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3DS Release Date and Price Will be Revealed in September

Posted by James Newton

Place your bets now, please

Although we recently got chance to have a second bite at the 3DS apple, there was no further information available about when the machine would be released or how much it would cost. Now we have a clearer idea of when that information will be forthcoming.

Nintendo has confirmed to Bloomberg that it will announce these details on September 29th, two weeks after the end of the Tokyo Game Show. This could also be the date we hear final confirmation of other 3DS features, such as the ability to transfer DSiWare and potential 3G support, so put a big mark on your calendar for September 29th.


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FonistofCruxis said:

I predict that it will be released in March and I predict that it's cost will be higher than £150 but lower than £200.



Yasume said:

"This could also be the date we hear final confirmation of other 3DS features, such as the ability to transfer DSiWare and potential 3G support,"

Or if it will have a Virtual Handheld. =D

Anyway, March 21st NA and March 25th PAL.



Burny said:

Way to keep your exciting new product in the news: Announce a date for the announcement of the price and release date.

Anything up to 200€ might be a preorder for me. Anything above will mean waiting for a price drop first. Or for signs, that there won't be a price drop.



hobbes said:

Nintendo seems to be learning from Apple. Let's hope that they don't have an exposed antenna wrapped aound the outside.



firecookie29 said:

Lets have our fingers crossed for DSiWare transfers. If Nintendo decided to make account through Club N then that would be way better.



SuperMarioFan96 said:

There was a thread where you were supposed to guess the day they would announce the release date. I feel like someone guessed this, but I'm not really sure. Anyway, I still don't think it will be released until March, and I think the price will be between $200 and $250.



motang said:

November 7th release date (world wide), with the price point of $229.



Varoennauraa said:

Easily at least 250-300€ for that tightly packed beast!!! Even suggesting anything below that is becoming close to being criminal.



Objection said:

Guessing ~$199 US.
If they're waiting till September to announce hardware releases, then it probably isn't coming out this year. But I guess it'd still be possible.



C7_ said:

March 13th or 14th for $179

only cuz I dun wanna pay $200 for it, but in all likelihood that'll prolly be the case.



pixelman said:

November 7th is a sound guess if it comes out this year. I'm really hoping it's $199.



she_gamer said:

Didn't I read somewhere it'll be out by October for Japan? I'm guessing December 12 for NA, at $259.99



Hokori said:

@she_gamer yah I thought I saw it for Oct to for japan, on this site. but for NA's release Ill say Nov 21 10 for $199.99
Kind of like the original DS this is new after all and I think Nintendo will want it in before christmas.



Adam said:

I predict next year, and that if they price it the same as the Wii (or higher), it'll make a minor splash in the West and be a huge hit in Japan.



misterquin said:

It will be launched November 21(ish) similar to the original DS. As someone said earlier, how stupid would it be to release a console capable of being the "it" console for the holidays after the holidays? I'm guessing the price will either be $199 or $249 though the latter is really pushing it.



Pj1 said:

We got to wait two months for Nintendo just to announce it's release dat and price, OK then the 3DS will not be available this side of Christmas. Maybe it will be for Easter 2011. Nintendo don't rush anything my money is on a 2011 release not before. Shame...

I reckon in the UK it will cost £180.00 which is weird because that's how much the Wii is with a decent game, even a Nintendo one



King_Boo said:

I'd like to think that it will come with a pre-installed demo game or 3D trailers.



Hokori said:

@MasterGraveheart I really hope $180. thankfully my birthdays just a few days after the 29th so i can start saving up by than and hopefully get DKCR and Kirby on the side



hamispink said:

Cool this is on my birthday, I would like a $199.95 price and a november release from nintendo please



wedgeredleader said:

I'm going to go with 199.99 bundled with a game (like the hunters demo) and I think it will be released sometime in November or possibly march.




Nintendo needs to make it clear that its a new console. most people who are not close followers still think its just an updated DS.



EdEN said:

DSiware transfer linking both untis to your Club Nintendo account to sync and then use your 3DS and be able to sell your DSi.

Final price for the US release will be $249 and will include a voucher for a free 3D movie, a code to start up the 3DS store and download 2-3 demos and a code to download a 3DSware game from Nintendo that shows what 3D can do for the handheld.

Release date over here? February 19. They will focus on releasing 3DS in Japan in December 4th, then the US, Canada and Mexico and then Europe and everywhere else on March 26 just before the end of their fiscal year.

Games will retail for $34.99 from Nintendo and $39.99 from 3rd party publishers at launch and the go all over the place from $19.99 all the way up to $49.99 depending on the release and franchise.



GammaGames said:

I think more than 150, but (hopefully) less than 250. I dont want to pay more than a Wii though XD i hope theres transfer DSiWare! i spent a LOT of money on those!



Megumi said:

When I saw "release date" in the title I thought it was already announced. xD

Still hoping for November at least, sometime before Christmas.



Hokori said:

I agree with GabeGreens: Ace Attorney they need it to be known that its not a DS, because when I read comments on You Tube from Nintendo Fans I here "How many DS's is Nintendo Making?"
and Sony Fans say "Now the DS s is just getting old."



BJWanlund said:

"Not September, we want to know now!" -- NL Caption

I'm afraid I agree. I stick by what I said on Twitter right around E3, which is the exact same launch month & day as the original DS (November 21), and $199 at the most if there is not going to be a pack in title, $250 if there is a pack in title (and at that price, I'd expect 2!).




ExploderReviews said:

I hope Nintendo mimics Microsoft and announces that it will be released on September 29 for no more than a dsi XL. And hopefully that anyone who watches the news on that day will get one!



Caliko said:

March. It will give developers time to finish and polish launch games.



ToastyYogurt said:

Dang, I guess my date of date announcement prediction of November 20th was wrong... so I'll make a prediction that it will release between September 30th and March 30th and retail between $0.01 USD to Infinity. Cheating, I know

UPDATE: I made a countdown on my desktop sidebar for the announcement of the release date. THAT'S how much I'm anticipating the 3DS.



Nintendokid said:

Well what I think it's going to be over $300 cause of the specail features like the movie player and I bet the 3DS games will be at least $49.99 but that's just a guess.I can't wait to get my hand's on this 3D machine especailly that it includes a Virtual Console section of 3DS Shop automatic internet connectivity,3DS camera,3DS movie player,Mii's,and a 3D slider for people to have 2D/3D graffic's but what I am really excited for is MARIO KART 3DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



iphys said:

I don't think they would announce a firm price and release date if it wasn't coming out soon, so I'm going to say November, on Black Friday or shortly before it.



Hokori said:

Right now im getting pumped for 3DS and playing all the games Prequels
like OOT, MGSTTS, KH358/2, soon Coded, Mario Kart DS, Wii, DD, and ACWW, ACPG, ACCF.



jkgatling said:

I thought it would be released around march 2011 but if the give out the date and price this early it might not be impossible to think it will be released for Christmas, which would make alot of sense for sales



Klapaucius said:

The important thing for me is the price in Japan, and whether the 3DS will be region locked or not.



Ivan_Winchester said:

I really wish this to come before 2011, but i cant help but think about the frikin WWIII we are going to get in for 3DS xmas present.



MasterGraveheart said:

If Nintendo wants to stay competitive, they can't have the 3DS cost more than the Wii does right now and if it's going to cost more than $180 before tax, there needs to be some goodies stored in. It doesn't necessarily need to be a game, but some extra aplications or even some Nintendo Points could sweeten the deal, especially since it would cost more than any Nintendo portable before it. I want this thing to be a steller success.



timp29 said:

An announcement on an announcement.

Sounds to me like nintendo has a date in mind, presumably before christmas, but it waiting for a better indication on how production is going to pan out. They're buying time because they're not sure themselves. Guessing is pointless, but surely they would be moving heaven and earth to try have it out by christmas.

Price prediction, AU$299.95, US$249.99, UK$159.99



Alphack3r said:

November 21 sounds /really/ nice, but I gotta go with March & $, I'd pay an extra $50 for free 3G or a November release.
Who knows, maybe they'll decide to unleash the power of the Triforce & make it be November 7, 3G, /&/ $199!

/hopelessly attempts to comprehend astronomical sales figures 8D



Sylverstone said:

Date: November 21st 2010 (6th year anniversary for DS)
Cost: $229.95

And now we wait..... (crosses fingers)



StarDust4Ever said:

It will be US $200 to match the price point exactly to the discounted Wii. Much the same senario as when the GBA SP came out, it was $100 and the Game Cube was also $100.



Classclown said:

I say after Nintendo releases the release date it will be launched on March 2012 $500

It will be out in November/ December, 2010 $229



Dodger said:

I am guessing around February/March 2011. I don't expect it before then.



Punny said:

I predict a Sunday in the middle of November for $199.99. I hope September 29th doesn't disappoint!



Roltron said:

I hope it comes out before Christmas, but a release after Christmas would be okay with me. I would hope it is at least below $230, anything above that would be stretching it, but I would understand if they did (but I would be sure as heck mad!) If the decide to add 3G to it, it better be a free service, but then again Nintendo has made most of their services free. Well, I just can't wait!!!!



ryty1231 said:

I'm guessing it'll be released around Christmas in the U.S. for around $210 - $220.



zionich said:

Be nice if they didnt release it till they had supply for the demand that this is going to get.



djor said:

@hamispink (#48)
That's my birthday, too! 929, baby! I can't wait, I'm hoping for a before-holiday release so I could get it for Christmas. I'm hoping it will be $199.99 (or cheaper, that would obviously be better!).



MitchVogel said:

I'll bet that at the conference, iwata will just walk up there "and we're releasing the 3DS......TODAY!!!!" Then begins throwing boxes of 3DS into the crowd.



ninjaboy1212 said:

i'm sure that was meant as a joke somehow, but it was still pretty offensive. please think carefully before trying again. -- TBD



triforceofcourage said:

think about this:
The dsi cost $170 when it first came out
motions sencors, 3D effects, better graphics and an extra camera will cost more than $30 more! it will deffinately be more than $200

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