm missing because I seriously don't get what the problem is. Someone enlighten me please.



DerpSandwich said:

Okay... There's obviously something we don't know going on, right? There has to be some reason they're not wanting to do it, because it's growing very apparent that it's not just "because they don't feel like it." SOMETHING is making it not worth it for devs to implement online multiplayer, and I want to know what it is.



Warruz said:

This is getting annoying,is there something going on we are not aware of? At first i simply assumed it was a way to cut costs while also providing the game on Wii U but there seems to be something at this point preventing online.



gatorboi352 said:

It really does show how '2nd tier' Nintendo platforms are in a lot of multiplat devs minds. Why is this excusable? Why not leave out online co-op in the PS3 version?



IxnayontheCK said:

Is there something difficult about the WiiU's online abilities that we just haven't heard about? This is getting old =/



Whopper744 said:

Come to think of it I'm surprised Disney Infinity has online mulitplayer even on Wii U.

Actaully my Wii U is the only electronic device in my house I have issues out of connecting to the internet. It connects maybe 20% of the time and then will lose it.



King47 said:

Could it possibly be Nintendo's fault? I know the low install base and possible loss names these developers not want to spend more money and time. But did Nintendo do nothing?
I think it's Nintendo's fault for the poor system launch and the direction they're talking their gaming. But I do hope they stop making stripped down version of game for the wii u.



gatorboi352 said:

@King47 I really don't see how it's Nintendo's fault for the direction they are taking their gaming. You are saying they are at fault for not cloning the PlaySation/Xbox approach?



ScorpionMG said:

This is bullpoopiedingdongdoodledoo, i was actually really looking forward for this game to play with friends online, Now Forget it, I'm going to support Other Indie Games Like Pure Chess, Scram Kitty And other great ones, I got sick of these developers, ITS Just Like Sniper Elite 2 And Batman Origins. And then they will complain for poor sales and their next project wont come to the console, Like I Said, I Had Enough. 0 Support From Me.
Please watch the profanity — TBD



Cuddles said:

I can't imagine there is something wrong with the U's online infrastructure. We got Black Ops 2 online multiplayer and it runs great. Better than PS3.



ScorpionMG said:

@King47 It Is Nintendo's Fault For The bad Start. But That's What happened with the 3DS As Well. You Know its not the specs that sell the hardware, but it's the software. And Wii U Sales Will rise until games like DK Mario 3d world And MK8 Come Out.



Ryno said:

My guess would be that companies don't believe Nintendo gamers play online multiplayer so it's not worth additional development costs.



odd69 said:

still looks fun regardless if it's stripped down, i would buy it for the wii u



unrandomsam said:

Is it a 30fps game ? (They could at least support using 2 gamepad's). Perhaps with effort (Which I know nobody bothers with) 60fps on both.



TwilightV said:

Too bad. It looks good, and I don't usually say that about survival horror games.



Dreamcaster-X said:

It's an endless cycle. The 3rd parties release half assed ports on the Wii U with missing content & features, then claim they aren't selling software because nobody buys it. Well DUH, your customer base aren't idiots.



ToastyYogurt said:

Why bring the game to Wii U at all if you're going to make it the watered down version? If you're trying to test the waters and see how many sales the Wii U version will get before pumping out more games for the thing, don't do a hasty job and expect it to even have a chance to sell as well as the other versions among multiplatform gamers. I don't want this game, but if I did, I would grab the PC version, simply because I don't support stripped games.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no good way to tell devs that we want fully featured Wii U games with sales. Unlike Rayman Legends, where we can show Ubisoft they didn't have to make it a multiplatform game by buying it on Wii U and making sure that outsells other versions, if we boycott the Wii U version of this game, the dev won't want to work on Wii U because of low sales promise, but if we buy it, the devs will think it's okay to scrap features for the Wii U version in the name of shorter development times.

I wish the Wii U would get full support now, because when the XBone and PS4 roll out and devs spend more time taking advantage of the more powerful hardware, I'm afraid that multiplatform games will be of Wii quality, either being no-shows or hastily put together and nowhere near as grand as the versions on other platforms. It would be good to have a lot of multiplatform games on Wii U now, when all three major consoles currently on the market have nearly even footing, and the Wii U can play a game almost and well as the 360 and PS3 and have that advantage of the 6" screen on the controller.



Phantom_R said:

Devs take online play out of Wii U titles because they don't want to pay server space for a game that won't make money because nobody will buy it because it doesn't have online play.

Does that answer your questions?



Shambo said:

If the price is lower and the single player good,... Then MAYBE. But don't blame Nintendo or its fans when it flops on Wii U.

What's with these lazy developers these days? Even their excuses are mostly lazy.



unrandomsam said:

@Dreamcaster-X Some must be or they wouldn't buy Sports games with no changes other than updated rosters.

(Everything is based around either doing as little as possible or spend loads (Waste loads ?) and then complain that everybody who owned the system didn't give you £50 so you could break even).

I would rather not have any multiplatform stuff because it reduces visability for the exclusive content.

(I try to support Shi'en even if I am indifferent to the game. They are the type of indie that I want on Nintendo not ones making 30fps locked ports of PC games).



PinkSpider said:

Onslaught on the original Wii had online multiplayer and that was exactly a money making game. The game was almost unheard of
I did enjoy that game though and would like to see a new one



AVahne said:

So, will it be $10 off? If they try selling it at the same price as the other versions and only make 100 sales or so, they're not allowed to complain.



AVahne said:

Oh man I remember that one. I never got to get it and play it, but I followed it until it released, then started watching youtube videos of people playing it.



VeeFlamesNL said:

What?! Not again! It's as if developers are begging us not to buy the console and then be all like 'Sorry, we can't release anymore games on the Wii U, because we put another game on it before and it didn't meet sales expectations....' Ugh.



unrandomsam said:

Console games used to be hyper optimised. (Whereas PC games had to be less so but you could just throw hardware at the problem so it wasn't as much of an issue). Now console games are just as inefficient as PC games but they cost tons more and don't work as well.



VeeFlamesNL said:

What?! Not again! It's as if developers are begging us not to buy the console and then be all like 'Sorry, we can't release anymore games on the Wii U, because we put another game on it before and it didn't meet sales expectations....' Ugh.



PinkSpider said:

What annoys me most is this is made by 505 games which means no one is gonna by it anyway, just coz the xbox 360 has a big install base doesn't mean its gonna sell it may have exactly the same amount of sales across all 3 consoles



b23cdq said:

505 games... I can't take them seriously. Not only do they do [excrement] like this, but when I try to check their website, I can't, because they built it entirely in Flash. I can't be mad at such innocence.



Sceptic said:

It costs money to develop stuff guys. By not buying otherwise good games because they are stripped down you are proving them right.



Azikira said:

I will only buy this if it's 50% cheaper then the full-fledged versions. I mean, they removed 50% of the game, so they better accommodate for content/price.



GuSolarFlare said:

it's not that bad having incomplete content... at least it's a step forward from the wii's 75% of the 3rd party support being random shovelware junk(I mean, to find some good third party games it was nescessary to dig really deep in the wii library, with a few exceptions).... if things keep progressing like this nintendo will have full support by the next gen(or the one after that)



sinalefa said:

Not getting this one anyway, but still sucks that Wii U gets a gimped version. Pretty sure they intend to charge the same for this one as on any other console.



RR529 said:

The reason for the lack of online is simple. It's all about profit. Always has been, and always will.

They probably figure that the costs associated with bringing the full game to Wii U, will be larger than the amount of money they'd make selling it. Cutting features lowers the cost to produce it, and gives them a higher chance to profit.

Sure, they know that there are some gamers who won't buy a less featured version, but they've crunched the numbers, and figured that this is still the better chance of making profit.



Shambo said:

@sinalefa Or more. It's 505 games, who shamelessly announced sniper elite 2 on wii U as the definitive version, while the GOTY edition was available cheaper elsewhere, and GOTY + pc exclusive nazi zombie army was still cheaper... Less game costs more money according to them. Sad, 'cause I really liked what they did before all this...

@Sceptic And by buying them you prove them right when they arrogantly say 'those people want a game, let's give them half that and ask full price for it. We'll have our profits and don't have to do any real work for it.'
I don't even know what 'the right thing to do' is here, but I sure know I'm not supporting half support at full price.



Gameday said:

Once again a slap in the face... You cant do this to a new gen of console and hope to survive there's no excuse to cut online play what so ever , if these older consoles have it and wii u doesnt what does that say ?



Unit_DTH said:

I really feel like the Wii U lends itself to offline co-op play more than online play.
I might try this one out even with it being gimped. Maybe they will add that functionality later.



element187 said:

@MrWalkieTalkie pretty much.

Its lousy how they treat Nintendo gamers.... we are like second class citizens or something... What it is they think only children own Nintendo consoles, so these kids wont know the difference that there is online mulitplayer on other consoles/PC.

Well, when the game sells like poop, and the miiverse is flooded with angry gamers complaining about getting jipped with no online play, maybe they will figure it out.



element187 said:

@DerpSandwich Its because the install base is too small. Why bother spending any time on it if the pay off is going to be low for implementing it.

We know there is nothing wrong with the infrastructure because COD works just as good as other platforms... NFSMW works just fine for me, Monster Hunter 3 U works flawlessly.

It has to be financial.



element187 said:

@Sceptic Ok, well you go play charity and purchase this broken/incomplete game. I'll be a consumer and only purchase a title if its a good value.... and leaving the best parts of this game out, is a bad value proposition for the consumer.



DefHalan said:


The thing about being a consumer is you have to look towards the future. You are not supporting the title you are purchasing when you buy a game, you are supporting their next game. So it is up to who ever if they want a game no matter the cut content. Also you have no idea if online multiplayer will be the "best parts of this game"



Znerd said:

worse part is its the same price. but some news am surprised you have not reported on is batman origins is 10$ cheaper on amazon



Znerd said:

But yeah i really believe their being just plain lazy if they want to take a little extra time for online play



LavaTwilight said:


My sentiments exactly. If they're going to do something then they should do it properly. If Nintendo are at fault then the TP devs should make it known to be the case so that we can moan on Miiverse and then Nintendo might listen.



DerpSandwich said:

@element187 But I can't imagine it being that much of an investment just to get your game to go online. The financial argument doesn't hold up when you consider the fact that if you release a game on several platforms and only one of the versions doesn't come with all the features, very very few people are going to buy that version. If you're going to gimp the sales of one of the versions, why did you spend the initial money to port it to that system in the first place? Surely implementing online is nothing compared to the entire porting process. You want your product to be as valuable as possible.



brucelebnd said:

no online is fine with me, however I don't think I should have to pay full price. they want to do a half a$sed port then they should price it accordingly.

I think NIntendo has a lot to do with it by way of Quality Control. Capcom's D&D game is being held up because the online functions don't meet to Nintendo's high standards. I guess a lot of these 3rd parties don't really care about the quality of the games they put on and figure they can just patch it after the sale instead of putting out a quality product.

IDK it does make it hard for me to want to buy a game from a publisher who doesn't give 2 ***** about you.



MAB said:

By the look of this game I predict a 4 out of 10 will be a generous score across the board



3Daniel said:

@Joshers744 i kno! My wii and 3ds maintain steady online connection but my wii u can't. I really need to contact nintendo again.



ECMIM said:

BLAME NINTENDO--this is a tools issue, and until Nintendo's tool chain improves, you're going to keep missing out on online except for those devs that are willing to jump through serious hoops to get it working.

Full stop.



brandonbwii said:

I don't get why all this "no multiplayer" stuff is set in stone. If game sales on the Wii U do in fact meet or exceed expectations, couldn't they just patch it. They should atleast have a prealpha version of it on the back burner.



brandonbwii said:

I do blame Nintendo. However I do feel the price should be lowered in these cases and that's a publisher and manufacturer issue, not a Nintendo one.



DarkNinja9 said:

i think its about time some of us gamers email nintendo about this its getting crazy or as a community start a petition or something idk



AMR said:

@brandonbwii It's weird though because MH3U, NFS:MWU, COD:BOU, Sonic Racing, Tekken & Injustice (to a point) all have decent online. From what I've heard Nintendo's online is a little different BUT that shouldn't stop a dev who takes pride in their product from supporting it (see Candle & DirectX11 as an example of dev's tweaking things for WiiU) as I'm sure if they reached out to Nintendo they would help them every step of the way. To me it just seems like a lazy cop out.



EaZy_T said:

I don't mind 505 not putting online in Sniper Elite v2 for Wii U (MP where everyone is a sniper, no thanks) but this game looks like it was made to be played online.



Legromancer said:

why no online play? Because there is no unified Online Service privided by Nintendo like XBOX Live or soon on the PS4. On XBOX Live you have to pay for using the servers and play online. You are using Microsofts servers and pay for it. No cost for the developers. They don't have to provide their own servers.
On Wii U Nintendo does't provide own servers FOR THIRD PARTIES. Nintendo let them handle the online infrastucture like they want. If they want to charge you for it, they can. But they know that nobody would pay for this. Because like we even see here nobody knows from this problem. The third parties must fully pay for the online service. So we keep seeing this Onlie parts beeing cut for Wii U version. See Arkham Origins.
It's Nintendos fault, nothing else. No Unified Servers is a mistake. You ask why PS3 Network is free? Well, Sony pays for the servers. Nintendo doesn't do this and it is haunting them now more and more.

Seriously, why is this aspect not covered by NintedoLife? It was something of concern from the beginning of the Wii U. I myself can understand the third parties. They are losing money in this state of the Wii U. Nintendo has to change this.



tebunker said:

"Devs take online play out of Wii U titles because they don't want to pay server space for a game that won't make money because nobody will buy it because it doesn't have online play. Does that answer your questions?"

And See Above.

Also, it is the chicken and the egg scenario. If you want online MP, or you think you should pay less for a title missing a feature. Email the Dev/Publisher, hit up their twitter and hit up their Facebook. Don't just sit here on a web forum and cry that you won't buy a game because it is missing one feature that you probably would never use.

If no one buys the games on the system, missing features or not, no games will come eventually. So if you are really interested in this game for the Wii U, or say Batman, or Splinter Cell, but want to stand on some silly principle that you aren't paying for a game with "missing" features for the Wii, get bent. This is a hobby, something you do for enjoyment. You only deprive yourself of that enjoyment. Buying the game doesn't send the message that you are willing to buy "gimped" games, it sends the message that their is an audience for their content here. Then go back and bombard the devs/Pubs on social media and ask why you didn't get X feature. Show them that you supported them, and ask for it back. Is this too hard to see/ask?



PikminWorld said:

It's annoying. Developers don't think their games will sell well on the Wii U and so they takeaway a feature about it and when the game sells bad they think that people with the Wii U only want Nintendo games or they think "low install base, obviously". Sure it wouldn't sell as much on the Wii U as it would on other consoles but taking features away will just hurt sales even more.



Legromancer said:

yeah, but still releasing the games gets us the game. If they keep Online MP without a way to compensate for the costs of the servers they must run they loose money permanently. As already explained.
I sure would stay far away from such an online structure. Otherwise you just burn money.



XCWarrior said:

If you actually think that game looks interesting after watching that video, and still care if it has online, then I guess you have a reason to complain. Game looks very average, we aren't missing much.



sinalefa said:


We can do that, so we will get an email reply saying like "We appreciate your suggestions and feedback and we will see if we can redirect your opinions to the appropriate department", something that won't happen. Or they will say "remember that the other versions support online"

There are tons of other games out there to catch my interest and spend my money. So it should be the developers the ones to reach out to me and convince me to buy this over GTAV, The Last of Us or whatever game I want.

And if this is Nintendo's fault because of the infrastructure, why aren't devs saying anything? Since other companies have nailed the online, this only makes consumers think they are being the lazy ones by not including it.



Doma said:

@sinalefa "And if this is Nintendo's fault because of the infrastructure, why aren't devs saying anything?"

Maybe they don't want to damage business relations by bad mouthing them.



WinterWarm said:


Oh, this is gonna be good.

Developers often release games on more 'hardcore' platforms like Xbox360 and PS3. The WiiU's unique and graphically inferior to other current consoles, so some developers just port a game for some quick cash, taking advantage of the fact that the WiiU's library is relatively small, so some gamers will snatch up a shooter just because they're in short supply. On the infrastructure front, the WiiU is acceptable. I don't own one, so I can't speak from experience.

All in all, alot of developers don't bother making a WiiU version of their title because the WiiU sales are mediocre at best. And the developers that do sometimes strip down to the game, sort of a 'Okay, let's get it done and see if it'll sell' situation. However, the WiiU's library is steadily growing, so this will most likely change. Anyway, that's my opinion, I don't have a WiiU so I may be wrong on some things, but that's pretty much the developer situation for the WiiU.

And is it just me or does the person in front of the photograph look like Johnny Lee Miller?



StarDust4Ever said:

Seriously people, Zombie games are lame anyway.

But the reality is it is a self-fulfilling prophecy by these publishers that releasing gimped versions of games on Nintendo hardware = poor sales = why bother in the first place? And I honestly believe that the publishers know this. People whine about no support for Nintendo, so the publishers release half-donkey ports, then after abysmal sales, they say, "well, at least we tried!" No, you didn't!

Fact of the matter is many gamers by Nintendo consoles for 1st party titles and one of the other two for 3rd party titles. I may be an exception since bought a lot of multiplatform titles on Wii even though I eventually got a PS3 for LBP and a few others. And I continued to buy 3rd party games for Wii simply because I played Wii a lot more. Doing the whole half-donkey ports will not cut it with Wii-U since the Wii-U is just as powerful and then some compared to PS360.

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