Earlier this month we reported on ratings suggesting that zombie title How to Survive — from 505 games — looked set for the Wii U eShop. That was good news for keen zombie-slayers, which is now excellent news with confirmation that the rating was correct; it'll hit the eShop as well as PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Of course, with this being a Wii U multi-platform release a reasonable first reaction is to squint the eyes and ask "what's the catch?" The catch this time around is a familiar one, unfortunately, as the Wii U version will reportedly be lacking online co-op play, making it the only version of the game without the feature; local multiplayer is likely to be included, just like in other versions.

How to Survive is targeting a Fall / Autumn release window, and joins the list of under-featured Wii U iterations, with vary from missing online co-op, offline co-op or indeed any form of online play at all. It's not all apocalyptic, of course, as some games do come to the Wii U with all features intact.

If you want to see what this game is all about, meanwhile, below is some shaky-cam footage from E3 2013; who's up for more zombie killing?

[via nintendoeverything.com]