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Fri 14th Jun 2013

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rennelf commented on GameStop Accused of Re-Printing Xenoblade Chro...:

@Windy The Last Story is still easily found brand new for $30 or less. Not a similar situation at all.

I guess we're supposed to be glad Nintendo released these games at all, but it's still awfully lame to print so few copies that a year after release, new copies are gone and used copies are going for close to twice the original retail price. Obviously the demand is there, and Nintendo isn't making a dime off of the used copies, so why not print more?



rennelf commented on Platinum Teases "Special Announcement" After T...:

If you watch the Nintendo Direct video on Nintendo's youtube channel, there is no mention of the demo. So I'm guessing that perhaps the demo announcement was not considered officially part of the Direct broadcast, and is in fact the "special announcement"?



rennelf commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Wishes Nintendo Had "Done Mor...:

I really enjoyed Zelda II. It's probably my favorite NES game (although there are many classics I have not played, as we were a SMS family).

Of course the games got better with more capable hardware (and personally I think the leap to 16-bit was the biggest in terms of quality of games), but I'd rank it as a bit better than the first game.

I honestly don't get the fuss made over the difficulty. I found the difficulty about the same as the first game.