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Poll: Which 3DS Game at E3 Got You Most Excited?

Posted by James Newton

Only one can triumph

After we asked which Wii U game got you excited? we want to know how you felt about the line-up for 3DS.

Unsurprisingly Nintendo first-party games dominated the poll, but there were good showings from Konami and Square Enix.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star — 75
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon — 62
Castlevania: Lords of Shadows - Mirror of Fate — 46
New Super Mario Bros. 2 — 26
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance — 22
Heroes of Ruin — 16
Scribblenauts Unlimited — 11

What's your pick of the best 3DS games shown at E3 this year?


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she_gamer said:

During the 3DS conference, I actually squealed when they were showing Paper Mario. Nice to know there's at least one franchise that keeps bringing out child-like excitement in me.



MrArcade said:

Im going to be boring and go with Paper Mario. I have never played a Paper Mario game and i am very excited to finally play one. As for the other games, Luigi's Mansion is a close second for me and NSMB2 a close third. I dont really care for Castlevania or KH. I can't see myself getting heroes of ruin or scribblenuts because I wanna save some money for the 3 games I really want.



NintyMan said:

I'm excited about Paper Mario: Sticker Star too. It reminds me very much of the first Paper Mario, which is my favorite Mario RPG of all. Bowser is (presumably) the main villain again, the environments are similar to that game's, and it's on the N64-inspired 3DS. The stickers and real-life objects should make it interesting, and a new cast of funny and witty characters is always welcome.



RR529 said:

Kingdom Hearts 3D for me. Although Paper Mario has me pretty excited as well.



Alienfish said:

I'm kind of surprised that NSMB2 didn't do better, but I guess if given the choice, I would have to say Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion 2 excite me the most. I'm just glad we have this many great games to look forward to just this year!



Xjarnold said:

I can't wait for Scribblenauts Unlimited! My favorite from the ones up there.



Chuie said:

i wish paper mario have a bigger party to fight with like you fight with 4 people or atleast 3 and luigi and yoshi fight with you be cool so im more excited for luigi mansion 2 and paper mario



daznsaz said:

all those games except luigis mansion.but will probably get that all of them really



nothankyou said:

Paper Mario for me, Nate Bhildorf did a great job of showing off the game at the presentation yesterday



TrueWiiMaster said:

Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion both looked awesome. I'm more than interested in New Super Mario Bros. 2, but not all that excited. What I wanted the most never showed up, though. Whatever happened to Animal Crossing 3D? Didn't it get confirmed earlier to be released in Japan this year? So why no mention for the west?



GamecubeMan said:

Looks like Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion 2 are the top two. Those are the only two 3ds games I was considered to get at the momment. Proply gonna get this 2 games on day 1.



blackknight77 said:

If Animal Crossing was featured at E3 then I would choose that but since it was not then I would say Paper Mario



FriedSquid said:

Top three for me are KH:3D, Paper Mario, and Scribblenauts. Maybe NSMB2 is in there, but I'm not really sure what I feel about it.



idork99 said:

Ever since Nintendo announced that they would have this 3DS showcase and would dedicate a whole hour to this system, I have to admit that my expectations ran high. Sadly, I was underwhelmed. I sure hope that they do announce more games in the near future to stay competitive because Vita is sure to pick up their lineup as well. Anyhow, I'm very excited for both Castlevania and Luigi's Mansion. People forget that the original Luigi's Mansion was made with the intent to be played and viewed in 3D (the Gamecube was capable of creating 3D effects) So, that in itself makes me excited to see what they will do with the 3DS. Also, the 2.5D Castlevania looks like a winner to me!



DashDG said:

My vote for Paper Mario, but seriously that presentation was horrible... I want Monster Hunter, Project X, Dragon Quest Monsters, Layton and Fire Emblem... =(



CanisWolfred said:

None of the above? I'm most excited for Code of Princess. First 3DS game to get me excited in a long time.



Le_Gazman said:

Pretty underwhelmed to be honest. Nothing earth-shattering on show, nothing genuinely new. Paper Mario is probably the most appealing if I had to pick one, and Luigi's Mansion looks ok. The Wii version of Paper Mario nearly ruined my love for the series, but I have tried my best to erase it from my mind.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I actually don't care for any of the upcoming 3DS games (at least nothing where there isn't a Wii version to get instead), which made the lack of new game announcements especially disappointing for me. At least I still have Ace Combat, Super Mario 3D Land, and the upcoming Pokémon DS games to pick up to keep me happy for a while.

Well, Project X Zone looks awesome, but we probably won't see it until sometime next year.



metafaniel said:

I'll buy day one (preorder if possible) Castlevania: Mirror of Fate 'cause I'm a fan of the series. I've played all the games.

I'm also TOO EXCITED about New Super Mario Bros 2 because of the cooperative mode!!! I'll play it with my girlfriend so I'm quite excited! We haven't play any 2 players game except Mario Kart 7!!



OdnetninAges said:

I'm excited for all, and really? People are STILL complaining about their precious little Animal Crossing game? Really? Thats just sad. You KNOW its gona be here soon, so SHUT. UP.



evildevil97 said:

I want to say Paper Mario, but I want partners. NSMB2 is actually starting to excite me more, but that may be because its release is closer.



Cloud-San-VII said:

Luigi's Mansion, then (in a close tie) Paper Mario, then NSMB2. As much as I want KH, it is not Nintendo and I won't count it as part of my top three.



Ajaxattack said:

Luigi's mansion! Huge fan of the original, one of my favorite games of all time. I've actually never played a paper Mario game, but I'll definitely be picking the new one up. Looks fun.



TheN64Dude said:

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. NSMB2 looks WAAAAY too easy, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star was disappointing, I was expecting an RPG like the first too



Henmii said:

Luigi's mansion! Second would be Paper mario. Though I am not so sure of the sticker mechanic (it seems you collect moves, and after a move has been used it's lost) and that there is no extensive leveling-up (only by solving certain puzzles/requests and finding hearts can you level-up), I still think it's fun to see a Paper mario on a handheld and in 3D!



Phle said:

Actually the E3 only got me less excited about the games coming to 3DS. Only game I got more interest for is Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star, New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Scribblenauts Unlimited was so boring I almost fell asleep watching the parts that included them.

The games I'm exited about was the games I already where exited about before E3. Definitely getting Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and
Heroes of Ruin and probably Castlevania: Lords of Shadows - Mirror of Fate and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.

I see Epic Mickey is not on the list, the game seems decent but the fact that the lower screen has better graphics that the upper screen kinda makes me less interested in the game. My first thought was "The pixels hurts my eyes" and "Sigh, you got to jump around like in Mario and I hate Mario-jumping!". The game could have been epic, but seems like it won't be.

Sad they didn't show anything of Animal Crossing for 3DS as it's a game I really look forward to see more about.



Blaze said:

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance & Paper Mario: Sticker Star are tied top for me. I'm really excited for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon though - looks awesome! - and I's love to see some more of Castlevania too!



WolfRamHeart said:

Castlevania is my choice. Paper Mario is a very close second, followed by Epic Mickey and Fire Emblem.



Hyperstar96 said:

And that one shall be Super Non-Specific Action Figure Man.

But really, I'm going with New Super Mario Bros. 2. Or Paper Mario: Sticker Star.



hillbill26 said:

1. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
2. Heroes of Ruin
3. New Super Mario Bros. 2
4. Paper Mario: Sticker Star
5. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance



Ras said:

Those who say they've never played a Paper Mario and are interested, get the first on Virtual Console ASAP. The first two are probably my two favorite games of all. I want to be excited for the new one, but I don't know why we can't get a straight answer on partners.



danschemen said:

very hard to say cause i love the KH series and the New Super Mario Bros. series as well, but the new Paper Mario is what really got me excited



lanabanana said:

Luigi's Mansion was the only one I liked. I wanted Animal Crossing. It's sad that they didn't mention it. Oh and does anyone else remember Flipnote Memo? Yeah, I wanna know what happened to it... -.-



taffy said:

For me it would be in order:
1) Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
2) Scribblenauts Unlimited
3) New Super Mario Bros. 2



StarBoy91 said:

I'm more looking forward to Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, though Paper Mario: Sticker Star certainly seems interesting



FluttershyGuy said:

If it were from the classic Castlevania franchise instead of the reboot, Mirror of Fate would be my most anticipated by far. Since it's not, NSMB 2 is my most anticipated (REZNOR FTW!!!).



RevolverLink said:

Of the games at the show? It's Paper Mario then Luigi's Mansion then Power of Illusion, and after that there's a cavernous drop-off.

As a lover of side-scrolling Castlevania, I'm still following Mirror of Fate's development closely, but now it's more out of morbid curiosity than genuine excitement.



Captain_Hookey said:

how can you guys say that your more excited for paper mario over Luigi's Mansion 2? are you guys seriously saying that? well, skrillex once said, "i want to kill everybody in the world", and i think perfectly describes how i feel right now.



misswliu81 said:

mines is luigi's mansion in first, followed by castlevania and paper mario.

but they all appear to be stellar titles.



TheAdza said:

I want to be excited for Code of Princess but I wont let myself be until a PAL release date. I guess Im most excited for Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion. I tried the Heroes of Ruin demo today and it is REALLY GOOD!!



coolvw93 said:

paper mario is what i want the most, it looks reallly interesting. that demo they showed definately sold me. Probably luigis mansion next. nothing else really caught my eye on a definite purchase other than new super mario bros 2.



Rekiotsu said:

I am most excited about new fire emblem, but from those games listed up there, the best one would be Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.



simonbelmont82 said:

castlevania lords of shadows mirror of fate yah thanks nintendo and konami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Terave said:

Paper Mario looked pretty good up there, and got me excited, if that's what you're asking.



Tsukun said:

Hm. Tough decision. Paper Mario and Luigi's Mansion both look wonderful....
I guess I'll go with Paper Mario.



Smooth27 said:

I'm a shooter guy specially FPS sooo cod being absent I was dissapointed.
Other than that kingdom hearts and castlevania looks gorgeous can't wait for the release on that one and more details on ex-trooper.



Smooth27 said:

Oh Mario won me over with co-op Ima be playing that with my family.
Another quick note. The box art has the n for the nintendo network, online leaderboards, or co-op maybe. Miiverse on it in the future???



ThreadShadow said:

I think it should have brought the two styles together and been Paper Mario & Luigi Sticker Star.

Though in the end the combat looked a little tiresome.

Nothing really got me excited. I need a side-scrolling Mario that looks very different. I'm talking a Yoshi's Island shift in graphical styles. Looks fun, but didn't get me excited.



Scary_Old_Lady said:

@Luigifan141 It seems instead of getting multi attacks with partners, you get to use stickers to multi attack. I also didn't see any partners in the video appart from Kersti the crown who is used to stick.
Oh well...



seronja said:

to be honest i got most excited about New Super Mario Bros. 2... but it was somehow close with luigi's mansion!! =)



XCWarrior said:

Castlevania, then Scribblenauts, then Heroes of Ruin only because it was a known quantity. The first party tittles are not my favorites, but I will probably get them.

Although Fire Emblem trumps all, and Monster Hunter trumps that!



welsh_gamer said:

I'd like some info about the 3DS versions of LEGO City: Undercover, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Skylanders: Giants and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed. Could be some suprising hits there!



CanisWolfred said:

I guess if I had to pick one of those, it would be Paper Mario, but I'm still not entirely sure about that game.



CommanderAudio said:

Paper Mario: Sticker Star
New Super Mario Bros 2.
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance — 22
Heroes of Ruin
Scribblenauts Unlimited

But does it really matter? Bar Castlevania, I'll be getting all these games ASAP



Samholy said:

heroes of ruins will be the 3DS's diablo. instant buy. from square enix, you know its going to be quality.

pper mario instant buy too. loved the serie so far.

kingdom heart is the serie i never got into in the ps2 era. never even touched it once. sadly. so starting with a 3ds title wouldnt be clever. maybe if they release the hd remix collection on ps3 !!!



SDDMN said:

Pretty much every 3DS game I saw at E3 has me excited, Luigi's Mansion ark Moon I'm looking forward to the most.



Azaris said:

Tough choice so many good games but i guess i'll say paper mario sticker star.



AVahne said:

NONE of those games got me excited. I'll get some of them but none of them excite me. FE13 should've been shown.



3dsisthebest said:

it is incredible. one of my friends send a requst at about the release date of ac3d and the answer was wait till the next nintendo direct. you know what this means?!



ecco6t9 said:

Code of Princess being translated.

Least excited, the horrible looking Castlevania.



luminalace said:

New Super Mario Bros 2 will sell the most by far and I will buy it but as far as excitement? Give me Castlevania please!



tanookisuit said:

Ugh I couldn't possibly disagree more with the winner of that poll...bleh. I can't figure why a real SMB title or even the creatively made Luigi's Mansion franchise would fall under. Let alone some of those third party choices too.



Captain_Hookey said:

@RetroLuma91 i WAS being sarcastic. what better way to reply to an online sarcastic insult than with a sarcastic reply?! anything in text can be interpreted any way possible without proper wording, so clearly, you're in the wrong.



Bassman_Q said:

I think Paper Mario Sticker Star got me the most excited during the show, but overall it's a tie between that and Luigi's Mansion 2 that has me the most excited. Scribblenauts Unlimited also seems like it can be pretty awesome, as well.



Enzo_V said:

fire emblem awakening even its not on the lis
paper mario sticker star
luigis mansion dark moon woot

i saved enough



Traxx said:

Mario, Mario and Luigi. Booooooring.

I'm sad fans rate HoR, Castlevania etc. so low.Those are the games we need to keep 3DS actually alive.



Sherman said:

If there's partners in it. Paper Mario. If not, I will never, NEVER play this game.

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