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Fri 18th Apr 2008

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charly_rozen commented on Talking Point: The Second Circle Pad and the 3...:

Indeed, after Wii and DS i will never buy another Nintendo console until see the last revision (hardware version) and last price drop. I don't care anymore to be the first in buy it. 3DS will take the same path that DS (a lot of revisions) and Wii U to for sure. Sorry Nintendo.



charly_rozen commented on Super C:

Does anyone know why this game is no longer available in America?



charly_rozen commented on The DSi – One Step Closer to a Portable Virt...:

Well another DS Version with a lot of new capabilities but with the same little screens. The interesting thing will be if in fact you can download original games like the VC and Wii Ware. Nothing else interests for me (for take pictures we already have digital cameras and cell phones)