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Mon 29th Dec 2008

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mattnd2007 commented on Review: Excitebots: Trick Racing (Wii):

just bought this today. very excited. got a great deal too. 26 bucks for the wheel and game, brand new. have to wait couple weeks for it to arrive though. wherever the guy selling the game is from must be very far away from me. said to expect it anywhere from the 21st to the 9th next month.



mattnd2007 commented on Review: Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Calib...:

this game was freaking awesome back in the day. i never actually owned it, but i think i rented it 2 times. i didn't beat it though(i was pretty young and didn't understand everything that was going on, plus the game is really really long).



mattnd2007 commented on Cing Goes Bankrupt:

NOOOOOOO. i never played any of the ds games since i don't own a ds. however Little King's Story was one of my favorite games so far this gen. Anyone who helped to make that game possible should be doing amazing, not going bankrupt. there's no justice in this world. hopefully they can make a comeback, i don't even care if they only make ds games again, they deserve to do well.



mattnd2007 commented on Nintendo Download: 28 December 2009 (North Ame...:

magic obelisk sounds kind of interesting but i need a review. i probably won't get rebirth since i'm not really a fan of the old school castelvanias. i prefer the "metroidvanias". the sumo game sounds kind of interesting too, but i dunno if i would pay $10 for it.



mattnd2007 commented on Little King's Story Creators Want A Sequel:

just got the first one today and it is brilliant. i've only put in about 2 hours(hey i had nothing better to do after i got off of work) but it is already one of my favorite wii games. i think by the time i finish this i will definitely be craving more.



mattnd2007 commented on New Wii Zelda May Require MotionPlus To Function:

well then they better include it with the game. so far no games that feature wm+ have impressed me enough to warrant a purchase. unless there are some that i haven't seen yet, or if red steel 2 is better than it looks(i know people say it looks awesome, but i'm not really that convinced on it).



mattnd2007 commented on EU Club Nintendo Gets Giratina DS Lite:

Are we ever gonna get cool stuff in the US? I know our service is the newest, but still. If anything we should at least get the same stuff as elsewhere. Right now i don't know what i would spend my coins on, none of them seem too awesome really.



mattnd2007 commented on EU WiiWare Update: Lonpos:

You guys should all boycott lonpos to show nintendo you will not buy crappy games just because they are the only option if you want a new game. I'd laugh my ass off if the game sold like 5 downloads or something



mattnd2007 commented on EU WiiWare Update: Lonpos:

Sorry dudes you really got screwed this week. Games like this shouldn't even come out, they are unnecessary. there are way more than enough puzzle games on wiiware already, and this doesn't even sound like it is one of the good ones.



mattnd2007 commented on USA VC Update: Castlevania III:

Skipping this one just because I don't like Castlevania all that much. Good update for you Vania fans though. Planet Pachinko sounds kinda interesting, maybe I'll get that.



mattnd2007 commented on WiiWare World - Best of 2008:

Honestly I only own Mega Man 9 and I love it. I really should get world of goo, but I am a cheapskate. Plus puzzle games aren't my favorite type of game either. Is it awesome even if you don't like puzzle games all that much?



mattnd2007 commented on USA WiiWare Update: Maboshi's Arcade and Pool ...:

I'll pass on these two, not really my kind of games. Still an awesome update if you do like these types. I know Maboshi got good reviews on here, but i just don't really like puzzle games. I plan to dl Startropics II sometime in the future.