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Talking Point: The Wii U's Identity Crisis

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Muddled messages aren't helping matters

Let's start this with some clear points, to head-off accusations before they're made. No, we don't think Nintendo is doomed and no, we don't think the Wii U is doomed. While critical of some aspects of the Wii U since release, in general we've maintained a line that the system cannot be judged yet, and that until Nintendo plays its full hand with initiatives and the upcoming library of games in the next 12 months, we'll have little idea about its prospects. Let's not forget that the 3DS was doomed once upon a time, and that's now surrounded by happier vibes and some rather decent sales figures. The coming year is going to bring a lot of twists and turns which will do much to lay out the Wii U's road map to success or disappointment; we're only at the beginning.

So, there's that. Onto the point at hand, though, this talking point has ultimately been triggered as a response to the latest Wii U adverts to come out of Nintendo of America. In truth we gave them a miss in the news cycle as, ultimately, they're rather forgettable and cringe-worthy, at least in our opinion; they just weren't a priority. There's arguably a decent message emphasizing that families are upgrading to Wii U — a welcome attempt to clarify that this is a step up from Wii and not an extention of the old hardware — but the execution is problematic. First of all, below are all three (largely similar) trailers.

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Accusations that these adverts are rather cheesy and, well, a bit naff are entirely subjective, and we have little doubt that Nintendo has teams of marketing and focus group specialists suggesting that these three adverts can target an audience successfully. The Wii had a significant audience with families, and so this is a direct attempt to address that.

But let's talk about what these adverts ultimately fail to address, and which have been common complaints of Wii U's marketing to date. It shows little of what the system can do in the living room, not least under-selling the GamePad. The new controller is merely a side-presence; we briefly see someone customising a Mii or tapping the screen, and its motion controls make a cameo but, so what? The Wii Remote has motion controls and we've had the DS for many years, so nothing that new there. It's arguably a step back from the launch trailers in the US and UK, below — the latter of which was banned for insufficient messaging on off-TV play restrictions — which at least showed what the GamePad could do in more meaningful ways in games.

US launch trailer:

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UK launch trailer:

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Now, there's a lot more to Wii U's current below-expectations momentum than the odd advertising misstep, but we feel that all of these commercials, especially the most recent at the top of the article, indicate just why there's consumer confusion that leads some to still genuinely not quite realise there's a new Nintendo system on the market. None of the adverts show any of the following features that are either new or vastly improved over its Wii predecessor:

  • Miiverse - social networks are a big deal in modern life, so is this being highlighted enough as a Nintendo gamer's social network?
  • The Wii U eShop - a huge improvement over the Wii Shop, with retail downloads, regular promotions and more.
  • Multi-tasking - The Wii U allows you to pause a game, jump into the (excellent) web browser for a quick search, or perhaps into Miiverse to post a screenshot or comment.
  • Greater accessibility and power with TV streaming (TV and GamePad) and YouTube apps.

None of these, with the arguable exception of Miiverse, are anything beyond what existing rival systems deliver, but they're a step up from the creaky equivalents (if they existed) on the ageing Wii. These are all features that we know about, as enthusiasts and regular Nintendo Direct viewers here on Nintendo Life, but what about the general public? These may be comments easily shrugged off as armchair criticism, but there does seem to be an awareness issue around the Wii U being a notable step up from its predecessors. Showing people playing a load of games with a new controller has the potential, to plenty of consumers out there, to look like a mere expansion of the system they already have. The upgrade message in the new adverts helps, but as we've already argued achieves little else.

There are wider identity issues that can also be highlighted, even if we feel the arguments against the Wii U's branding are slightly less black and white in this case. The name can cause confusion, while it could be said that the hardware is even too similar to the Wii — it's basically longer with a curvier body, but does look quite similar. This can be countered with the evidence of the 3DS, which had a similarly familiar name to its predecessor and a clam-shell form factor to match; it can be argued these are actually strengths, encouraging brand familiarity and trust.

As we've highlighted before, the fate of the Wii U will likely come down to some key areas; games, price, developer support, games and more — we deliberately mentioned games twice. There's a valid debate to also be had with the branding and appearance of the system being so familiar to Wii, with both sides having reasonable arguments to share. It's in terms of communicating what Wii U is, however — with a focus on its true identity beyond its name and outer shell — where we'd make the case for a change of direction. With 3DS right now its marketing is all about games because, truthfully, its a gaming handheld right through to its graphics chips. It has an eShop, a web browser and the occasional app, but it's really about a DS-style gaming experience with some 3D and greater power thrown in, and considering the poor form of the PlayStation Vita and its reasonable pricing in comparison, it can play that angle. Perhaps future Miiverse integration will mix that up a little bit but, still, its offering is almost all about just playing games.

The Wii U, however, is trying to convince gamers of all types — because we've heard comments of its hardcore credentials from senior figures such as Reggie Fils-Aime — that not only is it a major step up from the Wii, but also a different proposition to the Xbox 360, PS3 and, eventually, PS4 and the new Xbox; it's supposed to be central to the living room, let's not forget. Games will in all likelihood play the most significant role, but Nintendo has other weapons in its armoury with the multi-functionality of the GamePad and the multi-tasking the system offers. The Wii got by with motion controls, killer franchises and software, and perhaps Wii U will do the same, but perhaps gamers need to see that new software, a touch screen and pretty graphics aren't the only differences between the two systems.

Do you think the general public understands that Wii U is a brand new console, and do you think the advertising messaging has made that clear?

Let us know in the poll and comments below.

Has Nintendo done enough to spread the word about Wii U as a brand new console from Wii? (382 votes)

I think most people know it's a new console


The adverts explain it well, but they've not been on TV or visible enough


There's clearly confusion in the general public, so no


I'm not sure


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What do you think of the Wii U messaging (in mainstream advertising) so far? (349 votes)

I think it's covering the features of the system well


Nintendo Direct broadcasts have been useful, but general adverts haven't covered enough


The ads have focused on games a lot, and that's fine by me


I don't agree that Wii U marketing is too focused on games, other features have been advertised


I don't think the messaging has been well balanced


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Whopper744 said:

This system really can be the system for people wanting to play COD, people want to play Zelda (like me), and people who want to play fitness games. In other words, pretty much everybody. I think the advertising is focusing more on what is considered to be 'casual' or 'kiddie' even. Not that I agree with those terms much. I'm someone who thinks Mario can make you a hardcore gamer (give lost worlds a shot there buddy), not COD.



Link41x said:

I agree, Wii U has something for everyone. I enjoy a nice mix of games, but mostly Nintendo franchises. I think Wii U is going to pick up soon



Shiryu said:

It's just too soon. I for one have no complaints or confusion, I've been enjoying the Wii U from day minus 1 and had no complaints so far. But please note I don't really watch Television for the past decade or so, so I was not exposed to the ad campaigns running here in Portugal (same ads as in UK as far as I know). The web and "Nintendo Direct(ly)" always answered my questions.



SilentHunter382 said:

I have friends who think its just a add on for the Wii and after showing them its a new console they are in baffled that Nintendo are hardly showing any ads showing off thats its a new console while the 3DS has ads are all over the place.

The problem is that once the games start being released by Nintendo they will start showing Wii U ads I fell that they will just show off silly people/Celebs having fun instead of showing off the games for the system in full.

If they want the core gamers back (which they didn't really care for with the Wii) then they just need too show the games and what features the Gamepad does for that game (even if it is multiplat).



SCAR said:

I didn't think the advertisements were bad. I just bought it because I knew it would be better than Xbox 360 and PS3. Plus, the controller can be used for more than just games at your home.
Nintendo is giving legitimate reasons to own a Wii U, and it's family oriented. That doesn't mean every advertisement will be like that, but they understand a family involves kids and adults. You have to be able to appeal to people young and old.
I think Nintendo has their identy, and it's for families. What is wrong with that?
They brought the family image to a more powerful console.



AMR said:

I might be alone in this but I quite liked the adverts, they are OBVIOUSLY not designed for the likes of you and me but suit the "family" market perfectly. We need to realise that Nintendo are a family friendly company so adverts like these are a necessity. Do you really think Mum and Dad would pick up a WiiU for the family home on the back of ZombiU/Monster Hunter/Ninja Gaiden? That being said, once the kids have gone to bed you know Dad will be busting out some Monster Hunter IMO that's what makes the WiiU the perfect home console.



Whopper744 said:

oo by the way. Tried out baseball (I'm a big Reds fan) on the TVii thing last night, and it was awesome. Another good selling point they need to use in adverts IMO



Link41x said:

@SCAR392 But their whole mantra with Wii U is that they were trying to attract the "hardcore" audience, not appeal to families. And yet they continue to advertise it like a family system.



Wilford111 said:

I don't know where I stand on the subject either way, whether Wii U should be advertised as a hardcore system or a family friendly system. The way I see it, the hardcore nintendo fans are either waiting for more Nintendo games to come out for it, or already own one. So now the advertisements are for the parents and family type people.



Blaze said:

@SCAR392 At this moment in time especially, the Wii U is nowhere near as good as the PS360. It can't even get developer support for their ports - what about when next gen rolls around?

and yeah, Wii U needs to either find a new demographic to target or Nintendo need to give it individuality from the Wii, since so many are considering it to be some sort of Wii add-on or peripheral.



herzausstein said:

The way i see it....

Nintendo is advertising to families that may not of heard of the Wii U and don't really know the difference between the Wii and Wii U. They are doing this because they don't keep up with what games are coming out. They know that the gamer crowd that will only be persuaded by gaming are paying attention outside of commercials. That's the reason for the Nintendo Directs and what i'm hoping will be a big E3. I think it's a smart tactic.



Mizzah_Tee said:

This is silly. Wii U's biggest marketing problem is Wii U games. Looking at the current games list there is not much reason to pay $300-350 for games that you can get on your current console. When Wii U gets games that say "I need to get this console to play that," the system will sell. I have a Wii U with 15 retail games and 9 digital. But I'm a hardcore Nintendo fan who sold his PS3 and threw out his RROD (for the 3rd time) Xbox 360. Wii U needs Mario Kart, 3D Mario, and yes Wind Waker HD. Then you'll see it selling well.

When something isn't doing well, it's easy to take a magnifying glass and point out silly, unimportant "issues" and make them "definately the problem." The best way to market your system is not with niche features or gimmicky advertising. You do it with must have games, and if you own a PS360, Wii U doesn't have those... YET!



Kirbybrawl said:

there not going to promote it because there only two games are nsmbu and nintendoland. commercials on tv are really expensive and they know games like mario kart will have people buy it so theyll promote it then.



ivanmata said:

I guess we can narrow everything down to two problems: game drought and bad advertising.



kereke12 said:

People need to stop worrying, Nintendo will pick up. Look at 3ds its starting to pick up........So im not worried about it.



Giygas_95 said:

@ThomasBW84 Once again, very good article.

I can't really comment on their TV ads because I don't watch any TV, but I know based on what others have said that they're not advertising the Wii U enough. In regards to those first three adverts though, I don't think they emphasized the Wii U's new features strongly enough. The US and UK launch trailers were okay I think, but there needs to be a lot more advertising. A little off topic, I think it's a bit silly that they banned the UK launch trailer because of misinformation. To me, the ad didn't look like it was stating that you could use off-TV play for everything. And if you're a responsible shopper, you'll research what you're looking at before buying it. I also think that they should have chosen a name that dropped the "Wii" so people wouldn't get it confused with the original Wii. Still, @ivanmata summed it up pretty well.



Nintenjoe64 said:

They are only making their usual mistake of silence. It pays off once in a while but most of the time it makes them look weak to the average gamer. My 12y/o nephew thought it was an add on and took some convincing that it could have more processing power than his PS3. Even respected figures in the industry have missed the point of so many of its features because Nintendo want the games to do the talking.

I'm sure they have a grand plan for some celebrity endorsed marketing when they have some games for it. The Beckham family playing Nintendoland and Mario Kart or something.

When's this update happening?



AltDotNerd said:

I know for a fact that people are confused about the Wii U. They still think that the gamepad is the entire system itself, and others think it just plays Wii games with a touch screen option.



gaby_gabito said:

A lot of gamers think I'm talking about the Wii when I bring up Wii U. I think the naming, along with lack of commercials on television and online are hurting the system, unfortunately.



Nintenjoe64 said:

another mistake they are making is having their facebook pages constantly selling 3DS stuff and only given the odd mention of a Wii U game. They also shared an 'Edge Magazine preview of their summer Wii U lineup' which was not a particularly positive article which I thought was pretty stupid.



SCAR said:

What if the 'hardcore' gamers are family oriented?

I was talking about the console being better altogether, not just game support.

Anyone who seriously thinks Wii U is a Wii, when they buy it, are in for a surprise when they see it actually isn't a Wii. Besides the price point, there are way too many things that point to it being a new console.
Nintendo is doing the right thing, just hold your horses people.



Ryno said:

Ads on TV are not going to sell systems. I have never seen a TV ad for the 3DS and it is selling well not because of TV ads but because of a reasonable pricepoint and games.



Ryno said:

People act like they have never been through a console launch before.



sonicfan1373 said:

The 3DS had the same problem (many believed it was a system meant to play DS games in 3D). Nintendo addressed the problem with the 3DS when they re-advertised the system after they had more games and dropped the price.

Nintendo will re-advertise the Wii U between late summer to early fall after a small price drop and when more software (as well as announced software) is ready. There is no point in advertising a console that does not currently have all of its features or many games, which is why they will wait until they have more games and more features so that when they do a slight price drop and re-advertising they can sustain momentum.

This is how I see it:

June: Nintendo announces new games and features at E3 for Wii U. Hype starts to build.

August: Nintendo and key third parties release titles for the console which brings the systems title library to an acceptable level (at least acceptable for system in its first year). By this point (maybe earlier) the summer Wii U update will be ready brining more features and stability to the Wii U's System Software

September-October: Nintendo will shave $50-$70 off the Wii U's price (this step is optional because Nintendo could opt to sell fewer consoles but make a profit, but this short-term profit runs the risk of the Wii U not getting enough momentum). Nintendo will announce new Wii U bundles. They will launch a new set of ads.

October - December: Nintendo and third-parties will release a slew of key software for the all important Holiday season which will sustain momentum for the holiday period. Beyond the holidays it is Nintendo's responsibility to ensure that momentum continues to hold.

-Nintendo prematurely makes a price cut before games and features are ready and/or re-advertises the system too soon hence failing to keep up sales momentum (unlikely)
-More third-party cancelations will occur (possible)
-Nintendo delays key software for the holiday shopping season (Fall - Winter) (unlikely)
-Nintendo does not make the slight price cut (possible)
-Other next-gen systems will be priced between ($250-$350) (unlikely)
-Other next-gen systems will offer something completely different that will quickly capture the minds of the casual market (I cannot predict this one)
-Nintendo gets a premature management change (unlikely but edging towards possibility in 2013. I expect that Iwata will leave by early 2014 because his 100 Billion Yen operating income commitment is unrealistic for a company that is going through a generational transition; Iwata's operating income targets might also prevent him from making a price cut which might be good for short-term profits but not good for the Wii U in the long-term.



drunkenmaster76 said:

Everyone should start calling it the Wii Ultimate that's what i tell people its called and then explain that its like what they did with the nes and then they released the snes.



ICHIkatakuri said:

I posted this exact topic in response to the new adverts on Wii U Daily a couple of days ago. I think it's mainly the games but knowledge of the system would have helped it through crucial buying times like Christmas and Easter holidays. Nintendo said they were going to try and get the hardcore back, so for those of us who play games are on sites like this and watch Nintendo Directs and Nintendo have probably done a good enough job, with as much as they felt they could show us. There will be so many Nintendo Fans who just stuck to handhelds after they were left holding their c**ks most of the year instead of playing new Wii games, and until they see new Nintendo games, they want, that once loyal group is not going to take the plunge. Especially with other new consoles on the horizon and 3rd party support for Nintendo once again under such scrutiny. e3 this year could stop all the headlines of doom and gloom forever, and I'm hoping Nintendo blows everyone away.



HeatBombastic said:

@Blaze On a technical side, it is better than PS360 in terms of power. I wouldn't say it's a better choice unless you're a Nintendo fan waiting for new games. BTW games don't decide on whether a system is good or not. Games decide on whether your game library is good or not, and that is where PS360 succeeds because they're old.



gohanrage said:

Living in Canada I must say that I Never ever see Video game Commercials. I usually stick with the same shows and same channels every week and don't see any video games advertised. What are others watching on TV when they see game Commercials?



BossBattles said:

I agree that the commercials and overall presentation of the product has been absolutely horrendous.

Nintendo needs a different angle. Stop the cheese!!!!
Show what it does, mention HD, show examples of nice visuals, not just goofy fake families playing minigames.

Can't use the same approach they did with Wii.

Look how much the kevin butler commercials turned it around for the perception of PS3....nintendo needs a sense of humor, not fake hardcore and not fake family crap.



FritzFrapp said:

I've only ever seen one advert on UK tv for Wii U and that was for ZombiU at launch. My missus watches a lot of tv and says she has never seen an ad for the console on ITV or Channel 4 or 5.
It's nearly six months since launch! What the hell are the new Nintendo UK staff doing? The Wii and DS used to be on nearly every advert break at their peaks.
Drop the software prices and advertise the ruddy thing.



Peach64 said:

@SCAR392 I think you're missing the point people are trying to make. Nobody is buying a Wii U and thinking it's a Wii. The problem is, a lot of people, even gamers, don't realise this is a new console. They think it's an add on for the Wii. Nintendo made the same mistake with the 3DS, as for a long time people thought it was just another iteration like the DSi.

Nintendo's marketing didn't make the Wii a success. What made it a success was you showed someone playing it, and everyone got it. Everyone from non-gamers to hardcore games instantly thought of games they'd like to play on that console. You can't really convince people about the Wii U the same way.

In making the Wii a success, Nintendo also turned it's back on a lot of it's longest serving fans. It provided a handful of gems like the Galaxy games, but they put more focus into attracting the casual fan. It worked, they attracted them in huge numbers... but the problem is that while those long time Nintendo fans would keep coming back to buy console after console, the casual fans don't. They move onto the next thing.



Incognito_D said:

all I see for WiiU is ports of games which have been out for months on other consoles. That's the main problem for me. Plus, there aren't any killer first-party titles that warrant buying the hardware yet, in my opinion.



rjejr said:

Oh god I'm gonna say it again, I can't help myself...

After making myself watch those videos - awful terrible things that they were - here's what I take away:

2ND video, middle aged white guy looking very much like a gamer, says he needed to try it to like - SO WHY AREN'T THERE ANY PLAYABLE DEMOS ON THE KIOSKS!?!?

I was in Target yesterday and much to my surprise 2 women stopped at the WiiU kiosk. They were there for a few seconds, started up a video, and walked away. Nintendo keeps saying that people need to play this to want it but Nintendo won't let them. Forget tv commercials, get playable demos on the kiosks.

I think people are aware of the WiiU, but they don't need to spend the money on it right now. There isn't a "must buy" game. Not saying there aren't good games, but there's no WOW!! Not NSMBU - played a lot of those already; not ZombieU - zombies in a FPS how original; not NintendoLand - another minigame collection, more than enough of those on Wii to pass the time; not a lot of ports from other systems. If I'm spending $300 I want something new or to be blown away, there just isn't.

Way back I thought Nintendo would market this as a Wii update w/ tic tac toe and hangman online w/ WiiUchat or whatever so grandparents could play w/ their grandkids. I bet 90% of people don't even realize this thing has videochat. Or market Mario Universe in HD, that would blow peoples minds. They couldn't even bother to make a game worthy of being in HD. Why make an HD system if you aren't going to make a photorealistic game? Why get people hooked on Wii Sports and then throw a tablet at people?

They can have all the commercials they want, they got nothing to advertise right now. I'm still buying it or Pikmin 3 though.



biglittlejake said:

The Wii U will most likely pick up. Tell you the truth I do not think I have seen an ad on tv for the Wii U and I watch Cartoon Network some, mostly Boomerang, but Boomerang gets all the Cartoon Network Ad's so no I have not seen the ad's except online. The 3Ds does get quite a bit of coverage though, I think Nintendo should put out some more Ad's.



SCAR said:

Sooo, the next thing is Wii U?
I don't really ever get the complaints on here. There are a reasonable ammount of games for a launch, the controller does more stuff for games and potentially apps, the actual components improve everything tremendously compared to Wii, you can plug in an ext. HDD, etc.
Why hasn't anyone been giving Apple crap for the past 3 years, then? iPad 1 is basically just as good as 4 because they never even utilize the new hardware. What people are complaining about now as Wii to Wii U is exactly what Apple has been doing for years(EDIT: To a larger extent I should add). iPhone 1-5/iPad 1-4 basically all have the same software, but people still buy the hell out of that.



Gregor said:

Whenever I tell someone have a Wii U. They go: "Oh you have a Wii?" And I have to correct them telling them its a new console. It's really frustrated that Nintendo doesn't care to make advertisements showing what the system is and what it's capabilities are.



Peach64 said:

@SCAR392 Obviously Wii U is not the 'next thing' because people aren't flocking to it.

I don't even know why I bother trying to get into a discussion with you, because you just won't listen to anything other than your own opinion. I think the Wii U is a great piece of hardware, it has lots of potential and it WILL get great games in time, but you cannot say people's complaints about a lack of games are not valid.

If you already have a 360 or PS3 (like a lot of gamers do), then all the Wii U really offers is another 2D Mario Game, an enhanced port of a Wii game and a Lego game that's got more than a few technical issues. There's literally nothing I want to play on the Wii U right now. Most people are complaining about lack of games... I don't see why people should be making the same complain about the iPad?

That's going off topic however, as the article was more about Nintendo being confused over who it was aiming the console at, not the problems with the console or games.



Savino said:

The problem is... can you imagine the kind of apps that will run on PS4? 7gbs free, DDR5... you can put a photoshop or 3DMax on that monster... I love nintendo and I think that wiiu will sell well... but in the near future it will be no match for what ps4 (and probably xbox, but we don't know nothing yet) will offer in terms of apps. You could even do your own game!



WingedSnagret said:

The way I see it, things are stagnant now, but will (hopefully) pick up once the games that everyone knows and loves start coming out; because I believe Nintendo hasn't really started advertising properly beyond the generic features (though granted they should have been doing a better job in that regard from the get-go) because there really isn't any attention grabbing games per se to advertize yet. Especially when you put into account the fact that several games that were supposed to be launch and/launch window titles have since been pushed back considerably or are just all around not ready yet.



DarkKirby said:

The advertisements are targeting the casual. Despite Nintendo's efforts to tell people they are okay with mature games on their console outside of advertisements, much of the hardcore players still think Nintendo consoles "are for kids", to the point of where they want Nintendo consoles to be kids so they can keep laughing at Nintendo and Nintendo console owners, they WANT to see Nintendo fail (idiots don't understand that less competition means the CUSTOMERS lose). 3rd party developers in general don't want to have their games on the Wii U for one reason or another, some of them financial games of chicken, and Nintendo has no 1st party games on the Wii U that moves consoles.

Even if Nintendo wanted to put up advertisements that they are accepting of mature games, there aren't many mature games on the Wii U to advertise about.



Yosher said:

They should never have named it Wii U. I'm not sure why the 3DS is so succesful now, with its similar name to the DS, but it's definetely not working for the Wii U. There's just too many people who don't know it's a system seperate from the Wii. Everyone I know who could be classified as a 'casual' gamer thinks it's just a Wii upgrade. ( The uDraw tablet thingy and Wii Mini don't really help, either. )



Kyoto said:

The TV-ads are awful as usual with those too happy families (usually mom, dad, son, daughter on a couch, all smiling as never before) who play a game. They should advertise on a more adult-manner. But maybe that's just me.

And they really shouldn't have called it Wii U in the first place. The moment that name was announced, I already knew there was gonna be confusion among the people who don't read gaming news that much. A brand new name should have been better.



th3r3ds0x said:

When the Nintendo AAA titles start to roll out I think we'll see some more advertising that will finally peak some interest and have people finding out on their own if they haven't been informed properly by Nintendo that Wii U is a new console and not a Wii add on. I have family members that play games and didn't know what the Wii U was just a month ago. So far Nintendo has done a really poor job advertising and I hope this changes soon. I personally love the Wii U and I'm very anxious for Pikmin, Zelda, Mario, Rayman, etc..



Le_Gazman said:

TV ads were awful. I bought mine in the hope Bayonetta would come quickly and she still hasn't shown up. Had I based my purchase on the adverts I'd be £330 richer right now.

Instead my £330 collects dust under my TV except for the odd Sunday morning when I power it up to see if TVii has been launched yet, then disappointed play Punch-Out!! For a few mins before turning on the Xbox.



klautrec said:

Great article, while I agree that Nintendo should try harder to make a proper ad and show off all Wii U funcionalities, I don't think that ''Hardcore'' gamers need ads on TV to know about a videogame, or its games.

Nintendo is doing well advertising to the mainstream public, because that's what the Wii U is in the first place, a console for everybody. and the confusion is with the mainstream audience.

Also, I just want to point out that ''casual'' gamers are not idiots like the general media make it look like. Casual people are interested in games, but they just don't make it their lifestyle.



ledreppe said:

Everyone who I've got to play the Wii U with me (Nintendo Land), thought it was a Wii. Even after Ie xplained it was a new system called Wii U, they still kept refering to it as the Wii. Serious problem Nintendo have here communicating the Wii U.



ledreppe said:


"No, we don't think Nintendo is doomed and no, we don't think the Wii U is doomed."

It's not another doom and gloom article, it's just an honest piece highlighting the facts.



SanderEvers said:

What facts? The Wii U launch isn't worse than the 3DS, Vita, PS3 or XBOX 360 launch.

If Nintendo doesn't release some good games before the PS4 / next XBOX then yes, the Wii U is doomed. But not right now. And I know, seeing the awesomeness of Monster Hunter 3 and Lego City, that many good games will come.

It just takes some time for a console in this time to get off the ground. But it will happen.



Crazybrain1 said:

I love how (for the second question) that only 1% say that the adverts "covered the features of the system well."




AD number 4 was decent enough because it showed all kinds of gamers having fun with the wii u.



bassoongoon said:

Nintendo needs certainly needs more games ASAP, but first and foremost they need an aggressive marketing strategy to target the fact that the average consumer seems to be ignorant of the fact that Nintendo even has a new console.

Also, Nintendo needs to make sure that when the next xbox and playstation come out, that Wii U will cost SIGNIFICANTLY less than rival consoles. This will definitely help Wii U compete.

As consoles become more and more powerful, the difference in graphical power between generations will grow smaller and smaller. However I'm sure Wii U will be bashed for its less powerful graphics.

I am in college, and there are lots of gamers, but most of them seem to not even know Nintendo has started the next generation of consoles.

I am so sick of explaining Wii U to my friends. They'll ask, "Wii U? Is that any different from Wii? Isn't it just a new controller?"

To which I sarcastically respond, "What is an xbox 360? How is a 360 any different from an Xbox? Isn't it just that kinect attachment thingy??"



bassoongoon said:

Also, I am beginning to think that the lack of knowledge about Wii U (within the general gaming) community is purposeful, condescending ignorance. I mean, how can gamers REALLY not know about such things?



jacksayspurple said:

To be honest I never completely understand the thinking behind calling it a 'Wii U'. Sure, brand recognition and all that business, but with the 3DS, that made sense - 3D Screen. What is the 'U' meant to stand for? I think they should have come up with something a little more original than just trying to piggyback on the Wii's success... I really think that would have helped people realize it's a whole new console, not just an addition to the Wii.



Haywired said:

Oh God no... The "real families" are back! With their perfect aspirational lifestyle and painfully contrived held-at-gunpoint-style dialogue. I don't know if I can take so much cheese all over again. Note to Nintendo's marketing department: Generally (as much as parents are the best) if parents like something, that tends to make it really uncool. Like exactly what you did to the Wii.

But I'll cut them some slack because their 3DS ads have been awesome of late:



JSuede said:

The UK launch trailer is FAR better than the US one, holy cow. If they had just added an off-tv play thing, it would have been fine as it actually said that it is a whole new console. The US ad vaguely says that it's new...but really doesn't do anything to show it's a new console....just an add-on for the Wii.

I feel like NOA is REALLY dropping the ball in the marketing department and while the cheesy family ads are better, there really isn't much else. I haven't seen a commercial for Lego City ever, or anything other than the terrible launch commercial really. I get that they might not have wanted to spend a bunch of marketing money in order to reduce losses, but this is ridiculous. I don't know who is to blame for this one....Marc Franklin who you guys did an interview with the other day.....should have pressed them on how bad the Wii U marketing was instead of asking one question, getting a PR spin response and moving on imo. Or maybe even Reggie for green-lighting the terrible things (if in fact he did....his other failings not being taken into account e.g. localization and lack of variety on the 3DS front etc)

I kind of feel like they are advertising to the casual family audience more since they are the ones that made the Wii so successful, who don't know that it even is a new console, and people who follow games are more likely know about it and are just waiting for some more solid games.

I'm sure things will pick up when more things are released, but man....they need to do some work in the marketing department. There were Wii ads EVERYWHERE even before it really took off in popularity. People knew about it -> wanted it -> bought it -> couldn't find it so they wanted it MORE -> more advertising and so on.

The one thing they have going for them is that they don't have Sony and MS's next offerings chewing up tons of ad space for competition. The main reason the PS3/360 are selling better is because they are a known entity. Once they actually put some effort into marketing, things will be okay...but not until then.



DreamOn said:

@Thomas Great write up. I always enjoy reading your articles.

Here's to the future of Wii U. May it one day find its way to the hearts of everyone and anyone who's ever enjoyed playing video games:)



scheherezade11 said:

I have to agree that the general public is just not getting the difference. I work at a library, and one of our services is to check out video games, including for the Wii U. I make a habit of asking, when someone brings up a Wii U game for check out, "Hey, you know this is only for Wii U, right? Do you have a Wii U?", and about 95% of the time, the answer is along the lines of, "Oh, no, I didn't know that," or (better still) "But I can play it on my Wii, right?" It just makes me want to beat my head against a wall, knowing that this level of complete ignorance is out there, and yet Nintendo is doing little or nothing to address it.



SpaceApe said:

If you do not understand what a Wii U is by now you never will. People know what a Wii U is they just aren't buying one because there is no good system seller titles on it. People are just making excuses for the Wii U failures so far by saying that people are confused. Do you actually think gamers are that stupid ? I think not.



cornishlee said:

I couldn't vote in the second poll for the simple reason that I haven't seen any adverts before reading this - that wasn't an option.

I actually thought the first three were pretty good as a family entertainment device. The fourth one though, what was that? I thought it was an Apple advert to begin with.

Also - Jordan's a boy's name now? You learn something new every day...



grumblebuzzz said:

Here's the thing about Wii U: The casual gamers who picked up a Wii and loved it all think it's just an HD Wii expansion. It was a mistake to have "Wii" in the title.



Skeet102 said:

The only reasons I don't have one is because of my lack of money, there aren't many games for it yet, and super smash bros 4 is also coming to the 3ds. I might get one when I go to college in 3-4 years (hopefully the price is lowered by then). One thing that can give it big sales is a CoD game which has an amazing exclusive feature using the touch screen. That, and super mario galaxy 3. NSMB U isn't new enough. Also, @tripunktoj, adding a letter/number or two to the name is nintendo's way of saying it's a new console. They did it with NES/SNES, GBA/GBASP DS/DSi, DSi/DSiXL, DS/3DS, 3DS/3DSXL, and Wii/Wii U.



timp29 said:

I remember being in a target store just prior to the WiiU launch, and the employee in electronics section described WiiU to a colleague as a tablet for the Wii. Nintendo did and continues to do a SHOCKING job at marketing. In some ways Nintendo is at the head of the pack (at as far as innovation is concerned), but is doing woefully in other aspects of managing a business (namely marketing).



Dogpigfish said:

Sales are primarily a reflection of tax increases in the U.S. and no raises due to health care costs. GDP will be negative this year, so technology isn't all that's hurting. Sony and MS should hold off another year. When the Wii launched, the economy saw its largest growth cycles in history, largest raises and more money to blow. Wii U is a luxury, simple as that.



ecco6t9 said:

The ads still imply that the Tablet is an add on for the Wii or that the Wii U is the tablet itself.

Nintendo needed a heavy hitter and a casual game that they could show and end the commercial on "Only for the NEW Nintendo Wii U System and Tablet".



bunnyking said:

I think Nintendo's problem is image. You had Nintendo's Gamecube and Wii aimed primarily at kids, and now that Nintendo is wanting to break into the adult gaming market it's going to have a hard time because their past image was so strong in the kid's gaming market.

I do think Nintendo's advertisement campaign doesn't do the best job. Overall I'm happy with my WiiU, it's just hard to explain to people why it's a good system. Also the US media are shredding Nintendo a new one, does no one remember what the last generation console launches were like? They were just like this one. The media has just blown it all out proportions.



Vehemont said:

The problem lies with the branding of the system Wii U. It was the same problem the 3DS had at launch. Parents and other consumers don't understand it is a new system and just think it is and expansion or add on. I have to say they should of named it something else, but I believe Nintendo was going off of the strong brand name of the Wii to try to attract people to the system but it has backfired.



Phantom_Blaze said:

Why isn't there an option for "I don't think there has been any messaging at all"?

And I don't think there is any confusion towards it being a new console. It's just no-one wants one. As soon as Iwata starts doing what he says he was going to do, then people will want one.



FernandoMachado said:

I think people who care about video games know what the Wii U is about.
Well, take me as an example. I'm a big Nintendo fan and completely aware of the Wii U's existence but I've not bought it yet but I know I will at some point.
On the other hand, I'm having a major blast with the 3DS and already got a little backlog of games I've not played yet (which is likely to increase in the next months)
I just don't see reasons to get a Wii U already... but I'm sure my mind (and the minds of the majority of gamers out there) is VERY VERY likely to change after E3.

EDIT: I've just read my post and realized it doesn't make much sense at all but I'm too knackered to edit it. Sigh...



Urbanhispanic said:

I agree with the points brought up in the article. It seemed like Nintendo assumed that everyone who bought a Wii before will just buy a Wii U but judging from their advertising, it doesn't show EXACTLY what makes the Wii U different (remember, a whole bunch of casual players bought the system and don't always follow the current releases and/or latest developments of a gaming console.)

People like us who come to websites like NL know what's going on and exactly what we get when we buy a new console so Nintendo needs to change their whole way of advertising the Wii U IF they want to attract the massive crowd that made the Wii the best selling console AND cater to ALL types of gamers.



Meaty-cheeky said:

Here's my list of what's wrong with the Wii U so far.

1. The Wii U name is bad, The Wii name with casuals is old news, and to the Madden / Call of Duty douche gamer the Wii name is garbage.

2. The Wii U kiosks are terrible, since the only playable game is Rayman and 5 dumb videos. No Games and no informative videos on educating the consumer about Off TV Play, Video Chat, Multitasking and Web browsing, and no HD Zelda video to show off the power of Wii U.

3. The TV ads are horrible, I can't even tell you how bad they are, Nintendo's marketing team here in America should be fired.

4. The Wii U console it's self looks to much like the Wii, and Nintendo makes it worse by releasing the Wii U with the same colors as the Wii!, the Wii U should be Blue or Silver maybe.

5. Lastly the Wii U just needs some awesome games.



Ren said:

The name and look of it is a problem, in conjunction with the bad, when it exists, advertising. Even "Wii HD" would have made it very clear that it's HD and it features updated specs which is what people want.
There's nothing that could have done more for it than just being ready with the benefits of the current gen systems. ALL the entertainment stuff wasn't ready, and no internal storage and 1st party system sellers, no clean backwards compat. Solid functionality sells machines, and it just wasn't ready with the amenities that we're all used to on an HD system; Bad launch all around. You can't show up late to a party with no drinks or no one will notice you're there.



FabioSMASH said:

It was a major bungle to call the system: Wii U.

The name is just too confusing to non-gaming consumers. To them, there's no difference between the U and the Wii.

I wager most people don't even know Nintendo has a new console out right now.

Also, the fact that it looks JUST LIKE the Wii doesn't help.



Haywired said:

"The Wii U name is bad, The Wii name with casuals is old news, and to the Madden / Call of Duty douche gamer the Wii name is garbage."

Pretty much summed up the problem perfectly.



Ren said:

I've never seen those ads before but it's probably better I didn't or I'd be even more negative. It's like someone in marketing was like "hmm, what do REAL American like? I don't know, well... reality TV! We'll just make people feel like it's just like their life". Nobody cares about these people and people don't even care about that kind of reality tv anymore. We watch that kind of media because we hate the people on those shows and want to think we're better than them. It's not for advertising. Solid, slick adverts require pretty, clever cinema looks. The Wii got this right and the Wii also had a really cool new innovation that worked great. Everyone and their mother has a tablet, so that alone looks dopey.
Wii also had sparse advertising, but it sold itself because it was a hot new thing that really changed game inputs, WiiU is not that but it might be ok if it took marketing seriously; clearly they don't.



Vehemont said:

I've talked to several people who are gamers that own an Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and heck even retro console like the NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Saturn and so on, and didn't even know there was a NEW Nintendo system. When I told them it was called the Wii U I get weird looks and they ask me if it is an add on to the Wii or something.



AtomicToaster said:

The Wiiu add campaign is meh! They really don't inspire hype for the system but perhaps that add campaign isn't going to start until there's first party games to sell the system and not just a sidescroller that's a lot like the one everyone has on Wii!

They kinda lied about what the wii remote could do in the add campaign of the last console and perhaps wanting to avoid that this time has caused for a lot more boring adds? Who knows!



Melkaticox said:

What's so bad about these commercials? I think they're adorable!
...What? Are they not supposed to be? Umm...ehh...

Well, at least it says it's better than the Wii...I...guess...
...That doesn't really help.



JebbyDeringer said:

Nintendo needs a Steve Jobs who will fire all the dead weight. I'm not sure Nintendo of America even has one person worth keeping.



AtomicToaster said:

Yeah, Wiiu! It's a bit better than the Wii! Look at this guy, he says it's different it's gotta be! Not really a good marketing campaign, lol! It's like they're admitting defeat almost! Like "I know this console looks like poo but it's actually kinda cool!"



tertium_quid said:

I have a lot of friends who have no idea what a Wii U really is. These are the same people who have Wii consoles, but they are not "gamers". The reaction I usually get is, "You have a Wii-what?" When I show them, they typically think the Gamepad is just a special controller for the Wii. This really is a console that can appeal to anyone; they just don't know it exists or what it does.
On a side note, I always have a blast playing Nintendo Land with my gamer-friends and my "i-dont-get-videogames"-friends.



Slapshot said:

The fact that Nintendo is making the Wii U look like a family/casual system isn't helping it either.



Rod64 said:

I think that in what we can ALL agree is that the Nintendo commercials and advertising have never been good.



Meaty-cheeky said:

@JebbyDeringer I agree Nintendo of America needs to be shaken up because their not getting the job done in educating the public about the possibilities of the Wii U.

Look at Apple all they do In their Ads, is show off what the iPhone and iPad can do. Apple educates the public about their products.



grumblebuzzz said:

Also a problem is the fact that a lot of the sales of the Wii were to people age 40 and older because of Wii Sports and Wii Fit. These people are still perfectly content playing the Wii they already have and don't see any reason to upgrade.



GiftedGimp said:

I think the the real push from Nintendo will be after E3, CVG cryptically said from things they've been hearing latley they believe the WiiU fortunes are could possiby do a U-turn on the scale of 3DS.... although they couldn't go into specific details.. yet.
They even added a comment where they admitedly are usually quite negative towards the WiiU.
The Problem for Nintendo is they don't know excactly what they are competing against, Some Ps4 specs and features are known, but nothing else and Nothing is Known about the Kinectbox.
Rumours still vary on what the Ps4 will actually be providing to its userbase, and Kinectbox even got this name down to rumour.

Yes they don't have the big hitting games... yet, which even if they had it makes it difficult to advertise the console in any sort of direction other than adverising we got zelda or whatever on WiiU, if the competition is more or less unknown.
'To beat thy enemy, you first must know thy enemy'

Also, Exclude the fans of the 3 console brands, who will buy X console regardless. But everyone else looking where to go, based on services provided, Graphic fidelity, value for money, Gameplay quality dont have a clue yet, as yes, as I said Sony revealed basic spec info, and some services, along with a few games, that were running on pc hardware, But absolutly Nothing concrete is known about the Kinectbox.
With so much unknown, Even if Nintendo had a strong WiiU advertisment campaign, and Big Title releases, and even every 3rd party developer on board, sales still wouln't of rocketed much more than they are now. Lets face it Most of the Core Nintendo fans made sure they had the WiiU at launch (or shortly after), eveyone else is waiting to see whats coming up... ('cept the ms/sony fans)



scrubbyscum999 said:

Lets be honest, the ads are pretty atrocious. What Nintendo needs are adds that are cool. Mix the 90s ads with some modern commercial humor and cut down on the cheese. The thing is people don't even know this thing exists. "Core" gamers don't even have Nintendo on their radar. When they advertised Awakening and Luigi's mansion 2 guess what, people bought it. Amazing what can happen when people know your product exists. This is a total failure on Nintendo's part. Why they can't apply their own logic for 3ds games to the Wii U is beyond me. What's the point of releasing it early if your not going to push for it? Might as well have released at the same time as their competitors. I usually trust the big N, but I have to admit if they have a plan, I sure don't fricking see it.



GiftedGimp said:

@grumblebuzzz Well ok I'm not quite 40, but I never wanted a Wii or got one.
My Last few consoles Dreamcast - Xbox - Xbox360 - Ps3 - WiiU... I could go further back to Atari2600,
While the Wii did appeal to ppl not traditionally gamers, I and Many, Many others I know never bothered with Wii for the same reasons as younger, "CORE" gamers didn't.

Want to know Why I and other "OLDER" gamers I know actually think Nintendo are doing things right, and MS/Sony are going wrong?

Because they know that gameplay is the most important factor in gaming.
NOT Console Specs, NOT How much money can be made from DLC, Hell even though nintendo get some flak for re-using old franchises, usally there is a few years in-between each sequel, Usually the sequel adds something new, sometimes even changing how the game plays (2D mario games seem to be an exception admitedly)... unlike MS, Sony and Some 3rd party devs across all systems chucking out yearly sequels with little more than a small visual upgrade and a new setting for the story added,working out how the game can maximize profits via day1 dlc, dlc repeated yearly (EA sports, CoD maps for example) and Microtransactions.

I can see a lot of us older gamers deserting the Sony/MS consoles and reverting to PC and/or WiiU and not because of being able to play WiiFit U.

As an older gamer, being relegated to the Wii as we are only interested in Wii sports and Wii Fit is actually quite offensive....
Now off to bed young man.



Akira1975 said:

I LOVE my Wii U. I think this is the greatest system I've ever owned. I really do. It has an incredible amount of potential going forward. However, I have to say those commercials are down right embarrassing. One day they'll look back and wonder " What were we thinking???".



Vehemont said:


I wasn't saying that Nintendo needed to use ads like that in today's market, but the fact is that the DKC ad worked well in the time period as kind of a response to the whole SEGA does what Nintendon't ad era, whereas DKC went on to sell over 9 million copies and was the 2nd highest selling SNES game. I know the modern video game market isn't what it used to be and I was merely responding to your statement where Nintendo has "never" released a good ad or commercial.



bassoongoon said:


"The Wii U name is bad, The Wii name with casuals is old news, and to the Madden / Call of Duty douche gamer the Wii name is garbage."

I know too many gamers like this. It's not just the Wii name, these guys think that Nintendo is garbage period. When people find out I am solely a nintendo gamer, they act all dumbfounded, failing to understand why someone would like nintendo. They proceed to try and convince me why the big N sucks, and PS/xbox are better.

Honestly I find it pretty amusing that people care so much about the preferences of other people. I honestly don't really care what other people play. I know what I like to play. If someone else likes other kinds of games, good for them. Whatever you enjoy.



Mewtwo21 said:

Every time i go outside to stores near the Wii U section theirs always someone confused of what the Wii U is. Even the people who are selling it don't know what is or forgot they even had it on their shelves , so clearly their is a problem.



Rod64 said:

Well, I stand corrected, the last good commercial Nintendo did was 19 years ago.
Yeah, not making much of a point still.



Oscarsome said:

There is a problem. People are so confused about what the Wii U is or people just simply do not know. They still think that the successor to the Wii hasn't been released yet. I can confirm that from hearing people say just that. This isn't speculation or guessing, many people here in the comments section agree that other people are confused.

And please do better with your commercials, Nintendo. They always look too "safe" and boring. As if you are just advertising to 5 year olds who are easily hypnotized by any new product. Advertise to everyone! This console can be for everyone, not just casuals. Don't go down that route again.



Emaan said:

I really hope they get their marketing together. The 3DS commercials have been great lately, but the Wii U ones are just terrible. I don't understand, what they're thinking, at all. It's really upsetting as a fan who wants to see the system do well.



doctor_doak said:

Nintendo wants the grandma's and moms and dad's, and young families to buy this thing in the numbers they did with the Wii. Hence the continuation of the 'Wii' brand. That's just not going to happen in 2013. Mobile gaming, i-pads, all these other entertainment devices have simply taken that demographic, and Nintendo will never get it back with their home consoles.

Don't get me wrong, Nintendo make great games, but the new system has an identity crisis.. because for starters, it is being predominately pitched at a market that no longer exists, while still alienating gamers who were put off by the Wii's outdated hardware, motion controls, and the absence of multi-platform 3rd party support. There are gamers who won't touch the Wii U simply because of the name, no matter how they advertise it. They should've created enhanced motion controls (for those who want it), instead of the Wii U gamepad, which comes at too great a cost to the overall hardware specs. With the money saved, they could've upgraded the GPU, CPU/System memory to something closer in the vicinity of next-gen consoles.

The novelty of the Wii is gone, along with the mainstream audience who bought it in droves. The only thing Nintendo can do to save this console is to start releasing some high quality games that will give people a reason to buy a Wii U. The games themselves will advertise the system.



AaronB said:

Ads must be about GAMES, not about the hardware. Luigi's Mansion had some great ads that made me say "I need a 3DS." I hope they do more ads like that when Mario Kart and the other big games come out.



DualWielding said:

The big problem is that the Wii U is entirely build around the controller gimmick, Nintendo thought NIntendo Land was going to be as big a hit with casuals as Wii Sports was, and that maybe it will create interest among those casuals on checking out the Nintendo Franchises featured in the game. Nintendo simply do not understand that touchscreen controller does not have the same novelty factor that motion controller had which is what attracted the casuals...



CowLaunch said:

I can't remember a Nintendo console having so few games for so long in it's early life. There are just no games that would make me spend a lot of money on a console.



luminalace said:

While I agree I think most people who bought the Wii U are hardcore Nintendo gamers. Targeting families isn't a bad idea.



Mahe said:

Good analysis. Nintendo is confused about the Wii U, and that confusion is hurting the console. They need to get their act together and get back to the first years of the Wii.



nik1470 said:

great article, I think selling the Wii to non gamers was successful but they need to change the record(or shout about how powerful the system is 50% more powerful than a PS3 "Nintend-do what play-don't . It worked for Sega! =D) No Fresh software both hard ore and casual, 3DS cross system functionality/eshop purchases and fresh ad campaign. Boom sucess!



Beppeoioi said:

A console needs to entertain.
Spend 350 euro in November 2012 and wait November 2013 for having a decent game, it is not fun.
The news that this winter will come out of the games, it is not fun.
Currently my WiiU is off by a few months due to lack of games.
What do you think will say to those who want to buy the WiiU and asks me for advice?
The problem is not advertising on television, the buyer who does not understand, but the negative experience of those who purchased the console on trust and now finds himself without games



Zombie_Barioth said:

What Nintendo needs is at least one killer app for the Wii U that sets it apart from its predecessor and shows off what it can do. Wii sports was a very simplistic game but it got the point across, you make the motion in the real world and it happens in the game. The Wii U doesn't have that everything on the Wii U is either available or looks like it could be done elsewhere, or looks like an upscaled Wii game.

NSMBU is a fun, quality game but doesn't look like the big console selling improvement people expect from a launch title. Nintendo Land shows off the gamepad's features well but its also a mini-game compilation that focuses on asymmetrical gameplay, a feature few people can take full advantage of often enough and isn't something anyone will consider a "hardcore" game or worth paying $350+ for by itself.



Araknie said:

This is really enough.

Not a single console apart from the NES had a first year full of crazy good ass games, two at most.
Wait a loving year, you can't pretend a console to have games pronto in the first year. No PS4 no Durango will also have them.
You are gonna get at most 2 crazy good butt games in the first year.
Examples: PS3 had Motorstorm and Uncharted 1, 360 had DoA4 and Quake4. PS2 had RE Code Veronica-X and FFX, first Xbox had only Halo: Combat Evolved and DoA3.
Seriously, how can you forget this.
Don't tell me there's no games announced, tell me that after the E3.



Kruger85 said:

LOL at nintendo slurpers!!!!
It is PATHETIC that since 2011 Wii u reveal that in 2 years 90 percent of the public STILL think that the wii u is just an add on for the wii!!!!!!
Terrible marketing and nintendo's cocky you have to play it to get it rubbish.....lame launch titles,pikmin 3 delayed, rayman delayed,stupid 350 bucks price tag when for 200 bucks you can get a ps3 or xbox with a much bigger and better library and play the ame games that are on the wii u!!!!
All nintendo had to do to stop all the confusion was to simply name the wii u the WII2 and EVERYONE would have got that it was the next console from nintendo just like they did with ps2 to ps3 etc!!!
Nintendo's marketing head needs to be fired and fast, it is ok you slurpers saying yeah nintendo big games are coming but at E3 sony and microsoft will be showing their next gen consoles and if they price well and show off amazing features then im afraid that the mario and zeldas will not save nintendo this time!!!



k8sMum said:

what nintendo and some posters here don't get is that many of the parents (and even grandparents) who are going to be the buyers of new hardware have been gamers for decades. or do you think gaming just sort of sprung up magically when you came of age to begin playing games?

parents didn't just buy the Wii for WiiSport or WiiFit: many of us bought it for the real games. being over 40 doesn't mean you suddenly want to use a balance board and stop playing good games.

who do you think has kept gaming alive all this time? what do you think the age of gamers from the early years is now?

when the Wii Want to Play adverts came out, my kids and i would talk about locking those 2 guys in the attic and stealing their Wii.

i don't think nintendo understands what US families are really like: their ads portray a '50s ideal that never really existed.

they also need to address the fact that many gamers interact more with on-line friends than those in rl. shoving the unrealistic portrayals of family down viewers throats are putting off many people, imho.



ThumperUK said:

I had to look at the date after viewing those ads to check it wasn't still April 1st. These ads patronise families, and alienate 'core' gamers.

We don't need any more generic family ads, we need a return to great advertising like the advert for N64' Legend Of Zelda:-
"Will though get the girl, or Play like one?" is a legend in itself (check out Youtube for the ad).

I don't know why people think the problems are solely due to the name, after all Xbox became 360. WiiU can be a successful console if Nintendo sacks its marketing team and replaces them with people with abit of common sense. The least they should be doing is reading all the comments on NintendoLife about what we want the adverts to aint rocket science!!



Dyltheman said:

the commercials could be a LITTLE better, and i wish theyd gone with a different name after reading this.



EarthboundBren said:

can i say something? Here you go: while i do think the advertising is kinda silly, ads dont convince anyone to get anything. Ever since the announced Wii U at E3 2011, i knew it was a new console. I do think nintendo has to tell people its a new console, butmaybe this will happen: people will buy Wii U, thinking its just a gamepad. (LOL i hope this happens to people)



Williaint said:

When I saw those new trailers, yesterday, I assumed it was some awful joke.
They make me sick... I hope these aren't going on TV.
My suggestion: They should start with the red ( Nintendo ) logo on a black screen, then have the Wii U Stylus click the screen, and change the colour to... the White on the U-Blue colour, and have the U logo scroll down. The less the show the "Wii", the better.If these commercials had a guy in a Luigi or Mario costume in the background, who then joined the players... it might make them actually palatable. All these commercials are saying to any of the "hardcore" gamers and developers is: "Nintendo is only family fun, we don't want any popular 3rd party games, even if they can run on our console".
These may have been useful during launch, maybe even during the holidays, but this is a bad time to release these ads.



Henmii said:

The commercials DO show the different features pretty well, but they are almost never seen on tv (at least by me)!

The point still is:

1: People don't want a console with a tablet controller
2: Many core gamers are dissapointed that Nintendo has chosen AGAIN for weak hardware
3: The console is to expensive
4: Games are rather expensive
5: Still not a lot going on, retail-games wise
6: Maybe a bit to much focus on mature games. There must be a balance between mature and family-friendly games

Personally I think it's to late to make the Wii u a massive succes, but at least the sales could go up a bit when more and better games arrive!



ThumperUK said:

Adverts do persuade people to buy things, otherwise no company would spend money on them! You only have to look at good sales figures for dross such as Aliens Colonial Marines & Walking Dead (not to mention annual rip-offs like CoD & FIFA) to see proof!



banacheck said:

Rumours still vary on what the Ps4 will actually be providing to its userbase.

Actually Sony has made quite a few interviews since there conference, making clear what they can expect from the Playstation4. That it'll play over 3000 PS3/PSOne/PSTwo games, PS+, games that are at launch, talked about pricing but not giving a actually price, Indie games & support, E3 there will be big announcements also playable games, so these are not rumours.

(PS4 it's supposed to be central to the living room)

Actually Sonys made it very clear the Playstation4 is a gaming console first and foremost this time around.

(because we've heard comments of its hardcore credentials)

The Wii U is far from a hardcore gaming console, Bayonetta2 & COD and a few others would not support hardcore gamers. Also the ads show the Wii U is a family/casual console.



banacheck said:

Wait a loving year, you can't pretend a console to have games pronto in the first year. No PS4 no Durango will also have them.

I don't know about the Nextbox but a few days ago i posted a link about the same topic, 1st/3rd party dev's have been working on next gen games for well over two years now. There are 149 3rd party dev's & publishers supporting the Playstation4 as i write this, there will be more now. There is no way on this earth all the games will be released on launch, Sony knows where thay went wrong with the Playstation3. So no one needs to pretend anything with regards to the PS4 games.



GiftedGimp said:

@banacheck I did also say, they've announced some services.

The reason why they came out with BC content interviews is as the Ps4 is not hardware BC compatable they needed to let ppl know BC was provided via Cloud gaming.
Problems with Cloud Gaming: Very Network stability sensitive, Very Bandwidth Hungry & Decreased Response Times to name but 3. For Cloud gaming to work for a user in a suitable way they will need, A extremely, stable and Consistant connection, Extremely high Bandwidth Allowance, No speed throttling and mega low ping times. All of which was proven needed with the OnLive service.

As for this time the Ps4, is a true gamers console this time... they said that about Ps3.. the difference is this time they have Cross game invite, and Party Chat.... although tbh i'm not sure if thats actually been confirmed yet.

And they havn't said officially said any ball-park figure basically only saying it will be relevent to what THEY believe people will feel reasonable for the hardware... what Sony (and any other companies through recent history come to that) think the public feels is reasonable, vs what the Public actually feel is reasonable is more often than not totally different.

Fact is Ps4 has a lot of unknowns, Some of what Sony is saying will be for publicity boosting, (anyone remember the ps2's 'Emotion Chip' and the ultra realistic AI it would add?) The Actual announcements so far are to appeal to fanboys and spec-heads and damage limitation in terms of making sure its clear the Ps4 will have backward compatablity support.

Admitedly... its more than anyone knows about the Kinectbox... untill may 21st anyway.



RikuzeYre said:

People like the PS3 for Netflix and Blu-ray. Not just the games. End of story.

Unless you happen to be in Japan and have all the fun games.



Luffy said:

If it was named Nintendo X or something like that it would be at 5 million sales right now. But it still needs more ads.




They just better kick these ads into high gear when the 720 and PS4 come out or their really gonna be in trouble.



Henmii said:

Regarding the game-prices: I did notice friday when I went to the shops that a lot of Wii u games have gone down in price! Biggest surprise: Both Zombiu and Assasin's creed 3 now seem to cost 30 Euro everywhere (while the shop in my area did sell them for 70 initially).

Personally, I bought Darksiders 2 (new, not second hand. I was in luck). And It did cost me 40 Euro. So that was a nice price! This is my first Wii u game! I'll buy a Wii u in the summer or late 2013!



Royalblues said:

I'm torn between getting this, or getting the Vita this summer. I think I'll get the Vita, and buy Persona 4 first, and wait for the main event this holiday.
Hopefully, the Wii U will have a decent library of titles by then.

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