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Sun 30th Jan 2011

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Nesyaj0 commented on Review: Pokémon Rumble Blast (3DS):

I'm very satisfied with this review. It sounds very accurate and honestly, I'm perfectly fine with the formula not being changed. I just wish I had more friends with a 3DS

I don't quite get why people keep complaining that this doesn't have the traditional pokemon level up system.
That's one of the things that made this games unique, in the aspect that it wasn't a typical pokemon or hack and slash game.
Also the 2 button system forces you to use strategy a lot more, getting a variety of different moves to swap out and beat your opponents. I really like this aspect, if they had the same exact pokemon layout for this type of game it would feel very jaded and not sell as well imo.
A game like this sells well because it uses something familiar with people and introduces something new. don't complain for what's not there and use what is there and be happy about it.
Otherwise just don't buy it.



Nesyaj0 commented on There'll be Plenty of 3DS Consoles at Launch, UK:

Mine is already preordered. My beloved black 3DS will be mine on the 27th. Although I doubt my parents will let me go to the midnight launch lol...
They probably going to church that day (it's a sunday) so I'll just force them to let me pick it up when they get home ^^

Also probably gonna sell my Dsi. Keep my Lite just in case



Nesyaj0 commented on Iwata: 3DS and NGP will Appeal to Different Ta...:

Nintendo will always be the powerhouse of portable gaming. It has been since the Original Gameboy.
Sony can try and emulate them as much as they want they won't win.
Even if they do I will prefer Nintendo.
@1080ike The 3DS will have a friendlier price tag and with 3D capabilities, it will be a formidable opponent to the PSP2's graphics. even if the PSP2's are rendered better, the 3D effects will make everything so much fresher.

Long story short; Nintendo rules the handheld world.