Assume standard procedure: cross fingers and wait.

One of the major questions arising from Nintendo's unveiling of the 3DS, other than "when?" and "how much?", was "will I be able to transfer my DSiWare content?" As the content is currently locked to each device rather than an overall account, it's not currently possible to transfer the games between two DSi systems, prompting the question from users hoping to upgrade.

Although no official announcement has currently been made, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has stated in a recent interview the transfer will not be possible unless Nintendo makes a big change:

Our current approach is a device-based approach. The content is tied to a particular device. Until we move to a different type of an approach like an account based approach you're not going to be able to transfer the content. We are looking at how best to bring that to life.

Although Reggie stops short of saying this is the direction the company is heading towards, the rest of the interview – and indeed most of the current 3DS discussion – focuses less on the machine's 3D technology and more on its online services and Nintendo's plans to revamp such features.

Sadly at the moment, this is another question – like "when?" and "how much?" – that we won't be able to answer for quite a while yet.