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United Kingdom

Wed 5th Jan 2011

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Ret commented on Rumour: Using Piracy Devices May Disable Your 3DS:

I don't see how this would work, DSi flashcards (the ones that work on 3DS) simply trick the system into thinking it is booting another game. No data is left on the DS system. If they did brick the console for running a flashcard, they would also brick it when a legit version of the game used to boot the flashcard was loaded.

So yeah, basically the only logical explanation is that this is another warning message like the ones you get on the Wii before an update.



Ret commented on Nintendo Defends European Retailers' Pricing o...:

I'm sorry but there's absolutely no excuse for this. The pricing is ridiculous (though I blame Nintendo more than the retailers). For what you're actually getting it's not worth it. The cost of consoles and games are getting stupid these days. Looks like I may be out of handheld gaming till everything comes down to a more sensible price. Still, I have my Wii.