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HeroOfTime007 commented on Feature: The Making of Shadowrun:

Such a great read, one of my favorite SNES games, either the genesis or the SNES version needs to be on the VC, or another game by Eidos. Though the original developers did get the license back a few years ago didn't they?



HeroOfTime007 commented on Get Fired Up Over This Conduit 2 Weapons Preview:

19. Kr5eegs07

I believe the only wii game with something like that is MArio Kart Wii, and I asked HVS about it for The Grinder and the response was that Nintendo doesnt allow as much freedom with third party online games so they couldnt do it. But that was before Conduit 2 was even announced so maybe their policy changed.



HeroOfTime007 commented on High Voltage Would Like to Bring Conduit Prequ...:

Mercenaries was announced for the 3DS? Cool.
Though this game has not even been conceptualized, there are a lot of possibilities and a sci-fi re-skin of The Grinder isn't out of the question, or maybe a more co-op centered FPS that plays like Resistance.



HeroOfTime007 commented on High Voltage Cancels Animales de la Muerte for...:

Aww, this sucks, but we saw it coming anyway. I don't understand why the Wii has such an amazingly small hard drive and why Nintendo did not release any new revisions, I rather have that then colors. SD cards are not a fix either.
Guess Ill get it off Steam if its on it. The game still looks great.



HeroOfTime007 commented on GameCube Tech Demo Shows Banjo Threeie in Action:

Umm, why is this current news? This tech demo was shown openly years ago. And don't see much reason for Rare nad Nintendo to "reunite" other then to take Rare's Licenses. Sure Rare could make a decent game now but I don't expect them to make anything jaw droppingly amazing soon or even better than anything published by Deep Silver.



HeroOfTime007 commented on Heavy Fire Heads to Retail with Heavy Fire: Af...:

The Taliban, "op for", or whatever terrorist in a modern warfare game, are not a threat just because they don't speak English or because Zbigniew Brzezinski funds Osama bin laden. Learn basic facts. And this game cant be a copy of Modern Warfare if its theme is already real and used 10 times before. They simply share the same source, Modern Warfare.



HeroOfTime007 commented on Heavy Fire Heads to Retail with Heavy Fire: Af...:

Oh how tasteless, you know you cant use real things in a modern warfare game, put generic enemy terrorists like Ghost Squad. Or avoid realism and do zombies, dinosaurs, or zombie dinosaurs. I don't like Rail Shooters that much, if Xbox 1 could handle real Dead Space then it could have been done for Wii...



HeroOfTime007 commented on Rising Star Releases Little King's Story Conce...:

Don't see whats so great about this game. The Gameplay is okay, but painfully dull half the time. The lack of Wii IR controls is idiotic and sending units controls like a boat. The graphics are quite awful, like an ear;y Game Cube, and even worse is the 360's bloom and blur added in. And then there's the public domain music... How did the developer go under from debt if this game's production values were non-existent?



HeroOfTime007 commented on Last Story Tops the Japanese Sales Charts:

But it really is not that much cheaper to localize by subtitles, unless they hire A-list hollywood talent to voice in english. They could even try to pay voice actors less then they should get, like with GTA 4. And it is still off putting, the game would still need to sell a vast amount whether it is dubbed or not and no dub and having to listen to Japanese would put off many people.



HeroOfTime007 commented on Brand New Conduit 2 Weapons Trailer Touches Down:

"Also, what's up with the terrible in-sync reaction animations (bobbing) that those two guys do when the player only shoots one of them from behind?"
It's called flinching or surprise, expected from a person appearing from thin air and shooting you with plasma bolts.
A Poor man's perfect dark? If by that you mean revolutionary controls, balanced weapons, large levels with exploration, and a stable framerate, and overall bearing little semblance to Perfect Dark then yes, it is a poor man's perfect dark.
You see Covenant alien type enemies? The Drudge Aliens are not wearing full armor and don't have mandibles, though the Free Drudge plotline (which you probably know nothing of) is vaguely like Halo 3 when the Elite help Master Chief. The Drudge are even less reptilian then they should be according to the backstory. The smaller enemies like mites are more like beetles and well, mites.
And as for the Helghast, you must mean the humans with masks who barely resemble Helghast. The Enclave soldiers greater resemble Helghast then The Conduits Puppets and Trust. I guess now any human with a sort of mask is a Helghast clone now, even though they were in The Conduit 1 and both games came out at the same time, and there was no reason to "copy" from Killzone 1 or 2. Weapons from Perfect Dark you mean 2 that are similar only in concept? Or is it the secondary system overall which you know, has been done before Perfect Dark, oh and it worked better even then then it ever did in Perfect Dark.

The Eclipse is just a simple cloak that provides near-invisibility to enemies, until you fire a weapon or until it runs out of energy. I guess Deus Ex and every other game that uses a cloak copied Perfect Dark too.
The Phase Rifle is only like the farsight or whatever in description. The Phase Rifle has limited distance, must be tuned in to see enemies, and penetrates through only one layer. Oh and it does not have overpowered auto aim.
If anything they are greatly improved functions from Perfect Dark. IF it bothers you so much you could use the gun that fires alien bees or captures souls to shoot black holes, those are original enough right?



HeroOfTime007 commented on Last Story Tops the Japanese Sales Charts:

The Last Story is obviously gonna be ported, at least to the US. It's production values are simply too high and it's developer is prestigious and it is also backed by Nintendo. Also it is selling well. Not sure if it has been officially confirmed but if not yet you can't jump to conclusions as it just came out in Japan.



HeroOfTime007 commented on Conduit 2:

Martijzzz, you should wait for the EU version it would be only a few days after US.



HeroOfTime007 commented on What Do You Make of This 3DS Prototype?:

Swapping the controls on an actual console to me is a terrible idea. Internal-wise, the hardware for the analog stick takes up a lot of space, which is why the PSP cant have two analog nubs. Second, It would be better if you could use the circle pad for the d-pad in ds games similar to Analog Dualshocks in PS1 games.



HeroOfTime007 commented on Sakaguchi: To Succeed Internationally, JRPGs N...:

#9 you have a very good point, but some of your examples are not that bad like Luminous Arc wich is the same thing as Halo. But Shin megami tensei and Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier are some of the best examples of what not to do. They could have made taisen "Wars" and change the OG (original gangster?) to origins or whatever it is short for.

Also I hate subtitles. Having to read it sort of takes it out of the cinematic feel. Also it would be bad if it was direct subtitle translations.
If only all Japanese games were translated by the team who translate into English at Capcom. A Dirty Harry reference in Resident Evil 4?! A-Team and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air hidden in Phoenix Wright 2?!



HeroOfTime007 commented on Rayman 3D Details Revealed:

Geeze, I have almost every version of this game, except the Dreamcast, just a disc with the demo on it. I had the N64 first for $20 without the box and no memory pak. I left the game on for nights and woke up at 7 to continue....
Point is, Ubisoft, I've played Rayman 2 enough already.



HeroOfTime007 commented on Nintendo Confirms 3DS Will Be Region-Locked:

@ 16Because everyone buys games when they go to other places, especially one which the majority of wich will release in their home country.

@31. Or maybe the software will be more secure and the few "hardcore" gamers will pony up and buy another 3DS, and therefore Nintendo makes more money. Also I dont see how weeaboos and such who want to play some obscure and archaic JRPG or hentai game will be "hackers", or whatever. The majority of "hackers" are in China, but its not like that matters, lest developers will have to hand their game and engine codes over to China.



HeroOfTime007 commented on Sakurai Gives Tips on Optimum Conditions When ...:

"you should think of it as trying to read a newspaper on a bumpy train; it can cause minor blurring, but it's still feasible and the end of the world is still a way away."

Very good analogy, thats exactly how I would describe it. But of course anti nintendo people will complain and exaggerate the sweet spot anyway.



HeroOfTime007 commented on Features: Five Nintendo Games to Thrill You in...:

The first Conduit was hyped at first mostly because of its graphics and controls, which were good. Also with it being the only FPS besides World at War and MoHH2 and it promising multiplayer, many people and websites hyped it up themselves and claimed this would be the halo killer or whatever. Bringing up HVS's past games before 2005 is irrelevant as the Conduit Team was a small and young team. Then after that most of those titles are ports of bad games, and low funded licensed games rushed by publishers.



HeroOfTime007 commented on Brian Provinciano Addresses Retro City Rampage...:

Several months later? Jeez, how did it get from being a wiiware exclusive and "possibly" the 360 to this?
No, character creator? Well OK, not that big a deal. Its just going to be that tiny little character right? But no reason to be left out on Wii that's literally just kilobytes of code. No challenge mode. Not sure about that but since challenges like the one with invincibility and rockets were shown on the Wii version this could just be achievements, no big deal, though it could be done on Wii. No widescreen output, well since Mega Man 9/10 didn't do it because it would look bad then I guess this is acceptable. No video replays, I guess this was taken out because it requires CPU and memory.
The Wiiware size limit is irrelevant here, all these things could FIT in the wii version/
Nope, sonic 4 ep 1. Its about 80 MB on the iPhone and half that on WiiWare. Jet Rocket was 600 MB and easily brought down to 40. Even Scott Pilgrim could be brought down in resolution and compressed for 40 MB or less.



HeroOfTime007 commented on WiiWare Super Meat Boy Gets Canned:

Meh, played the game on the 360 and it isnt all that great, and we felt that we over-payed for it, at most 300 points. It was more over-hyped then Cave Story and twice as dissapointing. Also these developers for not being able to put it on wiiware, they are amateurs, even for an indy dev. First of all about 256 MB of SMB is the music. Team Meat makes a big fuss about the soundtrack being MP3, but its no Mario Galaxy Soundtrack, and a midi conversion could have brought the size back down a lot. Maybe a number of tracks could have been left out also, it really isn't necessary for each boss to have his own theme, and music could be added in a later patch, like Cave Story did, sort of. Also the images could have been reduced in resolution for the Wii, it wouldn't be a big deal cause you wouldn't see higher resolution on the Wii anyway, that would save a lot of space. Also I think flash was used for animations and other things and you know how bloated flash files get. They could even have cut levels and sold it at a cheaper price and let you buy the levels, or just have you download levels as "free" DLC, it realy isnt that hard to find a workaround. Team Meat is either very incompetent or getting a lot from Microsoft for not doing this.