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3DS UK Success in 2013 Offset by Abysmal Wii U Figures

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A lot of ground to make up

As we're now into July — and melting in a heat wave to suit the time of year — sales data has emerged for UK video game sales in the first six months of the year. Gamasutra has broken down the key data as published in MCV magazine, and from Nintendo's perspective it's a tale of two platforms on very different trajectories.

The estimates given revolve around software, which explains why the 3DS has enjoyed a strong six months courtesy of its exceptional lineup. Perhaps as a sign that Nintendo's strength in the UK isn't quite what the company would hope — a point enforced by Satoru Iwata in two consecutive annual financial results briefings — the 3DS has just started to outstrip the software sales of DS. Up until April physical retail sales of games for the two portables were almost equal, but in the last two months (particularly June) the 3DS has leapt ahead and secured its spot as the system with the fourth best software sales in the UK, behind PC, PS3 and Xbox 360; it's worth pointing out that eShop sales aren't included.

For the Wii U the figures are, somewhat predictably, poor. With issues of a relatively thin release schedule and seemingly poor sales even of games that were released, the system has accumulated just 179,000 physical retail UK software sales in the first six months of the year; that puts it behind the Vita, and for comparison the 3DS shifted 799,000 units. Important and legitimate points can be made about the Wii U's small install base at this point, with game sales peaking at around 45,000 units in March, when releases such as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and LEGO City Undercover hit the market; since then the monthly figures haven't gone beyond 27,000 units, and even if you add 10% to sales for assumed eShop purchases, it would still "barely match retail software sales for the moribund PlayStation Vita".

What's been clear since Spring is that Nintendo, essentially, backed off the Wii U and has been focused on a major shift in momentum in the second half of the year — the company said as much back in April, again, to investors when publishing its annual financial results. There's an impressive lineup coming to try and reverse that poor performance and grab the public's imagination ahead of the Holiday season. These figures aren't necessarily a surprise, but at the very least highlight just how poor sales momentum has been for the Wii U in the UK, with these trends generally considered to be similar in the U.S. and other countries. That the system has had a bad 2013 to date is impossible to deny.

But then, we knew that, but the figures at least highlight the scale of the challenge Nintendo will face in bringing the Wii U to the forefront of the public's minds, not to mention persuading retailers to give the platform meaningful shelf space to help that turnaround happen. Nintendo has achieved these kinds of turnarounds before, of course, as the worldwide sales of the 3DS demonstrate — even if the UK market is still a bit of a weak point, overall.

You can see the graphs produced by Gamasutra below. Let us know what you think of these results, and what you expect the equivalent figures for the second half of 2013 to tell us.


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maneauleau said:

If I am not mistaken, since the Gamecube UK has never been that keen on Nintendo home consoles



Phantom_R said:

The UK is a messed up place where everybody is addicted to the yearly FIFA update for the 360. There's really nothing else they care about.



SkywardCrowbar said:

There haven't been any big game releases yet. Once Pikmin 3 comes out, sales will start to increase, and once we hit the holiday season, they will increase dramatically.



Chris720 said:

@Phantom_R That's not very nice. I don't think the majority of the UK are all that well-rounded with the Japanese, therefore they buy American or British hardware and buy very generic American or British orientated games.

Nintendo clearly still have a market in the UK, so we're not all 360 crazy fanboys who play FIFA all day.



SyntheticPerson said:

I'm sure it will pick up when it has games.

That said, the GameCube was a commercial failure and that was one of the greatest consoles in the history of Man.



Linkstrikesback said:

Wii U is dead in the water.

And for hte people saying the uk doesn't like Japanese games or whatever, first, the PS3 is doing extremely well as you can see in the above graph, as are the original WIi, Ds and the 3DS, but more importantly the original Wii was the best selling console here for like, 4-5 years.

Don't blame the british for not buying the Wii U, blame Nintendo for making a console no-one wants to buy (and as has become increasingly obvious no-one wants to develop for either)

If you think pikmin 3 (which is very niche) or 3DS upscales like Mario World are going to save the wii ua nd make it a success, you have a nasty shock coming.



AG_Systems said:

I bought a unit in January, based on the fact that I thought by now, I'd be playing Wii Sports HD and be looking forward to a Galaxy sequel. Well here we are mid year and the situation is looking bleaker than I could ever have imagined.

These figures are telling me that a reversal of fortunes is verging on the impossible. I'll keep the console as there's no point in trading in. Third party support looks dead so it'll be indies to keep the eshop stocked.

If anyone thinks it'll get better then I'm afraid you'll be in for a rough ride.



Jese_1 said:

The only way Nintendo could have been less prepared for the Wii U's launch is if they'd forgotten to make the console itself.



SyntheticPerson said:

How long was it before the 3DS picked up? That had a bumpy journey at the start as well, but eventually picked up. Many people declared it a failure, but Ninty turned it around.

As I say, I can't recall the timeframe for the turnaround so it may not be comparable.



TheAdza said:

Poor Wii U. I bet the situation is even worse here in Australia.

I hope Lego City sold enough for Nintendo to publish another exclusive game. But with those figures, it's hard to imagine what games sold. All we know is that very few overall were sold. I think perhaps consumers are waiting on a price drop. One can argue the validity of second screen gaming and all the value it brings, but at the end of the day, Nintendo are asking a premium price for a system with current soon to be last generation graphics. It really should be much cheaper. And people are voting with their wallet. The perceived value of the Wii U is much less than what Nintendo think it is. With super cheap PS3's and such available now, plus the new Sony and M$ consoles hitting at Xmas, are Nintendo really arrogant enough to stand their ground selling their "overpriced" console against all these odds?

In any case, I still love my Wii U. I didn't at first with the Miiverse teething problems, and day1 firmware updates and slow loading UI, but its pretty good overall now, and with some awesome games lined up soon, I will be having a blast with this console. I just don't know how Nintendo are going to sell it to any non Nintendo gamers or casuals.



Wanderlei said:

@Maneauleau Responsible for the highest selling nintendo home console (Wii) and highest selling portable and all time highest selling game system (DS). Has set Nintendo up financially for the next 50 years. Iwata is a genius.
Please watch the profanity and insults. Should you continue, you may find yourself banned from posting altogether. — TBD



MadAdam81 said:

Looking at the software revenue, it's not that far behind the DS and ahead of the Vita. If there was a digital software revenue chart, I am sure the Wii U would be ahead of the DS and closing in on the Wii.



Shambo said:

@PokeTune I don't think we're talking about the same Iwata. The one I 'know' lost popularity with shareholders -those who care only about money, not about people or products that don't make them enough money- suposedly because he refused to fire staff and wants to keep Nintendo what it's always been. That's what I got from recent articles at least... Correct me if I'm wrong. The man works hard, reports 'directly to you' and is always polite. He doesn't deserve such hard words.



maneauleau said:

@Wanderlei first of all I think you are replying to the wrong comment since I don't see the link with what I said. Also, please don't insult people. Thanks



gigoloaunt7 said:

sorry nintendo i love you to bits......but its game over for wii u not even 2014 E3 with f-zero etc can save this machine,and this is from a wii u owner sorry guys.



craigmoss19 said:

@SyntheticPerson It took 9 months before the 3DS started selling well. The Wii U has been out for 8 months. Also, we'd need to take into account that the 9th month for the 3DS was December so I personally think it all depends on the sales at the end of the year.



fredcaster said:

At the moment I feel the Wiiu is locked into a vicious circle. Reports like this one are not going to boost sales, which will possibly cause more reports like this. That, in turn, will not boost sales, which at some point will be reported. People buy consoles for games. They need 3rd party support urgently. Get a FIFA update, anything to show that games are on the way.



sonicfan1373 said:


I agree with you. Although I must say that Iwata and Nintendo's current management is a bit too conservative, they should embrace some changes which add value to their hardware.



Kirk said:

That is utterly abysmal for the Wii U.

Is this the slowest selling Nintendo home console ever in it's first year?

Possibly the GC was a little worse...

Even the 3DS doesn't look to be doing THAT good compared to the likes of Xbox 360, PS3 and even PC.



andrea987 said:

@Linkstrikesback No offence, but good job at depicting the average UK gamer thoughts about Nintendo and gaming in general. You forgot to mention CoD, GTA, and all the so-called 'mature' games, extremely important for the majority of the UK gaming population, which is what's mainly selling on PS3, a 'japanese' console. You also forgot to mention that the Wii was a one off, in the sense that it appealed to the casual masses, and not to the usual gaming population. Luckily there's still someone here (albeit few in comparison) that likes real games, and can mainly find them on Nintendo hardware. Of course the lack of games has a key role in this situation, and I'm sure once they start to arrive the U will pick up. But it'll always struggle, against this 'dudebro-ish' attitude of the majority of this gaming generation. And that's from someone that enjoy games on both platforms, PS3 and Wii U, and believe it or not, love Fifa too, lol



moroboshi said:

This was entirely preditable from the moment Nintendo first showed the Wii U. It's simply a weak product. Poor, antiquated hardware which won't be able to run next-gen games, paired with a read dud of a gimmick which Nintendo can't sell to anyone.

It's time to cut the losses, and go multi-platform.



Shambo said:

@sonicfan1373 Wii U IS a change. And a great one. But clearly consumers just love hating brands so much they forgive their favourites any flaws, and make flaws up for other brands they DON'T like, and never even played. As if it's a personal goal to see the other companies fail... Thia and this alone makes people less aware avoiding certain brands which may have been exactly what they wanted. And that results in less games being made for that brand, since they make less money... I blame stupidity. Really I do. How else could big brands get people's brains in such awkward twists they support them even while being robbed by them? Seriously, they have to be born this stupid.

Recent argument on youtube:

(other): Wii U is priced the same as PS4 and XBone and is far less for your money.

(me): Wii U: 364 on launch, with ZombiU, two different controllers, indirect discount on eshop purchases (and sensor bar). Plays Wii games, so you can even sell your Wii for it if you want, given you didn't use that to play Gamecube games.
PS4: 399 with one controller and PAID online service. No backwards compatibility. No game.
XBone: 499 with mandatory kinect few people want, one controller, PAID online service. No backwards compatibility. No game.
And none of us has even played the latter two yet, and no one knows what they'll do with the still possible DRM, ALSO (!) possible on PS4.

Clearly, stating those facts made me homosexual and overweight, and I was still wrong, to non-litterally quote some of the reaction's funnier parts.



gigoloaunt7 said:

point taken but as you know games sell machines at least xbone/ps4 has a half decent line up at launch,i mean really people are banging on about the wonderful 101 i mean come on its embarrasing.i was hoping/looking forward for the next metroid but im starting to think the expectation is way too high for nintendo to deliver.i watched the gameplay trailer for gta5 in awe(although not a huge fan)then i turned to nintendo life site only to see"mighty switch force2 could come to wii u" i just sat and laughed to be honest..........why in the name of god they did not show a video of a new zelda game(at E3)other than the 10 year ago wind waker like the one in the tech demos and give people hope.

people know the ps4/xbone will be supported handsomely this is the reason why people are willing to part with good money on launch day not because of brand loyality,im sorry to say but we've fell for the same trick twice i.e no decent third party support and this will cost nintendo dearly in the future,honestly are developers willing to make games for ps3/xbone and wii u at the same time?no chance.....the writing is on the wall for wii u.

games is king.



GazPlant said:

This isn't a surprise. A poorly conceived product with no software will never sell...



Shambo said:

@gigoloaunt7 I know, but Wii U had a decent line up too, it just didn't go as planned obviously But, since games are on their way now, no one can say what's going to happen. Just wait, and be happy if your system gets the games. Like I'll be when the Wii U does a U turn like 3ds did. Pun intended.




Lot of negative Nancys here. Games are coming, we know that, so that's the upside to all this.

Nintendo will make money off of Wii U. Sure it won't reach the same level success as the Wii, but it won't steer them into the negative when all is said and done.



Volmun said:

@Shambo exactly there was lots of games i wanted for WiiU when it was 1st announced (waiting for several still lol) but with PS4 theirs only what.. 3? games im interested in being Knack Deep Down and White Chapel. As for XBone? not interested at all tbh



HaNks said:

not surprising. i am in the UK and have a wii U but being real....the system launched without any killer 1st party titles, horrific OS, poor marketing, perceived lack of value compared to 360/ps3. even with the constant reductions (premium £200 and basic £149 - £100 lower than launch) most people still aren't bothered.

9 months later the OS is better but still poor and there's been hardly any notable software releases. virtual console is a joke considering that lots of content would of been an awesome hook to sell people on off-tv play. why the lack of investment? clearly a rushed launch, but i don't see why it was handled so badly given the time between the initial unveil and launch. nintendo really dropped the ball and i'm not sure sales will improve drastically this holiday season.



LeVideoGamer said:

Well, what do you expect? Wii U has very little going for it, with next to no must-have games. Add in terrible marketing, the fact that very few people are aware of it, and the fact that they're content with their 360/PS3, they have no reason to upgrade.

And as a Londoner, I've seen that the majority of gamers here are only interested in guns, cars and sports. Hell, only 3 of my friends own Street Fighter IV, but all of them buy the new FIFA every year, all of them buy the yearly releases of Call of Duty and the new Battlefield games, and God knows they'll go crazy for GTA V. I have almost nobody to talk to about games like Xenoblade Chronicles, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, or The Last Story. The only reason half of them are taking notice of the Wii U now is because of Super Smash Bros. 4.



wombatkidd said:

@Kirk "Is this the slowest selling Nintendo home console ever in it's first year?"

Not really. The last confirmed sales numbers for it were from March, 5 months into its life, when they had sold 3.45 million.

It's hard to geta list of 5 month sales figures for older consoles, but according to the following graph, by roughly the same points in time the SNES had sold 3.4 mil, The N64 sold between 2.7 and 3.8 million, the Gamecube had sold about 3 million, and the Wii had sold about 4 million.

People are acting like this is the worst fist year for Nintendo, but it's not true. It's actually right in line with the averages of the other consoles they've released. Considering that the first three of those named consoleds had a lot less competition, I'd say the Wii U is actually doing fine. Especially when you consider how few first party titles have hit it so far.,r:29,s:0,i:172&iact=rc&page=4&tbnh=156&tbnw=324&start=27&ndsp=10&tx=132&ty=97



Marshi said:

@Phantom_R Im from the uk...and to be fair I think your right!Sure most of us here will have wildly diferent tastes in games,but im afraid we are the minority.Most of my gamer mates get so hyped over the "new" fifa or cod and refuse to even sniff original titles like fire emblem or game and wario.
Now quite frankly I couldnt care less if I was the only person in the uk who owns a wiiU as long as I get awesome games like pikmin 3,wonderful 101,splintercell and donkey kong.But we gotta get real here.Originality dosnt sell anymore. Shooting and sequels do.And just to prove my point can someone tell me of one shooter or sequel thats on the wiiu? Exactly



Kirk said:


Well those figures are a total surprise!

So how come the figures are so low compared to every other console that's selling right now?

I mean the figures for the last few months really do look abysmal.

Maybe it just had a much better start than those other consoles but the sales dropped of MUCH faster than usual or something.



Raylax said:

Our economy is in the pooper, and our crazy VAT means that dropping ~£300 on a games console just isn't viable right now. Even for me, and I'm an employed gamer (clarfication: I am not employed as a gamer, thought that would be epic) with relatively low financial responsibilities.



HaNks said:

@CrabGats it is all about the software, especially for us. but remember that nintendo have always dominated the handheld space. they can't afford to make the same type of mistakes in a highly competitive console market, where a stream of HD, online connected titles has become the norm.

as long as they can satisfy the hardcore and break even in the end it'll be fine, but even that's looking like an uphill struggle at this point. a huge fall from the success of the wii.

btw i think people are in for a shock when the 'next-gen' consoles also underperform post-launch. the failing economy (which is still going in the wrong direction, the recovery is bs propaganda) is very real and will be a huge factor in the years to come.



Mario-Man-Child said:

For Nintendo to make such massive mistakes at the level which they operate has to fall at Iwata door.
I hope what is happening will force Nintendo to go back to the drawing board and plan a new strategy and even if Wii U is a total flop, their next console will be something gamers actually want.
Iwata killed the old and great Nintendo and should get out before he totally destroys the greatest games company on the planet.



wombatkidd said:

@Kirk "So how come the figures are so low compared to every other console that's selling right now?"

Nintendo has never really sold that great compared to its competition. In the SNES gen there was really only Nintendo and Sega, and the SNES only barely won despite SEGA shooting themselves in the foot constantly over the console's final 2 years. The N64 was crushed by the Playstation, and we all know how the gamecube went. The Wii was the outlier.

If the past is anything to go by, they'll sell a decent amount of systems and be profitable, but won't win. Which is fine because "winning" doesn't really get you much anyway.



WWammy said:

The Wii U is a fine console just Nintendo's release schedule where they should have been powering out the software they just trundling along and gamers have nothing to play.
I'm content to just play my Wii at the moment I would buy a Wii U and play the with the backwards compatibility but my problem is that it's slightly costly for a console that doesn't have a lot of games on it yet and not even the major Nintendo releases are on it yet.



Mr_Vengeance said:

I'm ordering one tomorrow, having finally worked out a way to pay for one! The thought of not having the requisite hardware to play Pikmin 3, Luigi U and the Wonderful 101 was too much. Getting it with Mario so happy days



Peach64 said:

As people have pointed out, this is not a UK thing, it's happening in every market in the world right now. Nintendo just hasn't put out any games that appeal beyond the most hardcore of Nintendo fans (who quite honestly would probably buy the Wii U even if it had no games at all).

Ni No Kuni, Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us have all been number 1 in the UK chart this year, so there's no problem with consumers taste. Likewise, 3DS games like Luigi's Mansion and Fire Emblem have sold great too.

It should get a boost with Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101 etc, but I don't think that's going to be a big bump at all. Nintendo turned the 3DS around by putting out great games, but we only really saw those 2 years after launch. If it takes them 2 years to put out must have games on Wii U, it will already be too late.



Ristar42 said:

I've never bought a FIFA game, nor would I have the interest to do so (yes, I'm old enough to remember the first versions) . The Wii U is just failing to compete against the current gen HD consoles, which are still recieving support with new releases, and have large, affordable libraries of varied games.
I bought a PS3 as it was cheap and there were a number of games that interested me. I have a Gamecube, Wii, DS and 3DS, but the Wii U just doesnt have a line up of games that interest me enought to buy the console. Having said that, I'm not rushing out to pre-order any of the other 'next gen' consoles either yet!



Windy said:

No plans to purchase a Wii-U. Sorry but the software is seriously lagging. I'm seeing the Frustration of waiting and waiting and waiting again just like Nintendo did with Wii and their be patient campaign. The Wii never did take off with a slew of excellent software just a few good ones here and there and the Wii-U is looking even worse. Things will need to be seriously changed for me to buy Wii-U. I'm not going through it again the way I did with Wii. For me it's 3DS and Xbox 360 atm. That's enough for me. I loved Xenoblade on the Wii but it maynot even be enough to tempt me to Wii-U. The Be Patient Campaign was Old when the Wii was Out guys. Being Patient is out of gas



nickysilks said:

After recently playing the incredible The Last of Us, going back to games like zom ie u and mario u seems like going back in time 10 years- The least played console I have ever opened. If I was a kid and this was the only console I could have for the next 5 years or so, I would be plenty pissed! Bring on ps4!!!!



Kirk said:


Well, to give Nintendo it's due...

The NES, SNES, Wii, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, DS and 3DS all outsold the competitors consoles in their respective generations (well we can assume the 3DS will outsell the PS Vita when this generation comes to an end) and actually by quite a large number in most cases. Even the SNES ultimately sold roughly 10 million more units than the Genesis/Megadrive when the dust settled.

So losing isn't actually all that "normal" for Nintendo's consoles.

I guess if we just look at its home consoles alone then it's 3 wins out of 6 so far. Well 4 out of 6 if you consider the Wii U is CURRENTLY winning (not for very much longer though I assume).

Either way, I don't see the Wii U doing particularly well in this upcoming generation unfortunately, unless Nintendo pulls off some kind of miracle turnaround...



JimLad said:

This is good news as far as I'm concerned.
Nintendo's game output on home consoles for the past 3 years has been dire, and they still haven't shown anything to come that's blown my socks off. Either they've become incredibly incompetent (I doubt) or they're purposely scaling back the quality of their games for whatever reason.
Either way the only thing that will kick them into touch is when they look at these sales numbers and start thinking about making some serious changes.



Justaguest said:

They deserve this and Im sorry for anyone who bought the console. This is good for everyone beacause they may finally learn from their mistakes



Doma said:

”Luckily there's still someone here (albeit few in comparison) that likes real games, and can mainly find them on Nintendo hardware.”




PokeTune said:

@Justaguest You think Nintendo ever learns from their mistakes? Because if they did they would never be in this situation in the first place.



rjejr said:

I guess everybody has the hardware numbers memorized b/c those software sales numbers don't tell me anything w/o the install base. The 3DS sold 5x as many game "units" as the WiiU, but aren't there 5x as many 3DS systems as WiiU systems in the UK? I can't imagine the ratio is any closer than that. Anybody know how many 99c and up iOS and/or Android games were sold over that 6 month period? (Free doesn't count.)

Just a reminder, 3DS launched in March, WiiU in Nov (somebody mentioned this above but can't find it sorry) so sales of units or games are never going to match up. Well maybe 3 years after release, but not 1 or 2.

The 3DS got games AFTER a 30% price drop 6 months after the system launched. The WiiU has already been out 8 months and would need to be roughly $199 Basic and $229 Premium to equal that. I think the WiiU needs a price drop - among other things - but I don't foresee a 1/3 cut. Heck, don't cut it, just keep $299 but make it 32GB Premium w/ NSMBU. Nobody wants 8GB or NintendoLand. Nintendo gave customers a choice, but both options were bad. (In the US, I know MH3 bundle and ZombieU bundle were big elsewhere.)

Still hope for the WiiU, just like the 3DS, but the 3DS wasn't a miracle reversal, it was a lot of effort on Nintendo's part. Anybody see a big WiiU push yet?



MAN1AC said:

Wow at those Wii U numbers. I'm sorry but 1st party games and a price cut won't "save" the console.



unrandomsam said:

There is loads of options they have and that they could do with very little effort to make money should they actually really need to.

eshop - GBA / DS games. (Increase the speed of release if they have to).

There is loads in the back catalog that has never been re-released that is good.

They could even do a total rip off thing for iOS with just NES games at £9.99 and a £100 BT NES controller.

Sony lost 3 billion and MS lost 6 billion on the PS3 and 360 overall (Don't remember whether it was $ or £).

Don't see how losing loads of money can be called a win anyway. (Nintendo could lose all that themselves and still be ok but it doesn't mean it is a good thing to do - I think they have 10 billion spare).



TromaDogg said:

Nintendo really did launch the Wii U at too high a price. It doesn't matter how much each Gamepad costs to manufacture or whatever, all Joe Public sees is a current gen system selling at a much higher price than either Xbox 360 or PS3, and with a much lesser selection of 'must have' games....Xbox 360 has Gears Of War, PS3 has Uncharted for instance. And PS3 is really having a great send off this year with games like Ni No Kuni and The Last Of Us being released.

Nintendo need to bite the bullet and lower the price. That'd be a massive step in the right direction, as there's already been a couple of ahort lived sales spikes when retailers such as Asda have temporarily slashed prices.

Other than that, why the fuss that Wii software is selling more than Wii U? The Wii U is backward compatible. Is it not possible that a chunk of Wii U owners have been buying Wii games they might've missed out on as there's been barely anything in the way of new Wii U games for them to go after?



unrandomsam said:

@MAN1AC Both MS and Sony lost completely by any sane manner of judging things. The only way they managed it is by having other parts of their business to prop it up. Microsoft is not expecting to turn a profit with Xbox as a whole until 2020. They cannot continue hence why they Xbone/PS4 hardware is so cheap and nasty.



MAN1AC said:

If Nintendo is going to be cheap about it and not add things that are expected from consumers or devs(which leads to their hardware flopping, lack of 3rd party support, and a bunch of other things with their last few consoles), then it might be time for them to get out of the console market.

It can't be Wii phenomenon or bust. It also shouldn't take a price cut to make a console appealing. And let's not even talk about this current drought.

I like Nintendo's games but the sooner people stop giving them passes, the sooner Nintendo will get their act together. The Wii U flopping might just be the blessing in disguise they need because its very apparent that they've been coasting and been lackadaisical the last 3-5 years.



GrimSh said:

As a hardcore gamer who grew up with the NES, I've never doubted Nintendo in their ability to make good games, innovate new ideas, and create a solid marketing strategy. But ever since I've bought the Wii U... it seems that my faith in Nintendo is slowly diminishing every single day.

Please don't disappoint your customers Nintendo. A person who invests 400 dollars in a brand-new console system should not be licking his fingers waiting for a new game release every 6 months. Go win some 3rd party support. Go port some more classics to eShop. What happened to you guys???



sonicfan1373 said:


The Wii U's launch line up was fine (if you look at PS4 and Xbox One they are also mostly getting current gen ports with very few next-gen exclusives) also the sales for the first two launch months of the Wii U were quite strong (to the point that Nintendo sold out of their initial batches of consoles almost instantly). However, the drought of titles and Nintendo's (continued) slowness to address the problems are the biggest factors which are causing the Wii U's decrease in momentum.

The system updates, compelling titles coming in 2013 and 2014, decrease in component prices and the weak yen (which will allow Nintendo to more aggressively price the console in the future, of course that is assuming that component prices continue to fall at the same rate and yen remains weak) should all create a better situation for 2014. Of course the change could (and should) come sooner in 2013 if Nintendo decides to cut the price of the Wii U, but I doubt they will do so because they promised their investors that they will do what it takes (rather prematurely) to make 100 billion yen operating income. Nintendo would also be wise to revise the console SKUs and what comes bundled with each system (I recall the holiday 3ds SKUs really helped that system out in 2011 and the Wii 2010 SKUs with additional controllers and games helped the Wii remain on top for 2010).



TingLz said:

Well what can you do within a year? You can't magically make games done in an instant, and even if you did, they probably will be crap.



unrandomsam said:

@MAN1AC Nintendo gave the devs everything they asked for. (Make it like PS3 / 360 / let us sell loads of useless DLC). They are trying to appease 3rd parties who want none of the risk but all the profits. Nintendo should just forget them and take all the profit for themselves. (Price the eshop at the same price as the retail average is at the time. Release the back catalog faster and don't allow multiplatforms on the system at all). That is exactly what the big publishers would do if they were in Nintendo's position. (Probably even more so that they blow it completely).



XyVoX said:

Look im 40 yrs old been a gamer since around 8 yrs old most of my friends are similar aswell now all of my friends including me dont own a Wii U most of the workforces involved with all of us dont own a Wii U why ? simple in discussion everybody sees it as WAY overpriced for what it is, and amongst my closer friends conclusion is: it is a modern console with OLD performance tech Mmmm well similar in performance to PS3/360 etc which are 7 yrs old Mmmm 32gb on board storage Mmm 250-500gb on the other consoles, old looking capacitive, rubbish battery life tablet/joystick which doesn't even allow you to play games at native resolution and the display (not even a 720p panel) very old hat indeed all for more money than a PS3/360 no thats not going to work thats for sure, and yes wee all love Nintendo as our favourite gaming company and yes we all bought most other Nintendo handhelds/consoles close to launch just not the Wii U.



R_Champ said:


True, true. It'd be like saying all American gamers care about is shooters, which is untrue. Both the UK and US have their majorities, but that doesn't mean we should lump everyone into that majority. Most of my friends are PS3/CoD fanboys...doesn't mean I am. Bring on the games for WiiU, then we'll see how things pan out.



CAM290 said:

@unrandomsam This is true and pretty much what Nintendo does every single time. People going on about third party games are in need of a wake-up call. Nintendo has not seen strong third party support since the SNES days. Get with the times people. People buy Nintendo consoles for Nintendo Games! 3DS is a perfect example of how the Wii U will U-turn when the Big N starts dropping the game bombs this holiday season. Pikmin 3 next month is like a warning shot.
These games like "The Last of Us" are great now, but when you look back on it in 10-15 years, think of how corny people will perceive it.



CAM290 said:

what i find rather hilarious is though is that the second Nintnedo does show off that "New Zelda / Starfox / F-Zero & or Metroid" In full HD with the true power of the Wii U in full effect + Gamepad Support people will be overjoyed like kids on christmas. You all know it's going to happen too thats why i wonder how anyone can be so tunnel visioned on these PS4 and Xbone games they have played over and over and over again with little new features added in each yearly update, new features that arn't available when you first buy the game and come in the form of DLC I might add!



thanos316 said:

nintendo just needs to put out games. hey i get that they gotta make money. but pump out some games and people will eat them up. you can't just talk about it. advertising. keep pushing the wii u out there. advertise the hell out of this system. e3 is over. the summer should have been the time when wii u games was coming out. you just can't wait for the fall. you gotta bear fruit now and don't wait.. smh at nintys mistake..



Windy said:

Maybe localising Dragon Quest X for Europe and North America would help a bit. Or games similar with a robust online play style. Oh Reggie said Nintendo had a Robust online service coming. Wait a second! He said that when the Wii came out. Be patient guys its all coming **taps foot**



AyatollaofRock said:

Lets be honest. This is Nintendo's fault for leaving it to 3rd parties to push console sales. Problem is they all got cold feet. Nintendo needed a big title to follow launch and Pikmin is to little to late.

The tablet controller remains under utilised and I don't think Nintendo even know what to do with it.

Perhaps a price drop and a good bundle could help it along.



SkywardCrowbar said:

@Kirk This is certainly something to keep in mind.

My take on what's going on with Wii U right now is this:

I don't know why anyone would have thought that Wii U sales would have increased this spring/summer. Nothing has changed since sales have decreased after January. Until big games come out, most people see reason to pay any attention to Wii U.

I assume that once Pikmin 3 comes out, more hardcore gamers will start looking at Wii U, and once all the big titles this holiday come out, the casual crowd and more gamers in general will get Wii U's.

That said, I believe that something needs to be done to spur sales to be able to compete with the PS4 and XBone during the holiday. I think that the Basic Set should be completely done away with (looks like that is starting to happen) and the deluxe set should be reduced to just $300.

You don't have to win the sales numbers battle to be successful every generation. Just focus on making good games, and selling them and your console at a competitive price, and you'll be profitable.



Cyberbotv2 said:

Woah guys! Relax. This is a slow burn, and Nintendo has been troubled in Europe since the Gamecube( the greatest system ever made). I'm taking the wii u plunge this winter, and I'm sure there will be a lot of folks doing the same...worldwide.



Cyberbotv2 said:

@XyVoX: I don't think Nintendo is looking to market to your demographic. They are looking for kids and families. They want this to be a communal experience. I'm planning to get it at the end of the year so my girlfriend and I can play. And dude, if you think the WiiU is so bad, get a PS4 or Xbox 1.



Legromancer said:

sorry but the Wii U is a flop. I feel really chested by Nintendo, i payed the full price for the ZombiU bunde for a console that is dead in the water.
My Wii u is collecting dust and i dearly hope Nintendo recognizes this and is already starting to plan their next console.
Maybe talk to third parties to guarantee some 3rd pary support? Nintendo games alone doesn't cut it anymore. Nintendo has some of the best talent in the business, but there are MANY ohter great talents in other companies whose work doesn't grace the Wii U. Without my Steam machine my gaming life would be pretty bleak.
That's the harsh reality for me.



sleepinglion said:

I really do think the market will be very different for the Wii U this time next year, but for now, yes... it's rough. I'm the only person I know locally who has one. It's a wonderful system and I'm very glad to have it, but even as a diehard Nintendo fan I can admit the lineup is lacking. Even if you look to nothing but franchise releases of 1st party titles, the pickings be slim.

The eShop is a blast, but it could use a nice injection of exciting VC releases to get the fanbase jazzed. There's really no good reason why we can't see some N64 or Gamecube releases via this service. It's the year of Luigi, how about kicking things off with 'Luigi's Mansion' for 9.99? Lowering the NES game price to 3.99 and SNES to 4.99 would be a nice touch as well. If we're already at 8 or 9 bucks a SNES title I shudder to think what a Gamecube release would run us. Some solid VC support would be a very nice way to appease fans like me. I have these titles on my Wii and 3DS VCs already, Nintendo =P

If there were a Zelda, StarFox, Metroid, F-Zero, Kid Icarus... something like that around, the release may have gone a lot smoother. It's the software that's hurting the Wii U, not the hardware. When your install base are fans of Nintendo franchises it's a good idea to reward them with something more than another 'New' SMB title.



XyVoX said:

@Cyberbotv2 i never said the console is bad i just meant it doesn't represent value for money let alone Good value for money, and yes ive owned pretty much all consoles for that current generation for decades now (have to in order to play exclusive specific titles) and as for demographic sales figures alone tell the story that most demographics aint buying into it, let alone a workforce of over 300 people between us and know one owns a Wii U, quite telling i think. When it reaches better value either a price drop or a much better bundle then ill make a purchase as ive already got my eye on some Retail & Wii U eShop games i'd like to get.



wombatkidd said:

@Legromancer The Zombii U bundle came out after these sales figures were known, and you could have easily looked to see what was on the console when you bought it. If you really feel that way and aren't just trolling, you have no one to blame but yourself.



SkywardCrowbar said:

There are two groups of people that are really irritating me right now. They're on opposite ends of the spectrum:

1. The "OMG, Wii U doesn't have enough shooters and is having a rough time right therefore Nintendo is doomed and if you think they can get out of the predicament they're in, then you're delusional."

2. Nintendo is fine! I'll ignore all the bad reports because I love Nintendo!

There's a lot more of the 1st kind than the 2nd, but both are aggravating.

Yes, Nintendo has made a bunch of mistakes so far with the Wii U. Does that mean that it's dead? Not at all. Let Nintendo adjust and bring out their big games, THEN pass judgment on the console.



FineLerv said:

@Cyberbotv2 "They are looking for kids and families. They want this to be a communal experience. I'm planning to get it at the end of the year so my girlfriend and I can play."

Don't forget drunken Wii U parties. I'm having my first one this weekend. They'll always be the best thing about owning a Nintendo console!



Jaydenn said:

I don't why people are doom-mongering about the Wii U?! Games are coming.. Wonderful 101, Pikmin, Sonic, Mario 3D World, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Smash, Bayonetta, Wind Waker, SMTxFE, X *, including backwards compatibility with games such as Skyward Sword, the Galaxy games, Xenoblade for people who may not have played them first time around... Either the anonymity of the internet is showing, people are being outrageously short-sighted or I'm missing something big. I see no reason as to why Nintendo should give up on the Wii U.

Edit: *Not forgetting the apparent unannounced games coming out next year, according to Iwata,



Kirk said:


Yeah, I totally agree.

To start with, Nintendo should def get rid of the basic bundle, drop the price of the Deluxe bundle (by at LEAST $50 imo) and start getting those big franchise AAA games out now, like you said.

The overall sales numbers aren't the real battle here but making sure your console is successful enough and has at least sold enough units that it's fully embraced and supported by third parties, so ultimately gamers and your consumers get the console and games they deserve is very important.

I mean I don't REALLY care that the NES sold more units than the Master System or that the SNES sold more units that the Genesis/Megadrive, although it's good ammo for the timeless console wars debate, but I do care that I can look back on those console and say with absolute conviction that they were amazing experiences in every single way possible.

I just want to be able to say the same about Wii U by the time the generation comes to an end.



Windy said:

@Kirk The whole Enchalada comes down to Games. The Games Stink on Wii at the moment. Sure there are a few good ones but that's not enough. Nintendo asked everyone to be Patient a couple months back. They did the same thing with Wii. The Wii may have had good sales in the last Gen but the truth of the matter is that they lost in regards to who had the best games. Most Wii games Stink with a few good ones here and there. I don't trust them anymore. I really want to buy a Wii-U but i'm not doing that until they can show me the games. I'm not spending my hard earned cash on a promise of Be patient the games are coming. That's like the check is in the mail.


oh btw I love my 3DS! Best system of all time! They are Showing me the games on the 3DS. Why cant they do the same for Wii-U? When I see anymore threads like this one im just going to yell. "Show me the Games." it really is simple



element187 said:

"That said, the GameCube was a commercial failure "

@SyntheticPerson No it wasn't... the definition of a commercial failure is no profit whats so ever or in other words commercial failure is implying all the money invested was never recouped. Nintendo profited handsomely off of the system quite a bit.. It may have been a disappointment because Nintendo wanted to win the generation, but it in no way shape or form lost any money on the product.... If Ninty had the same strategy as Sony did of using a loss leader approach it would have been a commercial failure, but Nintendo's strategy of selling the hardware at or near cost keeps them in the black no matter how many or how little systems they sell.



element187 said:

@gigoloaunt7 Whats the lineup for launch day with xBone? Halo wont be there.. The only exclusive that will be there is Forza.

So exactly what is this launch lineup you speak of? Nintendo has the most exclusives coming. You should probably back up your statements with facts or at least do your homework before embarrassing yourself.



Caryslan said:

@rmeyer The UK is the third largest market in the world and the largest market in Europe. There is nothing tiny about that market and its growing as time goes on. They are far from being a tiny market that has no barring on what happens for gaming.

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