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Fri 11th Dec 2009

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Nintendokid commented on Will We See a Zelda 25th Anniversary Collectio...:

It was said that the Legend of Zelda Skyword Sword is going to be released in summer 2011 at one of my local Future Shop store XD!!It's great that the Wii is still popular these days & that there releasing old classics.I'm also very excited about the new Kirby game for Wii.I'll put some videos or video-links or on some of my favourite games!!



Nintendokid commented on Get Ready for a Story Mode Full of New Pokemon...:

Well I hope you can trade from other pokemon games to Pokemon Black and White then you won't have to beat the whole game to see familiar Pokmon.Tip to get your pokemon to a higher level 1:Trade from Black or White to a Pokemon game that you already beaten.2:After you do that put the starte pokemon in the first of your slot.3:Beat the Elite Four to get your pokemon up to a higher level.4:Trade back from the old DS game.5:You wouldn't have a problem now to beat Pokemon Black and White.P.S usually when you battle the Elite Four your Pokemon level up to 40 or less.



Nintendokid commented on Nnooo Releases New myDiary Video:

Wow it look's like the Nintendo DSi is going to have a summer red colour.It also has a glossy finish like the DSi XL.Now my other thought's are that lime DSi is going to follow up this year or next year.



Nintendokid commented on 3DS Coming to Japan by October:

Wow this is great for all Japanese to get it first since Nintendo want's them to test out the 3D device so by October maybe the people in Japan might post it on youtube unboxing it and seeing what features it has but little is know about it like Virtual console,and making Mii's of your own so let's hope that all of us can take inner look of the 3DS SECRETS!!!!!!



Nintendokid commented on 3DS Release Date and Price Will be Revealed in...:

Well what I think it's going to be over $300 cause of the specail features like the movie player and I bet the 3DS games will be at least $49.99 but that's just a guess.I can't wait to get my hand's on this 3D machine especailly that it includes a Virtual Console section of 3DS Shop automatic internet connectivity,3DS camera,3DS movie player,Mii's,and a 3D slider for people to have 2D/3D graffic's but what I am really excited for is MARIO KART 3DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Nintendokid commented on Sonic Playable in Super Mario Galaxy 2?:

This can't be right 1.I'm sure there won't be Multiplayer in SMG2 2.Sonic can't swim in water 3.It won't be easy control Sonic at top speed & 4.Mario alway's get's the kiss from Princess Peach but I hope he come's to this game I would like to see him in action.



Nintendokid commented on DSi XL Gets The Hands-on Video Treatment:

I think you guy's shoudn't get the DSi XL I mean come on likely the DSi XL would be for old people with big hand's & leaving finger mark's on the shell is a disaster.I'm just gonna say wait for the next DSi & don't waste your money on a big handheld system.



Nintendokid commented on First Look: myPostcards:

I know.But the facebook feature is neat I just hope Nintendo Doesn't release My Postcard Red & green you'll just be wasting your DSi Point's.For people who agree with this It kinda a rip off but it's your choice.



Nintendokid commented on Netflix on Wii confirmed:

The US is so lucky to get Netflix on Wii I just hope Nintendo has something for the Canadian's as well.But it Wouldn't make sence that Wii No Ma is coming to North America & Europe it just could mean that two Wii On Demand services will be runing by to services.



Nintendokid commented on Netflix Might Make It To Wii Yet:

I went to I put in the search bar List of Wiiware games & Wii Channels & I found out that a new Wii Channel called Wii Video on Demand Channel released in Japan May 1st & that it's coming this year to Europe & North America but not Australia cause they have the BBC Iplayer Channel & it's only fair for all region's to have a video on Demand service.



Nintendokid commented on Golden Wii An Exercise In Excess:

Nintendo will be bringing new Wii console colour's but you would have to be a millionair to get a Wii supreme.Queen Elizebeth has a golden Wii Supreme lucky.



Nintendokid commented on Feature: For Your Consideration - New Super Ma...:

I bet the hole game in New Super Mario Bros.Wii some world's were hard but I collected all the ☆ coin's & unlock all the secret area's.The multiplayer was cool you can just throw any character in pit's,fire & on enimie's just for the laugh of it.Coin battle was the next thing I liked.Beating your friend's on a familiar stage.But looking at Mario close he has a little Gamecube & a little of Wii but I'll still give it a 10/10.



Nintendokid commented on Club Nintendo US Update: Binders, Bookmarks an...:

I had 690 coin's & I ordered a Mario DS game rack.But now putting school supply on Club.Nintendo that poo why don't the put Game & Watch Collection 2 or golden Link.Cmon Nintendo put at least one great reward on Club.Nintendo so were keeping our finger's crossed.



Nintendokid commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii Twenty Years In The ...:

Miyamoto said that the new Mario game was Super Mario Ocean I wonder if it's just 3D but I did see some footage of Mario with an oxegon tank & a Chain Chomp with a Blooper.Do any of you guy's know any secret footage or pictures about Super Mario Ocean?