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Male, 23, United Kingdom

Mon 29th Jun 2009

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OrionLee commented on Talking Point: Fire Emblem: Awakening - The Bi...:

I've been debating with myself for the past half-hour which mode to choose (having never played a Fire Emblem game before). I eventually chose classic on normal difficulty, because the permadeath is what makes a Fire Emblem game (so I've heard!)



OrionLee commented on Jedward: The New Face Of Nintendo UK:

Whats with all the Jedward hate? I at least found them entertaining, and would not have returned to watch X Factor every week if they weren't in it
(Mental Institution, here I come!)



OrionLee commented on WiiWare Demo Program Proving Successful:

You know, I was going to buy World of Goo until I played the demo and just did not enjoy it. I'm sorry to all the lovers of WOG (e.g. everyone), but it did not excite me in any way. However, the music was brilliant and my brother loved it, so I might still have to download it for him!



OrionLee commented on Review: Final Fantasy (Virtual Console / NES):

How disappointing. I always wanted to play the first final fantasy (never played the others, wanted to play them chronologically.) when i heard it was coming to VC, i thought "brilliant, this is my free NES game", yet it was not to be.