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Fri 19th Feb 2010

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jellodog commented on Review: Duracell Wii Charging Stand:

I initially bought a Nyko? charger and it was a complete and utter garbage. I was holding out for a Energizer pad that held four remotes but I couldn't find one and had to settle for buying two that charge two at a time. They work perfectly for me and are subtle enough not to be intrusive. I just rotate my remotes and I always have one for me and a couple of spares if company drops in. I've never had a problem with the charging pads or my Wii, so maybe AaronSullivan has electrical problems? And Scissors, I'd be interested to know what games you have and what you intend to buy. An entire list might take awhile, but perhaps I could offer a few suggestions on titles or stores where you might find a bargain.



jellodog commented on Batman: The Brave and the Bold:

I was worried that with only four "episodes" this game would be short, but the first one took about a hour and a half of beating up goons, fighting cat statues, finding small secret areas, etc. I'm no longer worried about this games length, as trying to earn everything is going to take me awhile. There are weapons and upgrades to unlock, secret areas that require special tools, additional heroes to call in as backup... wow.
It's not an especially deep game, but if you can appreciate it for what it is
you'll have a good time. I can't wait to play this 2-player!



jellodog commented on Rejected! No Online Play for NBA Jam:

I'm not a huge sports fan, but I was really looking forward to this title.
I had it pre ordered and now... I don't know. I'll probably still get it, but most likely used. I was considering buying the new Madden, maybe picking up one of the new hockey titles, but now I don't want EA to get any of my money. Online could have been something people talked about for years, like multiplayer in Goldeneye.
Everyone saying that the naysayers are whiners etc. kind of have a point, but EA could have really stepped up a delivered an awesome game. Instead, nobody on any platform gets the full game. EA pisses on everyone, then complains because their sales aren't what they expected. I hate EA, and I don't want to, because they used to be really good. I'd like this game to do well, but it's so half it doesn't deserve to.



jellodog commented on Sony Doesn't Want Failed Wii Games on Move, Th...:

Jesus, has Sony just lost it's friggin mind or what? Bash Wii, motion controls and "party games" as casual and soft core, then put out, as a expensive peripheral, the same damn thing with better graphics. Some people are dumb enough to buy this, I'm sure. But the average Wii owner won't notice/care and most PS3 fans will feel insulted. They should. They have basically been called idiotic drones by Sony.
Look, the reason I don't want an Xbox is because of the rrod, but I don't want anything Sony in my house because of their condescending attitude, plus none of their games interest me. Mud slinging is not the best way to interest new customers, Sony. I had a PS1 and loved it. Now, a few years later, I can't stand Sony. Nintendo has many faults; shovelware, crappy online, ignoring classic IP's etc, but they never made me feel like a dummy because of the type of games I like to play. They have some class, it's that simple. Look at SMG2; when Nintendo wants to rumble, they mop the floor with everybody.



jellodog commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Need to Exercise ...:

I'll say this for the Wii: it's the only console my parents ever bought for themselves to play, and I think that is awesome. That said, they only have wii sports, wii fit, and Mario Kart, and no knowledge of online capabilities.
The wii brings me a lot of joy, and I like to share that. There are quite a few
excellent games on the wii that are a steal at their prices, especially if you buy used. My parents are fans of wii sports? I show them wii sports resort. I bought the sequel to Boom Blox? Give the original away. Mercury Meltdown revolution? $10.00, and anyone can play. When my nephews birthday swings around, he'll probably get Excitebots, then Zack and Wiki or Lego Batman for Christmas. The point is, show new gamers that there is probably something right up their alley. This is how we are going to kill off crap like Carnival games or Ninja bread man, or the whole petz thing. The problem with shovelware is that inexperienced gamers pick these up, realize they are crap, and stick with wii sports only, because they think all games are crap. Also, realize not all games are for everyone. My wife enjoys puzzle/ trivia games because she loves game shows, and because the wii remote cleverly mimics a tv remote.
Will she ever play a metroid or zelda title? No. A pinball game is a maybe, but the new endless ocean is a pretty safe bet. The potential I see in the Wii is it might just live up to it's name. We can play together,
and it's not about HD, headshots, and complaining that Nintendo is lazy. ... As a quick aside, at a recent family gathering, my bro-in-law, a 360/ps3 fan asked my WWII veteran grandfather if he wanted to "shoot some Nazis" on COD or something. My grandfather said "No son, I think I've killed enough Germans." That says it all.