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Tue 23rd Nov 2010

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Old_hand commented on Zelda: Skyward Sword is Half Finished, says Mi...:

Why is it that these sites, all of them, only state, over and over again the interference riddled demo, despite, minutes later posting videos upon videos of the game working flawlessly in the interference free hands on demo rooms?

There are far too many people who honestly believe the game is broken and actually performs like the stage demonstration.

Way to disseminate the truth videogame media.



Old_hand commented on Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS):

Interesting point on the long dialouge.

I found I skipped about 15 minutes of repeating dialog about fireballs by figuring out simple puzzles on my own before the game intervened (Watch giant bombs quicklook to see the over explanation of fireball/psynergy puzzle usage in general, figure out the puzzle yourself to skip it all).

I also have found no discernable difference in difficulty between the games at all, and I replayed both of them right before picking up GS3.

I think seven years is simply a more than adequate amount of time for people to get better at video games, and they don't make the distinction between them being better, and the game being easier. They should replay the first titles to put things into perspective.



Old_hand commented on Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS):

Well, I finally found the info I was looking for.

If anyone was actually worried, Golden Sun 3 didnt leave anything out.

There are a couple of secret bosses, and a secret dungeon, the boss of which early reports say makes Dullahan look like a cubscout.



Old_hand commented on Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS):

Sorry, I know you didnt say they were difficult, I was responding to a post that... eerily vanished. I'm not crazy, really.

I just think we have a clash of relativity, what is 'easy' and thus 'easier' to you, and to me. I dont see myself making much of a distinction between easy and easier, unless its something ridiculous like the game has an option where it plays itself and always wins for you.

No review I have seen has adequately described what makes the game so much easier that it must be announced beyond, well, 'trust me'. As when they try specific examples, I can point to the exact same things in the games they claim are harder. (Such as psynergy being more or less useless in battle when you can just normal attack spam and win faster).

Lol, 'real gamer' was simply for Golden sun fans to instantly recognize what part of the games I was talking about. Its simply people who spent the time to find all the secrets, like every djinni, and every secret psynergy to gain access too, and complete the secret portions of the games, which were the only parts in the golden sun series to actually have something that could be considered a challenge. A challenge in exploration and secret finding, and then, in the secret area, actually a challenge in battle.

Typically, without prior knowledge (Like playing GS 1 before GS 2) you have no way of knowing about the secret dungeons, and they arent found in the first playthrough, but by gamers who come back after beating it to find everything, and then are pleasantly surprised by this discovery.

The casual gamer typically plays through the story and is done. Never knowing what they are missing.



Old_hand commented on Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS):

The reviewers haven't experienced it either. Which is, you know, my entire, and only, point. We are EXACTLY on the same level here.

The only part of the golden sun games that ever posed anything that can remotely be considered a challenge, were the secret dungeons you needed all Djinni/secret psynergies to access/complete.

Without the requirements of at least 72 Djinni, the reviewer hasnt seen this area, which is the only thing I have been talking about in regaurds to difficulty.... As its historically the only part of the golden sun games that have ever had any difficulty.



Old_hand commented on Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS):

Easier than easy? I dont recall ever losing a battle in the normal areas of either Golden sun, and unless there is an element the reviews arent mentioning, like it plays itself we have a matter of relativity here I don't see getting resolved... Perhaps the story course of the original golden suns were harder for most others than they were for me.

Well, we both agree the series has always been easy to play through the storyline. Its in the nature of golden suns design. The game was likely even 'easier' for the reviewer with 65 djinni than it was for you. With djinni offering far more power than even leveling up, the designershad to think that the average person wasnt going to find the large majority of Djinni, probably considering them finding around a little over half like you, or even less. With djinni, being somehthing the player mostly found by exploring, and not being garunteed like leveling up, this left the designers with an obvious design choice to make sure the average person could see the game through to the end.

This is also why the only times the golden suns ever became difficult, were in the hidden areas the players required all djinni to gain access too.

These areas were able to be designed with all players being equal in mind. A dungeon designed for people who had the power of ALL the Djinni Which is why they were harder than than the last dungeon and boss by lightyears.

Being that you need at least 72 Djinni to even see this area... You know as much about this part of the game, which is the ONLY part of the games I have been referring to in my posts, as I do.

So my statement still stands, despite you reviewers having the game, and me not.

The only time the games took off the kiddie gloves were in the secret areas, that you had to be a real gamer to find in the first place....

I have no reason to suspect this one is any different.



Old_hand commented on Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS):

Yes, I actually use my pattern recognition of how off the mark and sensationalist the average reviewer is when coming to my former conclusion.

The contrast between the statements makes it sound like the original golden suns were some grand machine of infathomable design to conquer.

Which they simply werent, in fact, they are exactly as Dark dawn has been accused of.

Maybe they need to replay the games, maybe they forgot they had been playing them on the unlockable hard mode.

But you can play through golden sun 1 and 2 95% of the way doing nothing but spamming normal attacks.

Maybe it IS different, I wouldnt know, as you said I havent played it yet, because if it truly is, no review has adequately expressed this, as direct comparisons of what they have complained about.... are present exactly the same in the first games they claim are different.

And, unfortunately, and frankly, trust in the competence of 'professional game reviewers' is on ever thinning ice.

Just out of curiosity. How many djinni did you finish with? Highest review Ive seen so far finished with a respectable 65 of the little buggers.



Old_hand commented on Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS):

Basically, if you liked the first two games, you are going to like this one.

I wonder if the difficulty really is 'tamer'.

I see a lot of reviewers mentioning this hand in hand with 'you can just use the normal attack to get through the majority of battles'....

And honestly... thats exactly how the first two games were.I replayed them often out of nostalgia and semantics, and I know well, the jamming of the a button to spam normal attack left left right right (Putting two guys on each bad guy...) over and over and over again.

The only time the games took off the kiddie gloves were int he secret areas, that you had to be a real gamer to find in the first place....

I have no reason to suspect this one is any different.



Old_hand commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

I suggest, if you are going to respond to something about the halo effect, you read about it to understand what it is, so your entire response isnt wasted space.

I will respond to your argument even though its pointless, as you steer it off course with the very first sentence, as its completely wrong. Pointless for you, but for anyone else reading who isnt already running a full blown self fulfilling prophecy it could be an eye opener.

"based on logical fallacies: that people aren't buying and dislike Other M because they perceive that Team Ninja wrecked Metroid and that the review scores tanked the game."

Completely wrong and 100% miss of the point. Your argument only works in a world where the Halo effect doesnt exist or if I didnt base mine off the halo effect. In fact, you COMPLETELY ignored the halo effect and focused soley on the plant, because you have no idea what is going on.

Halo effects are NOT based on logic. There are no logical fallacies in my argument. There is a glaring one in yours though, and that is a lack of knowledge on the subject. Thats a gaping one.

Other M recieved incredible marketing, more money was spent on other M's marketing campaign than any other Nintendo game in history.

The reviews were UNDER the halo effect.

Metroid has NEVER been a big seller, and the projections for other M sales that the games not meeting are projections for a METROID game, not an 8 million projection for a zelda or mario game. Nothing unreasonable here.

You then somehow erroneously claim that I said other M was perfect (Despite me bringing up flaws I didnt like in the post you responded to) and then, hilariously go on to unwittingly explain how the HALO EFFECT blinded people to the flaws of the primes and super metroid, and show your very own halo effect you are unaware of being under, and then completely fail to grasp the concept of the halo effect again in your last sentence, responding soley to the plant... again.

Please, if you are going to take the time to talk about this, take the time to learn what you are arguing against.



Old_hand commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

Other M was on the recieving end of a perfectly manufactured and brilliantly executed Halo effect, or in this case a reverse halo effect or 'devil' effect.

A Halo effect is a psychological phenominon where people take one likable attribute of something, and blinded by this, trick themselves mentally into thinking everything else about the subject is also better, even when it isn't. The person will even create fictional reasons for these improvements of other areas, and believe them wholeheartedly.

For example, a manager has two employees, one that is good looking, and charismatic, but slacks in actual work and competence. A manager caught in the halo effect would think the slacking employee was better at work than he actually was, his other attributes raised in his mind because of the one good attribute.

His other employee is ugly and not a social butterfly. But his work is much better, he has better ideas, hes always on time, except when emergencies come up and he always calls.... But because of these negative attributes that have no effect on his work, he is percieved to be less capable than he actually is.

Companies lose buttloads of money because of poor management decisions thanks tot he blinding halo/devil effect.So much that there are DOZENS of books written about overcoming, and using the Halo effect for management purposes.

If dozens have been written for management... there are HUNDREDS for marketing and advertising, including counter advertising. Sadly this is why we have celebrities endorse products.

The plant for other M was snuck in the previews, and stuck all the way through. It was 'Team Ninjas making metroid'. 'Team Ninjas Metroid'.

90% of all complaints with the game, stem from this alone. 95% of the negative comments in this thread are still convinced this lie is the truth.

What none of the previews or reviews ever mentioned was only the biggest peice of videogame news inthe past 20 years.

Nintendo brought the original members of R&D1 from all the different sections of Nintendo and even OUT OF RETIREMENT for Other M, including

Yoshio Sakamoto (Metroid Creator, Classic series director and story writer) if there was ever any mention of anyone other then team Ninja it was him. And 99% of reviews never mentioned him.

Hiroji Kiyatake (Metroid Creator, original Samus character designer, and classic series art director, this is why every screencap of other M looks like it was ripped from the pages of original metroid game concept art. An absolute flawless job, Of course... kids who thought prime was the original metroid never understood this.... It was the 'journalists' job to tell them)

Makato Kano (Metroid creator Game concept creation)

These were the people who were in charge of making metroid other M, the original metroid team. Team Ninja simply took the place of intelligent systems.

But not one single review ever mentioned this. They stuck to the team ninja lie. The percieved negative attribute that would make it OK to create negatives that didnt exist in other areas.

FOr example, every review you will read will tell you you are completely immobile and a sitting duck while in first person mode. This was a lie, (the journalist didnt know they were lying, they actually believed the fiction because of the influence of the halo effect), the player can actually dodge enemy fire in 4 directions while in first person mode, and even maintain a lock on to fire missiles immediately after the dodge.

Missiles can even be fired while airbourne, and linked together with other moves to create elaborate custom combos for example:

The player can charge up a beam, jump over an enemy, fire a charge shot, getting propelled into the air, push 2 to go back into a spin jump, jump off the wall, land on the baddie, do an overcharge attack, then immediately after the overcharge attack, as the blast propels the player upwards, can go into first person mode and fire a missile before ever hitting the ground. If the player is early enough in the game, the enemy might even survive, albeit knocked across the room, and the player can go into a lethal strike. No review mentions these excellent controls. The reviews wrote the game off before they ever played it because of the halo effect. They never bothered to actually learn how to play the game, and simply ran through it, using the lamest most repetitive moves imaginable, charge beam spamming and button mashing the d-pad (try that on hard mode, lol), instead of utilizing the smooth as butter custom combo system.

Most reviewers never finished the game, turning the system off and writing a review whining about a lame ending in first person mode without ever playing the finale.

Most reviewers dont know about the fact that metroid prime and metroid classic are two different stories... They don't know about the history other M's flashbacks are constantly referencing. When Sakamoto said this was a game made for the real metroid fan, he wasnt kidding. If you want to make any sense of Other M's story, you need to know ALL of the metroid story.

Then the halo effect made it all right to have double standards, complaining about the same things as the game they lauded in the review.

In super metroid enemies fired from off screen, in super metroid, items were shown on the map (More items than in other M, as other M only showed a quarter of the power ups on the map, only after defeating every enemy in specific rooms, until the finale, where all items are displayed like in super metroid).

They complain about the yellow dot (Hell, I HATE the yellow dot), yet the yellow dot wasn't the apocolypse of the metroid series when it first debuted in fusion, or when it appeared again in zero mission, or its equivilant in corruption.

All these 'bastardizations' complained about in the other M reviews, and even here in these comment sections are all present long before other M. But not according to these reviews, and according to these reviews, these 'horrible horrible new changes' didnt stop fusion and zero mission, the games the changes debuted in nearly a decade ago, from getting 9's and 10's.

If other mission was the game described in 99% of the reviews I've read I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.

However, its not, not even close. Behold the power of the Halo effect.