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Rejected! No Online Play for NBA Jam

Posted by James Newton

Couch multiplayer only

When we interviewed NBA Jam producer Pete Trenouth earlier this year, he wasn't sure if online play would make it into the final release. Regrettably EA Sports' Community Manager Alain Quinto has confirmed via Twitter that the game will not ship with online play.

Q: Will NBA Jam have an online multiplayer mode on the Wii? If so, can 2 players play online at the same time, on the same Wii? Thanks.

EA: not on the Wii. It will on XBOX 360 and PS3

Despite this setback, our First Impressions of NBA Jam point to an enjoyable offline multiplayer experience that should stand well enough on its own two feet.


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OrionLee said:

Is there a reason why Wii version doesn't get online, yet the 360 and PS3 versions do?



BulbasaurusRex said:

NOOOO!!! Why can't these stupid developers stop keeping online play out of Wii games? Just because it's a comparatively weak online system doesn't mean that an online mode won't greatly increase the value of the game. Now it can be argued that the Wii version of a game has again been nerfed. Which would you rather have, online play or the Remix Tour?



Splat said:

It went from "Only on Wii" to "The weak watered down version only on Wii".



ErrorSupply said:

Nintendo is probably behind its absence. On a somewhat related note, I really wouldn't be suprised if the 3DS online turns out to be more of the same old restrictive friend code crap. Gotta protect the children, you know.



KyubiStewie said:

Well, there's always the PSN/XBLA version for those who want to play it online. I'm still waiting for more details on the Wii version.



Punny said:

Darn developers not knowing what the Wii is capable of...

This game should still be a blast, though.



Oregano said:

EA doesn't use Nintendo's system though, they use their own system and servers so there's pretty much no way you can blame Nintendo for this.



Kid_A said:

EA has always been good about offering robust online features on the Wii. This is surprising...and upsetting. But the local multiplayer is what it's all about anyway, I suppose.



AVahne said:

Offline is great and all, and i want this game, but it's really unfair that we pay full-price for the game, but they're omitting a feature that would've made the game complete and instead reserve is for the other versions. I thought EA finally cared about this game, seems like they still only care about the money.



Splat said:

Can't really say I'm surprised every other EA Sports Wii game is a watered down weaker version of the PS3/XBOX versions.



kevohki said:

Half of the blame to EA. Half of the blame to Nintendo. PS3 version, here I come.



Odnetnin said:

Do they really think Wii owners will still be enticed to get this after they lied that it was an exclusive, gave a lite version away as a free download with another game on PS360, except not really a lite version since it has online play, and they only put two people on making Wi-Fi work and didn't ask Nintendo or somebody who can actually squeeze it out of the machine?
Good luck, EA.



MasterGraveheart said:

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you kill momentum for what could have been a great Wii exclusive. BOO!!!



pixelman said:

Damn it, EA. Thanks for screwing your fans over. I'm waiting for the bargain bin on this now.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

Wow, nice job EA. Just don't even think about complaining "Hardcore games don't sell on Wii!!!!" using this game if it doesn't sell well. This is a maybe for me now (don't have a PS3 or 360).



Cheezy said:

Another Wii exclusive now no longer exclusive and with less features...word...



BulbasaurusRex said:

@8 Personally, I don't care that much about friend codes (don't play very often against friends, anyway), and I don't see why people complain so much about them when they aren't anywhere near the biggest problem with the Wii's online service. WE NEED GAME LOBBIES! Stop giving us this "Searching for opponents..." poop and give us lobbies where we can join whatever game we want and immediately see if anybody else is looking to play the same game types we are.



V8_Ninja said:

As a person who has no friends, this doesn't impact me much, but I do agree that EA needs to at least try to make the supposedly Wii-exclusive game on even ground as the free versions that they're handing out with another whole game for the other consoles.



Oregano said:

@Bulba: EA doesn't use friend codes funnily enough and I think one of the much touted features of Zangeki No Reginliev(which is Nintendo's last online game IIRC) is that it has a full lobby set up.



BJWanlund said:


Seriously, I don't care about no online. It's not the authentic Jam experience without screaming at the TV and trash talking your buddies on the couch next to you. I'll be fine with no online regardless. Besides, it wouldn't have had Wii Speak support anyways.




ToastyYogurt said:

Having only a Wii for this gen, I just want to kill EA for turning this from a Wii-exclusive to a Multi-platform Game with a watered down Wii version. One more reason to go get a PS3...



UltraRobPrime said:

It is a shame that EA is too lazy for online. EA or Activision is fail compared to Capcom, they brought great exclusives like MONSTER HUNTER TRI ( my fav wii game), TVC, Zack and Wiki, Okami, Resident Evil 4 and other great games on the Wii.



Gameday said:

Ha are you serious.... why do they do this everytime... its the year 2010 nintendo allows this bs. you finally got a system that has online capabilities and you make how many games online and this being so simple i cant imagine how hard it would be to make this game work. No online play no wii speak support talk about cant buy a bucket. if this game doesnt sell then its their own fault. i sure aint buying thats for sure.



ocarinaoftime said:

when i first seen this game in action i was excited.....when they said wii exclusive i was like awsome..... then when they said online i was like i got to have this game... then ea makes us wii owners pay for this game and 360/ps3 have it for free...........that hurt no exclusive for wii... then they diecide to make us pay them for free that hurt more.... then no online play ... it went from a first day buy to a bargin bin or pawn shop 5 to 10 game......



juanduran1 said:

Wow... Its quite amazing what EA does to please the wii crowd. Take away the wii exclusive and deny it online while PS3/360 has online...



FunderThucker said:

Whatever, I'll pick it up when it's $15, like how all half@** 3rd party games end up being in 2 months. I really don't care if the offline is good or fantastic since it's the attitude I have a problem with.



Fuzzy said:

Did anybody realistically think there would be online play? I'm still gonna get this day one, as it's gonna be a blast paying this again with my mates.



TingLz said:

@Fuzzy: Well let's is a Wii exclusive...oh wait, no it's not. Well since the PS3/360 versions have online, so does the Wii, right? Nope. Seems like EA just threw a handful of crap into NBA Jam fans that only own a Wii.



RonF said:

Considering that Grand Slam Tennis, FIFA, and Madden have an online mode, NBA JAM will be the only EA Sports game in the Wii without it. Great job, EA. I can see how much effort you're making to bring this game!



Fuzzy said:

I agree that it should be a no brainer, I just never thought that they were going to actually put it in.



IanUniacke said:

NBA Jam "Exclusive" to the wii (owners paying for the game so that we can make a free version for hd console owners).

This is the most pathetic move ever in a long list of pathetic moves by third parties.



TingLz said:

I'm not particularly a big fan of EA, but what the h*ll are they thinking? Why are they even bothering to release this game anymore?



SavageBlackWolf said:

Typical. No great loss here anyway. I quit buying EA games around 2 years ago. That trend won`t be changing anytime soon, with crap like this.



grenworthshero said:

I don't really care about online. At all. But it doesn't seem like they're trying very hard to sell this thing on Wii.



WiiLovePeace said:

@58 hahahahahaha that's funny because it's true

But after reading this: ( ) I'm feeling a lot better & I'm still going to get NBA Jam on the Wii. The PS3 & 360 maybe getting NBA Jam but it will only be a demo version & only if you buy a different game. Sure it will have online in one of the game modes but it's not the full NBA Jam experience plus I wasn't that interested in playing NBA Jam online in the 1st place anyway.



Kirk said:

What a waste of f'n breath.

There is no acceptable reason they can give me for not having online play on the Wii version yet having it on the others.




coyote37 said:

Pathetic. Without online multiplayer this game is pretty much pointless for me, as I'm no longer in a lifestyle that let's me play local multiplayer at all (ie: all my gamer friends live in other parts of the country). Is it 2010 or 1990?



Sylverstone said:

I'll probably still want to get it for nostalgia's sake (forget that, I'll just wait for the bargain bin), but I really have to get this off my chest....


DAMN IT! flings objects through windows EPICFACEDESK

You see that EA? That was basically the loss of the EA Sports Wii fanbase (if there ever was one).
I can hear the 360/PS3 fanboys laugh at us now across the internet!

Way to throw away a perfectly good advantage for the Wii, EA!
What a scam! People were looking forward to this! O.O

Were you guys that scared of your underperforming EA Sports titles on Wii that you had to scam all of us into thinking you really cared? Jeez!

Look at Activision with the GoldenEye remake! Do you see them excluding online play? Hell no.
Do you see them going behind the fans' backs to put in a smaller version on other consoles, while touting it as exclusive? NO.
So what did they do right? They kept to their word and most importantly, THEY GAVE THE FANS WHAT THEY WANT.


I'll say this. I like NBA Jam on Wii. I have grown up on both of the NBA Jam games on the N64 made by Acclaim (Jam '99 and Jam 2000). Seeing it return in its original form is bliss, but....
It's a kick in the nuts because we live in the age of online multiplayer gaming but if they are really trying to bring back the old 4-player local multiplayer scene then it isn't really working out for them. (Nintendo has done it quite a number of times, and it had some mixed results, though it's more positive.)

Well, I'll give NBA Jam about 3 or 4 months then we'll probably see a price drop. Hopefully.



SavageBlackWolf said:

(Ducks) Pssssst. Sylverstone. You forgot to realize they`re scamming the 360/PS3 bunch also by only allowing a Demo. lol (edited for too much drama toward the end).



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

Great! Wii gets no online play, Xbox360/PS3 get not all modes. Why can't they just release a full version with all features on any console? I wouldn't even care if it's for Wii, Xbox360 or PS3 since I'm not a fanboy and own 2 (soon 3) of the 3 consoles.



seed said:

Oh with no online feature, Im gonna just get Hoopworld instead for, like, 1/4 of the price. Thanks EA, You made me save 30-40 dollars.



Splat said:

I will more then likely still end up getting it, but like others have said I will wait to the price drops no reason to rush now.



Chris720 said:

All I hear is: "Wii is not good enough for online, PS3 and X360 are much better" and sure, that's right, the Wii's online service is rubbish, but manageable.

What I don't get, is that online play is such a big market now-a-days, and yet some companies don't tap into it on Wii like they do with 360 and PS3.

Show us some Wii-Online love.



Knux said:

Congratulations EA, you just lost another sale due to your laziness.



Boonehams said:

Charting this game's progress from announcement to release is an excellent blueprint in how to completely shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to releasing a game. Good going, EA.

This game went from pre-order to wait-unti-bargain-bin (or download on PSN/XBLA) pretty quick.



Boonehams said:

@75. Iz2010: Essentially, yes. PS360 doesn't have Remix Mode, but Wii doesn't have online. I know EA has been trying to do damage control by saying, "Well, Remix Mode is, like, 20 hours of gameplay, so the Wii version is the definitive blah, blah." But do you know what makes for endless gameplay, EA? An online mode.

I think seed (#69) has the right idea. I was going to skip Hoopworld for NBA Jam, but it now looks to be the better choice, if for no other reason than price alone.



siavm said:

I know what version I am getting now, neither. The wii version, no online and in sd. And the ps3 version, no remix tour and you have to buy another game to play it. EA really failed with this. This game is going to have worst sales now.



ReddLionz said: online play for a full-blown Wii version but there is online just for a demo for PS3 and 360? Well that makes total, complete sense doesn't it?



FJOJR said:

NBA season doesn't start til October 26, it'd be funny if this was a marketing ploy to have a delay and add Wii online so Wii owners buy the game in droves.



Raylax said:

Smells like dirty tactics from EA's marketing team. By giving both versions limitations, they're expecting the hardcore fans to buy both for the 'full' experience.
Ehn, I couldn't care less about your game of netball-for-men, so this news neither annoys nor pleases me



Gameday said:

yea ill get it as a gift if that ever happens , but i aint paying for it. i own a 360 and soon to be ps3 finally but like so many other wii owners i was happy about it only being a wii exclusive but like i said up there if it dont sell on wii dont blame anyone but yourself had plenty of time to tweak stuff out.



Pod said:

Well color me unsurprised with a sheen of indifference. I don't know anyone I WANT to play online against/with anyway.



JimLad said:

I was kind of sceptical about how they were going to build on the original, online seemed to be the only real difference.
Well now I guess I'll just bust out the SNES.

Good going EA, don't ever call yourself a Wii supporter again.



LittleIrves said:

Even without voice chat, I know I've had a lot of fun playing buddies in Mario Kart that now live across the country. We grew up playing Jam together in our basements, and this would have been a cool way to re-connect and share a game or two. I'm all about the local multiplayer, but that's tricky if you're playing w/ friends in Dallas, Chicago, and Boston. I might still check this out (if the price is right), but there's no way a simple online mode should have been left out of the Wii version. No. Way.



zionich said:

EA spokesmen " We dont know why NBA Jam or NBA Elite arn't selling. We gave the people what they wanted."

I can hear it already... =(



jellodog said:

I'm not a huge sports fan, but I was really looking forward to this title.
I had it pre ordered and now... I don't know. I'll probably still get it, but most likely used. I was considering buying the new Madden, maybe picking up one of the new hockey titles, but now I don't want EA to get any of my money. Online could have been something people talked about for years, like multiplayer in Goldeneye.
Everyone saying that the naysayers are whiners etc. kind of have a point, but EA could have really stepped up a delivered an awesome game. Instead, nobody on any platform gets the full game. EA pisses on everyone, then complains because their sales aren't what they expected. I hate EA, and I don't want to, because they used to be really good. I'd like this game to do well, but it's so half it doesn't deserve to.

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