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Sun 30th Oct 2011

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boob commented on Mario Kart Wii Races Past 30 Million Sales Mil...:

Mariokart wii, I love the motion control steering with the wii wheel brilliant. Mariokart 7 i sometimes use the gyro as i find it more challengingi just wish you could do it 3rd person as well. The 3d is awesome.



boob commented on Review: Resident Evil Revelations (3DS):

have just downloaded demo, slow on the uptake huh, played for like a couple of minutes and had other things to attend to. i wondered about functionality without circle pad pro. now i hear aim is controlled with gyro, hope its good i'm jumping straight back in. could this be the reason for only one circle pad and is a good enough reason. is circle pad pro just for die hards???????????



boob commented on Talking Point: NFC and the Latest Wii U Wizardry:

E books, Nintendo has to come up with a way to make content easy to share between devices. I can understand protecting games. Come on though. Jpegs, mp3, mp4, e books. This sort of content has to be included in wiiu. You should also be able to share it.

What would be the point of uploading a magazine from a shop to a wiiu and having it stuck there when I can buy a bunch of paper and read it anywhere.



boob commented on Wii Sales Take Serious Year-on-Year Fall:

Hardware has to be cheap to shift now.
As for software Nintendo needs to push games that will still look good on the wiiu, and make the point of seamless backwards compatability. An idea on price for the wiiu also, so people know where they stand on being able to afford the new system from the off. Those that choose to wait for a price drop could drift away if the wii isn't supported.
Wiiware sales could drop off a cliff if not transferable to the wiiu.



boob commented on Skyward Sword is Wii's 45th Million Seller in ...:

300 million people in the united states. if you said 3 people per household. thats a copy of SS per 100 households, thats incredible really for a game in less than 2 months.
cue rapturous applause.



boob commented on Rumour: Wii U Heading for E3 Face-Off with PS4...:

we will see what sony and microsoft have in the way of game play and innovation. its a games system, more graphical power or apeing a pc wont cut it.
i dont think they've got anything other than oil to through on the water.



boob commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life Reader Awards ...:

All good,
4 swords in single player would not be good enough to win. Since Xmas however I've had the privilege to play it multiplayer, it is an absoloute blast, all makes sense now.
The first 8 worlds of 3d land are fairly easy, but then the specials are much more of a challenge, good mix imo.



boob commented on Aonuma: Wii U Zelda Will Challenge Series Conv...:

skyward sword is obviously a triumph. however, it was a long wait to use the wii to its full potential. with wii u nintendo better make sure game play and using the wii u controller to its full potential is of utmost importance. the hd thing just wont cut it.



boob commented on Nintendo Doesn't Want a 3DS Price Situation on...:

seems to be a lot of peeps saying that the wii u draws nintendo level with ps3 and xbox. so what will be the life span of wii u. nintendo better start working hard on a successor or built in capability for expansion. something they should have done for the wii.
£200 and i'll buy it £250 a hard think maybe wait. £250+ and forget it, kids your stuck with the wii. ( they love 3ds mind, gonna be a good xmas).



boob commented on Nintendo Doesn't Want a 3DS Price Situation on...:

with xbox 4gb with kinect at £220 and ps3 160gb at £230 in the shops in the uk. nintendo needs to come in at about £200 i think. most ninty owners will have the other controllers and not want more. where kinect and play seem like extras. nintendos' package will seem standard. also ps3 is a well known bluray player, and a lot of people gravitate towards xbox due to microsoft pc compatability.
who is the wii u aimed at exactly, just seems like ninty fanboys to me. if its gamers ninty will have to have all the bells and whistles, a wow factor and good price to drag them away from there playstation's and xbox's with all the software they have accumulated. it doesn't seem to be marketed a casual user family thing at the moment however it could be.



boob commented on Hideki Konno Talks Mario Kart Wii U Ideas:

I don't see anything wrong with having one Wii u controller then any combination of Wii controllers, what about 3ds come on ninty.
Online maybe where the extra specialness lies. Leagues, cup comps etc. The amount of players increased. Being able to choose a track rather than vote.



boob commented on Feature: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in...:

Pre ordered with gold wiimote. When you look at the price if you need another wiimote absoloute bargain. The kids have bought it for me for christmas though. They are making me wait. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggg.



boob commented on Iwata Reveals Big New Improvements for eShop:

This sounds better. The 3ds needs demos. I mean I can ds download through my Wii, but there is no 3ds content. Also being able to direct content through your phone whilst in sleep mode would be good. Also YouTube support for the browser.
Come on Nintendo, knock the rough edges off content is king.



boob commented on 3DS Second Circle Pad Formally Announced:

Hmmm. Maybe nintendo should gone for bigger unit with sticks. That would make the whole thing more wiiu like. The 3ds could draw on the units power, with wiiu compatability. Good for in the house, undock for on the run.