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Sat 26th Jan 2008

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The_Man_From_Tallaha commented on Zelda: Skyward Sword is Half Finished, says Mi...:

How can it only be half complete? It's been in development for about four years. Why announce a game exists in 2009, show it off in 2010 and not release until perhaps the end of 2011? Yet another brilliant public relations decision by Nintendo; show the customers what they could have, but not give it to them for ages. All the footage seemed to suggest the game is pretty far along, looking and playing great, so what more can be done?

And before anyone shouts "he said it was over 50%" complete, if it was much more than half he would have said 60%, or 70%, etc. I mean, you're not going to say "my car is worth over £5,000" if you've got a Ferrari are you?



The_Man_From_Tallaha commented on Review: Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary...:

@ mariofanatic128 (Post #17) Your comment basically suggests that it's okay that Wario Land didn't have multiplayer because it never has before. Well, there was a time Mario had never been in 3D, so why created Super Mario 64? There was a time when a handheld console only had one screen, so why create the DS?

It's about moving on, making the most of technology. It wouldn't have hurt the game at all to include Waluigi as a sidekick or in a separate multiplayer mode. I dunno, a total destruction mode whereby one player is Wario, one is Waluigi, and you get a time limit to see how many things you can destroy. I'm just thinking off the top of my head, using the Wario world and adapting it.

But my point wasn't about any specific game, it was about Nintendo not going that one step further when you, I and they know they could. If you're gonna have a game like Wii Sports Resort, with lots of sports, tasks and scores, why not have an online leaderboard? There's no reason not to do it. Just as there is no good reason why the CD in this Mario bundle has been so poorly put together, or why Super Mario World is missing.



The_Man_From_Tallaha commented on Review: Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary...:

@ James Newton - I was referring to things like lack of online in Punch-Out, lack of leaderboards in Brawl and Wii Sports Resort, lack of anything other than one-player in Wario Land: The Shake Dimension, lack of online leaderboards and multiplayer in Link's Crossbow training. Sure, these games were all good, if not brilliant, and what they did, but it's the inexplicable things they don't do that's the issue.

Xbox 360 and PS3 games will have almost everything you can imagine. Leaderboards, achievements, demos, multiplayer, several game modes, DLC, etc. These things are pretty much standard. Nintendo is still very old school in the idea that the core idea is enough to sell to the consumer. I've read interviews with Nintendo honchos whereby they've suggested we should be lucky to have extra things like online, whereas if there's any slight possibility of it making sense like in Wii Sports Resort or Punch-Out, it should be in there.

Of course, on the flip side to that console game comparison, Nintendo games are more fun and more original, and they can boast that they do a few things brilliantly (controls, graphics, characters) rather than a lot of things mediocre.

But really, half-filling a CD with tunes that aren't considered classics is such poor treatment of the Mario franchise and the loyal fans that have made him a success that I can't even express it in words. So unnecessarily lazy or ignorant to put together a bundle like this.



The_Man_From_Tallaha commented on Review: Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary...:

This is typical of a Nintendo product. They usually only ever do 'enough', rather than really pushing the boundaries. Took them forever to embrace online multiplayer in the majority of their games, they don't have any achievements system and extras, add-ons and tidbits are scarce. Of course I'm not saying Nintendo are lazy - their games look beautiful and are fun to play. Super Mario Galaxy is an amazing game and the new Donkey Kong is looking brilliant. I love Nintendo, but they tend to either surpass expectations or get away with not doing enough.

If you're going to release a Limited Edition of your original, iconic games, do it properly. Why hasn't the 50Hz issue been addressed? Why isn't Super Mario 64 on the disc as well? Why has only half of the music disc been used? Why are the tracks not the very best? (could it not have been influenced by a poll on the site?)

Saying that, as bad as the bundle is as a Limited Edition anniversary celebration, I'll still get it purely to enjoy the games. I've never played the spruced up versions of these games, and so £15 or less (which is what it will be soon, and what I'll be willing to pay) is an absolute bargain.