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GameStop Accused of Re-Printing Xenoblade Chronicles, Then Selling as "Used" For $90

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A product monopoly gone too far?

Xenoblade Chronicles took its sweet time coming to the Wii in North America, with Nintendo eventually publishing as a limited release on the Nintendo Store and through GameStop. It had been long anticipated and clearly sold well for the available stock, as it reportedly became hard to find and rare after launch.

Naturally, its rarity has allowed private sellers on websites such as eBay to charge premium prices for second-hand copies, but in an interesting development GameStop is being accused of printing new stock and branding it as "used", before promptly slapping a $90 price on copies, as shown on its website at the time of writing. Kotaku has been in contact with a source that states "the retailer printed a few thousand copies of the game with no shrink wrap" to restock this inventory.

It seems that consumers have noticed the sudden emergence of stock in plenty of GameStop stores, in marked contrast to previous long spells of copies being tough to find. Posts around the web — such as on NeoGaf — point to evidence of a reprint (such as different cases being used) and assert that these used copies often feel new, with unused Club Nintendo codes also common.

GameStop is yet to provide comment beyond saying that it is being looked into, and it would be cynical indeed if new copies were being printed and distributed as "used" at high prices.

If the story develops we'll update this article.


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BrightBeing said:

I wouldn't put it past the store that cons you out of used games for pennies on the dollar.



Warruz said:

Gamestop- We just happened to stumble upon this mass of used Xenoblade games just conveniently together and unwraped



SpaceKappa said:

Wait, is the implication that GameStop somehow printed the copies themselves? I don't think that's possible. I think these ARE reprinted, as the photos I've seen show the inside of the case branded with the Nintendo logo instead of the Wii logo, but I doubt GameStop could feasibly reprint these themselves, so Nintendo would have to have been involved.

But yeah, it's pretty terrible that they're marking it up to capitalize on the demand, but unfortunately they're not TECHNICALLY doing anything wrong. Once GameStop purchases those copies from the publisher they're free to do what they want with them, so opening and selling them as used isn't breaking the law. It's not like they're selling clearly used copies as new, which IS illegal.

It's really unfortunate all around. It's a crappy move, but it's hard to complain because they're really not doing anything wrong, they're just being jerks. I've also been to a lot of GameStops that are staffed by really cool people (and I've worked there!) so I hate to see the entire company painted as a bunch of money-grubbing thieves.

But anyway, now I need to run out and pick up The Last Story and Pandora's Tower before THOSE disappear and this happens again.



rjejr said:

I really wanted to play this game but didn't b/c GS had it as an exclusive. Not b/c I hate GS, I'm actually a Pro member, but this is what happens when you have monopolies. So I'm not surprised at all if this is true. I also wouldn't be surprised if it's false and GS was just hoarding all it's returns until it thought it could charge $90 each for them. But they probably did reprint them. Why wouldn't they?

Can anybody recall any other game ever selling above MSRP at Gamestop? Surely some Mario or Zelda game must have been in high demand and they may go for MSRP but I don't recall ever seeing anything like this before.



WiiUExposed said:

Good thing I got it from Nintendo's official store when it was still there. I will never support a used game from Gamestop because of shady practices like this. I don't know what the hell Nintendo was thinking, letting Gamestop of all places to be the exclusive retailer to have it. Now they're getting almost all profit off a new game.



SpaceKappa said:

@rjejr Actually yeah, I've seen lots of rare games go for above MSRP as used copies at GameStop. The Zelda Collector's Edition for GameCube, Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Disgaea for PS2 spring to mind, although I know I've seen more.



King47 said:

Does Nintendo make money off of these copies? If that's the case, and assuming this is true, then Nintendo will not be happy about it.



ThomasBW84 said:

@SpaceKappa That seems to be the implication, so I tried to be careful with wording — "accused" but not definitively proven — and quoted the source article directly.

Of course, GameStop like all companies will have a lot of cool people working for it, that's often the case. Unfortunately corporations themselves are often uncool, and it should always be remembered that people aren't defined by the actions of their employers.



Evruck said:

wish i could have found one of these copies.Really want to play xenoblade.



MrGawain said:

If anyone (let alone Gamestop) was printing games for the Wii that Nintendo didn't OK it and weren't making money off of it, they would be committing Piracy.

I doubt a multinational company like Gamestop would take such a risk of breaking the law for a few thousand dollars.



Darknyht said:

The fact that Gamestop, a game store that specializes (makes the majority of their profit) in used games, was given the contract for sole distribution made this possible. If proven, all it will do is reduce the value of the used game much like Nintendo reprinting the Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary Edition game.



Ecto-1 said:

@rjejr Metroid Prime Trilogy currently sells for $85 used at GS.

What really baffles me is if this is true, why would they sell them used? Why not leave them sealed and sell them as new, as the would be worth more new (Amazon currently has Xenoblade listed for $130). I just don't get it.



Peach64 said:

@Ecto-1 The comments on Kotaku suggested prices of new games were set by the system so would be RRP at most, but they can se their own prices for used copies (as some stores might have excess copies of some games so would have to price it lower to get rid of it).

I hate Game and their high prices in the UK but I have never seen them sell old games for above RRP.



Chunky_Droid said:

I'm trying to wrap my head around this. Does this indicate that Gamestop kept copies of the game away from consumers, then when the game went out of print, brought a bunch out and labelled them "used" at what I'm guessing is $90 USD, which is $40 more than your usual Wii title there, right?

Guh, so much suck.



MAB said:

I would snap it up at that price for sure. When it released in Australia it cost $99... Now you can't even find a preowned copy anywhere here




If Nintendo promptly localized it in the first place this would have never of happened. It still angers. They are sitting on mounds of cash and couldn't throw a bone to there legions of fans.



russellohh said:

@Peach64 Nintendo would wonder where their thousands of dollars in the cut from all those games came from. Selling used, however, means it is none of Nintendo's business, if the games actually were used.



Dogpigfish said:

This is Nintendo's fault, not gamestop. I understand the implications for gamestop, but this is a recurring habit for Nindi. They need to meet demand or be fined by the U.S., because these keep turning into oligopolies.



Discipledoctor said:

I went ino my local GameStop and saw it for myself. I should have bought it and sold it back on eBay.



swordx said:

That's cheaper than what I paid in May. I spent $112.53 on my AMAZING copy of Xenoblade. It's my favorite game!



Samurairu said:

@ThomasBW84 but as I found out under one employer in Canada, you are completely legally responsible for what you do under instruction from your employer, even if you have no idea it isn't correct.



SuperKMx said:

I don't understand. Gamestop isn't a publisher, so how are they getting the actual game discs? Are we saying that Nintendo are providing the discs and Gamestop are reprinting the packaging? Or that Gamestop are duplicating discs themselves now, and selling technically pirated software? Or, did they just keep a bunch of stock back at launch to sell as "used" later on? Remarkable and uncharacteristic foresight by Gamestop, if the latter is the case.

Not being deliberately stupid, I just genuinely don't understand how this is supposed to have been done, and how Nintendo aren't having any fingers pointed at them.



Subie98 said:

Ive had three copies, two unopened. Im happy. One of the best games EVER. Cant wait for X. However I do find it weird that an influx of this game just appears



Sonic1994CD said:

I'm not too surprise at Gamestop for doing this. Heck what If they do this to Super Mario All Star's Wii.



V8_Ninja said:

Admittedly, this is a change of pace for Gamestop as they're selling a new game as used.

Company bashing aside, this is a very strange occurrence. I would love to hear the true story behind this. Seeing as I'm not a detective though, I have to let others do the investigating.



burninmylight said:


Or if Nintendo just threw it and other high demand, tough to find games on the Wii U eShop with support for all control options (don't even have to include anything on the GamePad screen) and make stories like this one non-existant.



DefHalan said:

I feel like of they did this it would be easier to find a copy. I sadly still haven't gotten this game



SilentHunter382 said:

Ya its very rare to find the game here and seeing as they sell it for €60+ online used is too much for me to bite into.



3Daniel said:

I picked up a "new" copy of marvel super hero squad for ds and they tried to give me an open copy. I refused walked out and havent been since.



3Daniel said:

Also if u dont think they take home and play those used copies therefore reducing the value further but keeping the used priced as is your mistaken. And if you ever were told they didnt have the cash equivalent to give for a trade in your mistaken as well.
Oh if you live near hellertown pa and hav a copy of pandoras tower ill gladly trade my chronicles for it.



Yorumi said:

@Dogpigfish that's a rather disturbing and overly entitled position.

If this were some relatively unknown online retailer or something it wouldn't surprise me. It's pretty easy to burn roms that work in a wii just fine. The fact that it's gamestop makes me doubt it though. They're too visible and if there's any kind of serial number or checksum or something inside the code itself the entire corporation would be finished. Nintendo would sue them into bankruptcy(they're already struggling) and probably pull support from the store, the eshop is doing fine and there's other retailers out there. I have no love for gamestop but the risk vs reward is just way out of balance.



Macarony64 said:

The only reasonable thing is that gamestop had unsold games that they just found out they had and they are selling them has used. A reprint would be too expencive for just a few copys.



unrandomsam said:

There is loads of counterfeit games about. (I have seen them in Grainger Games in the UK even marked as DS Lite only). It is not easy to tell (If they sold the genuine box with a counterfeit cart (And kept the legitimate one)) it would be even harder.

I think for things like this Nintendo should find a way to get it onto the eshop. (Same with highly counterfeited or rare DS games that cannot be bought new).

I only buy new really. And from proper places. (Not From Amazon Markeplace or Ebay).



Jellitoe said:

A reprint does not cost them much at all actually, DVD costs cents, at most 5 dollars a copy including packaging, especially since they priced it at 90 bucks which they are advertising is something they never do for used games..



unrandomsam said:

@Macarony64 Someone did a reprint of the most expensive TG16 game now you can get one of those as a bootleg for £5 (Original is still over £1000)



unrandomsam said:

@Jellitoe It is a bootleg basically and if they have done it they should be hammered far more in court than any of the flashcart sellers.



unrandomsam said:

(Probably won't work out like that though it rarely does when it is a company that is seen as ok).



paburrows said:

Man I'm glad that I got mine when it came out, Its been about a year and a half and I'm only half way through (just finished the prison area). I'm curious if its going to be so high in value in a couple of years. You never know with these things, sometimes they rocket in value and other times they plummet.



russellohh said:

@SpaceKappa If Gamestop was the sole distributor, they may have had spare codes lying around. Or, Gamestop may be authorized to generate codes on their own. Not sure exactly how the codes get generated, but thousands of copies of the game just pop up out of nowhere? Sounds like they're just printing them to me.



FiveDigitLP said:

Thousands does sound a little bit outrageous here, but I will say that I saw an email from Gamestop (and received a phone call) not too long ago offering quite a bit ($50 or so) for the game. Maybe due to this they had an influx of people selling their used copies?? I'm not trying to defend them here, but this just sounds too unbelievable on so many levels.



SpaceKappa said:

@russellohh I think you're greatly overestimating things here. Why would GameStop, a multi-billion dollar company, risk EVERYTHING by printing and selling bootleg copies of a game distributed by one of their biggest supporters? If these WERE bootleg copies, Nintendo would SURELY find out about them because this is all over the internet. They'd be in for one HELL of a lawsuit. Then other companies would catch wind of it and stop supporting GameStop, because hey, what's stopping them from pirating OUR games and selling those too?

You might not like GameStop as a business but there's no denying that's it's run by people who know what they're doing. They're not stupid. They wouldn't risk billions over making a profit on a couple thousand copies of Xenoblade.

My guess is Nintendo did another small printing of Xenoblade (the new puzzle being added to the 3DS StreetPass would support this) and GameStop just said "hey we could make a LOT more on these if we sold them as used" and opened 'em up. Nintendo gets paid, GameStop gets paid, and everyone's happy except people who didn't buy Xenoblade the first time.



SpaceKappa said:

@russellohh That's not illegal. Once something's open it's technically used. It's when they sell something that's used as new that the issue arises.



FiveDigitLP said:

There are a lot of former Gamestop employees on Kotaku's comments saying that basically they took a bunch of old stock they (somehow) had and then just opened them and marked them as new.

Here's a comment by someone called Mit. (Of course this doesn't address why there are so many copies in the first place.):
"They only do this for games that have been in stock new for a very long time and still have not sold. They eliminate the 'new' SKU for the title entirely, and convert all the new copies to used copies. They then get a more attractive price (for the consumer, typically), and are subject to discounts/promotions/deals, and are thus, more likely to sell, because they were not selling before.

The same thing happened here. The 'new' SKU for Xenoblade Chronicles was removed entirely. All copies of the game sold at GameStop are now 'used'. In this particular scenario, that means the product costs much more than the MSRP (and is also in line with the large trade-in prices they've been giving out for the game).

By the way people, MSRP = Manufacturer's SUGGESTED Retail Price. Once a retailer purchases the product, they can do whatever they want with it, including opening it and selling it for a higher price.

Also, no, they are not cutting out Nintendo from some kind of profits. Retailers pay up front for ALL new games. The publishers get paid immediately. It is then up to the retailer to sell them and make their money back + profit."



Nintenjoe64 said:

@MadAussieBloke It's about £38 from CeX in UK!

I know the Wii was on the way out and it was a slightly niche title for a 'casual' gamers console but Xenoblade's limited number of US copies seems stupid to me. Nintendo should re-release Prime Trilogy, Skyward Sword and Xenoblade in HD on Wii U. All 3 of those games need an HD remaster more than Wind Waker and would all sell more consoles.



ShadowFox254 said:

Glad I pick it up day one. These kind of games are "first come, first served" so I don't know why people waited if they knew the game would be hard to find new then used.



WiiLovePeace said:

Wowzers! That's so, so, so wrong! & should be sooooo illegal! Bad GameStop, naughty GameStop! But what can we do? Probably nothing. Xenoblade Chronicles is such an amazing game (my favourite game of all-time) I highly recommend it at any price (I got around 192 hours out of it before I finished it but I still didn't complete the game! One day I will

& I agree with @Nintenjoe64, I'd love to see HD-Rereleases of some of the best Wii games (even though I've got them all I'd probably buy them all again haha). Personally I'd prefer them to be eShop only. I'm also looking forward to GCN games on Wii U VC, though with the Wind Waker HD coming out it doesn't bode well for them rereleasing gamecube games as VC releases (but I'm still greatly anticipating WW HD ).



jdarrell said:

Game prices going up isn't a bad thing. Even if you normally can't afford new retail, you can just resell it after playing in those situations.



Peach64 said:

@FiveDigitLP Thanks for that! I knew that's how retail worked in the UK, but from reading forums over the years, I'd got the impression it worked differently in the US, but I think a lot of people just make wrong assumptions about money being sent to publishers after the sale is made. It sounded a bit weird to me, but I wasn't going to argue when I knew nothing about how it worked in another country.



SCAR said:

I'm kind of doubting they reprinted. Do you realize how much trouble they would be in? Someone at Nintendo of America would be able to tell wether those are fake copies immediately.

I actually just so happened to see they had 8 in my state and was calling around to see which ones had instruction manuals and cases. I found one cheaper at a local deal, so I didn't end up buying one from GS.

Who's accusing GS exactly?



unrandomsam said:

@Nintenjoe64 CEX are not the good guys they are responsible for the R4 card becoming mainstream. (I know the first time I heard about it was them trying to sell me one). Up until that point I knew stuff like that existed. (Like the Super Magicom for example). But I had never just seen it actually available and had someone try to sell it to me using high pressure sales tactics. (They still failed).



SCAR said:

Just like @FiveDigitLP 's #57 post. I just figured that's the sort of thing they were doing here. When I was calling around, some of them were missing instruction manuals. I don't really think they would open new copies to make them used and sell them at a higher price either.



LztheQuack said:

Once again everyone bashes a company for mere speculation. Typical day on the internet



FiveDigitLP said:

My pleasure! People can be so ridiculous on the Internet in believing anything they hear and then just misconstruing it to no end.

In regards to the reprints, I just read an article on Penny Arcade Report that references the below article. Basically, there is a company called Game Quest Direct that buys the licenses to reprint games from companies and then sells them on their website and in bulk to Gamestop. Who knows if that is the case in this scenario (especially since I don't see Nintendo allowing anyone else to reprint their games), but it's obviously not out of the realm of possibilities.



gaby_gabito said:

Unfortunately the same has happened to me more than a few times. I've wondered why a lot of the "New" games I purchased from Gamestop didn't have Club Nintendo codes. Good thing this news is out there.



AVahne said:

No wonder the site shows every store around me having a few copies!



Brother_Jolteon said:

@King47 Nintendo makes the most from new copies and gamestop makes the most from used copies, that's why the ps4 and xbox one had so many rumors of those systems banning used games



Zausimo said:

Reprint or not, I have no arguments on the price they set. I'm not going to defend everything that Gamestop does as a company, but this makes sense. If they were to price it around $50, you can bet that a vast majority of the buyers would be those intent on reselling the game for profit, which the game easily sells for $100 online if in good condition.

If they didn't set a high starting price, those individuals who would actually want to play the game would be right back where they were before these copies surfaced, resorting to eBay and Amazon.

As FiveDigitLP mentioned, there are many opportunities to cut that $90 price tag down to $70, or even $60 if you know how to work the current promotions and are a PUR Pro member. When you factor that into it, it is a pretty good deal, especially since you can easily return the game if you don't think its worth that much (can't say that so easily about other online sites). And I would say with my time so far, the game is definitely worth $70 or more.

Hate GS if you want to, but all they are doing is taking more profit for themselves away from those who are intent on flipping copies by setting a higher initial price.



AcesHigh said:

So, hold on a sec... is the accusation here that Gamestop - who is not a publisher - is printing discs and manuals, packaging them and selling them? As far as I know, they are not a publisher and do not have publishing rights. If this is the accusation, it's a pretty big one because it would be piracy of the most heinous kind, given their relevance in the retail space.

If this is the accusation, I highly doubt they are doing this. The risk is simply too high for a publicly traded company. The risk is basically a law suit (or law suits) that would shut them down. All over capitalizing on a tiny spike in niche demand.

My bet is that GS actually started pushing higher trade-in prices for this game with some local promotions to get people to trade their games in. And there's your influx of new used games appearing on shelves. And unless someone tells me that out of 50 games, 50 all had unused Nintendo Club codes, this is not news. I have bought several used games with unused Nintendo Club codes. Besides the fact, GS does not issue the club codes. LOL! that's simply silly to think GS could create new codes. If THAT is true, then Nintendo has to be involved as well. Or, the publisher may have started up a short run for new distribution to GS. There could also be reasons why they can't sell them as new based on how the discs or manuals were replicated.

This is a pretty big accusation. And this all based on an "observed" new infusion of used gmes on the market? I'm sure there is an explanation



theblackdragon said:

oh for pete's sake, i knew i got rid of my tin-foil hat too soon. everything is a freakin' conspiracy :/

iirc (and i've probably still got it sitting in my inbox) they sent out a mass e-mail a while back saying they were giving full original retail price (or nearly) for Xenoblade trade-ins, my guess is this was the result. People are talking about boxes being different and blah-blah-blah, but when it comes to GS you're lucky to even get a box with your game almost, they switch boxes around all the time. If it took you this long to pick up on the fact that Xenoblade is an amazing game and you should own a copy, I'm sorry, but you deserve to pay the $90 GS is asking (and lord knows how much it's going on eBay and Amazon for) for a legit copy.

It's nothing they haven't done before; i remember back in the day when GS/EB did used SNES games and stuff like Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and FFVI would go for a serious premium. They're not stupid and they know what prices rarer games will sell for. This is one of them.



WinterWarm said:


Well, that's just plain unreasonable. Not everyone can do that.

Aaaanyway, GameStop lost my respect years ago, when they gave me $6.00 for a $20.00 POPULAR Wii title. Oh wait! That was BEFORE I NEVER EVER got my pre-ordered copy of Galaxy. Which was also before they tried to give me $1.00 for FRICKIN' MARIO KART! I strongly suspect they were under substantial pressure to be a pain in the Tanooki Tail.



AcesHigh said:

@theblackdragon LOL! Just as I surmised in my post above just before yours. There's your reason folks! Thank you for the voice of reason black dragon.

My question is how does this article appear in Nintendolife? I'd expect a higher degree of vetting from this site.



MAN1AC said:

LMAO. Too funny.

Nintendo should just release this game on the eShop already. There's obviously a demand for it.



SCAR said:

You do know people go into GameStop and take the codes out of game cases on the shelf, right? That doesn't make much sense if it's shrink wrapped.

I'm thinking they just held onto trade-ins until they could sell them all at once. The GS employees I talked to in my area regarding this game said they had the original case, but no instruction manual, or none of it at all. The discs without cases had the GS reprint cases.

This regular stuff. We might as well accuse them of every single used game they ever sold back in 6th gen where it seemed impossible to find complete copies sometimes. Who knows, though...



coolvw93 said:

Im glad i got this day one, though that is true. My local gamestop keeps reminding that I own Xenoblade Chronicles and i can get 49.99 USD$ if I trade it back. I would never do that because I asked how much they sell it for now, which is 89.99 USD$. That to me is a pretty big rip off. I never trade games in with them.
Interesting story though, Im glad I went out and got it day one, though I never was given the extra stuff for preordering xenoblade chronicles for some reason...



siavm said:

Are you sure this is true? I did not think stores could print anything. They order the games from companies and I thought the companies send them companies from there manufacturers they use. GameStop does usually not send used games in their normal cases. The only thing they did was order cases and printing the the slips in the cases. Nintendo would not be down with this so you guys really need to make sure this is true because it just sounds false.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@unrandomsam I dislike them more for letting me think I was getting a good deal when I was given £5 for MGS:Twin Snakes but I can't knock the fact they sent me a couple of brand new sealed games (Other M and Manhunt 2) complete with Club Nintendo points for £4.50. R4 cards would be popular with or without CeX.



Rect_Pola said:

As much money as they've been racking on the used game market, I suppose they might actually have the means to have professional reprints unofficially made. And there is something wrong with sell "new" product as used because (as it's been said umpteen times) the game companies don't get squat from used sales.



Anclation said:

I blame Nintendo, not Gamestop. Had they actually just released Xenoblade in the US like a normal game none of this would be an issue (the game is still relatively easy to find here in Europe). It's a crying shame that they treated such a masterpiece (easily one of the best games of the generation) like some niche title not worthy of a proper release.



AVahne said:

Nintendo needs to do another round of Nintendo Selects that includes Xenoblade, Mario Galaxy 2, Skyward Sword, and Metroid Prime Trilogy.



TsunamiSensei said:

If Nintendo and Atlus did an official reprint, they definitely didn't give GS the go-ahead open the games, mark them as used, and mark the price up to $90.So Gamestop either did something legally fishy, or just morally wrong. Either way, I think I'll be buying my games from Target for a while.



thesilverbrick said:

Glad I reserved mine and bought it at launch, though I haven't even had a chance to play it yet, to tell the truth (too many games to play!). I figured I owed it to Operation Rainfall to support the game and I'm sure I'll enjoy it somewhere down the road...



Windy said:

I've went to gamestop to buy games before and they pull out a game that is supposed to be a new game but the shrinkwrap is missing. I say I don't want that game it's been opened and they tell me its the only one they have but it's new. I tell them then i'm not buying it. They usually have an oh well attitude. I bet they sell used games as new all the time. I'm glad they got caught.



Dogpigfish said:

@Yorumi My thoughts are some low level employees had some ideas about making some money, not approved by their management. They printed and used existing used copies and bundled them in used cases... Not hard to do. Who's at fault? The conditions were technically created by Nintendo when they didn't meet demand, in my opinion.



Epicnessofme99 said:

This is awful, I'm glad I picked mine up before this whole mess of the game becoming rare. I originally picked up a crappy used copy with those annoying stickers on the front but I found out a Gamestop nearby still had 1 shrinkwrapped copy so I exchanged it for that one. Gamestop would take advantage of the rarity of a game like this.



Tasuki said:

Honestly this doesn't surprised me with Gamestop. They are one of the crookedest businesses out there. They will sell you used games at new prices and than make up a story that the game was the store demo so some BS like that. Sorry but once you break the factory seal the game is used. I hope they go out of business, When that day comes I will laugh at them.



sc100 said:

Wow, I had no idea how much this game was going for on eBay. I'm glad I got mine for $50 when it came out. It doesn't seem like Nintendo made a whole lot of copies of this game so the price will probably go up a lot more in the years ahead. Plus the fact that Nintendo probably won't sell digital copies of Wii games for many years.



nothankyou said:

$90 does seem way too high. I think the game is great (as long as side quests aren't a focus), so if you're willing to put that much money into a copy be my guest.



ArkOne77 said:

I was obsessively hunting a pre-owned copy of this game locally for almost 6 months. Finally, one day I got lucky and bought it for $60 (pre-owned)...........Then it vanished completely for a couple months. Now this pops up.Something is definitely up. Every single Gamestop location by me has it in stock now. Hmmmmm. If this is true, this is some shady ish!



TrueWiiMaster said:

There's definitely something wrong here. Xenoblade is not the type of game tons of people would simply trade in to Gamestop, let alone all at once. I would think Nintendo had a contract with them keeping them from charging more than $50 for a new copy, so calling new copies used, while complete and utter garbage, might be their way around that. That said, I can't imagine they're allowed to simply print more copies without Nintendo watching.



ArkOne77 said:

By the way.....Club Nintendo code was still valid and the disc I bought was pretty darn clean looking. Makes me wonder if this is true or I got really lucky and bought from a very tidy previous owner.



ArkOne77 said:

Metroid Prime Trilogy is next to be this way..... If you can find it. It is marked higher pre-owned than when it was new.
I recently lucked out and payed $65 for a pre-owned copy. It is now listed @ $85!!!!!!

Update: I just read that this is in fact going to happen to Metroid Trilogy next. They are calling these games "vintage".....WTF!?!?!

They aren't that old! It's seriously looking like a scheme to start overcharging for the harder to find on ebay & amazon, etc.



bigtig said:

@FiveDigitLP did you mean marked as used? All of that makes sense. Gamestop has the right to do that but is it moral? Many companies today are manipulating the market to set their own prices... Are we, as a society, really ok with that?



FiveDigitLP said:

@bigtig I'm not sure what you're referring to in the first sentence, but if you're replying to comment #57, then most of that was actually me quoting someone else from Kotaku...

That being said, I agree with the sentiment of what I quoted, though I probably wouldn't have been that harsh with my words. What GS is doing does seem a little shady, but if you go to Amazon you can see third party sellers listing both used and new games for extremely high prices as well. Are we upset then because Gamestop as a big corporation is doing this? I mean, the idea that they're (allegedly) not being truthful about the played-status of the games certainly seems wrong, but if these rumors are true, then people are getting new games when they thought they were getting used ones...? That doesn't sound like such a terrible thing to me.

The only thing I can possibly see as really wrong here is that (as some have suggested) Gamestop is artificially inflating the price of the game by making it appear that the product is still limited, when in fact they have the ability to acquire reprints.

There's still so much that is unknown about what the heck is even going on, though, so we can't really make too many assumptions.



SCAR said:

It's because consumers give these games that value in the first place. The game sells for $50 new, and there aren't any more new ones(most of time) and everyone knows that.

GameStop is only charging $90 because of word of mouth in the free market.

I don't think these are reprints. I'm pretty sure, because I called around, but you'd really have to go in store and see what the case and stuff looks like. It seems more likely that a ton of kids bought the game, couldn't figure it out, lost the case and/or manual, traded them in, and now they're out there again.



SCAR said:

I bet no one even saw the case or anything, because there wouldn't be any accusations if someone actually saw the case, manual, and disc and confirmed they are real, assuming they weren't lost by the previous owner.

Just go to GameStop yourself and have a look.



JaxonH said:

Considering Gamestop is the Publisher for Xenoblade Chronicles in N America, I'd imagine they have the authority to reprint as desired, since they're footing the bill for it.



SonataAndante said:

Glad I pre-ordered my copy. I kind of figured it'd become uncommon and expensive in a short span of time. This is a very strange story and I'm curious to see if any more details will pop up soon.

Also, what in the world is up with that "VINTAGE" banner on the page? Honestly, vintage? It came out last year, how is that vintage?



rennelf said:

@Windy The Last Story is still easily found brand new for $30 or less. Not a similar situation at all.

I guess we're supposed to be glad Nintendo released these games at all, but it's still awfully lame to print so few copies that a year after release, new copies are gone and used copies are going for close to twice the original retail price. Obviously the demand is there, and Nintendo isn't making a dime off of the used copies, so why not print more?



One-Winged-Pit said:

I just bought Xenoblade Chronicles used at Gamestop. It was brand new for sure. Not a single scratch or smudge on the disc and the box was clearly new too.



NickieBoy said:

@3Daniel I don't live in that area, but would you still be interested if I ship the game to you? I would pay for shipping and send you the game first, let me know if you are interested...



3DSAllDay said:

I am so glad I got the game at launch for $50 which came with a cool art book!
I without a doubt think that this game would still be worth $90 with all the content it offers and is almost as great as Chrono Trigger. I think it sucks that Gamestop is profiting off of the rarity and success of this game ;c.



Davidiam007 said:

@Dogpigfish nintendo is not responsible for other people's actions. Just cause they made it limited doesnt mean they have the right to copy the game and sell as used. They had a contract for the games they purchased. How is this not pirating?



mikeyman64 said:

That's just funny... if it's true. Gotta take the "Kotaku heard from a 'source'" with a grain of salt.



LztheQuack said:

How is it Gamestop's fault that this game is going for $90 everywhere? Selling it for less would be a worse business decision.



Subie98 said:

Like I want a copy of skies of arcadia. its now roughly 75 dollars. I wish it was cheaper but its not. Oh well ill get it eventually. Oh or how about suikoden II? Thats like $120



JaxonH said:

They may not be the official publisher, but they did pick up shared costs of publishing duties, granting them exclusivity as a retailer. Nintendo didn't grant Gamestop exclusivity with regard to Xenoblade Chronicles just because they were feeling generous- Gamestop earned their keep with the almighty dollar bill.

With that in mind, I'm sure Gamestop realizes the continued demand for Xenoblade, and is well aware of its current market price equilibrium, which is around $100 used. My guess is they approached Nintendo and negotiated a reprint. I just read a story that broke only hours ago which stated that Metroid Prime Trilogy is also coming back in stock at Gamestop- a game which conveniently also just had it's used price jacked up to $84.99 on Gamestop's website. I got $20 bucks that says Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn is next.

This is a mixed bag. While it's good to get extra copies out to drive down prices in the secondhand market, the bad thing is it will drive down prices in the secondhand market. I'm a collector, and own 2 copies of Xenoblade, 2 copies of Metroid Prime Trilogy, and 2 copies of Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, one of them factory sealed. This cash-grab will lower the value of my rare copies by making them less rare. Unless there will be a way to tell the difference between a first run copy and 2nd run copy, which I seriously doubt.



Relias said:

Well I am not sure what to say.. I don't think Gamestop can actually.. print or reprint a game... (Would that not be in league with piracy??) but if it's true that really flips my tails... There is something wrong with Gamestop... I did not like them.. (especially.. when the main clerk at my local Gamestop came out being a XBOX owner and made fun of everyone who bought games on other systems) the reason was they were selling copies of games that were used.. (Like New a lot of times grant you.. but still) as brand new games... (I remember they tried to do this to me.. I went back in there and got a refund.. I was so mad.. I refused another copy of the game) and then there was the time they charged me 5 dollars more for Zelda the Minish Cap... they said it was to help with the rent.. and they were doing it with all their games... funny thing was.. I watched them ring up everyone else.. and all the other games rang up exactly the price they were supposed to.. it was just me and two others that got Zelda they did this too.. I have not went to a Gamestop since.. ... sides I find better deals now online anyway..



Araknie said:

Close that corporate market, i always hated gamestop and never used it.
If they are doing by law they should close in a month, simple as that.

This or we start doing private stores, they are some that are in trouble financially but others who have the finance to start one in good conditions don't even do it because gamestop overflows everywere.

If you give a company monopoly it's only common that they will feel like doing what the want.




Subie98 said:

@Relias thats ashame you were treated like that. I hear bad stories like these every so often. Did you ask for the district managers number? I would have. I have had great interactions with gamestop, back to when it was funcoland, babbages before it was gamestop and eb games before it was gamestop. Ive always been treated great. I personally appreciate the stores and what they offer me. Sometimes games traded in arent worth much. They usually give 45/50% of what they can sell the game for. At least thats been my experience. So if I only got a few bucks so what. Sucks it wasnt worth more but its not gamestops fault the game isnt worth much. Its sad customer service isnt stressed more and drop these elitist attitudes toward systems they dont prefer. But at the end of the day its just their opinion people cant let it rub them the wrong way.



Relias said:

@Araknie I use Vintage Stock for used games any more.. they usually have better prices on a lot of their games.. used.. if I go out at all.. and there really are not enough.. small companies.. or even people that want to start small companies now and days for various reasons.. not all of it is Gamestop's fault.. (I still do not like them..but just saying) It's to hard.. if you open a rental service.. you have to compete with RB and several places.. if you do new games.. your competing with everyone from Wal Mart all the way to Best Buy and Gamestop.. and if you do a retro shop then your competing with Vintage Stock and just about every flea market.. Pawn Shop, heck a lot of people don't even walk into places physically to do their retro game shopping.. it's easier on Ebay etc..



Relias said:

@Subie98 I know... and I did actually.. ironically.. especially on the Zelda thing.. I was told the exact same thing... and like I said.. I would have liked to believe them.. I just couldn't.. I mean how much extra was it?? And why make Zelda fans only pay for it?? and it was really sad for me... because before they were babbages software etc.. (I believe) and they had been there for quite sometime.. I had enjoyed shopping there.. since I moved there.. which was the PS era.. and N64... I bought all my games from there.. never had a problem.. but all of a sudden.. they just seemed to change.. when the new systems came out.. and they went to Gamestop... and I really don't know why... there was a few changes in the crew working there... but not so much.. that I would have thought to have that kind of experience.. I did not know if it was a companies policies.. or poor.. business ownership... or just a willingness.. to pull one over on the customer.. but they were never like that before.. I was very upset.. actually it depresses me to think about it.. I really loved my game shop..



Subie98 said:

@Relias thats just crazy and only on zelda games. Did you try going higher by any chance and email someone higher up in the company? Im not sure what else to say. Thats just bonkers.



Relias said:

@Subie98 No.. and that may have been my fault.. I just made sure not to walk back in.. needless to say I was upset and licking some wounds... (Like I said.. everything was so good there before and I loved my Game yeah it was my fault.. I got to emotional.. geez.. which I guess is stupid.. it's just that I had so many good memories in there.. and it was just really upsetiing) so anyway.. just did not go back.. well not to buy anything anyway... from what I understand when I am in there they have gotten a little better( at least they are no longer selling used as new.. or at least that is what my friends and cousin say).. but they still do the Zelda thing every once in a while.. but sometimes with other games now.. (They did it.. with Fire Emblem from my understanding from a cousin.. and she unlike me.. is/did go up to the very top.. I have not heard anything from her on it... (But needless to say.. she was okay with whatever the result was that she still shops there.. ) I just had to many things on my mind lately to ask.. (It's tough sometimes being a cornerstone to a huge family.. sometimes.. the only time I get a breather is when I am here.. ) Anyway.. I will have to ask her what the results were later..



TrancePacifica said:

GameStop actually hoarded a bunch of used copies of the game and is just now selling them. Also, as for all the inserts and the disc being in pristine condition? A ton of people do indeed take care of their games and do keep all the inserts in them.
As for the price they are selling it at? So what? If you don't like GameStop, just don't shop there, easy as that. Get the game off of Amazon or Ebay.
Do what I'm doing and get a hold of Nintendo and tell them your concerns.



One-Winged-Pit said:

@TrancePacifica The disc itself is perfect. I mean perfect, not even a smudge. The case looks great too but I will admit it has a little wear on it. That could have been because of the Gamestop I got it from was pretty........unclean and the workers did not seem to care about conditions. Gamestop just hoarding it is likely too sure.



th3r3ds0x said:

I decided to purchase a copy of the game after reading this article and mine came in today. Its literally perfect. The disc and case are perfect as well as the inserts. I even got 50 coins for registering the club nintendo code. If this isn't a reprint then it is the best looking used game I've ever gotten from Gamestop. I rarely buy used games but I have ordered 2 or 3 in the past and they all looked like crap. Only one came in the original case and all of the discs were scratched. I'm actually pretty happy about it though, I have been wanting this game and having the opportunity to purchase a virtually like new copy for 89$ was a good deal considering the circumstances. If their copies of Metroid Prime Trilogy are this nice I may drop some cash on that also.



GiSWiG said:

Yes, this post is quite old but I finally got a darn new looking used copy at GS for $44.99 + tax. I got my usual GS promo email but the 'Recommended for you' section had Xenoblade Chronicles case pic with $49.99 under it. If I clicked on it, it brought me to the GS website and it showed as $69.99. I printed a copy of the email showing it at $49.99, took it to my local GameStop which is ran by a good manager, and because of the printout, they overrode the price to $49.99 and applied my Power Rewards. Before tax, it was $44.99. If you happen to get that same email, just a few days before the date of this post, then give this a try! Also, if you check out ebay, copies are going closer to the $50-$60 range instead of the $80-$100 range with free shipping.

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