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Satoru Iwata's Mii Respectfully Asks To Infiltrate Your 3DS

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo boss is available via SpotPass

If you've switched on your 3DS today, you'll have noticed a special visitor in your Mii Plaza — Nintendo's very own Satoru Iwata.

Clad in a green Luigi cap, Iwata kindly reminds you of the date of the next Nintendo Direct, before informing you that his most-played 3DS game is Luigi's Mansion 2. He clearly has good taste!

He's also got every single puzzle piece, which makes us insanely jealous.

Have you welcomed Iwata into your life yet?

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Whopper744 said:

He randomly showed up late last night. I was thankful I finally was able to get one more pink puzzle piece since I need like 30 more



Zach777 said:

Only need one Animal Crossing pink piece and all Dillon pink pieces now!!!



AlternateButtons said:

....Ya know, I've NEVER completed a puzzle. I don't streetpass enough and the randomly generated pieces yo get from spending play coins often ends up in repeats. What happens if you complete a puzzle? anything special?



MagicBox said:

I managed to get every single puzzle piece EXCEPT ONE at the Zelda "Symphony of the Goddesses" Concert last night, but thanks to this little visit from Iwata, I now have them all. Whoo!



bahooney said:

@Guitardude7 A really cool animation of sorts in eye-popping 3D! they're really quite neat. I love filling out my puzzles, and they seem to take advantage of the 3D more heavily than actual games in recent memory.



bezerker99 said:

Yes! Iwata gave me the last pink piece I needed to complete this!!!

Thank you, Iwata-san. /me bows in respect.



SilentHunter382 said:

Ya I noticed this eariler. I wasn't sure if he was waiting at the entrance starving for weeks and I never noticed. XD



NintyMan said:

I haven't seen him yet, but I know Reggie infiltrated my Wii U. With the launch of the E3 Miiverse community and the steady trickle of information leaking out, you know E3 is right around the corner.



RedYoshi999 said:

It's actually really hard to choose a piece I wanted. I could've gone for the last regular piece in the DKCR puzzle that's been evading me for months, I could've gone for a piece of a NEW puzzle I don't have yet (one of the ones from before the pink piece's invention) but I eventually settled with a pink piece in my Super Mario 3D Land puzzle (only 3 more to completion!) as I just can't pass up opportunities for pink pieces.



Megumi said:

Yeah, Nintendo needs to do this more often so I can finish these puzzle panels. T.T



theperson said:

maybe we'll get an Iwata in every colour after the first, blue, then this, green one, do we keep the blue one aswell?



hYdeks said:

Ya, I got the tag last night. He helped me get through a couple more dungeon levels, and get a new puzzle peice. Thanks Iwata!



Mk_II said:

The first Iwata - with blue shirt - is always my preferred "gun for hire" in Streetpass Quest II. Together with my own Mii - i've use another 3DS to generate Streetpass hits - he forms a mean level 13 team.



rjejr said:

@bezerker99 - Thanks for the jpg. We've had 3 3DS in my house for over a year now and I don't think anybody has ever completed a puzzle.



Handy_Man said:

I just got him a couple hours ago on my 3DS and my 3DS XL. I got two pink pieces for Dillon's Rolling Western from him, and I've just communicated with six other friends of mine and told them which pink piece they should get. Eventually, I'll have it completed, and all 24 puzzles will be complete once again! (I only need the pink pieces for Dillon's Rolling Western. I already got the pink pieces for everything else, including the recently released Animal Crossing: New Leaf puzzle.)

@MagicBox Did you get to see Chuggaaconroy?



Nardar said:

I haven't received him yet. I have had my 3DS on at least an hour today.



BrightBeing said:

So that's what was blinking on my 3DSXL this morning! I didn't have time to meet Iwata-san at my gate, but I'll let him in when I get home! (As a side note, as I was reading the title to this article, I was terrified they were going to use the word "penetrate")



Giygas_95 said:

Ugh...I really wish I could finish all the puzzles with pink pieces...I hardly ever get any streetpasses, and as of now I've only gotten two pink pieces. I wish you could pay extra coins to get pink pieces since I doubt I'll ever finish any of the ones with those. I really want to finish The Last Ranger's panel.

@Luigifan141 Wait, how did you get two pink pieces from him? I just got one.



iphys said:

Thanks to Iwata and multiple systems, I now have every single puzzle piece, mwa ha ha.



Sakura said:

What!! You go him in America too? But you've already had more special miis than the EU! This is only the second one released for us. I hope we get to catch up. Reaching the 10 special miis accomplishment is going to take 15 years at this rate!



DerpSandwich said:

@Guitardude7 Me neither! And the fact that the pieces are random makes me not even bother! I just spend all my coins on Find Mii. They should change that, or at least make the chances of repeats much lower.



Giygas_95 said:

@DerpSandwich That's another thing...It seems like it gives you repeats on purpose. I have hundreds of pieces to get yet most of the time I get a repeat. -__-



bluewolf85 said:

I got him in early morning.... that's awesome!!! I can't waiting it see news on E3!!!



6ch6ris6 said:

wow iwata almost killed 3 enemies in that rpg game.
and he gave a really important puzzlepiece^^



Phantom_R said:

...Iwata dropped by my Plaza and decided he didn't feel like fighting monsters. Oh, and he didn't even bring his puzzle pieces. What gives, huh? This happens to me way too often--I streetpass someone and don't get their Plaza data!



Handy_Man said:

@Five-seveN I said in my comment that I have both a 3DS and a 3DS XL. I got one pink piece for each of them, therefore I got two pink pieces overall.



earthboundlink said:

@bahooney My favorite is the Star Fox 64 one. You can turn it just right so that the laser seems to shoot out of the screen at your eyes. Gets me every time.



PinkSpider said:

I really wish they would give you the option to use play coins to buy pink puzzle pieces they are a mission to get.



LavaTwilight said:

@PinkSpider The reason why they're pink is so that you can't pay for them. Kinda annoying I know but there you go. I needed a load of pink pieces but I was at the MCM Comicon Expo in London a couple of weekends back and now I've nearly completed every puzzle piece! GO ME!



LavaTwilight said:

So I got Iwata today too But this is my first special Mii. Has anyone met '10 special Mii's' yet? How are we supposed to get them? Is SpotPass the only way so do we have to just, like, wait for them to turn up?



tripunktoj said:

He arrived yesterday to my 3DS, but no matter how many times I reset my router, turn on and off my 3DS XL, the wireless switch or check spotpass functionality on Settings, Miiplaza, Swapnote and even Nintendo video, he just wont show up on my 3DS XL! I didn't have this issue with past Spotpass Tags, any idea on whats happening?



Urbanhispanic said:

Yeah it was a surprise to see his Mii show up this morning. I need to collect more Animal Crossing and Dillon pieces.



sinalefa said:

Thanks for the info. I just got my Iwata, and his puzzle piece. I have a ton of these puzzles and most of them with all pieces missing. It is cheap that you spend play coins for repeated pieces, so I never bother.



SuperCharlie78 said:

"He's also got every single puzzle piece, which makes us insanely jealous."

haha, I got jealous indeed!



EarthboundBenjy said:

Iwata let me get the last of the pink pieces for Fire Emblem's puzzle. Now I just need to waste enough play coins to complete it.



shinesprite said:

I met Iwata last night around 10:00 PM (a little over 24 hours ago), to which I happily snatched a pink Rhythm Heaven piece. Sigh. Only one more to go for that board. (I've completed about half of them).

I just wish I came across more people who actually took their 3DS out with them; I mean, that IS the main draw between hand-helds and consoles (am I right?).



Capt_N said:

@DerpSandwich: For me, I StreetPass every so often. Not frequently, & almost not just often either. Since I've owned my 3ds, I've SP'd, if I were to gauge how often I do, I would rank in at about (low, medium, high) the higher end of "low" to a middle, or high end of "medium". Just imagine each has 3 levels to them. That's what I mean. & interestingly, that is a modern gauging. I used to get barely any. I just recently, a week, or 2 ago, discovered that one once-almost-certain SP became a definite/absolutely-certain SP. This is b/c this particular SP I kept getting was from a 3ds kiosk in a Target I frequent. I had prior thought it was someone that went to this target, as frequently as I did. But I've also SP a good handful of real ppl, too. I actually came across a girl from Puerto Rico in my local Target. She likes Monster High Skull-skating, or whatever it's called. Skultimate Roller-blading, I think?

Point is, I carry my 3ds everywhere w/ me. Those pink pieces are worse than elusive. Ok, not that bad, but, like Melee trophies, there needs to be alternate ways to get them. I was, months ago, reading Nintendo Power in the store, & they suggested using Play coins mainly for Find Mii, & its sequel.

I also re-use my high-lvl heros in Find MII 2, by constantly bring them back. Those extra Play Coins spent on that are worth it.

Nintendo does need to make it easier to SP though.



Dolphinsquared said:

As far as I know, StreetPasses can come and go as fast as between a car driving on the road (at slow speeds) and a pedestrian walking along the pavement. I have situations like that in my area.

The whole point of StreetPass is, go out there, meet new friends, and play together. Nintendo by far is one of the best, if not the best, companies that brings people together, not just at home, but also anywhere outdoors.



DerpSandwich said:

@Capt_N I got my 3DS last May, and since then I think I've gotten around 30 tags. Hopefully over the years it will increase, though. 30 million units sold and counting!



Luffymcduck said:

You get an animation. Only the Kirby 20th anniversary is worth getting really. I wish you could get something like minigames for completing puzzles, that would be more exciting.



Mitch0712 said:

I got him this morning but added him to my Mii Maker plaza before getting a puzzle piece. I can't get a puzzle piece now



Mordresh said:

It's a nice touch to communicate the upcoming Nintendo Direct. Great to have him on my system and the puzzle piece was very welcome. They should do this more often



SBOY said:

Nothings so far for me... :-/ Since the reparation that Nitendo did I've lost all my streetpass and miiplaza stuff so I want him so bad... Is it normal that I didn't get him up to now... ?



blueeaglewombat said:

It's always fun when Nintendo employee Mii's show up. How cool would it be to walk through the Nintendo TreeHouse with your 3DS for a day? Imagine all the Streetpass hits you'd pick up.



dartmonkey said:

Great! Now I've got Iwata back fighting rather than lingering as an invite only because I was an idiot and sent Blue Iwata to Mii Maker and back. Damn I want Shigsy though. And Aunoma-san when Zelda comes out?



WindWakerLink said:

Got him! I already completed the Find Mii II completely... even that secret room with that annoying Black Reaper dude..."so annoying...!!!" Now, it's just puzzle collecting. Yea.

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