Nintendo isn't the only company with new portable hardware coming out soon as Sony has recently announced details of its follow-up to the PSP range of models in the form of the Next Generation Portable (NGP). Speaking to Bloomberg, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata spoke about the upcoming Sony handheld device and where it leaves the company and the potential customers.

When asked what he thought about Sony and the NGP, Iwata replied:

They're trying to appeal to customers from a different direction than us. The customers will decide which is correct.

So it seems Iwata-san feels that the NGP and 3DS are different types of products that will appeal to different demographics. That's what he wants to project, anyways. By putting the onus on consumers to decide which of the two to get, he seems to suggest that customers will opt for one or the other depending on what they are after from a portable device, although there's no reason why gamers won't buy both. Nintendo's often portrayed itself as a company that's not in the slightest bit interested in the business of its console rivals, and when asked how the company will combat the inevitable rivalry between the two portable systems, Iwata said:

Nintendo is not the kind of company that thinks about how we oppose other company's product...