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United Kingdom

Tue 7th Sep 2010

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vbmetroid commented on Review: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit (Wii):

i swear never to buy a EA game again and if i do it will be nba JAM .... for under £10 EA have done over wii gamers to many times from the my sims series going multi plat to dead space extraction ( a great game) being free download on the ps3 screw EA nba jam was the last thorne in my side its over EA



vbmetroid commented on Jett Rocket:

played the demo reminds me of games like spyro the dragon and what not realy fun



vbmetroid commented on Sakamoto Wants to Know Your Metroid: Other M T...:

to get rid of the sexism (lies) argument explain in detail the death of samus parents (plus talking ridley) besides the scanning bits it was fun it was brillent keep on the samus mele way it makes here seem more hardcore btw control layout is perfect oh and plz anothony higggs needs to be in the next one and if possible make him reconisable with the brand



vbmetroid commented on Metroid Co-Creator: Next Nintendo Console Will...:

indeed im just happy to hear nintendos working on something in the home department ps if any nintendo reps here make it 100% withe the wii and possibly the game cube as that would be amazing to have double backwards compatability oh and a way of transfering the wiis data to the new console eg vc saved data and miis or else we will be forced to buy them again