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Thu 4th Feb 2010

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VilicoBRA commented on Review: BIT.TRIP RUNNER (WiiWare):

Deserved! Great review, Sean! There are lots of people just waiting for the reviews to came out to start this groaning and moaning about the score. If this make you happy, please don't stop. Let's be happy!



VilicoBRA commented on Trackmania Building Speed:

bro2dragons, get a part time job, buy more games and see yourself without time to play anything. Oh life!

But Trackmania worth it!



VilicoBRA commented on Review: Art of Balance (WiiWare):

Well said, Adroitone!

And Ren, this was kind of poetic: "We all do some number score adjusting, internally, but I think it should kind of stay internal."



VilicoBRA commented on Review: Art of Balance (WiiWare):

Great review, Corbie. Otherwise, how could I know this is a good game?
Nintendo should put Nintendolife reviews along with the games on Wiiware and DSiware.

All this score talk is really necessary?



VilicoBRA commented on First Impressions: Rage of the Gladiator:

This is great!

I really liked Helix (also from Ghostifire). Great use of the motion controls. It is fantastic for exercise, get in shape and that stuff. I hope it sells like other fitness games.



VilicoBRA commented on Popeye:

I had this for Atari 2600. Great game, but that damn music never left my mind.



VilicoBRA commented on Review: Geometry Wars Galaxies (DS):

Great review! I love this game. The DS version has de best controls, but is the easiest. Some (many) levels you can play forever. I remember playing a stage for more than 9 hours, just fo the I´ve made it!