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Iwata: 3DS and NGP will Appeal to Different Target Audiences

Posted by Trevor Chan

"The customers will decide which is correct"

Nintendo isn't the only company with new portable hardware coming out soon as Sony has recently announced details of its follow-up to the PSP range of models in the form of the Next Generation Portable (NGP). Speaking to Bloomberg, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata spoke about the upcoming Sony handheld device and where it leaves the company and the potential customers.

When asked what he thought about Sony and the NGP, Iwata replied:

They're trying to appeal to customers from a different direction than us. The customers will decide which is correct.

So it seems Iwata-san feels that the NGP and 3DS are different types of products that will appeal to different demographics. That's what he wants to project, anyways. By putting the onus on consumers to decide which of the two to get, he seems to suggest that customers will opt for one or the other depending on what they are after from a portable device, although there's no reason why gamers won't buy both. Nintendo's often portrayed itself as a company that's not in the slightest bit interested in the business of its console rivals, and when asked how the company will combat the inevitable rivalry between the two portable systems, Iwata said:

Nintendo is not the kind of company that thinks about how we oppose other company's product...


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irken004 said:

Other than the target audiences, people will only buy what they can afford :/ Hence why I'm leaning towards a 3DS



ianmage1 said:

The NGP will appeal to Sony Fanboys who want to spend a huge $500 on a handheld gaming system with fancy graphics.



R-L-A-George said:

I'd like to have (c.All the above. but lack of money.....Anybody want me to draw anything for them?



Cia said:

Nintendo is wolf among the dogs, what comes to their company filosofy.



y2josh said:

If the NGP is 350 or less I'll get it first and then the 3DS sometime next year. If not I'll do it the other way around.



Pogocoop said:

Looking at the NGP made me crack up I can just imagine someone on the the development team randomly standing up and yelling "Lets slap a touch screen on the back!"



Rob_mc_1 said:

If life were like an RPG all we would have to do is look for an opponent with loot to drop and repeat until we get what we want. Too bad real life gets in the way and suddenly there are assault, theft and possible breaking and entering charges and jail time especially for repeat offenders.



TrueWiiMaster said:

The 3DS and NGP aren't really comparable...because the 3DS will be an incredible success while the NGP fails (the same results as the PSP vs. DS). Clearly success and failure are two very different classes, appealing to very different demographics.



kurtasbestos said:

Rob_mc_1 → Yeah, sure, but you'd also have to repeatedly talk to everyone you see in the hopes that they'll have some new information that will help you figure out what to do next.



MegaAdam said:

I'm super excited for the 3DS, but the NGP looks really cool too.
Unfortunately, I doubt its price range will be affordable, and it will probably need an Ipad-like data plan on top of that.
I'm buying a 3DS on day one. Once I hear some more details about the data connections and Sony's pricing plans, I'd consider one of these as well. I'm sure this thing will be $400 or more.



Awesome5 said:

There are 3 reasons why im not interested in the "NGP". Price (gonna be 350 at least), battery life (if the 3DS lasts 5 hours, imagine how much juice this thing will chug), and finally, it's Sony, and I've never been interested in their products. If it was Microsoft though, who knows?
Another thing, I know lots of people are going to refer to the 3DS as the "casual" console and the PSP 2 as the "hardcore" one, but when you look at the launch lineup for the 3DS, it looks like the opposite.



Nintendo_723 said:

"Nintendo is not the kind of company that thinks about how we oppose other company's product..."




Morpheel said:

Eh,i guess i am part of the nintendo aundience, at least for the momment, i have no interest in the NGP. Actually most of the sony games i have ever wanted to play are in my PSP already.

If the NGP is way too expensive and has strong anti-piracy powerz then i guess my psp loving friends won't get it either.



Deviant_Mugen said:

"Nintendo is not the kind of company that thinks about how we oppose other company's product..."

Precisely, pettiness like that is best left to the other two companies...



Slapshot said:

I just put in my preorder and have my 3DS half paid off, and bought Pilotwings.

I'll be purchasing NGP day one as well Mr. Iwata



Token_Girl said:

I think the biggest issue with the NGP will be the price. It's obviously going to be top of the line kit, but that's going to cost top of the line price (like the PS3). If you have a PS3 and like the games on it, it looks like many of the franchises are going to make the transition over. This isn't going to get the lucrative "kids" market though that always floats Nintendo portables. It'll just be too expensive.



Ret said:

"there's no reason why gamers won't buy both"

how about price?



zionich said:

All comes down to games. Now NGP did perk my intrest because Monster Hunter Portable 3 will be ported to it, If I understood that correctly. Im an addict ,I know. Honestly, Id rather be playing Monster Hunter Portable 3DS.



Arcanum said:

Yes @zionich i agree with playing Monster Hunter 3DS. But wouldnt it appeal more to other gamers the idea of haveing a MH on the NGP rather then the 3DS? The Answer: of course.
So I'm hoping for a multi-platform MH



Chunky_Droid said:

Seems a bit silly to call it the 'Next Gen Portable'

Mostly silly when you pull it out in 10 years time and call it that.



rpunkazz said:

Provided the price tag of the NGP is not out of this world I would lean towards it myself. I really commend Sony on making a system and stick with it for the long haul. I picture Nintendo come out with the 3ds followed by the 3dsi, and 3dsi2 next year.

For most it is going to come down to games on each system.



nmozdzier said:

Good job, Nintendo. The funny thing is that they're both advertising the same features: graphics, touch screen, and internet, so this will be interestingly boring. As it will be the same old pattern. Sony fans will buy the PSP2 while Nintendo fans get the 3DS, the only margin where Nintendo will win is with their uncanny ability to pioneer with 3D and well this:
Sure Sony is marketing to hardcore audiences and so is Nintendo, but Nintendo also markets to the casual, and well casual is just a fancy term for uninformed. So 3D plus undoubtedly cheaper pricetag equals NINTENDO!!! The only way Sony would have a chance at outselling the PSP2 is if they price it cheaper than the 3DS, then they have a chance, but that would never happen.



Chunky_Droid said:

@hurt138: Not to mention Sony coming out with the PSP, the PSP Slim & Lite, the PSP-3000 model with the TV Output and the PSP Go.

I totally commend Sony as well



zezhyrule said:

I guess I fit in with both of the target audiences, cause I'm getting both eventually >:3



moosa said:

I don't understand the reasoning to "getting both." You could buy like 10 games for your 3DS with the money spent on just the NGP hardware. And unless the 3DS ends up sorely lacking in quality titles to play (and what are the chances of that?), I think you'd have to either be foolish, prideful, or rich to decide to buy both. I don't know where gamers get this weird idea about needing to own all the platforms when they don't own nearly all the games worth playing on any one of them.



Corbs said:

There are many games that are console exclusive on both 3DS and NGP, so it's ridiculous to say it's foolish or prideful to want both systems. And as for owning nearly all of the games worth playing on any system, I own every game I want on every system I own that's currently available for sale.



moosa said:

@Corbs, then you have a legitimate reason... and deep pockets. I don't think most gamers can say that. Also I didn't say it was foolish to want both systems, just that it would seem foolish to actually buy both unless you exhausted one's supply of worthy games.



Ren said:

as long as there are lots of demo systems in stores for the "casuals" to look at, the 3DS will totally have the upper hand. 'Innovation', as in- the coolest new thing made extremely accessible- is what made the Wii dominate in a way no one quite expected it to. I think it's possible that the 3d feature may just repeat the impossible feat by bringing such a 'sci-fi' feature to everyone who gets their eyes on one. I feel the same way now as I did a month before the Wii launch: "no way it can really do what it claims to do in any sort of useful way... but if it does it'll be sold out for months so I'm getting one at launch in case it does." I was not dissapointed, and I hope I'm not this time either.



TingLz said:

@Corbs: Not foolish? Tell that to your wallet one year from now! I can guarantee it disagrees with that statement

...not to mention the NGP games may be around $60



SuperSonic said:

How much y'all wanna bet the "Next Generation Portable" (God, that sounds soooo convincing) will now have 3D effects, cameras, microphone, touch screen (which it already copied), ability to use cameras for video, 3D pictures, and face recognition, and lots of applications and software too similar to the 3DS's? (And I'm still forgetting some other functions and abilities besides Sony also desperately trying to improve what the 3DS already has to make Sony Fanboys brag about what they did not rightfully come up with.)



SuperSonic said:

(Oh, yeah! Sony also wants to have video conferencing, be able to watch high quality movies, higher game memory capacity, which may result in better graphics, and attack the 3DS's only weakness; battery life, by adding a mighty two hours or someting. Geez...)



MasterGraveheart said:

Nintendo wants to appeal to the adventurous gamer whereas Sony wants to appeal to the people who already have an iTouch... hmmm...




taffy said:

It looks like the listened to complaints about the last one by adding dual analogue sticks. It would be interesting to see if they add the TV output on this model like they did with the PSP 2000 onwards. If they added that feature (in HD) then I would seriously consider getting one but to be honest I'm still playing the snot out of my DSI XL and my current PSP to want either one at the moment.



Wolfenstein83 said:

I am not worried about the NGP/PSP2 or whatever it will be called, I will let the hardcore gamers flame-war about that amongst themselves.
Heck, if the PSP2 gets some great exclusive games I might pick one up, but for now I am more excited about the 3DS because it seems like it will be a new experience like the Wii was.
I wish Sony luck and I hope some awesome games get released for the PSP2.
I am also waiting to see if Microsoft tries to wedge into the handheld business too and have an XBOX portable, that might be kinda cool too.



JakobG said:

Sony obviously announced the NGP early, trying to making 3DS-interested reconsider. They barely mentioned anything about the system, just some vague hardware outlooks and the promise it's graphics are supposed to rival the PS3's.



Noire said:

takes a lame crack at the 3DS

See I can do it too!

I'll be getting both handhelds for different reasons. There are games that I will want to play that will only be on the 3DS. Consequently, the same goes for the NGP. And I'm not one to sit around and regret what someone else has.

Bring it on~!



RyuZebian said:

To me, the NGP looks amazing. To be frank, I'd almost want one of those more than a 3DS...Why? Because if I got one as a gift, I could sell it and afford a 3DS together with like 5 games! Nintendo is always the best when it comes to innovation, and their pricing has almost always been better than the competition. I bear no doubts that I'll be ridiculously jealous of some NGP games though... :/



JimLad said:

They better not let their guard down, Sony should never be taken lighty.
They only have to create something similar at a lower price and their PR will do the rest.



DrCruse said:

If the NGP or 3DS were backwards compatible, I would buy them on launch day. Sadly, neither of them are backwards compatible (to the extent that they should be).



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

>3< I hate the NGP!! Its forcing me to give up on my precious UMDs and one of those games was a port so I can't get it on the PlayStation store EVER!!!! I'm getting the 3DS because I won't have to part with the bulk of my game library. If I do get the NGP; I'm keeping my PSP 3000 slim, I can't part with my UMDs,
sigh Sorry for the vent. I'm really upset that NGP has no UMD drive like the PSPGo.



SuperPeach said:

More than likely I'll either get a NGP late in it's life or not at all. 3DS on the other is mine day 1!



Varoennauraa said:

This isn't DS vs PSP anymore, as 3DS can make beautiful visuals too this time, and because of 3d, even the simpler looking games are going to look (and perhaps play) better on 3DS. I'm interested on both, but 3DS has already 10 times more games, that interests me.



Kid_A said:

Frankly I'm a bit surprised to hear Iwata say that the NGP and 3DS appeal to different audiences. Both seem catered towards both the core gamer and the more casual type (although Nintendo will always have an edge in the latter category).

The NGP looks awesome, but A) I know nothing of the lineup (other than Uncharted, which does look awesome) and B) I think it's safe to assume it'll be more expensive (because, well, it's Sony).



motang said:

3DS and NGP will Appeal to Different Target Audiences

That's what I told my friend and he didn't want to believe me.



HeroOfTime007 said:

Sony Fanboys already are bragging about the graphics.
"3DS Metal Gear Solid 3. NGP Metal Gear Solid 4 hours of cutscenes.



theblackdragon said:

Again, Different Target Audiences. Sony's giving their fans what they want, and that's just fine. Why get bitter over it?



Natie31 said:

The NGP look nice and may do well, but im always a Nintendo fan, so i will be gettin the 3DS.



Moco_Loco said:

While I suspect the 3DS will have a better game library, I have to admit that Sony is much better at design than Nintendo. The NGP is a thing of beauty, while the 3DS looks like Dr. Frankenportable's monster. I mean, the black one's not terrible, but I just think it looks horrible to have two screens of two different sizes.

If Sony is true to form and has a high price combined with a limited selection of games, then Nintendo has nothing to worry about. However, if Sony can keep the price reasonable and actually have a wide selection of good games, they could take the handheld market from both Apple and Nintendo.



melvin2898 said:

Here we go. comparing things. Why do people always have to compare things?
I like things about the NGP and 3DS. I'm personally saving money for both.



Bassman_Q said:

3DS looks better, and I am definitely more hyped for that one.

Of course, I don't know too much about the NGP so far other than how it looks and that it has dual analog and a touch screen so it wouldn't be fair to compare the two atm.



Ristar42 said:

Yes, its true they will appeal to people for different reasons, much like the Wii and the HD consoles. Not sure I can afford any of these new gadgets though, at least retro stuff is often cheap and has the added bonus of nostalgic value.



theblackdragon said:

Please, that's enough of the name-calling. It is possible to discuss this article without taking pot-shots at one another, thank you. :3



Energy686 said:

Yeah no more fighting and comparing. 3ds has its great (best) features (advantages) and sony has it own great (not really) and original (copied and mediocre) features of its own (that are copied)



SuperSonic said:


It's not that we argue and compare cuz we hate each other, we just want to prove which system is better. That's why Sony already exaggerated with what they're able to do and cheated by knowingly copying things from Nintendo.



theblackdragon said:

@SuperSonic: it doesn't matter which is better -- yet again, Different Target Audiences. you get what you want, everyone else will get what they want. There's something for everybody, and competition in the marketplace spawns innovation... it only means things will get better and better for us, the consumer. pissing and moaning about who did what first is pointless.



retro_player_22 said:

I really hope we are back to the Nintendo handheld vs. Sony handheld war again. I really dislike how this gen all of a sudden goes from DS vs. PSP to mobile devices that had nothing to do with videogames vs. DS & PSP.



SwerdMurd said:

I dunno about different audiences....I must be one of the few that's part of both audiences.

Granted, I think Iwata is a bit shaken after that NGP demo...I know my circle of friends is absolutely dumbfounded by the NGP, while the 3DS really hasn't done much for any of them (they both own DSes and just didn't enjoy any of the software offerings).




Not going anywhere near the NGP. I couldn't get the Nintendo 3DS fast enough. Guess I'm the demograph that Iwata is talking about. I loved the PS1 and 2 along with the Nintendo consoles - but I abadoned the Sony consoles when the PS3 came and its overly hardcore, isolationist, cinematic gaming came along. The Move hasn't chjanged my perception either..a poor attempt at family market for me. I now have 3 kids and a Mrs who's a keen gamer - that played a part (though she loved the PS1 and 2 as well)



Varoennauraa said:

...and...actually NGP isn't yet mature enough product for these "vs -discussions". Sony has a history of immature announcements, that were only necessary tactical moves made to hinder the sales of competitors ready products. PS3 wasn't ultimately the same product, that they announced. We don't know NGP's specs, battery, price and even release date.



eddypikachu said:

I heard of NGP from nintendo fangilr, its upposed to be like the psp2 5 inch screen ps3 graphocs 2 anallog sticks ect. ill rather get a 3DS



LuWiiGi said:

The NGP is tempting, but I'm gonna stick with the 3DS, mainly because most of the NGP's attractions will be probably be ports.



cheapogamer4life said:

Sony has never let me down with their new gaming devices that are way to expensive for me so I'd expect this one to be the same way.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I believe the handhelds are pretty close in pure figurative horsepower this time, so the NGP's only notable advantage is its ability to use a 3G network, while the 3DS has quite a few notable advantages including its signature glasses-free stereoscopic 3D graphics, 3D photography, and price.



SwerdMurd said:

@Bulb - not even close. NGP has a quad-core processor and is gonna be displaying, for all intents and purposes, lower-res PS3 games...3DS will be breaking a sweat to match Wii-quality graphics with its 3D display.

That said, I agree with the other comparison points. I'm interesting to see how this plays out this time around...although ultimately, being that I'll have both, I will no doubt be the winner overall I'm still a wee bit worried about the 3D display's fidelity in regards to how the content is scrolling on-screen...purely speculative worry though. Nintendo tends to amaze and innovate in regards to its new technology in ways that consistently blow my mind....I expect nothing less here 3rd parties however....let's not make this the first few years of the Wii all over again.



DrCruse said:

Since the price of the PSP in the used market will probably crash within the next year, I will seize the opportunity and get myself a PSP (something I have been wanting to do for years).



hamispink said:

I think its important to note that the NGP didn't steal the touch screen from nintendo(they stole it from apple)
I was extremely pumped for the 3ds after e3, but after seeing the NGP, I've almost forgotten about it. I was disappointed with my ds lite and almost never played it besides pokemon. I feel that Sony filled the void after the gameboy was discontinued with the psp, which is great with me.



MeloMan said:

All I know is Nintendo's portables give me all I need with other complementary bells and whistles and I'm good. To each their own.



Gio32k said:

I'm just going to get both instead...Why choose, when you can enjoy both platforms? each platform will offer titles which I will want.



1080ike said:

@Everyone who brought up handheld wars: It will happen. Price VS. graphics; which will you choose?
That sounded so cheesy.



1080ike said:

Course, when you remember that Sony hasn't released (nearly) ANYTHING about NGP, then you realise that, at this point, only Sony fanboys will be getting it. No offense meant to Sony or aforemented fanboys.



Stargazer said:

Sony appears to have learned from their mistakes. They have a touch screen (bout time they jumped on that bandwagon), they have motion control, they have two analog sticks, they have dumped umds in favor of carts, they have a battery saving screen, and it's got that cool touch pad on the back. The only thing they seem to have forgotten is that console-style games are best left for CONSOLES and they don't make for great handheld experiences. Which is why I chose the DS over the PSP in the first place.



Nesyaj0 said:

Nintendo will always be the powerhouse of portable gaming. It has been since the Original Gameboy.
Sony can try and emulate them as much as they want they won't win.
Even if they do I will prefer Nintendo.
@1080ike The 3DS will have a friendlier price tag and with 3D capabilities, it will be a formidable opponent to the PSP2's graphics. even if the PSP2's are rendered better, the 3D effects will make everything so much fresher.

Long story short; Nintendo rules the handheld world.



SuperSonic said:


No-no-no! I didn't mean it like that! I guess you could consider it me expressing my opinion, that's all... ( I'm just a little annoyed at Sony - sorry if people found my comment to be a bit jerkish...)



DarkEdi said:

I like always how Nintendo takes the situation and is not like Sony that always is trolling other companies.



Usagi-san said:

I think nintendo isn't concerned because they seem to do pretty well with their portables. I 've never seen anyone with a PSP in a restaurant but absolutely every kid has a Nintendo DS.



StarDust4Ever said:

All we need now is for Apple to make a new generation I-pod touch with an option for a dockable game system, complete with an array of digital buttons and analog stick, comfort grips, and a cartridge port. Then it'll be just like the good, old-fasioned, three-way console wars!



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

Just throwing it out there. Has Microsoft ever consider making a handheld Xbox console? (It just popped into my head. lol. If they ever want a three way showdown again all we need is a handheld Xbox. lol.)



NGpenguin said:

NGP???! sony= name stealer.

im not going to get the machine. ITs already challenging to find money for the 3DS. XD



Slapshot said:

@103 yes, Microsoft did consider making a handheld and it never worked out. Zune was the eventual creation.

There are a few comment from people saying that NGP specs aren't released, and some of them actually are and can be found HERE

I agree with everything TBD has previously stated. Moaning and griping about what console is better is a matter of preference and will get nobody anywhere!

Little bunny rabbit somewhere whispered in my ear that the NGP will likely have a price of $300-$350USD.

Also, NGP and the Dual Analog support, and acquiring a full home console comparable Call of Duty title, with full online gaming experience is going to blow sales through the roof for the NGP alone. The one title alone could potentially surge millions of unit sales.



Hey_Listen- said:

I know this is like totally random and not related to the topic, but I have Animal Crossing: City Folk for Wii, and I can't find Wii Speak anywhere, but I was wondering if you can also use the Headbanger Headset for Animal Crossing also. Please answer



chevx said:

Im also not interested in Sony's stuff, The only Sony games I really love was the God Of War series.

The thing about Nintendo is the their products always bring fresh original material(features) which always gets full attention by costumers and Developers alike.



pedroxgauchao said:

This year I bought a psp and a nintendo dsi .. but I think
that this new generation will choose only one! :



Varoennauraa said:

Speaking of Call of Duty... HD-Ready -like graphics in 3D and touchscreen aiming(perhaps you have spared your thumbstrap? I sure have.)!!!! I don't even like CoD's but this makes me want one actually.



Vinsanity said:

I don't really like either of them right now. Both of the conferences this month were filled with non-answers and "meh" worthy reveals. The 3DS seems like it'll launch with forgettable stuff at best (with the exception of Super Street Fighter, but who cares because it's already on HD consoles), and post launch support is a mystery. Not to mention, Kid Icarus - a would be killer app if I ever saw one - is confirmed to horrible touchscreen "mouselook" controls. Thus, it'll suck. Just like Metroid Prime Hunters and any other FPS on the DS.

I know Nintendo designs things in a bubble, but seriously - they should've looked at other games' control solutions. A handheld shooter should either adopt a Metroid Prime (Gamecube version) style lock on, or a Resistance Retribution style "aiming box". "Mouse look controls" on the go are complete .

But the NGP? It all SOUNDS good, but Sony didn't show off ANYTHING. They only announced 2 games for it too, and the only one I can remember is Uncharted. Besides, I have a PSP - the only thing I wanna know is if Sony will put in a battery that isn't complete garbage. Trying to get a game for the PSP nowadays is a nightmare. Turn it on, the battery lost it's charge. Plug it in, turn it on, go to the needs an update. Go to the update, it says there's not enough juice in the battery to last long enough to download the update. At this point, I'm throwing it back in a drawer, picking up my DS Lite and playing Dragon Quest IX.

Japan's full of idiots if they love the PSP so much. It is seriously an awful, wretched piece of tech. I sincerely hope that Sony makes a better handheld this time, but I ain't holding my breath. I also expect it to cost something RIDICULOUS, considering how powerful it's supposed to be.

If I had to choose sides now, I'd pick the 3DS. But I'm still not dumb enough to get one until the first hardware revision. Probably 12 months after launch.



warioswoods said:


I love touchscreen aim / look controls, in Metroid and also in a couple of homebrew ports I played on the DS years ago (Quake II port, fantastic with those controls). Not everyone despises that; I still prefer it to dual analog.

For me and FPS: Wiimote + nunchuck > touchscreen aim > dual analog

The biggest problem with dual analog is the symmetry. Walking and strafing, on the one hand, versus aiming and looking, on the other, are completely different types of actions, and should feel different. That's been a Nintendo design belief since at least the Gamecube: different actions should feel different. That's why the GC buttons are all shaped differently on the right, rather than being the standard 4 arranged in a diamond, and that's also why they go for motion and touchscreen hybrids today.



Varoennauraa said:

Touch screen aiming, especially with separate screen, is great alternative to other methods. I know dual analog sticks are considered normal at this point among console audience, but they never was considered ideal fps controllers. At the time they were only practical solution to make fps controls for consoles, but fortunately with modern tech we can have even more suitable control options for fps games. More analog, more speed and accuracy and less autoaiming and riggid movement equals more fun. The more direct relation to game character also means more immersive game experience.

Metroid on DS was widely acclaimed for its controls. Perhaps you don't like it, but don't try to make touch screen aiming look like it wasn't well liked controlling option. Especially in DS its perfect fusion of game controllers accessibility and mouses precise sensitivity.



Macaronius said:

I personally believe that both systems are unprecedented leaps in the world of technology, and I am interested in both. On the other hand, purchasing both would brutally maim my wallet.

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