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Sat 4th Sep 2010

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Ron22 commented on Aonuma: "Future Zelda Games Will Use Motion Co...:

Fine by me. The controls in Skyward Sword worked fine. No offense, but if you're having must be doing something wrong. My only concern is that the Wii U's big draw is its controller. You mean to say that the new Zelda won't use it at all?? Does the Wii U come with a Wii Motion Plus remote? Not a problem for people that have Skyward Sword, but for people starting with the Wii U, it might be an issue.



Ron22 commented on Aonuma: "We'll See" About Zelda Voice Acting:

Link has a voice.

So, yeah, the "disconnect" has been there since Ocarina of Time. Just hire the same guy to speak in sentences instead of grunts. Only those with the nostalgia goggles gouged into their skulls will object. Acceptable Losses.



Ron22 commented on Super Mario Galaxy Director Said No to Kuribo'...:

Frog Suit seems unnecessary. Mario swims now (in 3D) like he did with the Suit on back then. Add a Turtle Shell and the Frog Suit is useless. I would have preferred the Shoe over the spring, though.



Ron22 commented on It's Official: Xenoblade Chronicles is Coming ...:


Poor pacing would be releasing the games at the same time. What would have been the harm in letting people know about the Spring release all along? Why wait until everybody hates them and assumes they know nothing of good business?



Ron22 commented on Capcom Talks Street Fighter X Tekken, SSFIV3D:...:

LOL. This would be the third Street Fighter game to hit a Nintendo handheld (or console, for that matter) in about ten years, and you consider that milking? This coming from the fanbase that's okay with Ocarina of Time being re-released three times since it debuted on the N64?



Ron22 commented on After WWE All-Stars, Wrestlers Begin to Brawl:

WWE All-Stars is amazing (on the Xbox360, never tried the Wii version), but this game just looks silly. It's too early to fully judge obviously, but based on the Video, they took the perfect balance between Arcade and Sim that they hit with All-Stars and tipped it waaaaaay too far in the Arcade direction. Let's hope they know what they are doing.