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Zelda: Skyward Sword is Half Finished, says Miyamoto

Posted by James Newton

So expect it next Christmas

We got out first look at Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword at E3 this year with Shigeru Miyamoto's admittedly disappointing onstage demonstration, but more disappointing was the announcement the game would land in 2011. Early 2011, we dared to hope; hopes that have now been broken in two.

Gaming website Pocket Lint recently interviewed Miyamoto, where he stated the game is "over half finished". To expect Nintendo to finish the other half between now and March is optimism bordering on insanity, so don't be surprised if Skyward Sword lands as Nintendo's big Christmas gift of 2011.

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pixelman said:

Translations are deceptive, and so is Miyamoto. What he said could mean it's anywhere from 50.000001% to 99.99999% complete. They were targeting a release date for early next year, so I'd say we'll get it around June like Super Mario Galaxy 2.



Punny said:

You know what? I don't mind. If the game comes out next Christmas, then it will be polished to an extra-high degree! It will be perfect by the time it comes out! In Miyamoto we trust.



Cia said:

Good news. I have too many games on my wishlist already, so i may actually be able to get them all before this comes out.



Hokori said:

Good I thought that I was going to have to buy this before a 3DS and be $50 short




I highly doubt he literally meant halfway through. Like pixie said, translations are easily misunderstood. Especially after the whole "It will be out by 2010" thing, id expect they couldnt take that much longer.



mattnd2007 said:

pretty much what i was expecting tbqh. now if it actually does come out earlier i can be pleasantly surprised.




I don't think they'll release in it march for sure. gonna need that month for 3DS I wouldn't mind a Christmas release though. It'd be a great present.



DarkLloyd said:

transform into the hulk RAWR WEJF SOFOAFWEFKOWEKFALSMFAWEKOFOAFOEMFWAEOKFOALMFMSFMEOF LOL im joking i knew something was fishy about gamestop march 27 release date wouldnt make sense to release 2 zelda games at the same time anyways



ArmoredGoomba said:

They already said it could have been done in 2010 if not for the art style changes. I think that's a mistranslation or something. I'd expect it in the first half of 2010.

I hardly consider this "hopes being broken" He said "over half complete" not "half done, with loads more game left to make"



Shiryu said:

Still hoping (dreaming?) for a F-Zero and/or Starfox on the Wii before this hits....



motang said:

So that means no early 2011 release, that's ok as long as it's not half baked (which I know it won't be).



thaantman said:

not a big zelda fan, but if this game is like slated to come out @ the end of next year, what is nintendo going to come out with to feel in the gaps, so far the only schedule release date is mario sports mix, and last story is suppose to be coming so time next year, and maybe just maybe a pikmin 3, but not much is certain, and from the 3rd party side so far the only games to look forward to is the conduit 2 & de blob 2. Nintendo is more than likely to focus on the 3DS the 1Q but I just hope wii isn't getting neglected. But you can never be sure what nintendo has up their selves



TingLz said:

Just as long as this doesn't end up being another Duke Nukem Forever



James said:

I think the point is if it's half-finished having been in development for years, it's not likely to be out in the next six months. But hey, I'll happily eat my words if it comes out before June!



NintyMan said:

The more time it gets the better, because the last thing we would want is for Skyward Sword to be rushed and come out half-baked. Not only that, but it wouldn't give more time for the 3DS and its games to have the spotlight. Having that come out in March and then Zelda in Spring would make it a lot harder for people to buy the games they want. Money doesn't grow on trees, so this isn't bad news.



erv said:

Nice. There's enough to play anyways.

I'll be buying it when it's done. Wouldn't want it any sooner.



The_Man_From_Tallaha said:

How can it only be half complete? It's been in development for about four years. Why announce a game exists in 2009, show it off in 2010 and not release until perhaps the end of 2011? Yet another brilliant public relations decision by Nintendo; show the customers what they could have, but not give it to them for ages. All the footage seemed to suggest the game is pretty far along, looking and playing great, so what more can be done?

And before anyone shouts "he said it was over 50%" complete, if it was much more than half he would have said 60%, or 70%, etc. I mean, you're not going to say "my car is worth over £5,000" if you've got a Ferrari are you?



wes008 said:

I think summer is a better time to expect it in. When dev teams usually say a game is "more than half" way done, they generally mean that they have the engine down, and some character models. In Skyward Swords case, they also have the motion mechanics down. From what we've seen at E3, they also have Link's model, some weapons, and a few enemies. Now they'll be plopping an overworld and dungeons in, and adding events to the game's code.

@The Man From Tallahassee When they said in 2009 that the game existed, they probably just meant that they had the plans for it.



pixelman said:

@James: But we don't know that it's only just half finished. He said it's over half done, which is ambiguous. Miyamoto's not the most reliable guy for information anyway. Remember the whole deal with him talking up a "more adult and mature Link" and flaunting that gritty poster? And now we've ended up with a game that seems more like Wind Waker than Twilight Princess.



shinesprite said:

Oh poo.
Oh well, plenty to play in the meantime (I still need to finish Excitebots and crack open my copy of Wind Waker).



DrCruse said:

Like pixelman says, we have no idea when the game will come out next year. 100% complete is "over half finished;" so is 51%. It could be finished now for all we know.



PATUX3T said:

NUH! D: 6 Months of no news on this particular game since E3 and they tell us that it's coming out next year by Christmas time...? ;w;



Sean_Aaron said:

Not a fan of the series, but I'm seriously keen to see how this one turns out. I really hope it's the business. I've got two Remote Pluses so I'm ready for some more swordfighting beyond Red Steel 2!




Huge fan of the series and am A BIT disappointed. Still, as long as its developed PROPERLY, that's the most important thing. IMHO then, this'll be a summer release. Allows the 3DS euphoria to bed in then throw another big bomb of a game into the mix to boost up the Wii 2011 library. Jobs a good 'un.



Objection said:

Well I didn't figure it was coming out anywhere near the 3DS's launch window, so summer at the earliest but I wouldn't be surprised if this was Nintendo's big Holiday game for next year.



Panthon13 said:

That's fine. Be a little late. Don't rush this game PLEASE! I have big hopes for exploration in this game. Unlike Minish Cap and Phantom, I don't want to do an event, a tree opens up if I succeed, and when I walk it, a heart piece is sitting there. What ever happened to really tedious, long events to get those heart pieces? Exploring through the mountains in A Link To The Past to fine that one heart piece almost randomly. Phantom of the Hourglass... didn't even have heart pieces.
I want a long game. Windwaker long... Twilight Princess long... and my honest opinion, New Super Mario Bros and Metroid Other M... they were both rushed, and far under my expectations. Let's not do it again. The first feature length game with a controllable sword should be amazing.



Mr_Video said:

@ Syd-Lalak agreed I dont want it to be rushed I mean sure if they rush it would be here faster but then they wouldnt be able to take the time to put detail into the gameplay and improve on the formula we've seen in the series.



y2josh said:

They are half done because they gotta get the Wii 2 version done too!



bowsersenemy said:

to be honest, if the game is over half finished, and we can espect it in 2011, with christmas being the latest, it sounds to me that the game is being rushed. from what i know of game development, if you've got just under half a game to make, and it's a zelda game, you're not going to get it done in about a years time and it turn out good. $50 says this is going to basicly be an expanded variation of the phantom hourglass engine.

now i'm worried.



JebbyDeringer said:

Also does he mean the whole project is over half done or maybe just part of it the rest being already complete. It could be that all or most of the graphics, story, art, coding is done and the actual gameplay is over half done in which case it won't be a huge wait.



bro2dragons said:

i'm seeing a surprising amount of optimism here. do we all remember how many times Ocarina of Time was pushed back? Or Twilight Princess? Nintendo loves Zelda more than even Mario, i think, as evidenced by the EXTREME care put into it. they will take their time, and we'll whine. but does it matter to them? no. because in the end, we love Zelda, too.



brainofj said:

Hey, as long as it's good, I'm fine with the wait. What I'm not fine with is that Nintendo has NOTHING slated for between now and then.

And before someone says "3DS", I'm talking WII GAMES. Another new handheld is not the way to supplant a system's library that already seems anemic.



WWammy said:

Am kind of glad to be honest I came late to Zelda on Wii and I've only just started playing Twilight Princess so next year for Skyward Sword is all good for me.



Corbs said:

I'm good with it. I hope they take their time and get it all right. I'll gladly wait until holiday 2011 if the game is everything we're hoping it will be.



Chris720 said:

This is a right bummer! I know they like taking care of Zelda titles, but this is just ridiculous. Nintendo's evil mind plan:

1) We show them some gameplay that makes the game look nearly ready to be released at E3.

2) We make them wait 6-7 months before we drip feed them more info.

3) We give them a big bomb shell that it won't be out for another years time.

4) They start feeling depressed and sad.

Nintendo are EVIL!!



SwerdMurd said:

that reminds me--I still have to give 3D Zelda series an honest chance again. My goal is to play through all of them (starting with Ocarina) in order so hopefully I can appreciate this offshoot of the series date only the top-down ones have ever held my attention to completion... There's gotta be something to most of the rest of the world liking them though.



TKOWL said:

I still don't know if I'm gonna get this one. I love the original Zelda-style artrwork, but I never really liked the 3D games as much.



Dodger said:

D: Gamestop had this listed for April 2011! I was counting down the months!

Oh well. I want them to take their time. They delayed Ocarina of Time also...



WaveBoy said:

Gives more time to catch on 12 or 13 something Wii games that I'm dieing to play, along with WiiWare and the Virtual Console hehe. Take your Time Miyamoto, as long as the end result is amazing.



hylianhalcyon said:

Yeah, I don't understand the title for this article. You even quote in it that he said "over half complete," then omit the word "over" in the title. :/

I believe this game is going to hit before Christmas, and I also believe this game is over 51% done, unless they decided to change up a lot of things they originally wanted. This game has been in development since about the time of TP release, which was 2006.



Big_A2 said:

I think Nintendo's learned from everyone's b***hing about Twilight Princess' delays that they shouldn't be concrete about release dates when they game isn't 100% finished yet.



Marvelousmoo said:

I'm guessing that it will be pushed back to spring of 2012, since less than half of a zelda game is over a year of game making. I bet that by more than half, he means about two thirds or three quarters.



Noire said:

I'm just glad I have no hype for this game like I did with the last few. Maybe that'll solve all my Zelda problems.

Or if... they like made an entertaining game. D:



JimLad said:

I have a feeling they might pull a Twilight Princess and release two versions, one for the Wii, one for the ? (Wii 2).
Unless the new controller is similar, then hopefully they'll just do the one version and let backwards compatability take care of it.



WiiLovePeace said:

Yeah Nlife need to calm down on the suppositions a bit, I don't know how Miyamoto saying that the game is "over half complete" translates to a definite "will be out next christmas". He didn't say exactly half has been finished, so to suppose another entire half of the game is in need of completion is a bit much. Although all this speculation is from a single sentence Miyamoto said so we are kinda grasping at straws here.
In any case, I would much prefer an earlier LoZ: SS release than next christmas - more Zelda, sooner please!



Crunc said:

With any luck this means it will be released for the Wii's sequel instead of the Wii, or I suppose both, like Twilight Princes before it.



EdEN said:

Now they'll definitely release a Zelda 25th anniversary disc as they did with SMB since Skyward Sword will probably be at retailers on november 2011. This also means no new hardware at E3 2011 since my bet is that Nintendo has a at least 2-4 games they could localize easily (Project Zero, Disaster Day of Crisis) as well as 3-5 new Wii games we don't know about and they'll focus 2011-2012 on the 3DS and let 3rd party publishers have their so desired "opportunity" to not compete with Nintendo on the Wii.



IronMan28 said:

Does anyone remember when Reggie said Miyamoto wants it to be the perfect game? He might be taking his time to perfect it, but with his vague language, who knows how done "over half" is....



Jr-Joe said:

This game has some color to it, not dark and drab like twilight princess. Whats all this talk about a wii 2 version, is it time for a new console already?



Marioman64 said:

personally, whenever i here a release date for something I always add a year to it as when i expect it to come out (probably because of brawl and cave story...)

oh, and if it comes out in japan I add 3 years



kikin79 said:

I have faith that the game will be improved and that will be a great game



Outrunner said:

Gives them plenty of time to shoehorn in as much masonic reference as possible. Capless pyraminds, All-Seeing-Eyes, etc, etc.



rjejr said:

Obvious release date = Nov. 11th. FYI = 11/11/11.

This will coincide with the release of the WiiHD so it can come out in both SD (Wii) and HD (WiiHD) editions just like TP came out on both the GC and Wii.

Yes, I know there is no WiiHD, and maybe the Nintendo head honchos don't believe they need it with the 3DS coming out in the first half of 2011, but they DO need it to compete going forward. I saw lots of Wii consoles on shelves this year - even a couple of red ones - which I have never seen before. Zelda HD will get people to lay out another $300.



Quazzaazazazaazaza said:

I fully expect this game to come out no later than may 1st. Miyamoto said it was OVER half finished. How did everybody instantly skip to Christmas 2011?



Old_hand said:

Why is it that these sites, all of them, only state, over and over again the interference riddled demo, despite, minutes later posting videos upon videos of the game working flawlessly in the interference free hands on demo rooms?

There are far too many people who honestly believe the game is broken and actually performs like the stage demonstration.

Way to disseminate the truth videogame media.



Riskia said:

This game looks amazing. I thought it was all a joke at the beginning

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