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Thu 4th Jul 2013

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TrancePacifica commented on GameStop Accused of Re-Printing Xenoblade Chro...:

GameStop actually hoarded a bunch of used copies of the game and is just now selling them. Also, as for all the inserts and the disc being in pristine condition? A ton of people do indeed take care of their games and do keep all the inserts in them.
As for the price they are selling it at? So what? If you don't like GameStop, just don't shop there, easy as that. Get the game off of Amazon or Ebay.
Do what I'm doing and get a hold of Nintendo and tell them your concerns.



TrancePacifica commented on Satoru Iwata - "There Are Some Reasons Behind"...:

@Jllanos22 I think you meant "your"
Anyways. doggiedoodoodingleberry happens in the gaming industry. If Nintendo of Japan would let Nintendo of America localize exclusive games, then things like this wouldn't happen.
I think Nintendo's reason of locking is legit, and I see nothing wrong. Then again, I'm one of the people who doesn't throw a huge fit if a certain game isn't localized.