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Fri 8th February, 2008

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SepticLemon commented on Nintendo Confirms Japanese eShop Release Dates...:

Honestly, I want to see Reginleiv get a Western release. It pretty much an over-exaggerated version of Flash of the Blade, but with Norse mythology. Might get Pandora's Tower seeing as I didn't get it back when it released.



SepticLemon commented on Nintendo Download: 18th October 2012 (North Am...:

Nice... You yanks get Gradius on the Virtual Console 3DS. I've been putting off buying it on the Wii Virtual console. But a portable version of it sounds a lot more tempting. Shame we got Mega Man 1, I have 3 versions of it already...



SepticLemon commented on Major Retailers List 3DS XL at £179.99:

Wait, what? No charger with it!? I mean come on! What if the 3DS-XL is someone's first DS? I guess it's a better chance for retailers to sell you the charger to go with it rather than bundling it in the box. Multi-selling... Come on Nintendo, I know you like to think that everyone has a DS now, but that's like saying there's 6 billion DSi/3DS units out there... Hmm... Don't know what to say to be honest. I wasn't planning on getting one anyway, but this really puts me off.



SepticLemon commented on Rumour: Tomodachi Collection 3DS Coming to the...:

For those who were a little confused by the video. The game itself is pretty much a Mii version of the Sims, where you use street pass to send your Mii into other people's games, you have an apartment where you can see the Miis live out their lives. I believe there's 2 or 3 of these games in Japan already for the DS. The video above is a little obscure especially if you don't know much about Japanese pop culture, but the Miis in the video are based on a pair of comedians that were once voted Japan's most ugliest celebrities, and Nintendo made a spoof of these two having a relationship and a child! lol God knows what the child looks like! In the latest game it was possible for Miis to have relationships, get married and have kids, if you play the Sims it's a common affair, but considering it's you and a random Mii you picked up through Street pass.... It's a bit dodgy in my opinion, lol!



SepticLemon commented on R-Type Being Removed from Virtual Console:

Thing is, as much as we cry about this game being taken off, we have the TurboGrafx version, which is closer to the arcade game than the Master System version. Sure it's 300 points more, but it's a better version. The fact that we got both these versions is amazing. Remember this isn't the first time that a game has been removed from the Wii Shop Channel; since the release of the arcade version of Ghosts and Goblins, the NES version was taken off, why? simple, we got an arcade version that's better than the port, so why have the port? As much as RType is a great game, stick with the better version guys. :P



SepticLemon commented on Investors Urge Nintendo to Develop for Smartph...:

@SuperSushiLax Granted, but do you REALLY see Nintendo making games for other hardware though? I mean sure they did for the Atari 2600 and the PC, but they weren't that great, Nintendo games are made for Nintendo machines. At this point Nintendo needs to get their phone out there, as I wrote above, Nintendo has been pondering the concept of a phone for a while now, and in this day and age it's a no brainer to release it now, and have their dream of "Three Piers". Nintendo could make an Xperia Play style phone, where you can download both Nintendo style games, and maybe even include the Android Store in there too with exclusive apps for the Nintendo Phone. It's just a case if Nintendo will actually do it or not.



SepticLemon commented on Investors Urge Nintendo to Develop for Smartph...:

Here's the thing, Nintendo is going to flat out refuse to make games for other systems apart from their own. Simple as that, and no denying it either. If Nintendo was to follow this, they'd have to make their own smart phone, and there have been rumours about a Nintendo Phone since 1999 from what I remember reading in magazines. The Only issue that Nintendo has with making a phone is who to rely when it comes to the actual phone service, after all it's going to be different for each country, and if they make a blunder like Sony's E3 press conference when they announced that the 3G PSVita will be on AT&T, Nintendo will have more problems than what they have now. To be honest as much as smart phones have been popular recently in the Games Industry, apart from Angry Birds, nothing else stand outs or makes itself look good compared to actual Home and Portable console games. At least SquareEnix have tried to port their FinalFantasy franchise onto the iPhone, which is a step, but the biggest issue with smart phones now are the limited physical buttons. Apple would make a HUGE....... killing if they only release an iPhone case that sports real controller buttons on it, and as long as it's standardised in the SDK for every programmer to use, you'll see more "Console-esqe" games on the iPhone. However, since Apple has yet to even make anything like this, and rather let a 3rd party make a huge arcade dock for the iPad, it's a sign that even though Smart Phones are getting games in, it's not serious enough. Without that tactile feel of buttons, touch screen controls to emulate a d-pad and buttons are terrible. Now, of course this means you need to build games in a different way, Angry Birds being one of these, that show how Touch-only controls work on an input limited device; but even then, I would like to see console-esqe games on Smart Phones. And this is where I make the circle here, if Nintendo isn't so stubborn, and trust me, we know how stubborn Nintendo can be, they can resolve themselves and flip flop, remember the GameCube? Exactly! For all I care Nintendo could release their own smart phone, with added physical buttons, the best of both worlds, a touch screen symbolic ogf the DS and the iPhone, and phyisical buttons like DS, GameBoy and pretty much any home TV Console. At this point it's just a waiting game and see what Nintendo will do, but in their hours of struggle, anything can happen, heck maybe the 3DS-Lite comes out and blows everyone away, heh.



SepticLemon commented on Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary is 50Hz...:

Thumbs down!

I was tempted to get this, but the more I look into it the worse it gets! I honestly thought there was a DVD and a music CD, turns out there's only a music CD and a small book. At least the Japanese and American version will have progressive scan mode, but the European version is 50hz only!?

Sorry, thumbs down, Nintendo, you're screwing this up!



SepticLemon commented on Review: Flametail (DSiWare):

I'll admit, out of the games in Maboshi, Square/FlameTail is the best, and it's awesome that they've released this as DSiWare. 500 points though is a wee... bit steep concidering that I can practically port all three Maboshi games onto the DS... long as I don't turn off the system. I'm not saying it's a bad game, but at 500 points, it a little crazy whilst at the moment for the same ammount of money I can download Worms 2 Armageddon for the XBox 360, sure it's not a portable, I'm contrasting here...

I'll see what they'll do for the UK/Euro release for the game, maybe they'll reduce the price crosses fingers



SepticLemon commented on Review: A Topsy Turvy Life: The Turvys Strike ...:

Shame, I was looking forward to this...

I love Shumps, so the concept to this being that I'm the bad guys holding the player back sounds really cool. It's a shame that Corbie didn't like it so much. I love Star Force and Star Soldier, that with Star Force as a cameo in the game just sounds like a Winner to me... Maybe not...



SepticLemon commented on Mario Jumps Over Flag, Ends Arguments Forever:

I've done this once in the past, can't even remember how I did it. But what happens after...?

The Last part of the level loops around, with the steps first, then another flag and castle. There wasn't anything special about it.



SepticLemon commented on Review: Art Style: light trax (WiiWare):

Oh man, I loved the GBA game, Dot Stream, I'm pretty certain that I'll fall in love with this game too! Though to be perfectly honest, I'd rather have it on the DS, however I bet this will look stunning on my 40 inch TV :)



SepticLemon commented on Review: BIT.TRIP RUNNER (WiiWare):

wow, a perfect score huh? I downloaded this on Sunday, and I love the fact that Anamaguchi got a track of their's on the title screen :D

I will say though, this is the best game out of the four titles, followed by Beat, Void and then Core. I didn't like Core very much. Is there anymore to be expected from the Bit Trip series or is this the end? If it is the end, they should release a retail complation of the 4 games on disc.

Anyways, Well done Gaijin, and we hope to see more stuff like this in the future.



SepticLemon commented on Nintendo Brings Black Wii to North America on ...:

Cool, looks like I'll pick up one of these bad boys when I'm in the States this summer. Pick up a copy of Excite Bots, the Gore version of No More Heroes, and a few other games that didn't get a UK release. Shame there was a delay on Metroid Other M; I was hoping to pick that up when I was over... :<



SepticLemon commented on Kung Fu Funk:


Nintendo didn't develop the game, Stick Man Studios did. All that people need to do is buy the development licence from Nintendo, and as long as there isn't any bugs and errors in the game, it's fit for release. Heck Nintendo has released licences to Dev teams that made worst games than this, look at Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde on the NES as an example. I wish people didn't take the whole "Nintendo Seal of Quality" thing so seriously, all that it means is that the Dev team bought the licence from Nintendo.

Anyways, yes I won't be buying this either, but hey, someone out there on the tinter webs will...



SepticLemon commented on Nintendo's Room Migration Kit Makes it Even Ea...:


Seriously, I hate dragging cables across the house, thing is though in my situation, I only need a spare Wii PSU, since I'm using my Scart RGB cable in my room, and a component cable on my HDTV downstairs. I can buy a 3rd party Wii PSU quite cheap, but I hope it's a descent power supply since it's another "Made in China" product. But hey, it's pretty cool if you need a spare Power Supply, but I'll agree with other people that no component cable in the box is a bit crazy, but a spare sensor bar is cool. The only other way to make this even more lazier is if it was a dock that you just drop the Wii into and it connects itself, lol, that'll be worth the $45!



SepticLemon commented on Talking Point: The Virtual Console's PAL Problem:

I've been ranting about this since day 1 of the Wii. Why isn't there an option to turn 60hz on my games? Why do TurboGrafx games have both 60hz and 50hz modes, whilst Nintendo and Sega games are crippled to 50hz, whilst Arcade and import games are only 60hz? It's just ridiculous that I can play Super Mario Bros 2 Japan in it's entirety, but not Super Mario Bros 1? Plus there's a whole bunch of games that got bad PAL ports, the Mega Man series is guilty, same with the Majority of early Nintendo NES titles.

NOE, I ask you this...? Why don't you give us the options, I know how you're going to answer, you want to make things simple, but now you have 60hz only game... you've already made it confusing.

Plus, who the hell is using their Wii on a 50hz only TV?



SepticLemon commented on Game & Watch Ball:

People need to remember that trying to get the phsical version of this game in G&W form is very, VERY Expenive, since it's was Nintendo's first Game & Watch. For 200 points, heck it's a steal for the £250+ it costs to get the real thing! I will admit though that it is a bit on the basic side and it would've been nice if Nintendo made an optional bundle set of 3 G&W games for 500 points or something. Still, knowing that the real game is sort after, 200 points is a steal.



SepticLemon commented on Feature: The Making of Star Fox:

OMG! The memories! I remember owning THAT copy of Nintendo Magazine System! Those were the days! Unfortuatantly due to my pathectic ways as a kid, I flogged some of my old copies for 50p at a car boot sale. I think the earliest copy I own is issue 15-16 that had reviews for Super Street Fighter, Morkat Kombat 2 and Knights of the Round.

Going Back to Star Fox though, unfortuanantly for me never played it back then, since my Parents didn't have enough money to get me the hottest games at the time. In 1999, I think, I managed to get hold of a copy of Star Wing, but since it was the gimped up PAL 50hz version, it had huge black borders around the game, not just the top and bottom; so I was a little bit disapointed, but never the less, the fact that Nintendo managed to get 3D working on the SNES is amazing. Just think what would happen if Nintendo could do something like this on the 3DS?

Interesting huh.....?



SepticLemon commented on Ogre Battle 64 Hits Europe This Friday:

Sweet! I so wanted this game back in the day. I used to remember Official Nintendo Magazine teasing me that it'll appear in the UK, same with Harvest Moon 64, but it never did... But now I can get it without paying the crazy import prices!



SepticLemon commented on WiiWare and DSiWare Release Dates Announced:

Oh yes! I loved Dotstream on the GBA, and now they're releasing it on the Wii with the 3D tracks and all, it's all so awesome! Though I would've prefered it as a DSiWare game. but hey I can play it on the big screen!