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Mon 2nd Nov 2009

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pitkun commented on Review: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (Virtual ...:

Do you mean naseous? I think someone told me that the correct term to use is nauseated, anyway, I really liked kirby 64, I guess its subjective, since I LOVE KIRBY, and I think its quite different from Kirby's adventure in many ways, btw I thought that dark matter was quite easy, either way you get to start over from the boss fight unless you lose all your lives, plus there's lots of things to collect, I didn't even know you could fight dark matter till I played it again; I thought the last boss was that cube thing hehe.



pitkun commented on Talking Point: How Does The DSi LL Compare To ...:

Why does the "bring the gameboy slot back" thing always come up? I mean, I hate playing gameboy games on the ds, there's one huge screen wasted, its so much more fun to play on my gameboy sp, or even the old gameboy colour, and it feels much more authentic to play it on the console it was released on. Thats just what I think, since the graphics don't really look that much better on a ds.