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United Kingdom

Fri 15th Jan 2010

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LOLOLOLOL commented on GO Series: 10 Second Run:

I'm fairly interested but wary of purchasing 1000 points just for this...any thoughts...? They would be much appreciated.



LOLOLOLOL commented on Movemodo is Officially Open for Business!:

To be honest, I dislike Sony and therefore think the site is little more than a waste of time hovering around a doomed peripheral. But it is within their rights to expand and cater to a larger audience - everybody has different views. So good luck, though with the editing prowess you have shown us on NL, I'm sure you won't need it.
Thought I'd put a positive spin on things.



LOLOLOLOL commented on Looksley's Line Up:

The game just pales into comparison with that cat. Who gives a damn about some revolutionary 3D video game (which looks decent) when there's a cat in the background. AND ITS WASHING ITS EARS!!!!



LOLOLOLOL commented on Review: Libera Wing (DSiWare):

I really wouldn't recommend. Its far to simplistic and, as said before, can't compete with the likes of Starship Patrol. The quickplay levels are just copies of the story levels anyway. I totally agree with the review-though the graphics, a gorgeous cel-shaded affair are worth mentioning. Could be so much better if you could only build your own towers...