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Aonuma: "Future Zelda Games Will Use Motion Controls"

Posted by James Newton

Buttons undone

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's motion controls are here to stay, according to series supremo Eiji Aonuma.

Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine, Aonuma believes using buttons would be a step back:

I honestly think we cannot go back to button controls now, so I think that these controls will be used in future Zelda titles, too.

How would you feel about playing The Legend of Zelda on Wii U with Wii Remote Plus motion controls?


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Link79 said:

Oh no I guess all the complainers about Skyward sword's controls will have to give up on Zelda.
I had no trouble with it but alot of people seem to have difficulties.



JayArr said:

I think they are going to put Link in a Kart the whole game and you use the WiiU tablet like a steering wheel and shoot arrows and bombs while cruising around Hyrule at 150cc.



SimonB79 said:

@link79 i thought the motion controls ruined skyward sword ... i played it for 30mins & got bored ... id rather have used the classic controller ... like most people.



aaronsullivan said:

I haven't played Skyward yet (waiting for my kids at Xmas!) but I've been wondering about this.

We're reaching the finish line for the Wii and it is JUST now proving to skeptics that motion controls are a real and worthwhile improvement to a deeper and more involved game than what the Wii Sports games were offering.

It's good the Wii U is going to have some time out there before another Zelda game is released on it because it would be sending the wrong message as a launch game: you don't need the new controller. lol. Still, it would ROCK for a second player a la the old GBA integration to Wind Waker.

Oh... maybe you could play Navi or a Navi-like character to assist Link with the Wii U controller while someone is playing with the Wii Motion + nunchuck controllers. That could be great. They could be scanning the area for things while the Link is fighting or climbing and taking notes on maps (literally hand written notes a la Phantom Hourglass). But it could also be directly interactive for distracting and even fighting enemies, etc. Would be a fantastic Co-op experience.

This also leads me to this question: Will the Wii U come with a Wii Remote, too? Probably not, but it's a marketing issue, I think.



Bigdog said:

Let's put it this way:

I really liked Twilight Princess. I am one of those that, before Skyward Sword, thought it was the pinnacle of Zelda.

So, I played Skyward Sword to completion and this weekend I decided to go back and play Twilight Princess again. It was borderline unplayable. From small stuff (like being able to sprint) to big stuff (combat control). Not to mention, the IR controls felt restricting after getting used to Skywards Sword "Gyro" controls that let you point away from the screen and still control the cursor on screen. That makes much more comfortable to play in multiple ways. (Like laying down, or sitting, even when your body is facing 90 degrees from the screen).

So, this is like a heavenly thing to hear for me. I cannot imagine playing Zelda in any other way anymore.



zionich said:

I cant see myself going back to button mashing for a console Zelda. Im pleased with SS controls.



Link79 said:

I'll admit my first playthrough started out kinda rough.
I was still getting used to how the combat worked and got killed alot. Now I'm able to slice and dice bad guys with no problem. It just takes time and anyone should be able to learn the controls after playing enough.



Kid_A said:

Omigod yes!
And now with the Wii U controller, we can have our map/inventory on a separate screen, while we swing away with our Wii Remotes



Monsti said:

I'm really really surprised about how people "can't go back" to button controls. I really enjoy Skyward Sword for what it is but I can't stop thinking how much rather I'd play with buttons any time I put the disk in. It still feels forced in many places and this weekend when I was ill I played Uncharted 3 instead of Zelda cause it's just not a relaxed way of playing....



Bigdog said:

By the way, and what I'm about to say applies to ALL main Zelda console games:

If you've played for less than 6-9 hours (enough to get past the tutorials and first dungeon) you cannot properly access the game. Period. Regardless of whether you end up liking it or not, you just can't. It's how these games are built. The only Zelda game that you will know whether you will 100% like within an hour or so is Majora's Mask.



naut said:

Agreed--The Motion+ controls add so much depth--Buttons would be step back.



SimonB79 said:

@link79 i just find motion controls totally repetitive & pointless (plus... it ruins most games rather then improves em) ... thats why i prefer 2 buy 3rd party multi-platform titles on my 360 / PS3 .... if it wasnt for mariokart (with the classic controller) i wouldn't bother with nintendo.



motang said:

I would rather play Zelda on the Wii U with the tablet controller, unless if they can really sell me using Wii Motion Plus. Just have to wait and see.



aaronsullivan said:

What do you mean like most people? The game is well reported to be a top seller in the series and a critical success. I don't know of any figures about who likes the controls or not. What source are you using?

My anecdotyl experience is different from yours as well. What I've personally heard lines up with what I've read in places, that it can take a good 2 hours to really get the hang of the controls but that you won't want to go back afterwards.



SLiM said:

This is good to hear. The motion controls not only work for Zelda, but they just make combat more fun. Skyward Sword is the first Zelda title that I've played where after I finished the game, I immediately wanted to play it again just to fight more enemies. Big thumbs up to Nintendo.



Meta-Rift said:

Buttons: I press B, Link slashes.

Twilight Princess on Wii: I shake the remote, Link slashes.

Skyward Sword: I swing the remote, either (1) Link slashes, (2) Link slashes in the wrong direction, (3) Link slashes after a moment's delay, or (4) Link doesn't slash.



SimonB79 said:

@ 16 grow up!!! ive noticed whenever someone posts an opinion on this forum (that doesn't revolve around kissing nintendos butt) they immediately get attacked by fanboys LOL /facepalm



k8sMum said:

i have never been a fan of motion controls, but SS has made me a believer. there is a certain satisfaction that comes with using the controller as link's sword. i love the beetle, i'm pretty good at bomb bowling...i love that you don't flail the controller but just need to flick it.

i am very left handed but have not had a problem with holding the remote in my left hand and the nunchuck in my right. (it did take me 3 tries to get the boss in the volcano, tho. my coordination just didn't work well.)

but all in all, i am impressed. i've been mashing buttons for decades and that's saying something.,



Haywired said:


I agree. It's odd when some Wii fans say that they "can't go back" to button controls. Yet these same people play the hell out of Monster Hunter Tri. Wait a minute, I thought you said you "couldn't go back"? (not to mention the fact that they prefer playing with the superior Classic Controller Pro/button setup over the awkward Wiimote/motion setup). Perhaps miming and flailing aren't quite as integral to their enjoyment of games as they think...



zionich said:


I was thinking the same thing aaronsullivan was. I think its a fact that it has been selling like crazy, so its easier to assume that people at least enjoy it alot. Unless there are a bunch of used copies on GameStops shelfs

In my opinion, fanboyism is defending somthing with a passion with just personal opinion to back them up.



zionich said:

@ Haywired

Skyward sword got it right for me, but thats just for Skyward Sword. Waggle is not motion control to me. My "dont wanna go back" applies strickly to Zelda on the consoles. Nothing more, because no one else has gotten it right, In my opinion.



JGMR said:

I haven't played Twilight Princess since completing Skyward Sword, my guess is that it will feel a little 'weird'...
As for the controls in Skyward Sword, I think they're perfect.



SimonB79 said:

@zionich ... its only natural zelda is gonna sell by the truckload because the wii is soooo starved of decent software ... zelda has no competition on this platform ... it was the 1st game i bought this year ... like i said i didnt like the motion controls & wish they'd included a classic controller option .... i played upto the bird race section after the 1st dungeon ... way 2 fiddly 4 me.



Meta-Rift said:

@23: "I think its a fact that it has been selling like crazy, so its easier to assume that people at least enjoy it alot."

So? I enjoy the game and think the controls are bad. The two aren't directly correlated.



zionich said:

I respect that completly, which Is why I balanced the equation with used games on the shelf. Can you imagine how hard it would be to make directed strikes with the classic controller though?

Thats why I said assume meta-rift.



Hardy83 said:

Is it so hard to have control options Nintendo? Is it REALLY that hard to have both motion controls AND the option of button controls.

I mean really...



SunnySnivy said:

@SimonB79 I suppose I am the minority then. The controls make Skyward Sword what it is: a fantastic game. If you put it down for the controls, you're missing out. They're hard to get used to it at first, but once you do it becomes really fun.

I loved the motion controls and I hope they continue to have them for a long time. Much more interactivity, much more fun, and all around much more enjoyable than mashing buttons.



Rapadash6 said:

While I have to concede that Skyward Swords controls aren't perfect (sometimes they need to be recalibrated), I think I agree that it would be a huge step backwards for the series. Once you get out of the "Waggle" mentality, and think carefully through the battles, the motion controls work beautifully. I too finished the game over the weekend and it definatly is one of the more unique Zelda games and I'd like to see more of this creativity in the next one.



Jr-Joe said:

This is why Nintendo is going to release a Wii U branded wiimote+ with a built-in rechargeable



3Daniel said:

Aside from the awesome controls for Skyward Sword, I think the increase in production values added to skyward's charm too. The cinematics were beautifully choreographed with Ghirahim's ritual dance during the spell cast scene being both hysterical and creepy. Although, I must admit that Twilight's horse drawn carriage chase is still my all time favorite Zelda moment. Whatever the case may be for the new Zelda I have total faith in Nintendo's decision making.



Noire said:

I am totally okay with this. Now if he could only confirm future Zelda games will keep the linear, tighter, more focused feel of Skyward Sword then I'd be really okay.



Meta-Rift said:

@zionich: How could it possibly be harder? The whole reason I want to use a normal controller is because the Skyward Sword's motion controls aren't responsive or accurate enough for the game's combat.

Ever since the Wii came out, I've preferred the remote setup for most types of games, and I had no problems with Twilight Princess' Wii controls. Ironically, Skyward Sword is one of the few games that I would have liked better with a classic controller.



stromboli said:

Most reviews praised the motion controls of Skyward Sword. It also won that VGA award ahead of all the kinect games. Personally, I loved the motion controls of both Twilight Princess and enjoying immensely the motion controls of Skyward Sword. I love the Wii's motion controls in general, from The Force Unleashed to Red Steel 2, to more underrated titles like Godfather, Indiana Jones etc.



NiaLovesNinty said:

In my opinion, the only time I had issues with Skyward Sword's controls is when I was trying to stab. Other than that, they were fine. It was so satisfying using specific techniques to kill a Lizalfos for the first time. Most definitely a treat.



mrtambourineman said:

If I wanted to flail my arms around pointlessly I could just go play fetch with my dog or something. Motion control is just the gimmick used to make the wii sell. Video games are for people that want to be lazy, play an interesting game with good graphics and maybe music, in a comfortable manner, but it is no fun when gaming involves actual work. If virtual reality is really what you want, please keep it away from companies that have relied on buttons for decades.... or go outside and play some b-ball.



Squiggle55 said:

I just want to use the tablet controller. I just want control options. If they would just give me a choice I would probably lie on the couch motion-free 9/10 of the time.



NiaLovesNinty said:

If you're flailing around playing Skyward Sword then you're not doing it right lol. When I play, just flicking the controller in a particular direction makes Link do what I want him to I'm sitting down. It's not like you're wielding an ACTUAL sword. You don't have to have exaggerated movements to enjoy this game. At least this has been my experience. I can't speak for everyone.

EDIT: I don't disagree with having options to play with traditional controls. The more people who play Zelda the better. I understand motion controls aren't everyone's thing.



Mandoble said:

If they want to torture us with more motion, then they better design a WM+++ that works as intended instead of the current "wannabe+".



SimonB79 said:

@ 31 like @hardy83 (30) said there should be an option ... motion or classic (in all major nintendo releases) simple as that! thumbsup



Squiggle55 said:

@39 I actually agree. I don't like this statement at all because it sounds like he's completely abandoning traditional controls for the entire future of an amazing franchise. I would love to just play Zelda in hd with normal controls and the nice tablet screen for my inventory. Having to sit up so I can swing my arms and let the sensor see me is a real drawback for me.



Robo-goose said:

The larger you swing in SS, the more accurate you will be.
Too many people do a quick flick with the wrist, then complain that their sword went the wrong way.
Lets take a sword in real life, shall we? Swing that sword. Swing it hard.
Did you do a quick flick of the wrist, or a large, broad swing? If you flicked it with your wrist, congratulations! You have superhuman wrist strength, and will probably have a great career with the circus!
Now, did you do a broad swing? Probably, because that is the natural way to swing a sword. Now go play Zelda, are you going to continue flicking the remote with your wrist, expecting the sword to go the same way every time like your common WiiWaggler? You shouldn't, because that's not how you swing a sword in real life.
Now do a broad swing. There! Right on target! Now isn't that better and more lifelike than what you were doing before? You're so silly!



kdognumba1 said:

I really could care less either way as long as more Zelda's come and they don't stray so far from what made Zelda good that they're no longer Zelda (like Final Fantasy)



WaxxyOne said:

I hope that comment is an exaggeration. I'd hate to see a great franchise be ruined because of stubborness on Nintendo's part.

The motion controls for the sword in Skyward Sword are awesome, for the most part. The boss battles however seem highlighted to make them not seem awesome at all. More like completely frustrating and pointless.

Every OTHER motion control in the game is dumb, dumb dumb. The flying and swimming feels retarded and forced. There's a perfectly-good analog stick RIGHT THERE, but I guess using that would be "taking a step backward." (read: letting your players control your game in a way that makes sense)

I want to see the Zelda demo they showed on The Wii-U made into a full game. If it uses the Wii-U controller the motion controls would have to be limited at best, and you'd get the benefit of having a nice big touch pad for inventory control and other actions. Why would they want to stick to Wii Motion+ on the Wii-U? It doesn't make sense and is another example of how Nintendo just doesn't understand their audience.



Traxx said:

Motion Controls, no matter how advanced, can never match the comfort of constantly being able to rest your lower arms on your thighs while playing... After being able to play games in this position for well above 2 hours I cannot imagine going back to SS with kind of motion controls.

If they want to keep the motion controls, they shold get rid of the fake 1:1 controls. SS had fake 1:1 sword controls since no matter how you fine-tuned the position of the sword ahead of the slash, you would always slash in the same manner. The 1:1 positioning just made adjusting to the right direction a pain.



LoopyLuigi said:

I agree that more options for controls would appeal to more people (isn't that what Nintendo is trying to do anyway?!) but for me, I loved the motion controls and yes it did take a bit to stop waggling and make proper swinging motions which, with a little practice, I could make EVERY swing exactly what I wanted, including stabbing. I would relish the idea of playing Ocarina, Majora and even Twilight with the SS control scheme.



Shoryuken_10 said:

I personally hate motion controls with a passion..and yes i did play SS for a good 5 or 6 hours. If Motion controls have to stay, then i hope Nintendo give us OPTIONS on how we would rather play. Looking at the WiiU tablet there should be an option on playing the next Zelda the classic way, theres no excuses if they don't design the game with that in mind. If they don't, then me and many others are done with this franchise. Such a shame as i have been playing since the original on the NES.

Seriously, who with any sense would be disappointed if they ditched motion controls? Not many i bet. People would not refuse to buy, unlike what's happend with SS.



monkats said:


I guess I'm not playing console Zelda games anymore.

I don't really /mind/ the controls in Skyward Sword, but I don't think that they are good enough to keep either--I feel like an analog flick would accomplish the same thing, without the inaccuracy.



darklinkinfinite said:

Great news for me! I absolutely loved the motion controls in this game. lol some people mentioned it was weird going back to Twilight Princess after playing Skyward Sword but I tried playing Ocarina of Time 3D after Skyward Sword and that was a strange experience to say the least.

I'm all for more Zelda (more games in general even) with motion controls as refined as Zelda's. Hell I'd love to see Nintendo re-release Twilight Princess with Skyward Sword type contols.



MasterGraveheart said:

I think it'd be fine, considering just how warm the reception was for Skyward Sword and its control schemes. Improve as you go. Although, I will admit, woudln't that constrict Wii U controller usage? Or are they using the term "motion control" to mean anything that involves moving the controller?

Also, I'm not mourning the loss of buttons. We still have the 3DS and the word that its original Zelda game will be played like Ocarina of Time 3D. I'm not concerned.



zionich said:

Dark-rift, I'll start at I love how each enemy had unique defenses you had to slice around to conqure them. If we cant agree on that, then yes, traditional controls. Im saying how can they add that same flare to enimies with a controller set up.



AVahne said:

@ SimonB79
Reading aaronsullivan's comment, I totally agree with him. Also, he definitely did not attack your opinion and he did not sound like a fan boy. Just a tip, don't get so defensive, it hints at a lack of confidence.
And by the way? Motion controls ruining a game and wanting to use classic controllers is your opinion, but by saying " ... like most people", you imply that the majority agrees with you while having no basis. That does NOT count as an opinion.

Other than that, I agree Nintendo should put in options. Though, adding a choice between motion and button controls could pretty much extend the development time of future Zelda games (and the console games have pretty long dev times already). The reason is this is, well think about it. With motion controls they get the freedom to allow attacks not possible with simple button presses. With options, they'll have to design the game to be different depending on your control preference. Some puzzles will be different and they'll have to balance the game and combat so there wouldn't be a difficulty gap between using simple traditional button controls and more advanced motion+button controls. I'm confident they'll be able to do this, but this all takes time.



FonistofCruxis said:

@SimonB79 aaronsulivan was not being like a fanboy. You acted like most people's opinion was the same as yours as yours when your actually in the minority as I've seen far more people praising the motion controls in Skyward sword than complaining about them.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Koto Well the Wii U's controller could be close enough to a regular controller (sans the screen). It certainly seems like it'd have enough buttons for it. It seems confortable enough from impressions as well.

Frankly the two control schemes should be enough as is.



SteveW said:

The motion controls in it are great for swinging your sword but they should have used the sensor bar when aiming the bow to shoot or browsing through the menus becausing relying on motion plus for that doesn't work well, and you have to constantly re-center it, why would they do that when they have a sensor bar? I think they are trying to show us just how great motion plus is but using the sensor bar for calibration would have been much better.



Warshade said:

This is sad news to me. Honestly I extremely dislike the controls and feel out of place playing the new Zelda game. I can't seem to get into the game because I feel disconnected from this game when I try and play things I would normally do all have new odd controls that do not feel right. The sword swinging is the only motion in the whole thing I can stomach but still I would be just as happy without it.



bezerker99 said:

I, personally, like the Motion controls. Going back to pressing a button to swing Link's sword seems archaeic at this point...kind of like using the Dewy Decimal System and Slide Rules D: D: D:



AVahne said:

@ TheSolarKnight
Well, I never said anything about the Wii U controller being a problem in new Zelda games, as it's basically a traditional controller with stuff added on. Besides the screen (and the motion sensors and gyroscope inside it) the Wii U controller is basically a traditional set up (with the analog sticks at the top). Though people STILL complain about it, even though it has all the buttons they need and more because of the touchscreen being able to display several additional virtual buttons at once.
Well it seems the Wii U controller could possibly be used to map certain motions, somewhat, since it has a touchscreen to free up the physical buttons for other functions. Though I still believe there will be an even longer wait time for the next Zelda if they added options. Zelda console games already take quite a while, and developing in HD also adds to the time.



heebeegeebee said:

I still haven't picked up SS yet, so I have a question — Do you have to stand up to play it, so you can swing the sword better? Because I don't want to be standing for hours at a time, especially after a long day at work. That's the main problem I have with motion controls.



Ron22 said:

Fine by me. The controls in Skyward Sword worked fine. No offense, but if you're having must be doing something wrong. My only concern is that the Wii U's big draw is its controller. You mean to say that the new Zelda won't use it at all?? Does the Wii U come with a Wii Motion Plus remote? Not a problem for people that have Skyward Sword, but for people starting with the Wii U, it might be an issue.



Meta-Rift said:

@zionich: Yes, I like that the enemies aren't as stupidly incompetent in combat for once.

Assuming Nintendo doesn't come up with a better way to do the swordplay with a normal controller, they could easily work something out with the second analog stick. It might seem awkward at first, but it would at least have the precision and responsiveness that the motion controls don't.



milkman12 said:

Dammit! How can I play Zelda now if I aint got a Wii?!


Dammit! How the heck is that gonna work out?!



Dodger said:

@Simon Well duh. Playing 30 minutes of a 50 or so hour game is boring. I'm 40 or so hours in and it is a blast. I'll pay attention to your complaints once you beat the game or at least play for a while.

And I've had no problems with the wii remote not working. I really don't know what you are talking about. You slash in 8 directions, plus thrusts and spin attacks.

That being said, I don't like 3DS motion controls. I don't think that Wii U motion controls would be fun either.



JimLad said:

mmm not sure about this one...
Swordplay works very well in Skyward Sword, but I don't know if I'd want it for every Zelda game from now on. It can put you off sometimes when you're tired, I still want to be able to play when I'm curled up in bed and not in the mood for swinging my arm about.
Some things though like swimming, flying, rolling, leaping across vines, throwing and rolling bombs really don't need motion control. It was pretty neat how they were implemented but they can be handled much better by buttons or the analogue stick I feel.
Aiming with the pointer on the other hand should definately stay. Personally I prefered the IR aiming from Twilight Princess but both ways are infinitely better than using a stick.



SimonB79 said:

@koto try playing wwe smackdown with a wii controller ... totally ruins the game ... the ps3 / 360 version was miles better ... thats just a quick example ... nuff said ... and the vast majority of multiplatform releases were better with a ps3 / 360 joypad rather then bolt-on gimmicky wii motion controls... wether my opinion is in the minority (when im on a nintendo fanboy website lol) who knows? .... but most people who own multiple consoles will agree with me everytime.



milkman12 said:

dear nintendo,
do you not realize how crappy this "motion controls only" mumbo-jumbo is? this means i cant play LOZ in bed when im tired or worn out. i could do that with TP, but only because all the controls were based on FLICKING the wiimote. the SS controls are much of an improvement, but that just means i have to sit upright in my bed to play. thats when i reach for my 3DS. but if i do that with motion controls, im just throwing my console up in the air or side to side or even in the trash "accidentally". do you even realize that that means i cant play zelda in my car because the motion controls glich up because of my mother driving? this may seem a little harsh, but so is cruelly taunting me by releasing a bunch of zelda games on a wii that i dont even have.
the only reason you re-released OoT on the 3DS was because of the 25th anniversary of LOZ. if not, im sure you would've just put it on the wii and left the 3DS to hang and dry. i just wanna play zelda on my 3ds in BED, while im EXAUSTED after a long hard day whithout looking like a RETARD without even pushing a button on my 3DS. did i mention that the 3D screws up whenever i tilt my 3DS? because i cant turn it off, or else i wasted my money on a *3D*S that im not even going to play in 3D.
nintendo fanboy
(plays skyrim)



DarkLloyd said:

ugh oh well they are making the games anyways even though theres less waggle in skyward sword im still feeling like i have to force the attacks sometimes so in order for me to truly accept motion controls though i still accept anyways it needs to be 100% fluid so i hope they can improve on that, they should anyways

i hope they make an option for controller controlls or better yet make 2 versions of the game one based on motion and the other controller, theres money to be made from doing that



SimonB79 said:

@ 77 so im in the minority when it comes 2 skyward sword but in the majority (of gamers who think wii motion controls are a pointless joke?) ... i will say this .... if nintendo dont give me the option 2 play games (which i pay 4) the way i want (classic controller enabled) they can stick the wiiu ... i dont like motion controls & will not have it rammed down my neck by nintendo (or the fanboys who believe its the best thing since sliced bread) /final post on this topic



BulbasaurusRex said:

Some of you don't get this: Skyward Sword's controls are nearly impossible to duplicate with button controls! That's why there aren't any other control options.

@48. No, motion controls aren't as comfortable, but they're a lot more fun and immersive when they're done right. Just don't play for several hours without taking a break. Besides, you can rest your arm on something while pointing at the screen or between gestures in most Wii games.

@64 No, only stuff like baseball games require you to stand up while playing motion games.

@72 Most of the time, you're right. It's only natural that games that are built ground-up for the Wii integrate the motion controls better. Still, there are a lot of motion-controlled exclusive gems for the Wii, and even some multi-platform games are improved by their motion controls like DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 & 3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and several sports games.



Magnalon said:

Motion controls for combat? Great!

Motion controls for bird flight that constantly deadzone, needless waggle for shimmying on ledges/grass, and odd bomb throw/roll motion controls? Not so great!

What I don't get is a lot of the game's controls that could be motion based are button based, and a lot of controls that could be button based are motion based (ie not having to use the "real" archery method with the nunchuk, and just pressing "A" to shoot instead). It's like the designers couldn't decide on what the game should be outside of sword play, and the result is more than jarring.

I hope they get it right next time if they're really intent on using motion controls.



Gamesake said:

A report. There is an 85% chance that I don't care about motion controls either way. I'd advise Master Aonuma worry more about giving the player more freedom in the future and stop constantly telling the player what to do.



rtr0GMR1 said:

Great, now all future Zelda titles will suck as hard and be as equally frustrating as the Skyward Sword controls.

1 leave quietly or be forcibly removed—it's your option: choice, alternative, recourse, course of action; power to choose, right to choose.
2 there are three options: beef, chicken, fish: choice, selection, alternative, possibility, way to go; informal bet.



Ren said:

Mo controls are near flawless. You can't really get more acurate in simulating that kind of slash unless you are wearing a VR suit and running on a treadmill. If you're complaining about it you either didn't play it long enough to get used to it, or you'd rather pay about 50,000 for more high tech motion capture in your home.
If you're just spoiled by HD graphics, thats a different story, it is a tad disappointing how little detail there is but the controls make up for it, to me. A Wii U setup will take care of that, that's what makes this so exciting.
I understand how cynical people can get if you're used to a 360/ps3's engine but you have to separate the look from the control to be more objective about it. I only have a Wii so I'm fine with it and this is really what sets the Wii apart; too bad it took so long.



paburrows said:

I don't mind this for console games, but I would hope that they would keep button controls for the 3DS and onward games. In fact I would really like them to even ditch the stylus control from the previous 2 DS games.




Oh lighten up. Your opinions are welcome, and not every user is biased towards Nintendo (in fact, many are reasonable). Just don't shout out at others for being critical of your opinions; it happens.

As for the topic, I'm not sure how to feel about this. Should Nintendo go with the tried-and-true traditional button layouts that, for some reason, feel limited in terms of gameplay options, OR should they embrace supposedly immersive motion control gameplays that can be improved upon from Skyward Sword and tires players more easily? I'd actually like a choice, but that'll drive up development costs and time. So Nintendo will probably have to revise their development team and their development pipeline



Gamesake said:

@paburrows A validation. There is a 95% chance that a Zelda game utilizing the Wii U touch controller would most certainly use a stylus. Stylus games always put me to sleep without end. Therefor, Wii Motion's future role in Zelda's great destiny are a welcome continuation.



LordTendoboy said:

If they won't go back to using buttons for combat, then they should just forget about the upcoming 3DS Zelda. And don't do touchscreen combat, I don't want to be poking and swiping at my 3DS screen to fight enemies.



justinr said:

Whether it's an actual physical button, or one emulated on a screen that you touch with your finger, it's still a button. Anyone that makes blanket statements like "we cannot go back to button controls now" is not only spreading misinformation, but living in a dream world.

EVERY video game ever made, past, present or future (up to a point) must have an interface between the player and the game world. Right now, and for the foreseeable future, this means there will be buttons - like I said, either on a touch screen/virtual, or on a controller - and there is no way to change that.

If any other person other than Aonuma or Miyamoto said what he did, they'd be instantly labelled a troll and flamed. He, and all of Nintendo already know that the Zelda fanbase is big enough to guarantee profit, regardless of what weird and crazy things they do with any future game.



SkywardLink98 said:

Maybe it could somehow use both motion AND the new controllers features. I always hate it when so many possible features are wasted in these games.



Ichabod said:

I agree. While I love the idea of motion control in Zelda, I still think it was a mistake to not give players the option. Instead of letting the consumer make the choice, and play how they want to play, Nintendo instead forced players to use one, and only one, control scheme. THAT I think is a step back.



Tallion said:

I am not happy about the decision to stick with only motion controls. I think we need to be presented with an option to use a controller instead. Very poor decision on Nintendo's part.



ToneDeath said:

I agree they should keep the MotionPlus controllers around for Zelda until they come up with something even better.
I was thinking they could include button controls as an option, but a lot of Skyward Sword is designed around the motion controls, so you'd probably end up with two different games.
If they could make it work though, they should call the button-only mode the "Lazy Quest."



WaxxyOne said:

I've noticed a pretty strong pattern here. People who say they love the motion controls keep talking about how great the sword slashing is, while people who hate the motion controls occassionally admit that the sword slashing part was OK. (I'm in the latter camp)

Nintendo needs to recognize this — most people aren't saying motion controls don't have a place. They're saying that you have to limit what uses motion controls to what makes sense using them. Having near-complete control over how your sword swings is great, and not having to learn three or four button combos to do it is awesome — just swing your wrist and the on-screen character does what you did. That's what good motion control is about.

Unfortunately, it's everything ELSE in the game they insist on you using them for that ruins it for me and a lot of other people. Why waste the sensor bar? The aiming worked great in TP but they removed it in favor of using the Motion+ as an aiming device that just doesn't work well. Why? Why does the flying and swimming have to use the motion controls when you could just use the analog stick for more accurate control? Why use the nunchuk — which doesn't even have upgraded sensors — to control the shield and spin attacks when it misreads your motions CONSTANTLY? In TP they at least recognized the limitations of the controller, and made sure that the nunchuk only did anything if you spun it around. In this game, I'm constantly having Link pull out his shield because I moved my hand or adjusted my position on the couch.

When the controls are getting in the way of playing/enjoying the game, you're doing something wrong. Keep the good sword controls, and lose everything else. Consoles have used buttons for 30 years for a REASON. There is no cause to completely abandon them now.



IronMan28 said:

Call me a fanboy, but honestly I'm okay with this if implemented properly in future iterations. Hopefully it won't get too stale though.



JayceJa said:

im happy about this, GOOD motion controls are good, crappy motion controls are bad
though for a wii u zelda id prefer a 2d game with touch controls like twilight princess/spirit tracks



skywake said:

I don't understand how people could say the controls don't work or were worse than the controls of other Zeldas. What game were you guys playing?

I know this whole thing is subjective and "fanboys going to fanboy" which, given I'm posting on this article, I probably am. Still, I don't get it. Kinda like those product reviews you see for things that say stuff like "worthless product, performed horribly, will never buy this brand again" next to "worked as expected and was a pleasure to use"...... you know someone's talking out of their ass.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Nobody is saying Zelda won't use any buttons anymore. Skyward Sword still has plenty of button controls in addition to the motion controls. As smartphone and Kinect games have generally proven, video games work best when there are at least some physical button controls, and Nintendo is well aware of this.

For those of you who are complaining about the lack of control options, how exactly would you implement the sword system and the bomb throwing/rolling in Skyward Sword with button controls without requiring extremely complicated combos?



WiiLovePeace said:

Sounds good to me! The controls in Skyward Sword are perfect imo, sure you need to recalibrate every now & then but that's as simple as pressing a button. It just feels so interactive & immersive that simple button presses just don't feel right. Go go, 1:1 Motion control!



Mandoble said:

Lets put it this way, motion controls generate a quite serious problem for these without the required physical skill/stregth/resistance. They may keep pushing in the gimmicking direction but then they better add a big warning message in the box of their games.



WhiteKnuckle said:

This is great.
I was worried since I really like the way this game plays, and we all know there won't be another one on the Wii. But since the WiiU uses Wii remotes...
I am pleased.



Dodger said:

I do think that they are kind of missing the point if they think the motion controls are what made Skyward Sword great. I like the motion controls but the game underneath is what I like. The Zelda series had gotten to the point where there was a list of puzzles that would always appear. A Zelda fan could beat a new Zelda game no problem. TP was almost laughable after playing OoT. They mixed up the order of the puzzles and dungeons and upgraded the graphics. I liked how it started to have more of a story but it still wasn't very entertaining. SS has puzzles that are actually new with dungeon items that are actually new. Even the way the story is handled is new for the Zelda series.

The one point where the motion controls fail and do not feel natural is the harp. It doesn't feel like a harp. You can't even play what you want to play and completing the job at the Lumpy Pumpkin is a pain because it is hard enough to finish the song, much less make them happy because it often misreads your motions. You could mess around with the Ocarina of Time and the N64 controller even looks like an ocarina if you squint. That could of been so much more.

Judging a Zelda game by the first half hour is like judging a Mario game by level 1.1 or judging Metroid by the section where you go grab the morph ball. I understand if you don't like the game after playing through all or most of it but you can almost never get a good understanding of what a game is like by the opening segment. The overworld is designed very well.



Henmii said:

It was to be expected! If some people don't want to accept the motion controls, then they can simply never enjoy a Zelda game again. Well, maybe the next handheld Zelda. But NOT the next home-console Zelda!

As for myself: While I like the motion-controls in Skyward sword it didn't rock my world as much as the touchscreen controls from Phantom hourglass/Spirit tracks did. Though in both instances, I really would not cry if the button controls returned. I can live with both!



Shining-Void said:

Why cant zelda wii u support 2 types of controls?! A NEW consle means NEW controls i want to use the u-tab for this game.



Henmii said:

"i want to use the u-tab for this game"

I think it will! And by that I mean: Motioncontrols...with the Wii u controller. So probably no motion swordplay, but motions used for the items. But to be honest it's to early to tell.



boob said:

After coming across one of those red dudes in faron woods and becoming surrounded, I leapt from my sofa and kicked their backsides. Awesome, things will never be the same again.



NintendoN8 said:

I'm not completely opposed to motion controls, but I would like to see them tweaked a little bit. I disliked using the nunchuk for the shield: it seemed to misread any subtle motion as a shield bashes and when I wanted to shield it wasn't 100%. The skyward strike caused problems for me too - especially on the final boss fight - I point the wii remote straight up and Link doesn't move his sword.

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