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Mon 31st Mar 2008

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hobbes commented on Get Ready for KINECTaku!:

@TBD: of course that is assuming a new generation is announced soon. I really wouldn't be surprised if this current generation lasts another 4 or 5 years. The only company of the three I can see launching a new system earlier is Nintendo to bring themselves more in line with MS and Sony. But until TVs support higher resolutions than 1080P, MS and Sony really have no reason to launch a new generation. Things like motion control can be achieved on their current systems as we can see by perhipials. And if they want to do 3D, at least in Sony's case all they need to do is a firmware update to the PS3.

Basically, hardware technology has hit a peak and MS and Sony really couldn't make any improvements to their systems that would wow people into saying I need one of those.



hobbes commented on Guides: How to Get Your Wii Online:

It is kind of stupid that you have to pay extra to use a wired connection... Would it have hurt them to put an ethernet port on the wii as standard issue?



hobbes commented on Interviews: Legendo's Pearl Harbour: Red Sun R...:

I'm looking forward to this as well. I like combat flight games and I love the WWII era aircraft. They showed just how rapid aircraft technology was advancing, since by the end of the war, you were seeing your first jet powered aircraft, a mere 42 years after the Wright brothers first flight.



hobbes commented on DS and Wii "Year's Worst Platforms":

Every system has its crap at the bottom... A better way to compare systems is to compare how many quality titles are released in a given year... You know, how many titles for each system came out that the majority of people who have the system would want to play.



hobbes commented on Wii Internet Channel Now Free!:

I now have to debate what game I am going to get as my refund I already have Zelda and Zelda 2 and Megaman 1 2 and 3 on compilation disks... I'm thinking Super Mario Bros. 1 or 3 or Metroid. I guess its time to hit the VC reviews for NES games.



hobbes commented on Brand New Rage of the Gladiator Gameplay Video:

Have you considered using the B button for switching powers? I noticed when I hold my Wii-mote like an NES pad, my middle finger is resting right against the B-Button, so it wouldn't be hard to press it as needed. Just a suggestion, I know there are also down sides to that as well, since it could easily be pressed accidently in the heat of battle.



hobbes commented on Flipper Coming to DSiWare:

Mighty Flip Champs is already making a case for me to upgrade... If this turns out as good as it sounds, the case for the upgrade to DSi is stronger.



hobbes commented on BioWare Interested In Wii Development:

This could be good. I've enjoyed their DnD infinity engine games in the past and Neverwinter Nights. And I am currently playing KOTOR which is an excellent game in every sense of the word. I'm interested to see if the announce anything for Wii in the near future. If they do, I will definately follow the project.



hobbes commented on Interviews: Bit Boy!! - Bplus:

The game looks good for the most part, at least on a visual level. The '4-bit' 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit shots look like they would fit right in with their time period. The 128-bit could use some work though in my opinion. Unless of course their goal with it was to capture the very early days of 128-bit... Even then the graphical look of their 128-bit areas doesn't do it for me...

I still look forward to the reviews on this. If they are good, this just may be a purchase for me at some point.



hobbes commented on Miyamoto: You Need A Controller For True Immer...:

Even with the Wii, there are many good third party games, both in the current Wii catalog and the the Gamecube catalog. Between my Wii and gamecube discs (all of which were purchased after I bought my Wii) I have 11 third party titles and 10 first party titles and none of them are games that I consider bad games.



hobbes commented on Wii Treatment for Parkinson's Trialled:

This isn't entirely new. For my senior design project, I had to design an ankle rehab device for use with a virtual reality motion sensing system. The professor I was working with has been researching its use for a few years at least. She hasn't tried the Wii in her research yet, but the balance board was in inspiration for our device.

Also the Wii Motion Plus opens up a whole new realm of possibility in this field as the Wii will be capable of similar types of games/programs as her set up with the pohlemus sensors.



hobbes commented on Mario's Super Picross:

This would be a day one download for me if it came to the states... I'm starting to run out of puzzles to do on the DS version...



hobbes commented on Review: Yoshi's Story (N64):

I have fond memories of this game as a kid when playing it at friends houses. Granted, I was around 10 or so when N64 came out so... But a 4/10 does seem low. And as someone who isn't good at platformers, I remember dying quite a few times when playing this.



hobbes commented on Sony: We Own the Living Room, Nintendo Owns th...:

Heh... My room mate has all three current gen systems and a PC that is capable of gaming. I think his usage goes along the lines of Wii, PC, 360, PS3 and at the point the PS3 is mainly only used when we all get back from the bars and want to play Rock Band.



hobbes commented on Review: Star Fox 64 (N64):

I heard you can't save on the VC version of this... If that is the case then there is no way that a 9/10 is a reasonable score...



hobbes commented on Review: Pass Your Driving Theory Test (DS):

@4 The questions are based on British road laws and signs. It would be useless in America. For it to come here they would have to change out all the questions for the ones used in America... Which may also vary by state...



hobbes commented on Review: Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars -...:

Well... After reading these comments, I think I will look into the DS version over the Wii version. This seems to be a game that would work just as well in shorter bursts as well as in longer sessions... And I've been looking for another quality puzzler/point and click adventure game to go with Professor Layton.



hobbes commented on The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS) Announ...:

I'll keep my eye on it. Phantom Hourglass is fun, but a bit on the easy side. I have a feeling this one will be on par with it difficulty wise... Which is good if your the type of gamer who gets easily side tracked to other games and take large breaks mid way through to explore other games as I do.



hobbes commented on More Accuracy Than You Can Shake a Wii Remote At:

I would rather have the hardware too capable than not capable enough... The sensitivity of the device can always be artificially reduced by the software, but it can never be increased on a software level



hobbes commented on The Wii Gets Its Own Brutal Legend:

I probably won't be getting this game since I am not really a metal fan. But I will be checking the reviews should a Wii version come out and maybe they will win me over.



hobbes commented on Sony: PSP is Better Than The DSi:

I like my DS lite and will stick to that. I haven't seen any PSP games that I thought I must have or play... As for the DSi, I will consider it once there is a game that I want that requires it...